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Game of Thrones Screencap Breakdown: “Battle of the Bastards”

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Battle of the Bastards Official

Game of Thrones is not only a fantastic show—it’s a feast for the eyes. From the costumes to the sets to the CGI, every episode has gorgeous moments and amazing acting beats that are well worth freezing in time and considering.

This week, “Battle of the Bastards” set a completely new benchmark for what can be accomplished in a battle scene for the small screen. Because of this achievement, this recap will be far longer than usual. Usually, we post these on Tuesday. We are a full 24 hours behind due to the sheer number of shots that we pulled from the episode. (Usually, we can edit the shots down to around 45-60. This week, we pulled 200 shots, which we have ruthlessly edited down to 150.)

The award this week for Best Vista goes to the expanse in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, where the production spent 25 days filming the battle sequence at the heart of the episode.

GoT 609 00 Winterfell field

Let us begin…but not in Winterfell.

GoT 609 1 Meereen Under Attack

How many people were shocked this week when “Battle of the Bastards” started mid-battle….in Meereen?

GoT 609 2 Harpie on Fire

I want to point out that this wasn’t an appetizer round or anything. This was full-on hardcore fire-based stunt work.

GoT 609 3 sea battle Meereen

And digital effects for days! And that’s only in the first two minutes!

GoT 609 4 dany tyrion

Meanwhile, in dialogue land, Tyrion is attempting to recap episodes 1-8 in under a minute, while Daenerys is showing her newfound penchant for fascism.

GoT 609 5 dany tyiron 2

For the record, Tyrion isn’t the only one shocked at Dany’s behavior. I’ve seen quite a few on Twitter who are appalled by her conquerer moments this season, saying that she’s gone over the edge and is no longer a good guy.

I thought this was another case of the show failing to see how their choices would be interpreted, but with this scene, I’m seeing that they knew that would be the case, and that having Tyrion around to temper her impulses would become necessary going forward.

GoT 609 6 meeting with masters

Speaking of which, Tyrion’s misdirection plan here is wonderful. The Masters walk right into his trap.

GoT 609 7 drogon behind master

You know that moment in horror movies when everyone yells “BEHIND YOU!” This is that moment.

GoT 609 8 Drogon in Full frame

The building Drogon is seated on is known as the Mesa Rolan, and is a tourist attraction in Spain. The Spanish Tourism Board invites you to come visit anytime.

GoT 609 9 dany and drogon

Dragons and conquerors are not included on the tour.

GoT 609 10 dragon breakout

This moment was so funny to me. All season we’ve debated who would take Quentyn Martell’s spot in the show and die in the service of freeing Dany’s other dragons. Turns out the answer was “we don’t need no stinkin’ service.”

GoT 609 11 khalasar

One of the best things about the khalasar galloping around the corner here is that it was filmed in the desert where so many spaghetti westerns were back in the 1960. It’s so fitting that we finally see Dany’s ground forces in action.

GoT 609 12 three dragons

Ground forces in one shot, air forces in the next. The way the dragons are half in and half out of frame feels like it’s a World War II dogfight movie…

GoT 609 13 three dragons on fire

…except, you know, with fire-breathing air forces instead of bomb-dropping planes. The naval forces are still hosed either way.

GoT 609 12 tyrion master

Tell everyone what you saw here today. We need to save our budget for Season 7 and don’t want to do this again.

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  • Sansa is leading the Vale army? She saved Jon and his army? Has this writer been paying attention at all? Jon’s army wouldn’t have been in that situation if she would have taken Littlefinger’s help to begin with. Her ego got the best of her before she realized she needed him after all. Sansa didn’t when the battle, LF and the Vale army won the battle.

    • Not sure I agree she didn’t know for sure they would show on time anyway and had they known they had them ahead of time ramsay would have easily chosen to just sit in Winterfell while they tried to lay siege and wait them out . That said they could have jept them hide behind that hill even had they known they were coming but I’m not sure the situation is so cut and dry .

