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Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter —Thematic Analysis

Game of Thrones

Once upon a time, Game of Thrones didn’t do proper finales. In those first three seasons, as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss worked to establish the show, Game of Thrones maintained a strange rhythm rarely seen on other shows—the big climax came in the penultimate episodes, and the finale functioned as a reset button, where everyone picked up the pieces and found their marks for next year. It wasn’t until Season 4, when the show reached the end of Martin’s opening trilogy, that a finale hit with the same force as the penultimate episodes.

Qyburn: “Sometimes before we can usher in the new, the old has to be put to rest.”

But although we have now had three proper finales in a row, none felt quite so final as “The Winds of Winter.” The end of Season 4 seemed to suggest a new chapter was going to begin for many of our players (Tyrion left King’s Landing, Stannis arrived at the Wall), while last year’s finale was a nadir, the darkest hour in a show that had plumbed the depths of darkness all season (Jon Snow and Stannis killed, Arya blinded). This season, the show put on what might just be its finest hour to date, as our character found themselves with everything they ever wanted since they were old enough to know what wanting was. But what did it cost them?

Cersei Lannister is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and all that opposed her are dead. Jon Snow is King in the North, and the Houses all stand behind him, ready to fight the Night King. Arya Stark is murdering her enemies with the training she got from the Faceless Men. Sam has found heaven in the form of the greatest library in the world. (Complete with those same astrolabes that light up the opening map!) Tyrion Lannister is Hand of the Queen, not because his father gave it to him, but because he earned it. And Daenerys Targaryen is coming to Westeros with her unstoppable army.

Queen Cersei Lannister Official

But for every “happy” ending in this finale, a shadow looms. The largest shadow, of course, was the pall cast by the first half an hour of the program, dedicated to King’s Landing. The show, which has always operated on a round-robin format, switched things up a bit, with the opening scene taking up around a third of the hour. We’ve had episodes dominated by long sequences before (“The Lion and the Rose,” “Hardhome”), but never at the bottom of the hour rather than the top. But then again, everything about King’s Landing was topsy-turvy. The music, for instance, was striking—this was a track that sounded like nothing we had heard under our scenes in Westeros before, and with good reason. Even as we contrasted Margaery’s hair being braided for her with the High Sparrow shrugging himself into his plain shift, something already seemed very wrong.

Cersei: “Confess it felt good beating me, starving me, frightening me, humiliating me. You didn’t do it because you care about my atonement, you did it because it felt good.”

In one fell swoop, Cersei took out everyone in King’s Landing who stood in her way, in the show’s largest bloodbath to date. (Olenna asked her sneeringly the last time she saw her: “What are you going to do, kill them all yourself?” Turns out the answer was, “Well actually…”) The High Sparrow. Margaery, Mace, and Loras Tyrell. Kevan and Lancel Lannister. Pycelle. Even Tommen. (His absence, more than Cersei’s, seemed to be what triggered Margaery’s certainty that something terrible was about to befall them all.)

By leaving her son in his chamber to watch the destruction of the Sept, she revealed to him who would really be running things from here on out, and Tommen, knowing that he could never stand up to such a horror, did the only thing he could. He took off his crown, threw himself out the window, and joined her death toll. Ten episodes ago, it would have been the ultimate punishment for her. Now it was just another notch on her belt, and with him gone, there was nothing to stop her from sitting on the Iron Throne herself: Cersei Lannister, First of Her Name, the Mad Queen.

Varys, Ellaria Sand, Lady Olenna Tyrell, and the Sand Snakes Official

But although Cersei might have achieved her happily ever after, the shadow lies in wait. Down south, Olenna and Varys have finally come together to solve a problem like Dorne. (It turns out that having the Queen of Thrones insult the Sand Snakes on the audience’s behalf is the answer.) In doing so, they also join forces with Dany and her oncoming army to take out the Lannisters. But the shadow also sits watching closer to home, as well. Jaime rides to King’s Landing, thinking he will rescue Cersei from her trial, only to discover she’s moved beyond his help. And the horror he once worked so hard to prevent—the horror that drove him to slay his own king, forever ruining his name—had been perpetrated by his own flesh and blood, at least in part.

