Davos Seaworth Featured Game of Thrones Interview Liam Cunningham

Liam Cunningham (Davos) explains why Ghost wasn’t in “Battle of the Bastards”

Liam Cunningham, who plays the ever-loyal Davos Seaworth on Game of Thrones, was one of the show’s biggest cheerleaders before Season 6 began. He kept that up with a new interview with Tech Insider where he praised the latest episode, “Battle of the Bastards,” up and down and sideways. “I defy anybody to say that they’ve seen these shots in other movies or other television,” Cunningham said. “You haven’t. It was new. It was pushing the borders and pushing the envelope of what you can do on television.” He singled out Kit Harington (Jon Snow) for special praise:

I mean he’s fantastic. Once we hit the battle scene he had hardly anything to say – hardly a line – and yet he just does so much with his face. He’s just completely blossomed … he’s done a remarkable job and I have to applaud the man’s work on ‘Game of Thrones.’ He’s been fantastic.

The episode has been remarkably well-received, and HBO has put forward Kit Harington’s name for Emmy consideration. Will this finally be the year he gets nominated in the Outstanding Acting category?


(Via Reddit. This shot wasn’t CGI, by the way.)

Cunningham also praised Harington over at The Huffington Post. “If he doesn’t, at the very least, get nominated for his work throughout the whole season, there is no God,” he said. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Back at Tech Insider, Cunningham addressed something fans have been wondering about: why didn’t Ghost, Jon Snow’s faithful and deadly direwolf, participate in the battle? “Yeah that would have been cool, [but] obviously a big battle like that is no place for a direwolf,” he said. “They’re not gonna last very long – I mean look at what happened to Wun Wun, the last of the giants.” He does have a point: an animal without armor would have easy pray for all those arrows. Considering that the show has killed off two direwolves this season (RIP Shaggydog and Summer), maybe we should be happy that Ghost was kept out of harm’s way. He lives to fight another day.

Jon and Ghost

Davos does too, and now that we know he survived the Battle of the Bastards, we can hopefully look forward to more scenes between him and Jon. “Davos is a fantastic counselor and there’s an inevitable pairing between a decent man like Davos and a decent man like Jon Snow,” Cunningham said. If those White Walkers start bearing down on the North, Jon will need all the counselors he can get.

Over on The Huffington Post, Cunningham answered another question that’s been on everybody’s mind: did Davos follow through on what he said to Tormund and shit outside camp the night before the battle?

[Laugh] He may have taken a shit when he found the stag. I think it was best that that happened off camera. I know we push the edges of drama and jump over the line occasionally — the best drama does — but I don’t think we’ve yet sunk to the requirement of seeing me have to defecate. We haven’t reached that low point. Maybe that’s in Season 29.

As The Huffington Post says, “Season 29 confirmed.” More seriously, Cunningham commented on what finding that stag means for Davos’ relationship with Melisandre.

It’s a game changer, him finding that. He’s put two and two together. He knows what Melisandre’s done. He knows she’s been burning people, most of it off screen, since Season 2 after The Battle of Blackwater. He knows that’s part of her M.O. But we have a little bit of unfinished business to take care of, and that will reveal itself.

Finally, he offered a nice long tease for “The Winds of Winter,” the Season 6 finale.

Listen, we’re not going to top what we did in [Episode 9] in action and digital quality. I mean, a huge change is coming. We’ve seen what happened with Daenerys and Yara and Theon. We’ve watched that take shape. There’s so many stories going on in this. In a sense, the Winterfell story has now ceased to be as scary as it has been. I think what we’ve got coming up is a big story, perhaps with the Lannisters, for the end of this. Cersei is in a very difficult position. We’ve got all that to look forward to. We have to get around our world in Westeros and see what the other participants are getting up to, and that’s what’s going to come in Episode 10.

We’ll bring you more on that soon.


