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How did Varys travel between Dorne and Meereen so quickly?

Although Game of Thrones Season 6 has earned many compliments, the show has taken some heat this year from fans who wonder how certain characters seem able to travel enormous distances in very short amounts of time. For example, Littlefinger raised a few eyebrows when he left the Vale in the middle of “Book of the Stranger” and arrived in Mole’s Town at the top of “The Door,” the next episode. That seems incredibly quick, but it gets more perplexing when you compare it to the journeys other characters take. For example, it took Brienne and Sansa the space of three episodes (“The Red Woman” through “Book of the Stranger”) to travel from Winterfell to Castle Black, a much shorter distance than Littlefinger traveled. Assuming that roughly the same amount of time passes between episodes for all characters, how does the show reconcile things like this?

To its credit, the show has an answer. It turns out that the same amount of time doesn’t pass equally for all characters. Here’s how staff writer Bryan Cogman, talking about The Broken Man, put it:

The timelines between the various storylines don’t necessarily line up within a given episode. For instance, the ‘Northern Tour’ Jon and Sansa embark on would probably take a couple weeks, but Arya’s storyline over the past few episodes only spans a few days. We realized a while ago that if we tied ourselves in knots trying to make all the ‘story days’ line up between all the characters the momentum would suffer.

This is vaguely the same philosophy that A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin follows. Here’s what he says in a foreword to A Storm of Swords:

A Song of Ice and Fire is told through the eyes of characters who are sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from one another. Some chapters cover a day, some only an hour; others might span a fortnight, a month, half a year. With such a structure, the narrative cannot be strictly sequential; sometimes important things are happening simultaneously, a thousand leagues apart.

Varys, Missandei, and Daenerys

All that said, some fans (okay, me) still got a little riled when they watched “The Winds of Winter” and saw Varys standing beside Daenerys on a ship bound for Westeros. Wasn’t he just in Dorne just a few scenes ago, striking a deal with Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand? It’s a long way from Dorne to Meereen, far further than it is from the Vale to Mole’s Town. How could Varys get to Meereen so fast when the likes of Brienne and Pod couldn’t even make it back to Winterfell in time for Jon’s coronation as the new King in the North? And why did he come back at all if he was preparing Dorne to receive Dany’s fleet?

In the interest of being a lover, not a hater, let’s break this down rationally and see what we can learn. In accordance with what Cogman and Martin say above, it’s obvious that time has jumped forward quite a bit in that final scene. And the fact that Varys is present isn’t the only indicator. For example, notice that Dany has ordered dragon heads carved on her ships. That doesn’t just happen overnight.

Dragon masthead


As to why Varys has come back, notice that the sun of Dorne can be seen on some of these sails. We can assume that Varys sailed back to Meereen with this escort, and that Dany added the Dornish ships to her fleet.

Daenerys' ships

Notice the Dornish sails on the right side of the frame.

True, this doesn’t completely answer the question of why Varys returned. After all, in “Battle of the Bastards,” Tyrion said that the Masters’ ships, together with the Ironborn ships Theon and Yara brought, should be enough to transport Dany’s army to Westeros. If that was the case, it might have been a better idea to harbor the Dornish ships back in Dorne, rather than risk losing them on a long sea voyage. Perhaps Tyrion was wrong, and more ships were needed to take the entirety of Dany’s army across the Narrow Sea? The episode doesn’t say.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that a good chunk of time passed between when Dany laid the smack down on the Masters in “Battle of the Bastards” and when her fleet set out from the Bay of Dragons in “The Winds of Winter.” We might be tempted to ask whether a similar amount of time passed between events in Westeros—Cersei’s rule should already be well underway when Dany arrives. But remember, “[t]he timelines between the various storylines don’t necessarily line up within a given episode,” so it’s hard to know exactly how much time.

Time jumped around quite a bit over in Westeros this week, too. For example, I’m guessing that a lot of time passed between Cersei’s burning of the Sept of Baelor and Olenna’s sit-down with Ellaria Sand, since Olenna would have to have had time to learn about the events in King’s Landing, mourn her dead family members, receive Ellaria’s invitation, and make the trip to Dorne. All that takes time.

With some thought, it’s possible to make sense of the timelines on Game of Thrones, although I think the show could take more care to line them up. Or maybe I should just relax and not nit-pick…nah. Bring on Season 7.


  • Do you seriously want a narrator voicing “a few days later” “a few months later” “4 days ago” or those same lines at the bottom of each scene? I know I don’t and I like to think people, especially book readers, are smart enough to figure this all out on their own.

    • I don’t want that, but I don’t think it would have been hard, for example, to have Littlefinger leave the Vale in “Oathbreaker” rather than “Book of the Stranger,” or for Varys to leave Meereen in “The Broken Man” rather than “No One.” Just give us the illusion that more time is passing. It would have cost them nothing and would have made things a little clearer.

      • The scenes are placed where they are meant to be placed. There’s subtle foreshadowing and overall themes that are kept for each episode. Plus the little stuff like when Littlefinger tells little Sweetrobin to “Come and see” when he’s giving him the bird. The episode before he see’s Sansa. That’s the same episode that Ramsay sends the letter to Jon repeating the phrase. The narrative wouldn’t flow the same if they were worried about how many hr long episodes it takes to get from one part of the world to the next

      • And regarding it being clearer, you see Littlefinger in the Vale talking about going north, then in the next episode, he is in the north. I’m not sure how that could be anymore clear

        • “Clearer” might have been the wrong word. “Internally consistent” might be better.