      • and WUn WUn would have knocked the door down anyway…all your excuses for Sansa are a waste, She is just not too smart.

        • I myself don’t agree with what Sansa did. I also don’t hate her for it either. People screw up. Jon and Sansa both have trust issues among other things.

          In the trailer it seems Jon isn’t too angry with her. He kisses her on the forehead and says ” we have a lot of enimies and we need to stick together”

          I really believe Jon and Sansa will both come to understand eachother, be supportive, and work together in the end.

        • As Kinvara said, “Everyone is exactly where they are and who they are for a reason.”

          All the actors were amazing! I really loved the episode. Kit was just wow! I saw the making of the scene. His mind set was crazy good and he sold it so beautifully.

          I completely get they were going for a rebirth with Jon of his own free will. I saw that in his performance. He was done fighting, his heart wasn’t really in this battle in the beginning. Watching him try to save Rickon on that field. It was a great energy between brothers.

          I would have tried to save my brother. It was just beautifully done. It’s a tie for me though with ” Hold the door.” That episode is still with me.

      • I still can’t figure out why Jon never himself inquired about the Vale? We saw an expedited effort to recruit Northern Houses (though there are like 20 houses in the North we just saw two). But, the show hammered home, especially with Jon fussing at Sansi the night before the attack that he had contacted or considered every possible army out there and there were no other options or choices. But, Jon himself knows that Robyn and the Vale are his family’s blood relative (Stark/Tulley). The show as clearly illustrated all the Stark children are educated on the Houses and their loyalties. And, Jon as Lord Commander would have discussed the Vale with Sam in the recruitment of forces for the Night’s Watch. So, why wouldn’t he ask his war council – hey, what about the Vale? Maybe Davos would say – everyone knows the Vale won’t leave the Vale – or – they are too far away. But, it had to be known the Vale had one of the larger and freshest armies still out there in play. While not having Jon ask kept the scene more exciting when the Vale showed up, it also reflects a little poorly on Jon and Davos that they did not a least consider the Vale early on in their recruitment efforts.

  • @Daemon
    True stuff but you should know many females fans of GoT look for any excuse to put themselves ahead of males so don’t expect you’re words to get very far.

    • If Sansa would have informed Jon she reached out to the Vale he could have waited a few days and had the numbers advantage. Possibly even tricking the Boltons into thinking the Vale was allied with them. Instead she told no one and the majority of Jon’s army was annihilated. Every time she takes a step forward she takes two steps backwards.
      It seems the show might be creating a future power struggle with Jon and Sansa with LF manipulating both of them.

  • The lord of light was seriously protecting Jon that day. He must really need him for something later.

  • For the record, Tyrion isn’t the only one shocked at Dany’s behavior. I’ve seen quite a few on Twitter who are appalled by her conquerer moments this season, saying that she’s gone over the edge and is no longer a good guy.

    People are stupid judging fictional characters on modern day, politically correct nonsense.
    MOST of the people who view life this way would be dead in the world of Westeros because they would have been too weak to defend themselves.

    Sansa didn’t win Jack…

    • Totally agree a57se, so funny seeing so many comments like:
      Dany will become a tyrant…
      Dany killed 2 innocent men bc they were messengers and not masters, what she could do with the choices put in front of her,I mean she should had killed the dragons and accept their terms of surrender FFS!!! Definetly NO.I’m like seriously we going down that road?

      • The two guys Grey Worm sliced WERE masters from Volantis and Yunkai…
        So they really weren’t even innocents.

        • Agreed totally,just saying which type of comments I saw everywhere on Twitter,FB,etc.
          I know those 2 were masters,but people are so lame inventing always BS.

          • Meanwhile, in dialogue land, Tyrion is attempting to recap episodes 1-8 in under a minute, while Daenerys is showing her newfound penchant for fascism.

            Fascism, Dany is working at being a Queen not a President. So shes all in on rule by elite minority. On being racially pure, I don’t see it.