  • Davos, you can just say the show blew all its animal money on dragons and leave it at that, the fans will understand.

    • I think Davos was right about Ghost though. It would be better if we still have Ghost next season. With all the arrows flying from above during the battle, I don’t think Ghost will last until the end. Take a look at Rickon.

      Ghost has to live. He is our only hope for the Stark sigil. That is, if Nymeria will still have her homecoming since Arya will be back in Winterfell. Haha!

      • I absolutely agree that taking Ghost into that battle would have been a terrible idea, but… next season they need to have him decked out in his own badass direwold battle armor!
        Holy crap… it just occurred to me that they are going to have to burn that giant mountain of bodies before the NK visits town, or they’re gonna have a bad time.

        • I thought the same thing about putting Rickon’s body in the crypt. Come to think of, all those ancient Starks could come up. Gross.
          BTW, whatever happened to Ned’s boneses? We haven’t seen them since Littlefinger gave then to Caitlyn in Season 2.

          • I thought the same thing, maybe Jon just assumed ned is in the crypts. Also, I think once they’re behind the stone crypt they can’t be risen by the night king or if they are, I think they’d have a hard time getting out of the crypt. That’s was my first thought though when he said to put rickon in the crypts.

        • While I am more than glad that Ghost is alive – and hopefully will be by Jon’s side, like usual, for future episodes – lets not forget that Greywind was always with The King of the North when he would fight battles and Greywind avoided arrows and death. Just sayin’

          • As for Ned’s bones, Tyrion had LF give them to Cat when he met with her at Renly’s camp, and Cat subsequently had some Stark men bring them back to WF.

    • I was hoping to see a Giant’s weapon, like a massive club or something. He would’ve made quick work of that shield wall.

        • He def should of all East had a log, as the last of the Giants couldn’t he of had some giant armor pieced together from fallen comrades stuff or maybe even a giant sword didn’t have to be pretty just large and not even sharp lol! %

  • Y’all might want to make an app upgrade, some articles won’t open even,the app has some bugs.

  • I think Ghost was left at the Wall until the battle was over. I really hope Davos kills Mel, and not the other way around. It would be a twist to have Davos die after the battle, after we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief for him and Tormund. And godammit they killed Wun Wunny. My prediction for finale:
    1. Cersei burns the Great Sept, killing the HS and FM, but it spreads throughout KL. Tommen, Kevan, Pycelle, Lord Tyrell, Margeary, Loras, and Qyburn are killed in the finale.
    2. Arya returns to Westeros, and exacts revenge on the Freys. Jaime is the lone survivor from the Twins. Arya catches a glimpse of Nymeria before heading North.
    3. Dany leaves Daario, and finally sets sail for Westeros, heading to Dragonstone.
    4. Varys recruits Dorne.
    5. Sam and Gilly make it to Oldtown, and Gilly is killed by Lord Randyll Tarly.
    6. The North has a big meeting with all of the houses, and proclaim Jon as King in the North, which he doesn’t want. LF tells Sansa she’s the rightful ruler of the North, planting a horrible seed of distrust for her and Jon. Davos kills Melisendre. Bran gives us the one thing every fan has been waitinf for: R+L=J, and the WW’s reach the Wall.
    One thing I wish they would do, besides have Varys recruit Dorne: Just wipe out Dorne completely. We don’t want the damn SS’s in season 7, or the awful Ellaria.

    • The Other, Matt. Yes, wipe out Dorne and the miscast Sand Snakes. Include Sansa too. Haha!

    • Wow, that is a lot for the finale. I think unfortunately due to time constraints we may not see all the smaller story lines wrapped up. I know we’ve discussed the new express travel services, but I don’t think we will see Arya, except maybe arriving by boat in Westeros somewhere. I think Margeary must survive. They wouldn’t set up this whole long story of her pretending to be a follower of the High Sparrow just to snuff her out in a big fire. I do think Kevan will bite it and maybe Tommen. That will put Jamie and Cersei head of the Lannister army and maybe on the throne herself. And, while I thought all season long Davos would kill Melisendre, I am now thinking they both survive somehow.

