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Game of Thrones Screencap Breakdown: “The Winds of Winter”

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Sept of Baelor explodes official

Game of Thrones is not only a fantastic show—it’s a feast for the eyes. From the costumes to the sets to the CGI, every episode has gorgeous moments and amazing acting beats that are well-worth freezing in time and considering.

The opening scene from “The Winds of Winter” was one one for the ages, mixing the slow build of the Purple Wedding with the blood bath of the Red Wedding, and taking out a huge number of cast members with one blow. It was also gorgeously shot. But that actually goes for all of the sequences in the episode, which echoed each other a lot.

This week’s Best Vista award goes to the view of King’s Landing we see over and over in shots leading up to that explosion. RIP the Sept of Baelor.

GoT 610 00 King's Landing

Let’s take this piece by piece.

GoT 610 1 Cersei looking out

Let’s talk echoes. We start with Cersei looking out at the Sept from her balcony.

GoT 610 2 Margaery laced up

Meanwhile, Margaery is being dressed by her maids, laced up in a way she couldn’t accomplish herself.

GoT 610 3 High Sparrow getting dressed

This is echoed with this shot of the High Sparrow dressing. He doesn’t wear clothes that require maids.

GoT 610 4 tommen looking out the window

Manwhile, Tommen, after being dressed himself, looks out the window at the Sept like his mother.

GoT 610 5 Sept at doors

In theater, the moment when the audience is first let in is known as “doors.” The audience takes their seats for the show.

GoT 610 6 loras before haircut

I didn’t notice the first time through, but Loras still has his shaggy locks here. They shaved his head right before the trial.

GoT 610 7 high sparrow and the judges

After this scene, someone said to me, “Game of Thrones is nothing like real life. Seven uptight old white dudes who fancy themselves holier than thou, passing judgement on a woman and a gay man.”

GoT 610 8 margaery takes her place

Margaery takes her place in the play.

GoT 610 9 tommen sits at home

Tommen is not so eager, though. Even though Cersei will eventually send the Mountain to keep him in his room, we should all remember that he actually didn’t want to take his place in this farce.

GoT 610 10 cersei dressing

Only now does Cersei consent to be fully dressed, after everyone who is going to the Sept has already arrived.

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  • Why is it that old white dudes are the only group you’re still allowed to stereotype? I’m an old white dude and I have no problem with gay people, and I absolutely love women!

      • Currently there are 8, three are women (one of whom is Latina) and one of the men is black. So if you are inferring that the Supreme Court is made up of entirely older white males you would be incorrect.

        • Ok, but what has it been made of for a vast majority of its exsistence. I don’t mean to join a stupid argument, but fuck it. Just sayin.

          • What the fuck is your point?
            No problem with joining a stupid argument, but provide something worthy.

            And Ani…can you leave the socio-political commentary out of your stories? Stick to what you know…dragons and wildfire. If I want to read about how terrible white people are, I’ll go to CNN.

    • I thought the same thing. Started reading (I read every post on WIC) and stopped reading after just a couple sentences.

      I wonder if the author is white? If so, he/she must really hate their dad, grandpa, uncles, etc. POS old white dudes. Good thing the show blew some up.

    • Let’s see:
      Jon killed a Wight for his first kill. (Does that even count since a wight is Dead?)
      Jons’ second kill was a Wildling.
      His third kill was his own sworn brother, Coryn Halfhand.
      He then killed several mutinous members of the Nights Watch
      After that he killed more Wildlings. (A lot more.)
      Then he killed Janos Slynt.
      Then he killed a whole bunch more wights and a White Walker.
      Next he killed 4 more mutinous brothers of the Nights Watch including a kid younger then Bran…
      He then stepped up to the plate and killed at least 21 more men ( I actually tried to count them) at the BotB.
      And he would have killed Ramsay if Sansa wasn’t there with his bare hands.

      Yet we’re supposed to worry about where Arya is headed?

      • Nah– it’s not the total kill count, it’s the attitude regarding the kills. Jon didn’t seem to particularly enjoy killing the people (things?) he killed. Plus, a good portion of them were doing their damnedest to kill him, his friends or people he was sworn to protect. Or had already killed him, in some cases. Retroactive self-defense, if you will.

        Arya, on the other hand, had to introduce herself to the person she killed on screen and looked really, really pleased with herself in doing so. She didn’t regret that she had to kill him because that’s the legal punishment for what he did. She enjoyed it. Also, she butchered and cooked two people and the way she killed Trant last year was beyond vicious.

        I’m more worried that I was *almost* as happy as Arya when I watched her onscreen kills. A fate richly deserved by all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about Arya losing herself entirely to revenge.

          • Just ’cause I fear for Arya doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy seeing her clean up. I just hope there’s a way out of it for her at the end.