  • “Littlefinger is almost cropped out of it. Sansa is the focus. Sansa leads this army. “

    Er, no. “Crop” him out if you dare, but this is Littlefinger’s army and Sansa was never leading it. Wait till she finds out what he’s gonna charge for his services.

    • Marriage I assume. Now when Winterfell is the hands of Starks Littlefinger could become a ruler for half of Westeros…

      But I might Interpret it wrong.

      • I think the preview is a fake off. We all assume he wants marriage. And, I think Sansi might also assume that is what Littlefinger wants. But, I think he is going to say, don’t you know what I want – – I want it all! I think as he told Varys, Littlefinger’s end game is the throne itself. I am not sure if he as figured how Daenarys plays into his plans though.

    • She did something stupid because she didn’t trust Jon and got hundreds of people killed.

      I like Sansa, but it was a bad move on her part.

  • @Daemon agreed completely.
    I’m a woman and I won’t defend Sansa regardless,she handled bad the situation.
    It’s funny how this article was written, putting Sansa very high,when so many people died in the North and putting Dany low when she walked away with less colateral damages then Sansa, just saying😂😁.

      • I wonder, while Daenarys plays as if she has been hardened, she has yet too witness or participate in a prolong battle. She’s seemingly always got by with a trick or quick strike. If she see’s the bodies of her armies starting to pile up does she have to fortitude to stick with it?

  • How did Stanza know Ramsey didn’t feed his dogs for 7 days? She rode off before he said it.

  • I have a theory that Smalljon Umber actually planned on supporting Jon, but like Littlefinger he underestimated Ramsay’s true evil. It gets tricky in that we never saw Shaggydog alive and SJU fought to kill Jon in the end. I think he made a split second decision after Rickon was killed that he could not persuade Jon or Sansa he was secretly on their side and he had already convinced Ramsay he was at his disposal so he blindly marched into battle (he was clearly unfocused in battle bc Tormund bit his face off and he just let himself be killed). I doubt the show pursues this, and with 86 hours shot for this episode I’m sure alternate perspectives were shot. There’s no point in exploring a 2 episode character that is now dead but this perspective supports the tragic “plans didn’t go as planned” attempts of this show

    • The Umbers hated the wildlings more then any house. They are the farthest north house and have been fighting wildling raiders for centuries. Smalljon was never going to support Jon because of that.

    • Sigh. I was really hoping by now everyone realizes that Machiavelli is a much better guide to the behavior of the Houses of Westeros than Sir Thomas Malory.

  • Sansa’s many years of study at the Cersei Lannister School of Manipulative Incompetence have finally resulted in this “successful” thesis defense and graduation: How to Set up a Grand Pyrrhic “Victory” to Lose Almost All of One’s Allies While Vastly Empowering One’s Rivals.

    Littlefinger effectively owns the North, now. Sansa has almost no remaining troops, otherwise. While she could have angrily demanded, at Moletown, that Littlefinger send the Vale army to fight Bolton as a last-chance attempt to earn her forgiveness, instead she sent him away to safety.

    And then she lied to her generals about meeting him.

    And then she went crawling back, privately, to beg for his help.

    And then she allowed her loyal armies to engage a suicidal battle, rather than admit the begging she had been doing.

    And then she and her generals lost the entirety of her cavalry, and most of her infantry, to a superior force led by a far more self-controlled general.

    And then Littlefinger’s army singlehandedly averted the loss of what little of her infantry remained, while casually annihilating all the opposed lords of the North (rather than letting those forces surrender and take the knee to serve Sansa).

    Now Sansa is “in charge” of Winterfell, while having barely any capacity to hold it, and never mind projecting force. Except for Littlefinger, who won’t stay, her forces are shattered, and she now owes Littlefinger a huge favor with no power to negotiate terms. Instead of having a weakened Vale army, a horde of supportive Northmen, and a clean slate with Littlefinger, she has an unharmed Vale army, a husk of battered Northmen, and a large debt to Littlefinger. Even Cersei would have difficulty screwing up a good thing this thoroughly.