      • Re: time – it would have taken Jon and Sansa weeks to get around and visit the Northern houses to ask for their support. And it would have taken weeks for Yara and Theon to get to Volantis. So no, they didn’t use time travel. It’s just that the time frames for all this stuff to happen is not clear.

    • I agree with your theory on Cerci and because she will be the cause of Tomens death Jamie will kill her in a rage. Also I think Howland Reed will be one of the lords to arrive at Winterfell and will be the one to reveal Jon’s parantage

      • Please let that be the case! It would be satisfying for us to learn his parentage through Bran’s visions, but even more satisfying for Jon to learn the truth.

    • The Twins is packed full of Lannister soldiers and Freys. Arya barely beat the Waif, yet somehow Jaimie is going to be the lone survivor of her revenge fest?
      I would like to see the SS story gone, though. I saw them on the cast list a bit ago, and I died a little inside.

    • Tyrion told Danny that the mad king had wildfire stored all under Westeros and intended to burn the entire city to the ground.We saw what Cersie had stored away earlier on, which Tyrion used in battle but I presume Cersei has even more hidden in catacombs all over Westeros .Its been said Cersei will go mad and she will burn the city to the ground.It would make sense, after Tyrion gave us a reminder of what the Mad King was going to do,bringing us full circle with Cerseis actions. inevitably Jamie will end up killing her to try to save the city and it’s people.

  • In reality the dogs was never used in battles for the reason. They dont know who are friends and who are enemies. They will attack anyone on the battlefield (excluding the owner/trainer).
    So I can fully understand why the direwolf is absent in the battle.

  • Ghost could have sat it out with Mel. But, ya’ll know he would’ve sensed Jon in trouble and went to save him. Only to come out looking like Wun Wun fullbof arrows.

  • Would not be surprised if Davos kills Melisandre, but Melisandre did say she would meet Arya again. That needs to happen. It would make more sense if Jon keeps her alive due to her usefulness, imprisoning her as punishment for Shireen’s sacrifice instead. Then, after Arya reaches the North with the Brotherhood without Banners, Melisandre is executed for her crimes or killed by Arya as Thoros takes her place.

    I also think Thoros and the Brotherhood without Banners may find Arya off-screen with the help of Thoros’ visions.

    • If I were Arya, I would go to Hot Pie’s Patisserie for the best Dire Wolf Biscuits on the Kingsroad.

  • OK, let’s re-imagine BOB with Ghost in play. Unless Ghost takes Ramsay out at the top of the episode with a blind side play, he would have completely drawn our focus. We’d either be thinking “where’s Ghost now?” “Is he okay” or we’d be hating D&D for getting him hurt or killed.

    • That’s actually a really good point.

      I’d just wish they’d actually addressed it. Just have Jon securing him saying something like, “Sshhhhh, a pitched battle’s no place for you right now, you’ll be shot with arrows in the first minute…”

  • Ghost wasn’t there because I don’t care how badass a direwolf is, it is no use in a battle like that.He would have been hit by an arrow and died uselessly.

    WunWun should have had a giant Club. It makes no sense for him to have no weapon at all or at least a big-ass Shield. I did love how Ramsey thought that a siege would begin then WunWun just immediately smashes through the gate with ease! He still needed to have a giant tree branch in his hands just taking out 15 men with one swing..

  • There will be something cathartic about seeing the Direwolf sigil on top of Winterfell when the opening credits roll for Episode 10…

  • Completely understandable, from both a narrative and technical standpoint, why Ghost would stay out of it. And we don’t want to spend the battle worrying about him, you know?