Walder Frey: “Here we are now, two Kingslayers!”

Jaime wasn’t the only shadow standing in the wings. Earlier that evening, another stood in the corner, watching him and Walder Frey. When Jaime saw her, she smiled coquettishly and looked away, like a serving girl caught staring at the highborn lord. But that face was merely one she wore. Underneath, we learned that serving wench had minced Walder Frey’s sons into the pie. Underneath that face was Arya Stark.

Audiences at home were probably thrilled to see Walder die at Arya’s hand. I have so many questions, starting with whether Arya just grabbed a few faces from the hall on her way out the door. Also, are we really supposed to cheer on Arya, whose face was as placid and cold as Cersei’s surveying the body of her last child before declaring his body should be burnt, and his ashes added to the pile of those now were mixed in among the smoking ruins of the Sept? Arya Stark of Winterfell is supposedly going home, and may yet return there, once news of Jon and Sansa’s great victory spreads. But the girl who left Winterfell so long ago is a cold-blooded killer now, and one that should frighten anyone she meets.


Not that Sansa is much warmer. The scene between her and Jon earlier in the episode was one of the few sweet spots in the episode, as they cheer on the official arrival of winter. (Dad did always promise it would come.) But although Sansa says that only a fool trusts Littlefinger, the man still poured poison in her ear about how she was the trueborn Stark, while Jon is “a motherless southerner.” The way the smile slowly slipped from her face as she caught Littlefinger’s eye, surrounded by chants of “King In The North,” is worrisome. How long until her own ambitions begin to cloud her eyes to the truth of Littlefinger’s dream? It is he who sits upon the Iron Throne, not her.

Tyrion: “I’ve been a cynic for as long as I can remember. Everyone’s always asking me to believe in things: family, gods, kings, myself. It was often tempting until I saw where belief got people. I said no thank you to belief. Yet here I am. I believe in you.”

If Littlefinger and Sansa take Jon Snow down, there will be no resurrection, either. Jon Snow has gone and done the honorable thing again, dismissing Melisandre from his service after learning she burned Shireen at the stake. It may be true that these are the sorts of things he does not want done in his name. (Melisandre’s declaration last week that she’ll do whatever her god tells her, and pay no mind to Jon’s orders, probably played into his decision.) But we already know that doing the “honorable” thing is also usually the stupid thing, at least in a world where the enemies are bringing the storm wherever they go.

Those enemies aren’t just in the North, either. A woman who is literally named Stormborn is finally turning her back on Essos, Meereen, and even Daario Naharis. She has no need for love. She only needs the best of those around her, be it their swords, their ships, or their wisdom. It may seem like a bit of a motley crew aboard those ships, from Theon to Yara to Grey Worm to Missandei to newly appointed Hand of the Queen Tyrion to Time Traveler extraordinaire Varys, but together with her dragons, they make a fearsome team. Westeros is never going to know what hit it.

Young Ned Stark, Lyanna, and baby Jon Snow Official

But the shadow of the past awaits. Dany is not the only Targaryen in the world. Littlefinger may call him a motherless southerner. Lyanna Mormont may have just crowned him King in the North. But tonight, after nearly 20 long years since A Game of Thrones was first published, we finally saw what happened inside the Tower of Joy. We finally saw Lyanna whisper to Ned Stark, and hand him that baby, the one he took back to Winterfell and told everyone was his bastard. (Nice cut from the baby to Jon’s face, by the way.) And although the show didn’t spell it out for us this time, it didn’t matter much. R+L=J. It will have to do, as the shadow of the long wait for Season 7 is cast over us all.


  • I wanted to read this, but I just can’t. Partially because I’m tired, and partially because it’s just a hot mess.

    • No offense meant to the author, but… English really isn’t your strong suit, is it? It is difficult reading for a native speaker (myself).

    • Agreed. I just . . . stopped. Also, space hyphen space. Jesus.