    Everything Lady Olenna ever said to Cersei can be repeated to Sansa, twice as bitterly.

    • I agree. Both of them think they’re smarter then they are. The similarities end there though. Cersei has done some truly horrific things because of jealousy, paranoia, and protecting her family from the situations she put them in to begin with.

      • It will be very interesting to see what Sansa says to Jon in the finale. There’s a chance for her to reflect and learn from this failure … and there’s a chance for her to keep digging.

        1) If she simply says, “I’m sorry, I should have taken you with me to Moletown to meet him” … then she will be on the path to learning from her mistake and building a trust network separate from Littlefinger.

        2) If she evades and self-justifies and does not realize/admit that she made a mistake in how she handled Moletown … then she will continue on the path to being fully ensnared as Littlefinger’s captive sith padawan.

    • I suppose Jon will send ravens to all the Bannermen to come to Winterfell. How many houses fight??? Six??? The Manderlys have a large army and the rest of the houses could gather an army as strong as the Karstarks and Umbers as Jon said. The Northerners wouldn’t let an outsider take Winterfell. I’m sure Davos and Jon won’t trust in Littlefinger.

    • This!

      I’m a woman and I find this whole Sana victory thing idiotic. Don’t know what the writers were thinking but she still just looks like a stupid entitled girl who lied and now owes LF.

      She just traided one monster for the other. At least with Ramsay you knew what you were getting. LF is responsible for the death of here entire house and she doesn’t even know it.

      I really wish they wouldn’t bring this political correctness / fake and forced feminism into the show.

    • You nailed it, sir. Absolutely and irrefutably nailed it. This reviewer is the worst. I didn’t realize that Jon’s charging headfirst and ignorantly toward suicide was his only option because he could only go that way to get out of range of the arrows…though later Ramsey is firing point blank. Fascinating stuff, I’m dumber for having read this review.

      • After reading the last few comments, I went back to see who wrote the piece to find it was Ani. These complaints tend to fall in line with others from previous weeks.

  • I still root for Sansa. She got rid of Ramsay. Now, she needs to get rid of Littlefinger, that would be difficult. Sansa has a strange relationship with Littlefinger. She lied about Lisa’s death to protect him. They share a secret about Joffrey’s death. She flirted and they kissed. He manipulated her to marry Ramsay. It’s complicated for her to tell Jon everything about him. I understood why she didn’t want his help at first. She was overconfident in the loyalty of the Stark bannermen. Then, it seems she didn’t know if The Vale would appeared.
    I hope we get an explanation about why she didn’t tell Jon about the Vale next episode. I want Brienne and Pod in Winterfell.

    • Littlefinger manipulates, that’s what he does. He did it to Cersei, Joffrey, and Ned, and many others. He prays on weak minded and stupid or naive people. He had a much more difficult time with smart people like Tyrion and Varys, or even Tywin who saw through him somewhat. Sansa definitely falls into the manipulated category. She may learn from mistakes or she may follow LF to the bloody end and go down as the tragic fool.

  • Davos loses his head? Twice?!? Hm, in the movie I watched he seemed to be the only one not doing that… Both his charge command were clearly given against his better judgement, not because it was a smart thing, but the only right thing to do. His battle plan might have been shred to pieces, but his loyalty is intact ( I feel like I’m being owed an explanation why is he so hell bent for helping Jon from the very start of this season ).

    And that’s NOT a Mormont shield. The drawing quality is lacking, but has anyone ever seen a bear with a tail that long? Those are Stark colors, for crying out loud…

    And a couple of funny questions:

    When did Jon fix his bun? I guess he had nothing better to do while being trampled and had to kill time somehow :)

    What happened to Ramsey’s sword? He had it all the time, clearly it was on him when he entered the yard, but not during the final stand off, couple of minutes later. Not that I wanted him to use it…

  • From the size of Drogons head in that shot I think the other 2 dragons are about 3/4 his size. Just an observation…

  • Ever since Sansa rode into Castle Black, all we’ve seen is this air of entitlement that she carried; with her words and actions. Sure, I am not going to brush away the countless sufferings she experienced from the moment Ned was imprisoned, in the hands of the Lannisters and Boltons. People who suffer a lot in their lives tend to be much more thoughtful than her.