          “Oathbreaker” was the third episode of the season, “Book of the Stranger” was the fourth, and “The Door” was the fifth. If Littlefinger left the Vale in “Oathbreaker” rather than “Book of the Stranger,” it would have given the impression that his journey took longer. It’s not NECESSARY, but it would help give the illusion of verisimilitude, and that’s a good thing.

          I agree that scenes are placed where they are for a reason, but I think that’s truer of some scenes than others. The Littlefinger-Robin scene may have little bits of foreshadowing for the later scene in Winterfell, but mainly it’s a setup scene. Personally, I think that, were the scene kicked back to “Oathbreaker,” the show would gain more in verisimilitude than it would lose in thematic consistency, but that’s just me.

        • Also, Littlefinger could easily have come ahead of the army, visit Sansa, offer help, ride back to meet up with the army and wait.

        • Then you are just as wrong as he is.

          But Dan makes a False Assuption:
          ” Assuming that roughly the same amount of time passes between episodes for all characters, how does the show reconcile things like this?”

          They have said time and again that time does not pass the same.

      • Every season covers one year of time , between the fourth and the fifth episode There Are weeks of time jump , in the fifth sansa has been making a dress, so u realize that some time is passed , or at least u should

    • Exactly! If they did that, the audience would be freaking out about that….rather than freaking out about the time travel….the show cannot seem to win in that regard. Personally I don’t nitpick about these things

    • This is the dumbest thing to complain about. It’s a damn tv show. There’s a time jump. Who cares. How else do you think they finished those ships so fast? Uh had to take some time.

    • Kinda like the people who didn’t get the Tower of Joy scene… There really are people who think it isn’t Jon because it wasn’t spoon fed to em. There will always be these kind of people. I mean the timelines have never matched up since season 1 episode 1. All the sudden they start to complain about it. I think it’s because the show is coming to an end and people don’t want it to end…

      • There was the comet at the beginning of season two. Some of these references might not hurt the theme of the episode. When exactly did winter start?, in terms of preparations and such, for other places than the north.

    • This is a total non-issue. OBVIOUSLY months have passed between the time it takes certain characters to get from one part of the world to another. Do people really have such a hard time figuring that out? And anyway, people travelling quickly across the landscape is still more believable than frikkin’ ice zombies and dragons fer cripesake. (**INSERT WINKING EMOTICON**)
      It’s a great show, a frikkin’ TERRIFIC show, and Winds Of Winter was a magnificent episode. That’s all that really matters!

    • Ren’s other lover, exactly. I don’t know why there are some viewers making a big deal out of the time period and distance between scenes. It has always been explained since Book 1 that the narrative per chapter, per scene, per location is not sequential.

      LOGIC dictates that in watching series and films, viewers are not necessarily be spoon-fed by each scene, each storyline and the like. No need for a narrator, caption and time stamp in every change of scene.

      The journey may take days, weeks, months and years in some scenes. Haha!

      Even GRRM explained it in the Foreword of his book. SIMULTANEOUS.

      They should have appreciated the hard work, effort and production value of the series instead of making ludicrous issue with regard to time travel and distance.

    • Agreed. I may not read the books but I’ve always been able to figure out that “this is happening at the same time” or “this happened a couple hours or days earlier” or whatever.

  • Thanks for this article. Too many folks are focused on these abstract issues. In addition to the sun and spears of the Martells, you can also see the golden rose on a field of green of the Tyrells. Varys led that fleet to meet Daenerys a few days, or even weeks, into her voyage.

    • Exactly!
      Furthermore in the two scenes before we see
      – all the northern lords assembled in Winterfell (this would take a few weeks)
      – Jamie arriving from the Twins in Kingslanding (this would take a few weeks)

      It’s obvious that there was a bigger time jump.
      People just need to pay attention.

      • But i think the showrunners need to pay some attention too.

        Brienne and Pod left Riverrun before Jamie went to King’s landing and assuming before the start of the battle of the bastards. Yet they have not reach their destination in time for Jon’s coronation.

        Perhaps they took the scenic route?

          • What makes you think that Brienne and Pods destination was Winterfell? Or just because you don’t see them in Winterfell doesn’t mean they are not there?

            I can’t honestly believe that there are people thinking that this massive drama all happened in a couple of weeks, they must see that there will be time gaps even if it is not spelled out for them.

        • Perhaps they met up with the brotherhood and their storyline will continue in the river lands for the meantime ? Possibly bringing it back in line with the books? Since we also haven’t seen the hound in a few episodes

        • Maybe they met up with the Brotherhood along the way and she had to stop to fight the Hound again.

        • Perhaps they made some other stops? Got waylaid by Brotherhood w/o Banners ?
          Met up with Arya?


    The greatest movie in one of the greatest sci-fi franchises ever features Luke Skywalker either mostly becoming a Jedi in a few days or a week at most OR Han and Leia taking months to get from Hoth to Bespin or being guests/prisoners there for about that time.

