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Actors behind Lancel and Jaime on how Cersei has “royally screwed” herself

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Jaime and Bronn Official

We all saw that look Jaime Lannister gave his sister during her coronation in “The Winds of Winter.” He was seriously conflicted about what she’d done to the city, their family, and their relationship. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, who’s played Jaime for six years now, talked about Jaime’s feelings to The New York Time, but he’s not the only one who thinks Cersei might become a problem. Eugene Michael Simon, who ended his run as Lancel Lannister in the episode, talked to Vulture about his own reservations.

“She has positioned herself perfectly to be royally screwed!” he said, referring to the fact that Cersei, a notoriously volatile person, is now in charge of the Seven Kingdoms right as winter comes and the Crown has rebellions to deal with in both Dorne and the North.

But that’s Cersei, and Cersei is a very broken woman, in a lot of ways. In many ways, she’s more insane than the Mad King. He could plead insanity, but Cersei doesn’t really have that. She’s aware of herself. She knows what she is, and continues to indulge. She won’t be broken. She won’t go willingly. And the Faith were the last thing that had a chance to break her, as they’ve broken so many people.

The Faith went out with a bang in “The Winds of Winter” when Cersei blew up its leaders with a well-timed wildfire bomb. Lancel Lannister found the bomb and nearly got there in time to stop it, even though he’d been debilitatingly stabbed by one of Varys’ Qyburn’s little birds moments before and had to crawl the length of a very long corridor to get to it. We haven’t spent much quality time with Lancel over the past couple of seasons, but his final, desperate attempt to save the Sept gave him something like a heroic moment. Simon agreed that it was a good note to go out on.

I found that to be rather emotional, because for all of his bad choices, all the bad things that have happened to him, he still tries his very hardest to do what he believes to be right. And that made him vulnerable again. I could have played that entire reaction very robotically, the way he’s been. But instead, I let him cry out in pain and didn’t deprive him of his humanity. He was still human. He was scared. He didn’t want to die. But I am glad that my character has died the way he has. It was quite a cathartic experience for me.

Lancel Lannister

Oh, s**t.

For those curious how the show pulled off some these shots, Simon provided details. He talked about the moment the wildfire went off…

The actual wildfire substance glows that color in real life — the color you see on camera is the color we see on set, in natural light. So that’s not CGI. And when the fire goes off in front of Lancel, that wasn’t CGI either. There was a very large pyrotechnics team brought in, and my face was a foot and a half away from the bare flame, which we did by pouring a flammable liquid on top of the glowing goo that was fake wildfire. So when the time came, we illuminated it with a little device, and the whole thing went off right in front of me.

…and the bit where he carved a Seven-Pointed Star into Finn Jones’ (Loras Tyrell) foreheard:

The way we do the carving, Finn has this prosthetic put on his forehead, and I get a knife that has a slit in it, and I insert it into an opening in his skin, and basically push a button and the blood pops out of the knife at just the right time. It can be a little tricky, technically, and we had to do it a few times, so Finn’s head was repeatedly covered in blood. It was a pretty gory sight to have right in front of you, inches from my face, while at the same time having to hold a very stoic, dark, rather indifferent expression.

Also, fun story: the crawling scene was filmed in the same Belfast castle where they filmed King Robert and Ned Stark’s conversation in the Winterfell crypts back in Season 1. There are a lot of bats that live there, and Simon crawled through their poop. “So that was my last day on Game of Thrones! Covered in mud, blood, sweat, and bat shit!”

Getting back to Cersei, Simon thinks that the relationship between her and Jaime can’t help but change in the wake of what’s happened.

I have a feeling that Jaime’s relationship with Cersei will be strained next season because she’s gone off on her own route without him, and they were supposed to be in it together. I’m not sure if Jaime agrees with her course of action, and a lot of their family died. A lot of people were murdered. The odds have shifted in favor of the Starks, the Targaryens, and the Greyjoys. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that Daenerys is going to die. There’s just something about the nature of the storytelling that leads me to believe she’s up for grabs. I think she’s a fantastic conqueror, but we’ll have to see how good of a ruler she is.

Does Nikolaj Coster-Waldau agree that things between Jaime and Cersei are going to change for the worse? Read on.