    She thought her name would give her everything she wanted. Wrong! It doesn’t work like that, not after being married to two Stark enemies. She tries to speak as if she knows the north, whereas she hardly stepped out of the castle during her childhood, busy with needlework mostly.

    Loyalty from even the staunchest bannermen comes with a price. In return for fealty, the bannermen expect protection and fair rule from their liege lords. The Starks haven’t been able to deliver that since the war began. Robb’s army was decimated and many northern lords died with their men. The Ironborn held the captured castles with impunity, while the Boltons promised a painful end to all those who refused to bend the knee. No wonder lords and ladies like Glover and Mormont regarded Sansa with suspicion when she strutted into their castles. Sansa learned politics and courtesy from the wrong people, sadly. Bran did a better job running Winterfell in Robb’s absence than Sansa ever will. Let’s not forget the constant undermining of Jon’s decisions and his advisors, for not getting any attention from him. One thing I have to admit though is that Jon should’ve asked her about Ramsey, to know what he was up against.

    Make no mistake, I’m a huge fan of the Starks and the women in the series. I think Yara is just what the Ironborn need, and Dany knows what needs to be done to get what she wants, while heeding her advisors on all counts. Oleanna is my favourite and she’ll surely give the others a run for their money with her scheming and Margaery has been cheeky from the start with the way she handled both Joff and Tommen. Arya is a proper badass and thinks on her feet like no other. But gods, Sansa! Stupid and dumb and stupid from day one! She has inherited none of her parent’s traits and now she has gone on to lose 2/3rds of the army that was loyal to her and effectively handed the North to Baelish.

    Sansa-bashing aside, the battle was an absolute stunner! A few things though, didn’t make sense;

    a) That wall of dead bodies was too damn high and concentrated for a battlefield as vast as it was shown!
    b) How did a Mormont shield get into the Castle when the first to enter were mostly wilding archers, Jon, Tormund and Wun-Wun?
    c) That sure is a tight man-bun Jon!
    d) The Bolton Shieldwall was at least 3 men deep. The rear had enough time to turn around and face the Vale cavalry didn’t they? The Vale horns were loud and long enough. Those pikes would have done a good job stemming that charge. Guess they were as dumbstruck as Ramsey.
    e) Unarmed Wun-Wun ftw?! Give him a club or a tree dammit!
    f) Where did that wuss of a Karstark disappear off to?

    • I agree with most of your comments. I can’t get a great look at he wall of Bolton’s forces. But, it looks to me the wall of shields are only in the front row. I think the 3 men deep were if a man holding the shield and pike fell the next one stepped up and took his place so the wall of shields did not buckle. The 2nd and 3rd row soldiers did not have their own shields and pikes. I also think the pikes were long enough that in order for the front man to hold both the shield and pike the men behind him had to help hold the back part of the long pike stick. Otherwise, the wildlings could have simply pushed the pikes to the side. A man holding a long pike with one hand or one arm could not have kept it steady and straight. I do think the Bolton men in the back could have turned and pulled their swords out to fight the oncoming Vale riders, but I am not sure they would have time to pass the shields up and turn the pikes around, especially in such packed in and close quarters. If they could accomplish that then, the wildlings would have been free to attack again from now the back.

      • Ignore most of my comment. I went back and re-watched and saw there appears to be a second row of shields and the pikes are being held by a row of men behind the men holding the shields.