    I will use a combination of Ja’qen and Yoda to respond:

    Over it, the fuck a man must get

  • There is an easy explanation for the travel time complaints…

    Every single person seriously complaining (and not just trolling) has an IQ south of 80.

    • Ha! People bitch about filler scenes but then complain when characters manage to travel without being on screen

      • It is not about traveltimes and timejumps, it is about chronology and consistancy.

        Sam riding from the wall to his hometown and then to oldtown takes the same time as to the point from leaving castle black in episode 9 or 10 s6 to the moment the white raven arrived at winterfell.

        Its the links between episodes that should be chronologically consistant and realistic. In that case they can timejump all they want. No one cares about Arya’s timejump, because it can be done (Braavos wasnt linked to any other storyline). Its about those that are linked to other scenes but in which time has a different pace.

  • Explain Arya’s changing of the faces. What I mean by this is : How does the hair change with the faces?

    We saw them in THOBAW remove faces. Where does the hair come from? Do they sew wigs on them! I’m still unsure how the face swapping/ hair changing works. Can someone please explain?

      • Its not only explained away as “magic”… it literally (as far as explanations go) has always been magic.

        How is Dany fire-proof? How was Jon brought back from the dead? How are there uncountable thousands of zombies lurking north of the wall????

        And lets not forget, Bran can see into the past by worging with a tree, former 3 eyed Raven morphed into a tree, greenseers can worg into other people, and above all… prophecies come true.

        • Its a “sword and sorcery” fantasy epic that has (masterfully) been interpreted as a historical-type epic.

          Noone asks how Sauron could exist as just a floating ‘Eye’…

    • George refers to a ‘glamor’, which seems more suggestion than magic. Something that someone with telepathic ability is able to create. Not going to elaborate other than think of melisandre. Maybe magic, but maybe an ability to send the idea of what is being seen – what one expects or wants to see.

      • In the show I don’t think it’s just what you expect to see since Melisandre’s illusion fools herself as well. I can’t say how it is in the books, if it’s said, because I refuse to read the sample chapters before a book has come out. Spoilers suck.

    • It’s not just the hair and face, the entire body changes (together with things like the voice). As people have already stated, the simple answer is magic. Not any more strange than Melisandre changing her entire appearance with a prop of her own.

    • I’d like to know when she learned it – could have saved her a waif stabbing if she knew.

      • Thank you for the responses. I had in my mind the face changing was done by a type of ” magic. ” I guess I was hoping the show would elaborate more on the technique used. It’s easy to think too much into how and why something came to be in fantasy.

        When you hear a word like magic, illusion comes to mind. It also seduces the mind and makes you want to know how magic is done. That’s the beauty of fantasy. You see the imagination of it but you’re still left with wonder. They go hand in hand.

        Sometimes I guess we just have to go with it and not think to much. It is what it is. Lol

        • I think too that the concept of religion is clearly more relevant in this show than it even gives out. As in all the religions actually have their own effects and attributes. I would say therefore the face changing is a gift of the many faced God. Just as not dying from drowning is the Drowned God. A myriad of powers with resurrection included for the Lord of Light. I’m not sure of the 7.

  • I call BS. There is absolutely no way that the white raven could have traveled from Old town to Winterfell that quick

  • Given the books the timelines never bothered me. Brienne not returning for the battle did though. Surely she should have made haste to get back, if only to protect Sansa.

  • why is this such a debate? Things happen between scenes. Are we gonna start nitpicking how Varys stays hydrated next? Never see him reach for a cool glass of agua, must be at the writer’s fault.

  • I think we see Dany’s fleet after they have left dorne.indeed you can spot some green tyrell sails on the fleet as well. So i think it went as follows: varys struck a deal amd awaited the fleet from mereen (ironborn & dothraki-unsullied) in dorne. There the ships from house martell & tyrell joined them. The scene we see is this whole fleet underway from dorne to kingslanding. That would make the most sense to me + explain why varys is on board. Its really pointless i think for him to travel back to mereen just to join the fleet.

      • Varys left Meereen before the masters attacked after talking with Tyrion. He said he would go to Westeros to find help (and more ships). I don’t think he even knew Daenerys came back to Meereen at this point. He went to Dorne to seek help and found the Ellaria and the Sand snakes and Olena. They needed little convincing to help Daenerys since Dorne and the Tyrells were aligned previously with the Targaryens and they all hate the Lannisters. So, they all traveled to Meereen to meet up with Daenerys on their ships to help her as Varys promised. In the meantime, Daenerys came back and obtained the ships from Yara and Theon. She also defeated the masters and obtained their ships. So, this last scene was everyone coming back to Westeros.

    • I was going to post the same thought when I bumped into yours. If there are truly only 13 or so episodes left and battles in many of them, we’ll need to keep up with the acceleration. For all we know, season 7 episode one will take place in Blackwater Bay.

  • Daario Naharis mentions that the ships are almost ready and being painted.
    At the end of the episode, they are complete and sailing.
    I think Daario’s hint to the ships was exactly meant to set the timeframes for the two different scenes!

  • Can someone explain why Dorne and Highgarden would send their armies to Dany – who has armies a plenty – when they are at war with the Lannisters? I’m no expert at warfare but that is just ridiculous.