  • Yeah, dying during childbirth happens all the time Lyanna, Johanna, and Rhaella all died during childbirth… Hmm that’s strange.

  • I’m hoping we get one more dragon next year, maybe a dragon for Fake Aegon? Nah, they’re not going to introduce Aegon with 13 episodes left.

  • It looks like Varys is The king of World (from KL to Pentos to Volantis to Meereen to Dorne)..
    Varys needs a meeting with the white walkers..

  • Arya could be assuming the Stoneheart role of the series. She has such an extra level of viciousness it’s almost as if she died and was brought back, losing part of herself in the process.

    • I have had that thought too…
      I don’t really want Arya to become a mindless revenge machine.

  • The finale was awesome !
    Only Ghost was missing, especially at Winterfell becoming King in the North!

  • Best character pairings so far:
    1. Arya and the Hound
    2. Jaime and Brianne
    3. Tyrion and Deanerys
    4. Arya and Tywin
    5. Davos and Shireen
    6. Bronn and Tyrion/ Jaime
    Best character pairings in the future (I hope):
    1. Davos and Lady Mormont
    2. Samwell and Gilly
    3. Arya and Sansa
    4. The Hound and Melisandre
    5. Gendry and Arya
    6. Yara and Deanerys
    7. Brianne and Tormund

    • Yes. Arya and The Hound tandem was funny and amusing. I will always remember the scene in Season 4 where The Hound saw Arya practicing the “water dancing” bit. The Hound asked who taught her that “shit”. Haha!

      Arya said that it was Syrio Forel, the greatest swordsman who ever lived, and the former First Sword of Braavos. The Hound was not impressed.

      “I bet his hair is greasier than Joffrey’s c**t.”

      The Hound and his humor. Good thing he’s back. Haha!

  • For now, I am willing to extend Sansa some real credit, as a sister and a noble lady, since she said five important things entirely of her own volition:

    1) No one should trust Littlefinger
    2) Jon should have the master room
    3) Jon will always be a Stark to her
    4) “I should have told you about the Knights of the Vale”
    5) “I’m sorry”

    The sorry, in particular, earns a lot of points with me. No groveling, no blubbering, no begrudging it, just … “I’m sorry”, knowing that all should have been handled better. Short and sweet.

    Littlefinger’s going to keep putting poison in her ear the entire time, but there is at least now an outside chance that she will turn away from the bait for once in her doom-wracked life. Here’s hoping.

    • Don’t forget, LF started most of the madness by killing the Hand of the King and having Katelyn’s sister blame it on the Lannisters. He and the Queen of Thorns killed Jeoffrey and blamed it on Tyrion and Sansa etc. etc.

  • If the mountain had the shame bell when he was left to have his way with the Septa, at least we would have a good idea of where it went. Every time the Septa sneezes we would hear it chime.

  • Does anyone know the words of House Frey? And doesnt that little girl who led Pycell to his death look like a little Rosie O’Donnell? Cant wait till next april passes.love the books and the show. For those who only watch the show please,please read the books. AWSOMER!

    • House Frey’s motto isn’t given in the books (at least, not according to the ice and fire wiki), and isn’t given in the show, either.
      I can’t decide whether that’s some sort of foreshadowing (since the motto is supposed to give insight into the house’s character and the Freys have shown that they have none) or simple disgust on the part of the writers. I wouldn’t want to write more about people that slimy than I absolutely had to.

  • We never saw the shadow that was stabbed in the back,unless it still hasnt happened????

  • I was troubled by by Qyburn’s manipulation of Varys’s little birds from lil’ whisperers to full blown lil killers. What does this mean in future for Varys’s once lil birds…maybe nothing…but maybe not.

  • My only nit-picky problem with the episode: Arya took her mask off Mission Inpossible style, rather than Faceless Men style.

    • I noticed the same thing, and I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to believe Arya’s Faceless Men training has allowed her to inherit the ability to magically changer her face…or… did she learn how to create a very believable mask? In the books, we’re given the impression that an artificial face can be applied, sort of like a good make-up job for a movie or play. But then, there’s also the face of an actual dead person whose face is applied through a magical process, and in that process you don’t just assume the face, you also pick up some of the characteristics or at least understand the feelings and emotions of the dead person.

      I’m guessing the show wants us to believe that since Arya essentially completed her training (confirmed by Jaqen when he said “now a girl is truly no one) that means she can also now magically apply new faces in the same way as a Faceless Man.

  • The Mormonts have already played a huge role in the War for the Dawn. Lyanna Mormont, her Uncle, and one of her 62 men save Jon’s life, who is the supposed Prince that was Promised. Jorah Mormont saved Dany’s life several times, and she too, is the supposed Prince that was Promised. Maybe the Mormonts are Lightbringer.