        • Yes. There are at least two/three rows of shields and two rows of pikes. The Shield-bearers use both hands to hold the shields while the pikemen use both hands to balance the pike shaft. Very, very effective infantry formation I say. Did anyone notice the one-foot-long wooden poles attached to the top and bottom of the shields? That’s very clever because it can be used to plant the shield firmly into the ground. I feel that a formation like that can stand against any form of infantry/cavalry, except maybe a number of armed and armoured giants. It’s like a fusion between a Viking Shieldwall and a Scottish Pikewall OR Greek Phalanx and Roman Tescudo. Arrowproof + Swordproof + Spear/Javelinproof + Horseproof!

          Not dragonproof though :D

  • Erm, Sansa’s army? Please, that’s what Baelish wants her to think.

    Davos does not lose his head. He sees how the battle is panning out and decides accordingly. With Jon defenseless against the Bolton Cavalry, Davos’ quick order to charge is what saved Jon.
    The archers were of no use being stationed in the rear, once the melee had commenced. Davos was right to order them to advance, BUT! what he should’ve done is held them just behind the battle to fire on the advancing Bolton/Umber/Karstark infantry, thereby hampering that charge led by Smalljon.

    Ramsey was a proper prick, but he has a good eye for strategy. He made use of the homebase advantage fully, setting up the burning crosses the nigh before the battle (They may have served as distance markers too for all we know, because the arrow fire was pretty consistent). He had drilled his men well, and they all knew their roles well. The trick with Rickon’s murder to draw out Jon worked like a charm. He was dictating the terms of ther fight from the start and had full control of the situation. If not for the unexpected intervention by the Vale cavalry, Ramsay deserved to win by all counts. I think he should get credit for that, although I’m glad his girls dispatched him to the seven hells missing a cheek, or more.

    If I was Jon, I would have used sent Wun-Wun along with a sizeable force to seize Winterfell, by maneuvering around the battlefield while Ramsay’s attention was fixed on Jon and the rest of his men. That could’ve caused Team Bolton to split his forces. A handful of archers can hold off waves of assaults on the walls. This would even the odds for the rest of Team Stark and reduced the losses. There is enough cover in the forests (Wolfswood) surrounding Winterfell that the splinter force could have used to sneak up on the unsuspecting garrison. Use carts, barrels and anything else that can be found to barricade the entrance that the giant breaks open to get in to, and then use him to hold the this improvised barricade in place, Hold-The-Door Style. The archers will pick off any assaults. Jon can either make a tactical retreat into the woods until Ramsay gives up chasing and then regroup to take him from the rear, or join the lads in the castle by going around.

  • If Sansa has grown and acquired a little cunning out of it all, she will go for the Vale. It is not LFs army, it is Sweetrobins army. She should oust LF from Sweetrobins trust, that should not be too difficult altogether.

    Psychologically you cannot blame Sansa. She still is a girl and has been mistreated cruelly. She sees herself as the leading character in her own story at last and feels sidelined again from all the men. The Vale army is her magic wand; with it she wishes Ramsey away.

    • BTW: Wun Wun should have been able to break the shield wall, leading a charge of the Wildlings. He seemed a bit smallwitted at that. Presumably fighting against Soldiers with shields and pikes has not been a major element of his way of life so far.

      • Indeed, Wun-Wun was small-witted. Only silly creatures run into battle barehanded. Wun-Wun could be nicknamed the Northern Weapon of mass destruction if armed with a large club.
        Oh, wait, it is not Wun-Wun’s fault, the show-runners are real dimwits…

    • Well said. All she would have to do is tell Sweetrobin what LF really did to his mother.
      On other boards I have heard people who learn their history from movies compare Sansa to Elizabeth I. A more accurate comparison would be Mary Queen of Scots. Mary had her life handed to her and blindly went her entitled way being manipulated by people a lot smarter than she was and never realized it. Not sure if Mary loved lemon cakes but she loved needlework, flattery, telling lies and basking in her own self importance far more than the well being of the underlings she got slaughtered.
      Interestingly enough, her downfall began when she schemed to have her admittedly abusive husband killed…

  • Sansa bashers! Jon was the commander: the silver stag stops with him. By ancient and sacred military tradition he’s responsible for the near debacle. The notion that if he had known about the Knights of the Vale he would changed how he fought the battle is a highly dubious counter-factual. The tactical situation was exactly the same, whether Jon knew about this or not An outnumbered, outweaponed, force needs to fight on the defensive; otherwise you get a disaster (SEE: CUSTER, ARMSTRONG GEORGE) Of course, that was the plan. Jon’s entire duty was controlling his forces according to plan. Instead he tosses his army into abattoir with a disgraceful loss of control, which would have shamed a 12-year-old middle school quarterback, and in the ancient Roman army would have gotten him executed.

