Featured Game of Thrones Hodor Interview Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn (Hodor) speculates on Season 7 and coming back as a wight

Kristian Nairn may have left the Game of Thrones building, but there’s a part of him that clearly misses the hell out of it. In a brand new interview with The Independent, Narin talks up the fan theory that because of the way Hodor died last season, he could come back as a wight. But he does admit that it wouldn’t sit well with him if that happened.

As much as I would like to come back and play a White Walker, I think it would be wrong. There are too many emotions tied up, it would be a bit of a travesty to bring him back. If they’re going to do it, I’m sure they’d find a really cool way to do it. Whatever happens, it’s probably not going to end well. A zombie Hodor is not a pretty thought.

He’s not wrong. And one of the things about Hodor was that he was such a pure character in a world where everyone has ulterior motives. Hodor has none, partly because Bran made him that way.

The Door

It’s hard to understand, because it, fortunately, doesn’t happen in real life, but it’s all from the imagination of these producers. I kinda had to take a step back and say ‘What!’ I think I understand that Bran was using his powers recklessly, and he’s almost short-circuited young Hodor’s brain by trying to Warg across time which is not supposed to be done… When you think about how important that could be, he could change anything. He can go back and influence things in the past and it could be devastating or it could be remarkably useful…

It’s all theoretical; was that always going to happen to Hodor? Was that always predestined to happen? Or did Bran just f*ck up? But was him f*cking up always happen? Was it supposed to happen? It’s mind-boggling.

Nairn says this is a genre he was a fan of a long time before he was cast on the show, and that he loved Dugeons and Dragons growing up. Because of that, speculating on the next season—as fans are wont to do—comes naturally to him.

I have so many theories, but I think in the end the Iron Throne isn’t even going to be an issue. It’s going to be wiped out in this war between fire and ice. Most people are going to end up dead. This is just my theory, of course, but when the majority end up dead, the Iron Throne will probably have to be melted down to use for metal. It’s going to be completely irrelevant, it’s going to be a death bed. In the end, it’s just going to be one big bloody battleground. I just don’t know how they’re going to beat the Night King when he has the power to resurrect. What do you do against that?

Lots of actors have speculated on what will happen after their characters are killed off. Nairn gets major points for not suggesting anything too far-fetched, or narrow and safe. Instead, he’s thought it through.

The Independent asked what’s next for Nairn now that the show is over. Acting-wise, Nairn isn’t too worried about his prospects. “Something always turns up.” And besides, he’s got “Rave of Throne,” his DJ tour he’s been on since being sidelined after Season 4.

I was a resident DJ in Belfast, and I was there for 15, 16 years before the show started. I fully recognise that the factor that keeps me out of the local clubs and into the bigger venues isn’t the fact I’m playing a particular type of music, it’s because of Game of Thrones. People are starting to recognise me because I am a good DJ, and I’m not afraid to acknowledge that it’s because of Game of Thrones that I’m here. It’s silly not to…  I’ll continue to write music but I’m busy with other projects. I don’t even know how to begin telling you how busy we are. There’s not as much worry about where the next jobs going to be.

If you can catch the “Rave of Thrones” tour next time it’s near you, I highly recommend it. Nairn is a fantastic DJ. You can also check out his music on iTunes.


  • I wanted Summer to come back as a wight … but won’t happen.
    Glad Nairn has a lot of work … good for him.

    : P

    • I’m still hoping that Summer becomes Summer Coldpaws and teams up with Benjen (unlikely I know but I just can’t bear to think he is gone)

  • Zombie Hodor would end me. Could you imagine watching an episode, Bran or Sansa trying to get to safety, the others coming towards the camera and split to go around, then there’s Hodor. TV off. I’m done. He made some good points about the Iron Throne not being an issue eventually.

  • I’m still disappointed that Hodor won’t get to the Iron Throne.

    His Grace, Hodor of House Hodor, first of his Hodor, Hodor of the Hodors and the first Hodors, Hodor of the seven Hodors and Hodor of the Hodor.

  • Not for nothing, but if the plot was stuck to, then Hodor would 100% now be a wight. Other than Benjen, name one person who was killed by wights and didn’t turn into one. I guess there’s a chance the show wouldn’t do it for reasons outlined in the article above, but I don’t think GRRM would hesitate one bit in doing so, if that’s how he also has Hodor dying.

  • Perhaps Night King has other plans for Hodor. Rather than simply be another added to the Army of The Dead, what if Hodor is elevated to a White Walker? Probably not likely to happen but worth considering if Night King recognises Hodor’s selfless act of heroism. Hold The Door!!!

  • I know it may be tempting for the show or even GRRM to turn Hodor into a wight, but, please don’t do it. It would ruin the impact of Hodor’s story.

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  • I don’t think Hodor is dead. He was given a dragonglass dagger by Sam in an earlier episode and we never saw him use it. GOT doesn’t do anything without a purpose, so why give Hodor such a potent weapon if you aren’t going to let him use it?