      Think I’ll just skip hers and go straight to the comments from now on.

    • Sounded like she said Arys… or Jon Arys…

      In any case, even after he eventually finds out this information, I don’t think he’ll go by Targaryn anymore then he went by Stark.

      Technically, he’d still be a bastard.
      I wonder how well he’ll get along with Aunt Danarys?

    • I think his name is John Baratheon. remember, the seed is strong black of hair!
      I think R+L=J is a ruse by George RR Martin.

        • Oh yeah, and also that would free him up to marry Danni. Freeing her up to give birth to their son named Azor ahai

        • Even if Jon were Robert’s son, that would not legitimize him… only a marriage does that.

          That’s why many suspect Rhaegar married Lyanna, so their child would be a legitimate heir to the crown.

      • If he were a Baratheon,why would Ned Stark have to hide him as a bastard? He would have taken him to Robert, his father!

      • Sorry, King George but I think the dark hair can be attributed to his wolf blood, courtesy of Lyanna.

        • If you can name me one other Targaryen in the series or the books that had black hair I might buy it

          • Rhaenys (Rhaegar & Elia’s daughter), Prince Duncan the Small (Egg’s oldest son), Dareon (Egg’s brother), Baelor Breakspear. There are others. Those are ones that readily come to mind.

      • Me, too. That would be a fitting tribute to Maester Aemon, beloved of both Rhaegar and Jon

        • I stand corrected, and somewhat embarrassed. You are absolutely right and thanks for the info

  • Samwell looked like every 9 year old comic book fan walking into a convention the first time. GRRM is a man I can relate to.

  • I don’t think I fully get littlefinger’s plan, and Sansa’a motivations. I thought she was playing Jon. But.. she’s not? And is that all of littlefinger’s plan? Really?

        • I saw that same video on HBO’s website and it made me see the King of the North scene in a different light. I originally thought Jon and Sansa had patched up their issues on the Winterfell battlements. Too easy, but I was hoping the Jon-Sansa conflict was just a bad dream. I took Sansa’s smile when Lady Mormont and the other northern lords were talking as pride in Jon and satisfaction in throne blocking LF. Sansa’s frown at the end I took for fear for Jon now that he’s made LF’s kill list. The actors in the interviews tell a different story – Jon is still dumb and will get dumber and Jon didn’t mollify Sansa enough on the battlements – she’s still pissed. I wonder if LF’s silver tongue will work on the Night King or Dany and Tyrion.

          • I agree. The interviews didn’t make any sense to me. The actors may have had those intentions, but the director/editing/etc told a very different story in the actual show. Sansa was smiling and happy that they were getting behind Jon, but then spotted LF and seemed to get worried – it came across as being worried as to what LF would do based on what he said earlier about wanting the throne, not jealously or anything else over Jon.

          • Well, actors have misled fans in the past to keep the plotlines for the future seasons hidden.

      • The show runners actually said that Sansa is a little bit jealous and angry, and this seems to be the upcoming conflict in the next season. I hope it’s just a small conflict until they realize their conflict is LF’s doing and they eventually kill him…

    • Yeah, I was confused about what was going on there too…I couldn’t tell if she was happy or mad when Jon was crowned King of the North

      • I think she was stuck between two feelings, she felt joy for a reunited North under her halfbrother, but also jealousy as she is the legitimate heir of Winterfell, and the one that ultimately made it happen. She is a young woman that was about to be Queen of Westeros and has suffered a lot, so she tries to do it right but still struggles with past ambitions and egoism… I understand her look at Petyr as fear of herself, he is the walking incarnation of her dark side now. I think it may all have a happy ending when Jon gets the Iron Throne and she gets Winterfell…

        And someone must kill Petyr before he puts every stark against each other. Dont hate me know but I always thought that LSH should eliminate him, as a poetic vengeance, he started everything to get the throne (and her love), now he is still messing with her daughter, and she lost everything because of his “love”… It might happen in the books at least.

  • The King in the North!
    The Starks should stay in the North ~
    Forget that bloody uncomfortable chair!