    Agreed that Harington deserves the Emmy nod this year, not just for this episode (which I realize is what he’s nominated for) but the dedication to keeping the secret for a year and his work earlier, like the resurrection episode. I have a terrible feeling they’ll just give it to Dinklage again, who’s fine but does not deserve it this year for what’s essentially a bunch of drinking scenes and awkward jokes.

  • Why did you have to go and kill the last of the giants??? Wun wun was too awesome to be taken out by the likes or Ramsay. That actually annoys me so much. Prior to the episode i was hoping for the opposite, where the giant would finally be something ramsay would be afraid of. Why didn’t wun wun just kick through that stupid shield wall n trample more of those boltons? I wish he fucking lived damn! I would’ve like to see him pick ramsay up n squash him like a grape, or was hoping to see ghost rip him up the way his hounds did. RIP WUN WUN i wish you were given the longer life i feel you deserved!

    • I’m sure he wasn’t the last giant. There must be more of them beyond the wall. We won’t get to see this tough😪

      • If he was the last….so there wasn’t a female giant left either. Doomed one way or another. And even if there was one….again….doomed forever. Big grin. Wish you just could see it.

      • I think we can assume that anyone alive North of the Wall has been killed and turned into a Wight by now.

  • Jon defends his decision to fight in spite of his numerical disadvantage – “Battles have been won against greater odds.” Is Jon referring to Rob? Or his actions with the wildings? It also references Dany, though Jon wouldn’t know that. Of course the whole situation is a callback to Stannis and his doomed effort.

  • Current Emmy Considerations
    Best Drama Supporting Actor submissions

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister
    Best episode to submit: “No One”

    Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
    Best episode to submit: “Book of the Stranger”

    Kit Harrington as Jon Snow
    Best episode to submit: “Battle of the Bastards”

    Best Drama Supporting Actress submissions

    Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
    Best episode to submit: “Book of the Stranger”

    Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister
    Best episode to submit: “No One”

    Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
    Best episode to submit: “The Door”

    Carice van Houten as Melisandre
    Best episode to submit: “Home”

    Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
    Best episode to submit: “No One”

    Best Drama Guest Actor submission

    Max von Sydow as The Three-Eyed Raven
    Confimed episode submission: “The Door”

    What I think they should be

    Best Actor

    Kit Harrington as Jon Snow
    – Mostly for “Battle of the Bastards”, this episode really transcended his acting, normally I find the actor’s take on Jon Snow to be a bit on the moody broody side.

    Iwan Rheon as Ramsey Bolton
    -As much as I loved to hate on Ramsey, I have to give credit where credit is due. He has definitely been snubbed. I think he has given us one of the best villain performances.

    Best Actress

    Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell
    I thought she did a great job as Margaery, with very subtle acting chops.

    Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
    There is a lot of Sansa hate, I have to completely disagree! There has been a big transformation from child to woman and I think the actress handled it beautifully.

    I really don’t agree with the nominations for Daenerys and Tyrion ( and I love Tyrion). Not the actors fault but the material for Tyrion was not strong enough for a nomination. As for Daenerys I am so tired of how Emilia Clarke handles her power speeches, it seems over the years that there has been no maturation for the character (my personal opinion).

    • Lena and Maisie will give episode 10 for consideration.
      Just because Kit is better than season one, doesn’t make him great actor. I understand Liam and fans love Jon Snow, but Kit manages to be good only because he always gets the most expensive episodes,battles and direction, the same with Emilia who is only interesting when GCI and fire is involved, while Maisie or Nikolaj get some shitty scripts and do great work with them.
      It’s easy to do great when 1000 people around you work for you to look great…and he wasn’t even that good.

      • I agree, acting would have to go to Nikolaj and Masie and Lena. Dinklage not so much this season but better than Harrington as far as acting.

