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John Bradley thinks Sam may be key to defeating the White Walkers

With Comic-Con in full swing, interviews with members of the Game of Thrones cast are popping up everywhere. John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) sat down with IGN to discuss an idea shared by many: that Sam will play a pivotal role in the looming war between mankind and the White Walkers. Many expect that, at some point in Season 7, the White Walkers will find some way to get past the Wall, either by toppling it or something else. And when the White Walkers begin their invasion of Westeros, what role might intrepid scholar Sam play?

I think he absolutely could be [the key to defeating the White Walkers.] There’s going to be something that comes of Sam’s time in Oldtown.


It’s not much of a stretch to assume that Sam might discover something of significance during his time in that massive library in Oldtown. Even during Sam’s brief studies in the much smaller library at Castle Black, he was able to confirm that dragonglass daggers could kill White Walkers. With the amount of knowledge contained at the Citadel at Oldtown, Sam could make a discovery that will prove crucial in the wars to come. What, specifically, might it be? Bradley declined to speculate further.

I’m in big trouble if I get it right.

Indeed. We, however, are free to speculate. For example, Sam may discover something that could eliminate the White Walkers’ control over their undead army. If the wights are neutralized, the war would become infinitely more manageable, and those few Valyrian steel swords (like Heartsbane, Samwell’s family sword) left in Westeros could prove sufficient to fight the threat. Or could Samwell discover some sort of proof of Jon’s true heritage? The possibilities are almost as limitless. There were a LOT of books there.

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We’ll be covering the big Game of Thrones panel soon.


  • Sam will play a key role because Sam is GRRM.

    Incidentally, how many White Walkers are there? We generally only see three or four at a time, along with the Night’s King. If Sam can disengage the wights, then taking on the White Walkers becomes a matter of Jon and Brienne (and let’s say Jaime, equipped with the Tarly sword) in a sword fight that will mirror Ned v Dayne at the Tower of Joy.

    • Why would Sam give Jaime the Tarly sword?

      Jaime isn’t the elite swordsman he once was.

    • Yes , very obvious that Sam is GRRM. The show not showing how many White Walkers but if all of Craster’s sons are White Walkers a lot more than 3 or4 but maybe not for TV. Craster in the book is of course somewhere related to the Starks I believe also.

      Jaime needs to fill the pages of the famous Knight’s book he was looking at in a past season so do feel he will be the hero again and save Westeros, either with killing his sister and then battling white walkers or some other heroic ending that will bring his death.

  • Craster claimed 99 sons
    I waiting for Jon to decide the people of westeros arent worth saving and just let the nights king go wild for the long night while the rest of humanity dreams of spring from essos

  • One of my favorite scenes this series was Sam’s visit to the Citadel. Both my husband & myself have worked in university libraries, and we laughed ourselves silly. The maester at the desk pretty much summed up most of the reference librarians we know–such Special Snowflakes.

    Isn’t there some sort of rumor floating around that when all is said and done, it will be revealed that Sam is now an old maester, and the entire series is his book. Sounds pretty darn plausible considering that many maesters have written important books.

  • Jamie couldn`t fight withe the Tarly sword. It`s too big for him. And the former brave swordsman has only one hand left (the left). So maybe he has to team up with a partner. Bronn will stand on his side. He knows how to win a dirty fight. And he could become Jamies right hand for that last stand. What do you think?