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John Bradley talks all things Sam Tarly at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and it’s left dozens of interviews and sound bites in its wake. Jon Bradley, who’s played Samwell Tarly for six seasons now, was particularly busy. He sat down with several outlets to talk Sam’s past, present, and future.

First up, Bradley covered several topics with Clevver News, including what arriving at the Citadel means to Sam, whether he loves the character, and the process of getting the scripts for a new season.

Of course, Clevver News interviewer Miriam Isa tries to get Bradley to spill some spoilers, or at least speculate, about what’s Sam going to do next. Bradley is used to this by now, though, and doesn’t say exactly what Sam’s going to do with Heartsbane, his family’s Valyrian steel sword, although he does point out that we know it can be used to kill White Walkers.

Bradley also plays marry-f**k-kill with Game of Thrones characters, although Clevver News puts it more politely.

“We await for the next season of Game of Thrones, which will be when?” Nice try, Isa.

The folks at IGN also tried to learn what Sam is going to do with Hearsbane, and he does the same dance. Here, he talks a fair amount about Traders, a new movie about people who fight to the death for a chance at big money. Bradley, playing against type, plays the bad guy.

IGN also asks Bradley what Sam Tarly might learn at the Citadel. Might he learn something about the White Walkers? Might he learn about Jon Snow’s true parentage? Bradley thinks they’re both possibilities, although he can’t reveal too much on account of the fact that the cast members haven’t gotten scripts yet. That was a nice move on the producers’ to send these guys out into the press before they have anything concrete to spoil.

Finally, IMDb had John Bradley interviewed by filmmaker and uber-nerd Kevin Smith, where it’s pointed out that Sam doesn’t have the same accent as the rest of his family. Huh.

It’s nice to see that Smith is invested in the show. It’s not surprising, but it’s nice.


  • Sophie, in comic con panel, said Kit(Jon) farts too much. OTOH, Jon Bradley, in his recent reddit AMA, said Kit is very attractive and vouched is anyone smells him they would know. lol. If Sophie’s version is true then John probably was sarcastic.

  • very glad to have this little collection of videos of john bradley, one of the most gifted in the very gifted actors that is the cast of GOT.

    i’m always surprised when people complain about the scenes that feature sam. in fact i think it’s pretty clear that sam ‘represents’ GRRM’s personal projection into the narrative — so if you like GRRM, you ought to love sam.

    moreover, these videos bolster my surmise that sam is going to play an absolutely pivotal role in the overall denoument of the story. i’m not equally certain about each of the following items, but i think it’s at least possible that, while at the citadel, he could
    [a] discover the ‘recipe’ for forging valyrian steel — a crucial weapon against the Others [white walkers]
    [b] discover some documentation proving jon snow’s lineage [R+L=J] — whether or not jon proves to be ‘legitimate’ [thus corroborating bran’s visions for any doubters]
    [c] write a history of all these res gestae — a fitting tribute to the ‘red book of westmarch’ in tolkien’s works

    and boy, if those wouldn’t make sam interesting to all readers/viewers, then probably nothing could. but to be honest, i am routinely charmed [and impressed] by john bradley’s own intelligence and personality, which emerge whenever he is interviewed.

    • I agree with all your prognostications about Sam’s importance to the story going forward, and would even take them a step or two further. If the TV show preserves the character of Marwyn the Mage and the conspiracy to steal his compendium of magical lore gleaned from all over the known world of Planetos, there are going to be additional ramifications regarding such matters as how to control dragons, communication via glass candles and other magical properties of obsidian, the function of that horn Sam’s carrying around and other potentially useful applications of magic in the War for the Dawn – possibly even some crucial forgotten details of how greyscale came into the world.

      Remember when Littlefinger said, “Knowledge is power,” and Cersei countered with “No – power is power”? She may have been right in the short term, but Baelish’s long view will prevail on many fronts. Sam’s gift is knowing how to find knowledge, grasp its significance and apply it appropriately. And that, I predict, will make him one of the primary heroes of the tale.

      • beautifully put, in every word. thanks for this extraordinarily helpful comment. among other things, you make an excellent point: using the power/knowledge fulcrum, it’s clear that jon : sam :: power : knowledge. yes, exactly!

        are you blogging about this stuff yourself? you certainly should be. you’ve definitely got the goods! and you write so well.