  • Excellent recap! It helped me understand GOT better. I get confused with it all. I confess I love the show but I don’t dwell on it enough to keep the characters straight. Of course I have my favorites. I loved the ending scenes especially the dragons flying over the ships. I can only imagine what waits for them all!

  • I believe the look Sansa gave LF was one of contempt. She let him know she knows the game now. She supports John as King of the North. Her days of being manipulated by the likes of LF are over.

    • I’m surprised at the different ways that Sansa’s reaction to Littlefinger’s scowl has been interpreted by the fandom. My immediate thought was that Sansa recognized that LF now sees Jon as an obstacle to overcome, and was showing concern (as well she might, given that Jon has shown zero political sense) about how LF might undermine and eventually destroy Jon – which means undermine & destroy the new sense of unity & resolve in the North.

      • Totally agree this was my interpretation of the scene as well…Sansa is now concerned that Littlefinger has Jon in his crosshairs. He sold her to the Boltons and helped frame her for Joffrey’s murder, among other things. Sansa makes it clear she’s done wishing for a life outside Winterfell and that she also doesn’t trust Littlefinger. He’s shown her that she’s his weakness and I believe she’ll also be responsible for his undoing and eventual death.

    • So glad to see these comments by Tony & westagain. Somebody sees it as I do.
      I viewed Sansa’s final smile-to-frown transition as being worried about Littlefinger being a threat to Jon, not as a sign that she would betray Jon.
      Plotting with Littlefinger, of all people – are you kidding me?
      Look at that scene again: when she was watching all the lords declare their support for Jon, she was smiling. It was when she looked at Littlefinger that she STOPPED smiling.
      Clearly she was happy for Jon and the idea of the North united behind house Stark once more. She only stopped being so happy when she saw LF and remembered his ambition and how dangerous he is.
      She’s probably thinking great, we just got rid of Ramsay and now here is another enemy whom Jon is underestimating.
      I do think she gets impatient with Jon’s naivete. Precisely BECAUSE Littlefinger is a threat, which she knows and wants Jon to wise up about.
      But there is no reason for her to resent Jon or plot against him. He offered her the master suite in Winterfell, he wanted to promote her as the Lady of Winterfell. Although Jon has not been good about listening to her warnings, he does always defer to her in the end.
      He was about to leave Castle Black and have nothing more to do with fighting, but went to war against Ramsay because Sansa asked him to. And the night before the battle, Jon made it clear that his priority was to “protect” Sansa.
      No matter how frustratingly naïve Jon is, no matter how problematic their past sibling relationship has been, she is not going to team up with Littlefinger.
      If the showrunners want us to think that she will, my money is on it turning out to be a ruse by Sansa – that she will let LF think she is tempted to help him, but in the end she will betray LF, and get her revenge against him – we’ve seen her vengeful side with Ramsay. She blames LF for making her marry Ramsay, so she would enjoy some revenge against Littlefinger as well.
      Plus it would be perfect for her to be the one who finally plays LF and takes him down, after he has played & betrayed so many others. Sansa, who started out so stupid.
      I really hated Sansa the first couple years; she was such an idiot, I was rooting for her to die. Now in season 6 I finally relate to her. Maybe I’m wrong and she will betray Jon Snow, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Would love to see Sansa work with Arya when she returns home. Littlefinger would never know what hit him

      • I absolutely agree, I’m so relieved after reading these comments. Sansa will never betray her sweet yet honorable brother/cousin because he’s the only family she has (right now). I think in the upcoming season, she will try to figure out LF’s scheme and keep her family away from it.

  • What if Benjen is actually evil, and has been delivering Bran across the wall so the Night King can invade (ala the cave of the 3-eyed Raven)!?

    • That would be too cruel, I am worried about the mark of the Night King. Did it expire after the cave? If not, Bran could blunder again and break the wall unintentionally by heading south.