    • They didn’t send their armies. They sent ships to help transport an ally whose armies will turn the war.

      • Armies are probably headed for Casterly Rock and Lannisport OR up the east coast to subdue the banners which Circe would call in. Armies attacking from the west, navies attacking the coastal cities.

        If I were Dany, I would secure Dragonstone as fast as possible, take out Storm’s End.
        There are probably fleets there which could be conquered and added to the mix.

  • It’s the same alliance as during Roberts rebellion


    This time with the Greyjoys as well
    A bit of a reset with the North Being United again although House Karstark still needs dealt with

  • Seriously, give it a break already. It’s quite obvious that not everything plays out at the same time. Just enjoy the show.

  • As to the specific question about Varys and bringing Dornish ships, there are three answers, one narrative related and two logical explanation:

    1. First, this is entertainment narrative, and having Varys back with Danny and Dornish ships in the fleet is a cool narrative addition to scene. No real logic needed. I doubt the show writers always go to 10% of the trouble that fans do in parsing logic when they create something that advances the plot line or provides great visual moments.

    2. Second, if you are looking for a logical explanation for Varys bringing ships, he would not have known all of the following: (a) the slavers attacked Mereen with an armada, (b) Danny won without destroying the armada, (c) a large chunk of the Ironborn fleet showed up with Yara/Theon and pledged their efforts, and (d) Danny decided to leave the 2nd Sons behind. Technically, for all Varys knew, there were no ships and no Dothraki, and bringing a fleet of Dornish ships would be prudent.

    3. Third, wouldn’t Dorne and the Tyrells WANT to send a fleet to announce their support rather than just send Varys back with news, a man they don’t know that well. I am surprised Elia Martell or one of the Sand Snakes or Oleanna Tyrell was not in that shot.

    • I would have enjoyed a scene between Varys and Dany first. I know Tyrion kind of quashes Dany’s preconceptions of the Spider, but it would have been cool to see them feel each other out.

    • Never expected this to cause so much debate,for me it was clear in the scene that Varys brought ships to transport Dany’s armies.That’s why they kept saying “1000 ships”,the point is that they need all the ships they can find,there are allot of men + horses to transport.

  • This subject is just click-bait anymore. And yes, I know I clicked, but I just wanted to make the point.

  • Why does unimportant shit like this bother so many people? We were treated to one of the best episodes of this show and all some people can do is bitch about travel times. What’s even more baffling is no one is complaining about Jamie going from the twins to kings landing in the same episode.

    • Because when people have nothing to complain about you have to dig deeper to whine, hence time travel is the only thing that is off in this episode, well it is to the people who can’t see the blatantly obvious.

      Great Episode, Great series, now come on George release the next book for fxcks sakes.

  • I think you need to listen to yourself and relax and not nit-pick.

    If you can suspend reality in the belief in the existence of dragons, frozen ice zombies, and resurrection of the dead, then I think realizing each episode can and will contain different character timelines shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Who says Varys returned to Mereen? I assumed that they picked him and the rest up in Dorne on the way to KL and are much closer to KL than we think.

  • Who cares?? It’s been like this for years now. It is a tv show. Obviously there was some kind of time jump. Why do people have to pick everything apart. That episode was perfect. Leave it at that.

  • Maybe they should make it more like “24” with the clock running on screen! Not a serious suggestion. Anyway….after a few episodes you learn that you have to use the action and other contextual clues to orient yourself within a complex series of parallel actions that include implied elements like Varys going through customs, losing his ticket, getting seasick.

  • I’m so fed up of the time travel crap! What we see is a sequence of events, it is not a soap opera where they live day to day. We may catch up with different houses then see progression to compliment their timeline. But expect time to progress. We are after all dealing with dragons, magic, wildfires, undead et al. Lighten up and just enjoy it, as it is, we won’t have it for long!

  • Maybe someone should just stuffy the shows and put together a linear time line on paper so people not comfortable with it can see it. Often being able to visualize it helps people with the understanding of it. Its been done for other book series and world history too.

  • Dealing only with Varys’ travels…when he left on his secret mission Dany hadn’t returned yet or defeated the slavers to take their fleet…so part of his mission wasn’t only to make alliance but to get more ships for Dany….and obviously he returned on the Dornish ships we see in the final scenes

  • Other things we didn’t see – Varys negotiating a deal with Disney, selling short on the King’s Landing stock exchange, touring ground zero at KL disguised as the architect for Cersei’s new mall, paying off the little birds with gold to get the inside scoop on Qyburn & Co….

  • There is one accurate instance of how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B, especially when you don’t know where you’re going….Gendry!

    Joking aside, I really wish people would get over this. Since we watch each episode every 7 days, some viewers get it stuck in their heads that this is the same amount of time, if not less, that passes in Thrones’ land. For the sake of driving yourself crazy for no good reason, look at it the way I do…this is an alternate universe, where weeks and weeks of time passed there is the equivalent of one week in our world. Come on, Narnia works in a similar way…even though one day was the equivalent of like 10 years, you get my point.

    • @ Lady Viper,
      I agree with you.

