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Game of Thrones GIF Recap: “Battle of the Bastards,” Episode 609

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 only had two locations, but they were enough. Episode 609, “Battle of the Bastards,” might as well have been called “Fire and Ice,” because we had the Battle of Meereen (Fire) and the Battle of the Bastards (Ice), all in one episode.

As always, the folks over at COUB have put together some amazing HD-quality GIFs of the episode. These GIFs express the shock and awe, the sheer horror of war, and some funny meme-type stuff. Let’s relive the “Battle of the Bastards.” Enjoy!

We start our recap with Daenerys looking over the attack on Meereen.

“So I know this looks bad…”

The queen had a plan to set things right.

But Tyrion talked her out of it…sort of.

After chatting with Tyrion, Dany agreed to meet with the Masters.

Negotiations got muddled.

Dragons will do that to negotiations.

Man, Drogon sure got big. What’s Dany been feeding him? Probably horses.

Then Dany jumped aboard Drogon and her children smoked the Slaver fleet. It was a great story…

Some might call it a never-ending story.

Not to be outdone by Dany’s dragons, her Dothraki screamers got in on the action outside the gates of Meereen.

The killing wasn’t done yet—the Masters still had to pay for their treachery.

Then the Iron Fleet arrived in Meereen, and Theon and Yara Greyjoy presented themselves to Daenerys.

Dany wanted to know why Theon didn’t want to rule the Iron Islands, and Tyrion kept up his string of verbal abuse. Perhaps he’s remembering his last meeting with Theon incorrectly.

 Yara and Dany have some chemistry.

 Dany agreed to work with Yara, but the terms were pretty tough to swallow.

In the end, Yara agreed, and the pact was sealed.

In the North, there was a parlay between the Boltons and the Starks outside Winterfell.

After Ramsay proved he did indeed have Rickon by throwing Shaggydog’s head onto the ground, Sansa dropped the mic and rode outta there.

And Ramsay tried to get under Jon’s skin by repeatedly calling him bastard.

Oh, and don’t forget: he hasn’t fed his dogs for seven days. That might come back to haunt him.

Back at camp, Jon and his pals prepare for the battle, and we are reminded that Tormund is an uneducated wildling.

Jon and Sansa argue, and Sansa has an opportunity to tell Jon that she sent for help to Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale, but keeps that secret for later.

Meanwhile, Tormund and Davos have a discussion about pregame battle traditions.

Brooding as usual, Jon visited Melisandre to tell her not to bring him back to life should he fall in battle. She wasn’t into it.

 Good old (like really old) Melisandre, blaming it all on her god.

Anyway, while Davos was off “taking his walk,” he happened upon the pyre the princess Shireen was burned last season. The proof? The carved stag that Davos gave her.

And now we come to the battle of the bastards.

Ramsay brought Rickon forward.

Of course that got Jon “Leeroy Jenkins” Snow to jump the gun ahead of his army.

 In all seriousness, here’s a look at Jon doing his thing in one of the best action scenes in Game of Thrones history.

The bodies started to pile up.

Lord Umber pumped up his soldiers before joining the fray, and soon Jon and company found themselves surrounded.

Things looked bad…like, really bad for our heroes, especially after Jon was trampled by his own men and clawed his way to the surface of a sea of bodies for a breath of air.

And then Gandalf Sansa and Littlefigner arrived with the Riders of Rohan Knights of the Vale!

Jon, Tormund, and Wun Wun chased Ramsay to Winterfell.

Wun Wun broke in, looking like a pin cushion.

And the loyal giant gave the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace, Wun Wun.

But don’t worry, because Ramsay more than pay for that transgression.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, just watch this on loop.

Finally, Ramsay was tied to a chair in the Winterfell kennels, where his loyal hounds were let loose from their cages. Sansa watched.

And Kit Harington takes home the Play of the Game.

That’s it for this week, kiddos. Tune in next week as we dissect the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” using the fantastic HD-quality GIFs from those wonderful folks over at COUB.


  • I think we will get an altered version of Manderlys speech. Instead of Manderly I think Arya will serve up Walders wife to him and then spew out some words that leave Walder and the dinner guests completely baffled, including Jaime. Arya posing as Walders young bride as a faceless man, then kills Walder and escapes. I believe this may shake up Jaime and make it easier for him to put Bronn in position to take over the Twins and maybe even reinstate Edmure as the Lord of Riverrun. Arya may have a moment where she wishes to kill Jaime although he’s never been on her list, but decides it may be too dangerous.

  • This whole season, and especially in the battle conclusion with this episode, and Ramsey’s target choice inside the castle, the writing been far too pat. Too filled with just misses and absolutely perfects, and “well that worked out just right, regardless of the implausibility of the characters choices, or logistics within the story.”

    I still like it, but many of the set-ups and outcomes this season have used lazy “perfect timing” outcomes in their resolutions. It reminds me of the Hobbit movies where the collapsing bridge or ball of fire, or flying weapons are a tiny quarter step behind the last Fellow time, after time, after time, after time.

  • Has anyone else noticed Vary’s seems to have perfect timing and conveniently shows up while Danery’s was away, then leaves just before she returns?

    Maybe I’m thinking far to much into this. Lol

  • This episode is so good that I watched it a few times.
    I just could not understand how Sansa would give up on her little brother. Jon wants to save him so bad he would risk every thing but Sansa is so casual about it.
    She could have offered to trade herself for Rickon. Ramsey would refuse and the plot goes on the same, with her telling him “sleep well, you will die tomorrow.”
    I would not forgive her for giving up on Rickon and neither should Jon.
    And who else thinks that Dany and Yara might be headed into a relationship? After all they shook hands as equals as opposed to Yara bowing to her queen.

  • There’s that, Lemoncakes. Still hope it’s just a coincidence. They don’t have time for another plot within the plot, that can run for 2 seasons on it’s own. And we don’t need another storyline brushed aside right in the middle of it’s development.

    A quick exercise in conspiracy teories: Dany never even commented about Varys, one can get the impression she doesn’t know about him. And yet he had a lot of power in Mereen. And they were never both at the same place at the same time… Varys is Daenerys confirmed! :)

    Oh, and Arya is wearing Drogon’s face. It is known.