        • Considering Benjen to be a good guy. Wouldn’t he know and inform Bran about this? He is well-informed about the magic of the wall…

  • The author really should do some homework, the format of a big penultimate episode followed by the finale being a set up for the next season was and is a standard for HBO shows. It’s how they roll. Also walking dead adopted this in a few seasons as well.

    • It’s not a rule, but a convention or practice. You make choices that serve your vision of the story. HBO is pretty on board with Dan & David – to the tune of ten mil an episode.

  • I sincerely enjoyed reading these Thematic Recaps week after week.

    You see things most casual watchers cannot, and explain it thoroughly well in each recap written this season.

    I shall miss these just as much as I will miss the show until the next season for the following 9 months…..

    • She was just visiting, dude lol. That was established a long time ago. Let’s not forget the fact that she died!

  • Tyrion will be the Stark’s saving grace. If not for him, I don’t see why Dany would make a distinction between Lannister/Baratheon/Stark/Arryn, being that they all fought to kill the Targaryens together.

    I’d imagine Littlefinger’s screwed though. Can’t imagine Tyrion will put in a good word for him.

    • Tyrion has spent time with Jon back in season one and knows that kind of character he is, and he was married to Sansa. If the North does get involved in Dany’s plans for Westeros I think Tyrion is the only way to make that happen

  • Ani continues to write drivel. She cheers on Sansa as her poor decisions cost thousands of lives and excuses it away with her loss of trust of men, yet criticizes Arya for mere revenge upon the exact people that deserve it. I also believe she misread Sansa’s face when she looked upon Littlefinger, that was her recognizing that he’s going to have to be put down since he’s busy scheming in the corner and is going to be a problem.

    • 50 Shades of Greyscale and JPatch, include also the fact that should Sansa reveal the real cause of death of Lady Lysa Arryn, Littlefinger will be doomed soon.

      As much as i dislike the Sansa character, it felt good when she told Jon Snow that only a fool would trust Littlefinger.

      Moreover, I hope that Sansa would also remember two things:

      a. Theon told her before that Bran and Rickon were alive. Rickon died in Episode 9, so Bran is still going to show up.

      Sam Tarly never told Jon Snow that he and Gilly met Bran, Rickon and company before in Season 4. Jon could have already known then.

      b. Brienne also told her that she and Pod met Arya where Brienne was supposed to find her as per fulfillment of an oath by Lady Catelyn and Jamie Lannister.

    • Agreed on Arya. The writer says:

      “Also, are we really supposed to cheer on Arya, whose face was as placid and cold as Cersei’s”

      Yes : /
      She also seems to forget that Westeros is a different world with different rules. In Westeros (or the Hyborian age, or medieval societies for that matter) taking lives isn’t a big deal as in modern western societies.

    • Sansa saved countless thousands of lives, not lost them. If she hadn’t come through, The Boltons would have kept flaying and slaying many more people for a long time. She rightfully didn’t trust Jon not to get all emo and mess things up – if the Vale had been part of the initial force, Ramsey would have known and compensated (probably held up in Winterfell totally) and/or Jon would have been even more “bold” (err, stupid) in beginning the battle.

      Some of you guys can’t just see the bigger picture. Let me guess, you were a Stannis the Mannis bloke? LOL.

      • CrateBarrel, if Jon is dumb, Sansa is stupid then. Haha!

        I think they patched things up a bit when they were at the top of the castle. Sansa asked forgiveness with regard to Littlefinger and the Vale. Jon told her that they should start trusting each other now because there are still more enemies to come.

        Sansa considered Jon as a Stark. I think the problem lies with Sansa’s acting because it’s always the same standard, flat look.

        Some viewers may always mistake it as leaning more towards the negative implication. Even Lyanna Mormont exudes more depth in delivering her lines compared to Sansa.

        For me, when she stared at Littlefinger, it only means that Littlefinger lost with his flimsy cause to the Iron Throne. Remember that Sansa and Lord Yohn Royce hold the key to the Vale should the time come for some revelations against Littlefinger.

        Moreover, Littlefinger may know a thing about the real story between the alleged kidnapping of Lyanna by Rhaegar. We can safely presume that he knows about the child that Ned brought with him to Winterfell.