      Lmao at the Gendry bit! Lol
      Gendry is the only smart one. He’s out there rowing, while everyone else is fighting. Westeros will all be destroyed and Gendry will come rowing ashore. That will be the bittersweet ending. Lol

      Gendry: heloooooo? WTF?
      He shakes his head, gets back in his boat and starts rowing again. Lmao!!

  • Since we are nitpicking, Dan, there were Tyrell ships too. Although if we are really nitpicking, they should have been Redwyne ships.

    It’s the show, it has to take liberties, play it fast and loose with timelines. It is what it is.

  • I’m glad to see so many people arguing that this is not a big deal. This is a fucking television show. Of all the things to complain about, I mean come on. Timing the candles to end when lancel crawls right next to it, Sansa not hearing Ramsay say that he hadn’t fed his dogs in 7 days and having that be the entire premise for his death scene, Jon’s Rubber Sword…even these, the Sansa one is an actual plot hole but WHO FUCKING CARES. It’s called SUSPESION OF DISBELIEF. D&D and GRRM and Cogman and all the amazing people who make the show are banking on the viewership being intelligent enough to just let the story be what it is, the way it is. They out hundreds of millions of dollars into making the best show on TV and we complain about timing? I suppose we have to find something to complain about. As a book reader I was pretty upset with the handling of Dorne, and giving Ellaria and Varys Doran’s amazing monologue (sort of), come on! But wait, I DONT CARE. I appreciate that people do their best to satisfy as many people as possible and make the best show they can. Every show in history, every movie in history has had continuity errors, plot holes, props being seen, crew being seen in mirrors! All kinds of bad shit. But we accept it because we suspend our disbelief when we want to be entertained. Please people, just give them the credit they deserve. D&D are also not our bitches.

    • The Sansa one it’s not a plot hole.Yes,Sansa was not there when Ramsay says it but she can find out from the rest of them.Not a stretch at all considering they’ve put him with the dogs knowing they haven’t been fed.At that point probably most of Winterfell knew what Ramsay said.A plot hole is something you can’t explain.Like Sansa knowing what Ramsay said after Jon and the rest are killed by him.Or Sansa not meeting again with Jon or any of them and magically knowing what Ramsay said.What happened in the show was not a plot hole.

  • Assuming that roughly the same amount of time passes between episodes for all characters, how does the show reconcile things like this?

    Your assumption is wrong.

    Tyrion said that the Masters’ ships, together with the Ironborn ships Theon and Yara brought, should be enough to transport Dany’s army to Westeros

    Tyrion was wrong.

    • We might be tempted to ask whether a similar amount of time passed between events in Westeros—might Cersei’s rule already be well underway when Dany arrives?

      Amazing. In DOrne, it is confirmed that Cersei is already the Queen and the Crown has declared war on Dorne by Olenna. Varys is still there at that time. He sails for Mereen with the Dornish fleet unaware of Dany having captured the Volanteen fleet or that Yara has brought Dany the Ironborn fleet.
      A 2nd grader could work this out…

      • There were clearly Martell and Tyrell ships in that fleet as evidenced by the color sails and the sigils on them. It could also be reasoned that the ships were required in Essos to carry war supplies (horses, etc) to Westeros. Or maybe the fleet was leaving Sunspear. Many possibilities…

        • Exactly. They could have met up with Varys and the ships in Dorne and we could have seen them sailing to KL for all we know.

  • I’m so sick of people complaining about stupid shit like this in the TV show and saying it’s unrealistic. We are talking about a show that is about ice zombies and dragons and it only has 10 1 hour episodes to fit the all storylines in. It makes sense to me that the only way to fit the entire story is to make sacrifices to logic. Get the fuck over this shit and enjoy the fact that this was one of the best seasons in the shows run. I’m done with this site and listening to all these fucking ungrateful fans.

    Season 6, Episodes 9 and 10 were the two top episodes in one of the best shows in the history of TV. Can’t people just appreciate that we have this show and not try to pick holes in every fucking thing? It’s absurd. I just wasted 5 minutes of my life writing this, but I had to get it out.


    Jon Snow, The King in the North


  • This is beyond a dumb thing to be upset about…good lord, it’s a damn fantasy. Stressing out over timelines is ridiculous; if they had a calendar, then maybe it would be worth noting. It’s a ridiculous criticism and needs to stop. Yawn

    • People vote in a non-binding referendum and think they’ve changed history.

      Give a monkey half a brain and he’ll swear he’s the centre of the universe.

      Drugs, guns, and intelligent entertainment are just NOT for some people.

  • I just wish they showed us a scene where Daenerys meet the man who sent people to assassinate her, but I guess it’s gonna be swept under the rug cause why bother dealing with that conflict.

  • Lots of things in the show AND the books are implausible by real terms. Even reading the series I was perplexed how some things happened so fast, especially with Littlefinger. It’s worse on the show, especially this season when D&D perceptibly tried to move things along. How does Ned arrive just in time for Lyanna to mutter a few words and die? Why does raven-mail work sometimes, yet other news is not conveyed for ages? Why does Bran see some things but not others? How can petite Meera haul Bran when it took a Hodor before? Why does Ghost show up on occasions but is glaringly missing at other times? How do people find each other so easily? How did Jorah happen to find Dany’s ring and Davos find Shireen’s stag? And of course, how did Arya’s grievous wounds heal so quickly? In all these cases it’s partly magic, partly storytelling, and partly the show writers’ admitted need to conflate/stretch/manipulate time to make the story work and keep up the pace. After this season, I’m indifferent to the plausibility factor–it’s a fantasy and niggling details aside, its sweep, its themes, its quasi-mediaeval world building and of course its splendid characters make it one of the best book series and best telly programmes I’ve ever known. So be it.