      • I don’t think that’s wholly fair for Kit, since Jon is mostly a one-note character. But he conveyed feelings with his face in very powerful ways. Sometimes, less is more, and the writers have been doing a good job of cutting out extraneous words and letting the visuals do all the emoting. There were a lot of subtleties in the performances – Sophie’s and Kit’s in particular, in the Battle of the Bastards. I can see strong cases for nominations for them, both of them. And for Lena and Nikolaj.

        Emilia, not as much – though I feel she is being given short shrift by people here. Although I don’t think that the substance of her work was particularly great, that’s a writing fault, not an acting fault. If she were to submit an episode, it would likely be Book of the Stranger, but quite possibly also Battle of the Bastards. I got chills when Drogon landed next to her and she was just so graceful and regal in that moment. The character has evolved and become comfortable with herself and her power, but still listens to good counsel. Battle of the Bastards is just a very strong show for all involved, and it arguably gave Tyrion the most to do and do well.

      • There’s a legend concerning a girl joining NW.
        I doubt that’s what Jon would end Mel away, to the Wall. Imprisonment in Winterfell would work for me. Execution? I’m not so sure they’d go that far. Perhaps ‘Real’ Mel changes all perspectives, if she is revealed in her true form.

  • Ghost definitely picked a good time to wander off with this season’s track record.

    Do direwolves not decay? Smalljon Umber had been carrying around Shaggy’s head all season, and presumably had beheaded him before leaving the Last Hearth.

    I wonder if Ghost and Nymeria will survive to the end and have a litter of wolf pups.

    • Aww…. Id like that.
      And it wouldn’t even be stupid or anything. Just meeting up, a little sniffing, thatd be enough to imply the future.

      • I think it would also be a nice nod to the GRRM’s abandoned early storyline that would have paired Jon & Arya once the former’s true parentage became known.

        • Was that from the books?

          Not likely in the show… to much age difference, but follow the spirit of it through the wolves…. that is not only possible but suddenly even more likely.

          • I don’t agree. Kit did very good work this season. The emotion and confusion he displayed when he came back to life was exceptional. He was one to watch right from the first episode as was encouraging Bran with the bow and arrow. 6:9 he was excellent as well with the Ramsey scenes.

            Jon and Arya – I don’t think so, they would be 1st cousins.

    • Yes. In several battles and grey wind had numerous kills. Maybe the terrain was different (like wooded area) in those battles and there were no archers?

  • I dreamt of a maid at a feast, with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs. And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow.”

    • Interpretation is fun :)
      That could be Arya at this feast with the Freys and Jaime.

      And a savage giant needn’t be a literal giant, just a person of savage and powerful character. A castle of snow could be a castle covered in snow.

      If that comes true, I think its Arya… maybe against Littlefinger or Nights King.

      • it said “the maid again”. It could not be Arya because she has a different feature from Sansa. Now ‘the savage giant’, this one is open to interpretation.

        Most of the part is up for debate except that the maid is definitely Sansa Stark.

        • Who is a literal giant now? Doesn’t LF fit that bill? This upcoming scene in Winterfell’s godswood, next to the weirwood tree by the pool could be very significant.

  • 3 predictions

    -Brienne and Podrick run into the Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners
    -Brann will reveal what happened in the Tower of Joy R+L=J
    – Walder Frey while having a feast at The Twins turns on the Lannisters and kills Jaime for disrespecting his sons at Riverrun

    • “Walder Frey while having a feast at The Twins turns on the Lannisters and kills Jaime for disrespecting his sons at Riverrun”

      I think it’ll be the other way round. Brienne/Edmure’s words are gonna be like an itch to Jaime…and the only way he can scratch it will be to slaughter some Freys.

  • Bran will be reaching the Weirwood tree just north of the wall soon and he will be able to “network” throughout the regions south through the root system. He will see what’s happening now and possibly be able to directly interact with other characters, such as Sansa who is seen in the preview hanging out at the Winterfell tree with LF.
    He will become a major force next season. I think he becomes a dragon rider eventually as the Three-eyed Raven told him he would never walk again, but he would fly.