  • Remember Olenna telling Litlefinger “if my house should fall, I will have nothing to hide.” LF can’t go curry favor with Cersei if Olenna starts telling the world who was really behind Joffrey’s murder.

  • How is this a thematic “analysis?”

    You basically gave us a play-by-play of what we just saw. WiC is a great site… but these thematic analysis posts are largely underwhelming.

  • Cersei won the game of thrones. She has the iron throne but only the Lannister Army supporting it…that is only if Jaime allows them to support her rule. The people are going to rise up against her for destroying the SEPT/church. There is no central control of the Seven Kingdoms. The North will be focused on the nearest threat aka the White Walkers. The Freys are in disarray after the loss of Walda Frey. Riverrun will revert back to the Tullys. The Southern Kingdoms are plotting revenge. In addition, Cersei has no means to finance her wars…Casterly Rock is bankrupt and her line of credit in Braavos is non existence. Kings Landing will starve because the High Garden will no longer supply food and other provisions. This lack of food in the Kings Landing will be another reason for the population to revolt. Cersei no longer has a committee to collect taxes, raise capital for war, or to feed its many citizens. She will be quickly removed from the throne! Jon Snow/Stark Targaryen is the only one with power/position that has fought a White Walker. He is the only one who can prepare everyone for the new and most imminent threat because of his first hand experience. The Ravens must be sent out by him to warn all of Westeros about this threat. Winter is coming and it will be hard to move troops to change the current situation. Cersei is doomed through her own foolishness and thinking short term. Jaime needs to get with Tyrion and work with him to save the Lannister brand…

    • Im really afraid Jaime is going to die, because Cersei is definitely screwed and even if he is angry with her, he isn’t going to let anyone get to her without going through him first :(

      Which means she is going to take down with her, the only person in the world that still cares about her… except Frankenstein and the Mountain, I guess.

  • Does Manderly still have that Navy Ned ordered him to build in season 1, still hanging out in the White Knife (river?)

  • Book reader here. You realize Olenna is the Queen of Thorns, not the Queen of Thrones right? Just FYI, as it’s easy to confuse if you’ve only watched the show because of how similar they sound, but in the article you say the latter.

    Also, Daenerys abbreviated is Daeny, not Dany.

  • Btw, where’s Howland Reed? He knows that Jon is a fake White Wolf. Does House Reed, one of the most important and loyal bannermen of House Stark, endorse Jon the King?

      • Oh dear lord… they lost one of their oars!
        Now they can only row in a circle until they die :(

        Seriously, Ned may have told Reed to tell Jon the truth if the day ever came when X+Y+Z happened (whatever X, Y & Z are).
        But, still Lady Mormont (and everyone else there) already said through their pledge that they don’t care about him being a bastard.

        They don’t care about him being only 50% Stark… but they might care when they fond out the other 50% is Targaryen.

  • Well, Dany may not be the only Targaryen, but she is still the only legitimite one.. Since Lyanna and Rhaegar weren’t married, Jon would still be a Targaryen bastard.. So no claim to the iron throne..

    And then we have Tyrion.. The possibility that Joanna Lannister had an affair with the mad king, and that Tyrion may be another bastard Targaryen.. Well, if it were to be truth, then maybe we have the three dragons.. and one blood of the dragon for each beast… We have already seen that the dragons sympathized with the most famous dwarf in the world, so that could be a nice hint… and it would really be awesome…

    • Meaning Tyrion and Dany would be half-siblings…
      Jon actually has no siblings…
      But he would have 3 Stark cousins, an Uncle Tyrion and Aunt Daenarys!!!

    • Well even if jon knows whom his parents are and he’s not anybody’s bastard, I don’t think he will claim the iron throne for himself. As we all knew, he’s never interested on ruling anything and just wants to do the right thing.

  • I suspect that Littlefinger will tell Jon that he knows who his mother is. He will say “Who?”
    “Your Aunt Lyanna!”
    Jons response: “eeeeeeww!”