    Yeah, Sansa should have cued Jon in about Littlefinger’s offer; she’s plainly got issues. ( So does Jon. I think he has a death wish; he always been a depressive and by now he realizes that it was his decision to let the Wildings south of the Wall which doomed his little brother) Nonetheless, as Doug’s question points out it was his job to ask about this. “We need more men,” Sansa tells him. “Agreed, but from where? Maybe you send a raven to the Eyrie ….” Jon does not reply. Also might not have Jon refused the offer, not very likely, but consider: “Baelsih betrayed Father and he betrayed you; we’ll have nothing to do with him.” It’d be a pretty dumb ass man thing to do, but I’m a sixty-three-old male and I think I know my gender pretty well. And Jon is in fact doing a dumb ass man thing by not deeply involving Sansa in the strategic planning. She knew Lord Dogfood better than anyone else, which made her a priceless intelligence asset. Obviously there was no equivalent to Sun-Tzu’s Art of War in the Castle Black Library.

    Jon has been a nearly total cluster fuck from Day 1 of Season 1. That he might contribute to Saving the World seems not a little astonishing. I am perverse enough to hope that when the mystery of the Tower of Joy is revealed we learn that Lyanna Stark died giving birth to a stillborn infant (or better yet to a daughter who she insists Ned dedicate to the Many Faced God) and that upon returning Dawn to Starfall, Ned witnesses the suicide of his lover, Ashara Dayne, forcing Ned to take their bastard son home to Winterfell. Valar Morghulis!

    • Why would lyanna insist he dedicate her child to the many faced god when the starks pray to the old gods? And I may be mistaken but the tower of joy is at starfall is it not?

  • Impressive. Such a long post and not a single logical conclusion in it. I have to limit my comment to a simple WOW

    Still, I’m impressed. Really.

  • The writer doesn’t really have a clue, does it? Sansa did what exactly? this whole thing started out of her own stupidity when she trusted Littlefinger and agreed to marry the son of the man who murdered her mother and brother and took her home. She lured Jon into this damn war using rickon as an excuse and then a day before battle she tells jon that the whole reason why he’s fighting is already dead. Granted, she did warn him about ramsay. But what could he have done, sstand still doing nothing watching his baby brother run torwards him? had he done that i’m sure people (including the bias writer of this article) would be calling him a cold hearted monster. You tried too hard to emphasize Jon’s mistakes to give this victory to sansa, but they were both EQUALLY wrong in different ways. For the first time in the show sansa actually has a voice, she can voice her opinions, she got literally every men to do everything she wanted. She used rickon as an excuse to gather jon and his men to give her her revenge. She claimed that the north would remember and that the blackfish would abandon his recently retaken castle to fight for her and she was terrible wrong about both things. Still, jon and co. followed her every word. The least she could’ve done was trust her bastard brother with the info about the vale. She didn’t even know if they were really coming, what harm could be done telling the truth? There is nothing great about what sansa did, to be honest. She dismissed the man who gave her to the boltons because she thought the north would come flocking as soon as they heard the stark name. Then after a little bit of reality check from lord glover she decided to humble herself FOR ONCE and ask for that help she had rejected. A help that never comes without a HEAVY PRICE. I’ll come back here tomorrow to see the writers opinion about the almighty sansa stark after she deals with littlefinger. Let’s see if she is as smart as she think she is or if she’s gonna go back to be that stupid naive girl who likes to betray her family and trust blindly on her enemies.