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  • This time, he called for his wife, Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her living heart, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.[3]

    Wonder what happened to Jeoffrey’s sword “Heart Eater” after he was given the Valerian steel sword which went to Tommen (guess that will go to Jaime)
    Jaime may use “heart eater” to kill Cersei and thereby create Lightbringer.

    • Heart Eater was the regular sword Joffrey carried at the Blackwater. The Valyrian steel sword was dubbed “Widow’s Wail.”

  • Cersei is doomed, unless Qyburn finds a way to kill the Dragons and all her enemies … It would be extremely unexpected to watch Danny die… I suppose it’s a possibility for the end. I expect Jon will have a love interest and he will need to kill her (Nissa Nissa prophecy). If Danny marries Jon, it would be her …

    • Mag,

      I was thinking the same thing. Tyrion tells Danerys that Daario won’t be the last to love her. Dany stated she’s going to marry someone in Westeros. I was also thinking, King Jon and Queen Danerys actually do fall in love.

      In the end, Jon will have to drive a sword through Danerys for the final sacrifice. The true prophecy of ASOIAF. Jon will have to sacrifice Danerys, the woman he loves to fully win against the WW.

      • There’s an eligible bachelor in Westeros w lands, wealth and an army who’s already looking to consolidate power towards the Iron Throne through proposals of marriage, and he has a silly mustache….

        • Euron? Interesting… especially when you remember he was also a “Little Brother” to Yara and Theon’s father.

  • Jaime…you’re in danger, gurl! Cersei has the power that she always wanted and got through Jaime. Now, she has it all on her owm. She will consider Jaime a threat.

    • Yes, the breakup is at hand. Noticed that Quiburn (spelling) was the hand of the Queen too.

      Wonder also how Tyrian will like working with Dorn when he finds out they poisoned his niece (that he sent to Dorn) or is he under Danny’s spell so much he doesn’t care. I’m assuming he must already know since the Spider was there.

    • I don’t see how Cersei can hold power for any length of time. She has no legitimate claim, she blew up half the city, and the Lannister army doesn’t have the strength to crush the imminent rebellions. I would be surprised if the Lannister’s forces are loyal to her over Jaime, frankly. She can still do some damage I suppose, but I don’t see anyone accepting her as Queen.

      • Robert Baratheon had no legitimate claim, and the people only get told the winners side of events so she will probably blame the faith for blowing up the Sept and get the people on her side.

        I can see Jaime killing her then him and Bronn fighting the Mountain.

      • She has no legitimate claim, she blew up half the city

        She has a legitimate claim: that she blew up half of the city.
        The rebellions happening are happening anyway, a third of the kingdom is with Daenerys and another third with Jon. That would still be the case if Tommen was around. No one in King’s Landing or around it would say anything because there’s no one major left to say anything, and all the minor houses saw her blow up everyone.
        Claims don’t matter any more. Anyone who isn’t accepting her as queen wasn’t accepting Baratheons as kings anyway, except the Tyrells.

  • Cersei has partly lived her life with the prophecy of Maggy the Frog in mind, so there is a possibility that she just won’t have to care anymore. The prophecy with regard to her three children came true. She lost all of them.

    What is there to lose now? She highly considers herself as invincible, which of course she’s not, but she has the reason to be more than what the Mad King had been during the latter’s reign. The only two people left at her side are the new Hand of the Queen Qyburn and Ser FrankenGregor. So far, she has no support from other Houses in the realm.

    Jaime may, on the other hand, either abandon or kill her, thereby fulfilling the last of her prophecies wherein she will be killed at the hands of her little valonqar. It might be Jaime or Tyrion anyway. We will see.

    In the books, Jaime was last seen with Brienne. Brienne and Pod were captured by BWB and Lady Stoneheart. Brienne was stuck between her vows with Catelyn Stark and Jaime. Who knows if Brienne will bring Jaime to Lady Stoneheart and BWB.

    P.S Random musings:

    a. What’s up with the longing stare by Tyrion when he told Danenerys that “Daario will not be the first to love you, but he won’t be the last?” Haha!

    b. “You don’t even have to do anything, do you?”
    -Bronn to Jaime when the serving girl aka Arya in disguise kept on looking at him at the table

    c. “What’s your name again? Barbara? You look like an angry little boy.”
    -Lady Olenna Tyrell to Obara Sand

    d. Sam stretching out his body to hand in the letter to the snotty maester at the Citadel reception area. Plus, the look of utter disgust when he said, ” NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN!” Haha!