  • For everyone who thinks that Sansa will betray Jon now, I read that look between her and Littlefinger as knowing that Littlefinger would now try to upset this new applecart. I don’t think she was upset that Jon was hailed as King of the North. I was upset, remembering Robb and how that worked out for him. Great Show.
    Could someone, somewhere pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee talk to the producers and have them film lighter scenes? How many times have WIC had to lighten scenes so we could see what was happening?
    And I feel a great sadness, now that the R+L=J puzzle is solved. It has been a 10 year journey for me, more for some people I know. It seems strange that when I give my friends the books the good mysteries will really be solved and they will have nothing to wonder about.

    • The R+L=J puzzle has not been solved! She never said who the father was. George RR Martin likes to make you think you know what’s going to happen, then he puts in plot twist that no one sees coming. He is famous for it. And I think he will take an enormous perverse pleasure in proving you all wrong

  • Hi, i watch the show in The Netherlands. By the scene in the tower of joy, Lyanna let Ned promised not to tell her and his father about her baby. Because she knows that her father will kill the baby. When I read a lot of comments on this site, it seems that they’re (the people who write comments)afraid that Robert will kill the baby. But that is not what Lyanna is afraid of. Can someone explain that for me (sorry for the bad english)

    • If you were watching the show in your native language, the subtext may not have picked up Lyanna’s comment. But, even though we don’t hear everything in the conversation between Ned and Lyanna, we do hear her say “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him.”

      Also, Lyanna’s father (Rickard Stark) is long since dead by the time Ned arrives at the Tower of Joy. And even though it is possible that Lyanna doesn’t know her father is dead, it’s not likely that Rhaegar hasn’t told Lyanna that he is going off to war because of everything that has happened.

    • no worries about your english, john. i bet it is much better than the dutch of most readers here!

      actually i do think that that is what lyanna is afraid of. most people [not everyone] agree that robert is not the father of her baby — most would now say that that father was in fact rhaegar targaryen, and that that is why she has been immured in the tower of joy. what is very clear after this episode, however, is that the baby — who would grow up as jon snow — was not *ned*’s son, as he had been saying all these years, presumably to keep the promise extracted from him by his sister lyanna.

      assuming, though, that the baby *is* rhaegar’s son, we still don’t know: was lyanna raped? was this consensual? would rhaegar ever have claimed this son?

      more details at

    • Hi John. The Tower of Joy scene has been one of the most intriguing scenes in the books and tv show.

      Ned had always been reminded by the “promise” of Lyanna. In the Game of Thrones (Book 1), while Ned was recuperating from his injuries, he had a feverish dream of Lyanna whispering to him the words “PROMISE ME, NED”.

      It was not yet known what happened in the Tower of Joy because Ned never told anyone about it, save for his friend, Howland Reed, who was with him that time.

      It had then been speculated that Lyanna died of childbirth. The child that Ned Stark brought with him back to Winterfell was not his own bastard son, but that of his sister Lyanna.

      The theory “R + L = J” was thus born. R for Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, L for Lyanna Stark and J for Jon Snow.

      In Game of Thrones Season 1, before Jon Snow went to Castle Black, he asked Ned Stark about his mother. Ned said that he will tell him about his mother soon. Ned died in Season 1, Episode 9 without having the chance to inform Jon Snow of his real mother.

      In Season 6, Episode 10, we finally got a glimpse of the whole scene in the Tower of Joy. Lyanna asked Ned to make a promise that he will protect the baby because if Robert (Baratheon) found out about it, he may kill him.

      Lyanna gave birth to a baby boy. The father was Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

      Rhaegar was killed by Robert in the Battle of the Trident. The war started because Rhaegar allegedly kidnapped Lyanna.

  • Your photo recaps are something I’ve come to look forward to every week– it’s a nice way to relive the episode and focus on what happened scene by scene! Some questions and thoughts: is the FrankenMountain a cyclops now? I give Melisandre’s banishment 2 episodes max. I hope Arya, Nymeria, and the Hound link up in the Riverlands. And that LF hasn’t poisoned the trust Sansa and Jon formed on the ramparts of Winterfel. And that Jaime finally takes this opportunity to take leave of Cersi and bring his military prowess somewhere that matters. Like the North. So glad Davos finally got some closure with throwing Mel under the bus for Shireen. Wish we could’ve checked in with Brianne and the Hound one more time. After looking a bit more closely at the ToJ pictures… do you think that was the infamous Wylla handing Jon to Ned?

  • Where did GIlley get her new dress and who did her hair? Did they not watch the show? That is Sam’s sister’s dress and they fixed her hair for diner. Gilley even says Sam should I leave the dress and Sam says no take it you look better in it than my sister (paraphrasing).