    • “How did Jorah happen to find Dany’s ring” The Dothraki had run around Dany in circles with their horses. Jorah looked in the one spot where there weren’t horse tracks.

  • I’m amused with the so call fans that are just here to criticize the most dumbest things get some chocha and shut up

  • The raven post does not travel to Meereen. So somebody has to bring the news about a pact with Dorne and the Reach to Dany before she sets sails, don’t you think?

  • There are more curious things in the field of inconsistencies: For example, when Sam and Gilly leave the cart, the landscape is beautiful but rather unspectacular, an alley with a slow running river. The camera turns, and voila – they are standing atop a steep cliff high above a sizzling sea enjoying the Oldtown belvedere! Only to have a day’s march still before them to get to the town. But hey, the view IS spectacular. And when they stand before Lorcas, where are their belongings? Has Sam really handed his family heirloom over to the cloakroom attendant??
    Another example that has been mentioned before: The benevolent uncle Benjen leaves Bran and Meera in the middle of a wildling christmas tree nursery, far away from the wall. How shall they cover the distance alone, without a horse or the old sleigh at the least?

    Did I mention that the episode blew me away in spite of such bits and bobs?

    • Yeah I was wondering about Bran and Meera too. Is she just going to drag him south?

  • Why is no one commenting at how fucking terrible Arya’s storyline was this season??


    • I hear you. They left Bran out of an entire season, claiming he was “training” and it wouldn’t be very interesting to see. Seems like they didn’t take their own advice. There were some parts I liked, but they probably should have just shown her arriving at the HoB&W and then nothing again until the season 6 finale of her killing Walder Frey haha.

    • What is your basis for believing that Arya knows nothing of her siblings? There was nothing in the show to provide you with this assumption. Plus, she learned to fight blind and she learned to be a faceless (wo)man. You know nothing Dolzonek…

  • Varys sent assassins on Robert’s orders, not his own. And the truth is, it was Viserys that Varys was likely counting on in the beginning. When he was killed, all Varys knew was that Dany was married to some barbarian king (not what I would consider them, but certainly in the eyes of westerosi or essian nobility) and pregnant with a Dothraki child that was half Targaryan from a female bloodline. How was he supposed to know that weeks later she’d hatch three dragons? Varys was doing what he had to do to survive, just as Tyrion said.

  • Please note: There were ships with orange and red Martell sails as well as green and yellow Tyrell sails. Perhaps we see the fleet departing Sunspear? There’d be no reason to sail the Martell & Tyrell fleets to Essos and back again…unless they needed to carry marterials…

  • Some chapters cover a day, some only an hour; others might span a fortnight, a month, half a year.

    According to some dermatological studies Caucasian woman’s hair grows about 13 cm per year. Cersei’s hair had been close-cropped just before she took the walk of atonement in S05E10. In S06E10 her hair is no more than 6 cm longer than in S05E10. Presumably, events in the entire season 6 are set in a span of few months. None of the events took a half of year.

  • Simple answer. When Varys secured the alliance with Dorne, he sent a Raven to Meereen. Dany then hopped on Drogon, flew over to Dorne, flirted with the sand snakes, and gave Varys a lift back.

    Seriously, always worth adding more ships to your fleet. Even if you have all the ships you need to carry your army, more ships means more room for carrying supplies. You also have fewer soldiers and horses per ship, so losing a ship in a storm risks losing fewer soldiers and horses.

  • This is so stupid that it is embarrassing and if I were you I’d remove this post. Literature and story telling has been past this time issues since the 19th century: the events in different places are not simultaneous and we don’t need to see the entire time span between events. Period.

  • It’s ridiculous enough to consider an episode to be a unit of time, to do the same with the space in between two episodes… can we please stop the BS.

  • Apparently it hurts people’s brains too much to figure the last scene was set a long time after the others. I fear for the future of any kind of fiction, especially when praise is heaped upon something like The Force Awakens – A film where the destruction of a star is seen anywhere in the galaxy at the exact moment it happens. That’s about the author’s level, really.

  • I just figured that by the end scene Dany had made it to Dorne and picked up Varys along with the Dornish fleet.

    Time skips aside…I’m just happy that Dany’s *finally* going to Westeros!

  • Some spotter will be furiously working on a timeline of events, I give it a week tops then up it will pop.

  • Are we really picking at this? It’s ok to me. I too did have a question mark over my head when I saw him on the boat with the crew heading into battle. It’s for TV and to show a level of completeness for dragon mamma. She has her crew, some ships and her 3 fire breathing pups and it’s on. what was also funny in the final scene, is they showed all of them standing there in the lead ship as if land isin their sights. It’s a long ride crew, go take a nap. It’s gonna be a while. #GreatShowTho

  • What is this? Varys left with the specific proviso “We need ships” So he made an alliance with Dorne and sailed their fleet to Meereen. Watch the last scene again.. there are Dornish ships in the fleet.