  • And who is going to pay the whore from the very beginning of this episode now? So many destinies.

    No Shae vision? Trolling us?

  • In the book 6, there’s another relative to Dany mentioned . Aeon !! Raised by Connington. In the south. They were about to take over Storm End castle! !

    • John, yes. Young and Old Griff whom Tyrion met en route to Meereen. Since Tyrion is a voracious reader, he recognized the Old Griff as Jon Connington, a close friend of Rhaegar Targaryen.

      I think the show won’t include their story arc though. The revelation could have been awesome when Tyrion discovered that it was Varys and Illyrio Mopatis who have secretly doing their part for the Young Griff aka Aegon Targaryen.

  • Big question now… Viserion and Rhaegan are pretty big (about the size Drogon was when he carried her out of the arena). They are flying free now… suggesting they will soon be close to Drogon’s size, while Drogon just keeps getting bigger.

    Drogon…. holy balls… dude is huge now! And as I understand it, these dragons don’t stop growing… theyre like Great White sharks, they keep growing until they grow to big for the food supply to support them.
    But these dragons live in a world above land, where humans keep producing cattle neverending.

    In season 7, what in the world is going to be able to take down something the size of Drogon (and soon Rhaegan and Viserion will join him in fuck-it size)

  • More and more… looking like the Iron Throne may end up empty….
    Drogon and his brothers will find a “frost” dragon who (holy crap) is female.

    And Dany’s dream of an Iron Throne room abandoned and covered in snow (from seasons ago) turns out to be right.

    The dragons torch the WW and humans begin their not-so-lengthy extinction.

    Drogon takes the throne of the world.

  • I think we can all agree that the first 20 minutes and that tension filled musical score was the best TV we have seen. On repeat viewings, this may be the best episode of the show. It wrapped up so many story lines while adding some new twists to set up he end game. Great television.

  • Cersei and Arya don’t quite compare–Arya is wreaking revenge on the murderer of her brother, mother and most of her house. PLus she’s getting poetic justice on the actual knife-wielders, whether she knows that or not. And since Walder’s great crime, according to the Rat Cook tale, was violation of guest right, which involves food, it seems perfect for her to do what she did. It was ideal revenge. Cersei got her revenge too, but like a terrorist–destroying the innocent with the ‘guilty’, eliminating all her enemies on her way to seizing power, and indifferent to how her supposedly beloved son would react. So much for the fierce mother Jaime described to Edmure.

  • When Tommen met with High Sparrow for the first time, HS told him that his mothers need to be saved/atone. Tommen was concern so he tried to save his mother. He failed so he killed himself.
    Meanwhile a few weeks ago, Jaime and a horde of Tyrell’s army failed to neutralize the High Sparrow. Jaime even lost Tommen to High Sparrow. Cersei has to take her own action to avoid being humiliated again. She used the same tactic as Dany did with the Khals. Season 7, Queen Cersei meets Queen Dany St

  • There may be an upcoming conflict between jon and sansa as David&Dan already confirmed on inside episode, but a chance of the northern civil war to happen between them is very unlikely in my opinion. I hope they can finally resolve the conflict and throw littlefinger out from the moon door (?)

  • The Game of Thrones Wiki actually mentions:

    “When Lyanna Mormont states that she knows “No king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark’, Sansa is smiling. This could be because she believes Lyanna is about to declare her, Eddard Stark’s trueborn daughter, Queen in the North. However, when Lyanna then says “I don’t care if he’s a bastard.” the smile quickly fades from Sansa’s face, as she realizes that Lyanna is referring to Jon, not her.”

    And I can’t help but to worry about the King and his sister’s relationship.

  • One thing that skittered through my mind when the sept blew up was: “Wow. WiC is going to have a lot of curtain calls to post.”

  • In the Oldtown library scene, it’s not an Astrolabe hanging from the ceiling. It’s an Armillary Sphere.

    • To be more specific, it’s a Copernican Armillary Sphere. The sun being at the centre. The Ptolomaic version has the Earth at the centre.