    Varys to Dorne happened while meereen started to be reborn, probably over the course of months, then he sent word from Dorne saying hey I’m bringing loads of ships. Dany thought wow we can definitely bring everyone over now lets wait for him. then they set sail for Westeros.. Why do you want 3 minutes showing Varys sailing.

  • For me the biggest mystery remains how Littlefinger teleported the whole army of the Vale to Winterfell the previous episode. I can largely accept the explanation that there are flexible time jumps. But that case is different, as it’s not just about time: the show went to great lengths to explain the strategic importance of the Neck and Moat Cailin previously. We saw Ramsay conquer the place with the help of Theon/Reek. And suddenly all of that doesn’t matter anymore. A massive army just galloped past and nobody noticed them or bothered sending a raven to Winterfell.

    I find that a disturbing lack of consistency that makes the appearance of the knights of the Vale a bit too much ‘deus ex machina’. The show has some more (albeit less extreme) examples of that, like Brienne and Pod making their way through hostile Bolton and Frey territory to reach Riverrun, without any difficulty whatsoever.

    • It’s a very short boat ride from the Vale to the north. If they have the ships they could easily skip over that.

  • I find the only aspect of this that is jarring is the fact that the show hadnt really done the fast traveling before. I dont find the new fast travel style incoherent or all that inconsistent, but it is necessary. In the beginning, they could afford to have a few conversations between Ygritte and Jon, or Bran and Osha, or Brienne and Pod, while they traveled, because they had time in the collective narratives to establish that, yes, they are traveling somewhere. Then they might come back to them arriving 2-3 episodes later, and we felt like they really did travel. That was a luxury, though. Now we are in the end game for the show, and if they took the time to show and establish the travel of characters, the narrative would suffer.

    The only character i dont think they should have done this with is Arya. She did so little in the past couple of seasons that i think they could have had her leave Braavos sooner, and we could have seen her making her way back to Westeros, instead of her just poppimg up next to Walder. I think we all got kind of tired of Arya getting whacked in the face by the Waif

    • In the first episode Jaime and Cersei where in King’s Landing and later in Winterfell.Time jumps where always part of it.In 6 seasons of show and in 5 books.It can’t work without them,they are necessary.It is only this year some people have started to complain about so much about it.

  • Dario does mention the sails on the ships have almost all been painted with her sigil. That’s a reasonable amount of work and suggests time has passed.

    There’s also been a reasonable time for the lords of the north to come to WF.

    Even so Varys didn’t need to be there however boat is the only way to move informations at such distances so perhaps he just wanted to deliver the news personally.

  • Chill out and use movie logic. Accept that people are intelligent enough to work it out. Imagine if Pulp Fiction had been plastered with “a week earlier”, “a few days later” and “meanwhile…” it’d be even more confusing that just working it out yourself.

    Anyway I don’t think the whole fleet is sailing ALWAYS from from Dorne not to it.

  • Not only is this the most pointless topic to drone on about it, but it also shows a marked inability to comprehend anything but the most basic, linear storytelling.

  • I got into an argument over this with some idiot on instagram that had his own game of thrones page. He thought Sansa was pregnant because Ramsey said “I’m inside of you now”.(way to take words too literal) Sansa escaped, went to the wall, gathered the wildlings and northern houses, prepared for war, ended a war, reclaimed winterfell…with no signs of being pregnant. It has been ATLEAST 3-4 months.
    It’s not being spoon fed to these people so they think time is on pause when we are away from characters. It’s sad that these Stretch Armstrong’s even have pages to post these kind of things, casual fans end up getting brainwashed and think they know things.

    Also the thing with varys, why would dorne and tyrells go south on ships just to go back north again? Wouldn’t they pick varys up in dorne? Which means he didn’t travel at all and they are already in dorne. Which means time has passed…

    Maybe they just need to hire the guy from spongebob squarepants so every scene starts with “two months laaaataaaa” that would make the 12 year olds happy.

  • I think Olenna sailed to Dorn well before the explosion of the Sept. Remember she was warned to leave because the High Sparrow would go behind her.

  • This different timeline for different stories could explain how Arya made it to the Twins from Bravos faster than Brienne coming back from Riverrun to the north!
    Still though that whole Frey assassination didn’t feel right, spend 2 seasons mopping floors and washing dead bodies in Bravos and then boom! You infiltrate a castle and murder the whole upperclass in 2 minutes of airtime? Not good pacing! It would’ve felt a lot more rewarding if we could see Arya struggling to make it happen rather than so easy and rushed!

  • The important question is not “how”, but “why”? What possible reason is there for Varys to spend a few months sailing half-way around the planet on risky voyage to Dorne, then sail back to Mereen, JUST TO CATCH THE LAST SHIP SAILING B-A-C-K AGAIN TO WESTEROS??? It makes no sense whatsoever. Why not stay holed up in Dorne, or hell anywhere in Westeros, and simply meet up with the Daenerys ships as they arrive?

    Forget the question of timing, and how it was done, the fact that the show writers did this is absolutely the most absurd thing so far in the entire series.

    • Because he sailed with the Dornish and the Tyrell ships?To transport Dany’s army to Westeros?You call this the most absurd thing in the entire series?The fact that they brought ships for Dany?What it is that it doesn’t make sense,I don’t see it.

      • Youre exactly right, Varys is a great sailor and loves the sea more than land, we all know that, I guess I just forgot. Obviously, the very best use of a man of Varys skills is having him spend months and months sitting aboard a ship twiddling his thumbs. Why, if Varys isnt present for the load out from Mereen, then both the Old Gods and the New would curse their mission. Absolutely no other being on the planet would be able to convey the news of the Dornish alliance. It is known.

        • I didn’t say it was the best writing,it’s just how they did it.Of course he didn’t have to come himself with the Tyrell and Martell ships,he could have stayed in Dorne or whatever.They just decided to have a last scene with all Dany’s forces,stuff like that always happens in TV for visual porposes.It is what it is.But having the man that made the alliance possible travel with the fleet it’s far from the most absurd thing the show has ever did in 6 years.It’s just unnecesaary,that’s it.

  • When Varys left for Dorne he told Tyrion that if he didn’t return Tyrion would know Varys wasn’t successful. That’s why Varys returned. He had to let Danaerys know that Dorne and Highgarden were on board.

  • It was not accidental that this scene starts with Theon looking at the Ironborn banner, as if to direct attention to all the other banners present in the fleet. So fine, people paid attention and now everyone can see the Dorn and the Tyrell ships. And if Theon looking at the banner was meaningful, then may be it’s meaningful that the sun is behind the fleet, which means the armada is moving west to east, and the sun is a sunset, or it’s moving east to west, and the sun is a sunrise. Based on the map of Westeros and Essos, west to east doesn’t make sense. Must be east to west. And there are only two possibilities for that: the armada is still on its way to Dorne while moving east to west south of Essos, which means Varys did travel with the Dornish and the Tyrells to Mereen. Or, if they met up near Dorne, then there is only one place where the sun will be behind the fleet: while approaching Dragonstone/King’s Landing (we are assuming she is not interested in all the other cities on the way). The next scene after this one in season 7 might well be Dany approaching King’s Landing.

  • The Dornish ships were needed to fend off any attacks that may have come. Euron is still out there and presumably has HIS fleet still intact; Dany would have been warned by Asha/Yara and Theon. Meanwhile, I’m betting that Olena is mustering what’s left of the Tyrell forces for a ground attack, while she secures alliances with the Shield Islands and (maybe) the Hightowers of Oldtown to add to Dany’s fleet.

    But damn……..weren’t those Targ sails just beautiful! I’m definitely for the Red Dragons

  • I think it would make a very long boring show if they screened every single day and what everyone was doing at any given time. I think you have to be a bonehead not to be able to figure out traveling takes time and they are highlighting the most important things happening at any given time. I really think the nit picking is just silly for a show that is, let’s face it, 2nd only to TWD!

  • It’s clearly shown that there is time jumps and all the storyarc aren’t on the same timeline, I don’t understand why so many people block on that.
    For Varys he probably returns to Meereen because he had no idea that Daenerys came back… when he left she was still missing so we can assume he doesn’t know she was going to sail to Westeros… Or simply Varys just catch up Daenerys because they had to prepare invasion plans…

  • This is one thing I don’t get people having a problem with. I get that it can be jarring when there are large disparities in one episode (I believe that in the finale we only witness one day pass in Kings Landing and it is intercut with weeks by other characters [Varys]). Just use time travel logic: each location has an independent timeline regardless of what goes on per episode. The only time syncs are via characters meeting or events being referenced. Which makes me wonder how close Dany will be to start season 7. It seems as if Cersei ascends the throne the day of the explosion (same dress and ruins still smoking) whereas it must be weeks later for Varys and Oleena to both get to Dorne, make their plans, return home, rally troops, and meet up in Meereen.

  • This is stupid, does any actually WATCH the show? The final scene CLEARLY takes place several days or weeks later. Dario tells Dany “They still have to paint the sails” and this is AFTER the Varys scene in Dorne. In the final scene the sails are CLEARLY painted. How long do you think it takes to paint sails? Hours? Also in the final scene there are Martell ships in Dany’s fleet. So obviously Varys got a ride back. Also anyone look at a map and where Dorne is in relation to Meereen? Apparently not.

    Also this dumb statement “It’s a long way from Dorne to Meereen, far further than it is from the Vale to Mole’s Tow”. Yes except Dorne to Meereen is by SHIP and going to the Vale to Mole’s Town would be on foot/horse on LAND. People/horses need rest, a ship can keep sailing and at a faster pace than humans/animals. Guess what, one can drive from Milwaukee to New Orleans faster than one can walk from Milwaukee to Chicago even though Chicago is MUCH closer to Milwaukee than New Orleans. Why? Because common sense.

  • I havent read the books but have followed the seasons… I dont get Varys and Danaerys in the last episode of S6 on the ship together. This is the first time they have actually appeared together right!?
    I would have expected some sort of presentation or weird initial meeting, since wasnt he the one who was spying on her and such… for which Im sure she knew he was a source of some of her misfortune. Am I wrong here??