Bran Stark Featured Game of Thrones Interview Season 6

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) on how the Night King will get through the Wall

HBO’s Making Game of Thrones blog has a few new Comic-Con-centered posts up, including one where various cast members discuss their hopes and dreams for Season 7. There are a couple of juicy bits in there, but the best comes from Isaac Hempstead Wright, who’s been playing Bran Stark for five seasons now. He has an idea about how the Night King might lead his army of White Walkers through the Wall and into Westeros.

Bran’s got this mark from the Night’s King on his arm; it ruined the magic of the cave. I think it might ruin the magic of the Wall. I reckon Bran will have a dilemma about whether or not he goes through the Wall.

First of all, I note that Wright calls him “the Night’s King,” rather than “the Night King,” which is nice, but not terribly important. His theory is interesting. As you may recall, in “The Door,” the Night King grabbed Bran during one of the latter’s weirwood visions (how he can interact with Bran at these times, we don’t know). This broke the protective spell surrounding the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave, and you know the rest. The Night King broke in, Summer died, Hodor held the door, and the world wept.

Later in the season, Benjen told us that the Wall was protected by powerful spells that kept the White Walkers at bay. If the Night King’s mark on Bran’s arm allowed him to breach the protective spells around the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave, might they allow him to breach the ones around the Wall? More importantly, will Bran figure this out, and if he does, what will he do? Wright thinks the character may have a “dilemma” about whether to pass through the Wall, but that seems like a dilemma with a clear answer: don’t let the White Walkers into Westeros, Bran!

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) also weighed in with her theories about Season 7, although she’s keeping Sansa’s options open. “There are so many directions [Sansa] could go,” Turner said.

She could really embrace the power that she has and go on to be something of a leader alongside Jon. She could be very embittered by the whole thing and try to take Littlefinger’s side. Maybe she’ll have a taste for killing and develop a sadistic side.

Those are some grave prognostications. I note that, during the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con, Turner said that she wants Littlefinger on the Iron Throne. You ever get the idea she’s messing with us?

Sansa and Littlefinger official

Turner also offered more general predictions. “I really just want to see the Cersei/Daenerys face-off,” she said. She wasn’t alone. Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) is also excited to see the two of them meet, although she’s leaving open the possibility that it won’t go as badly as everyone is expecting. “Maybe they’ll just get on really well? Like, hey girl?”

But before that can happen, Daenerys has an ocean to cross. Emmanuel hopes nothing bad happens to her along the way. “I hope to see Daenerys in Westeros. We’re heading there. I hope she makes it.” What could stop her progress? We’ve got a few ideas.

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) is betting that Daenerys runs into trouble along the way. “I’m hoping to see an epic sea battle,” he said. “I feel there’s one coming in the cards.” Meanwhile, Kristian Nairn (Hodor) is banking on a land-based war. “In my opinion, the Walkers are going to steamroll the Lannisters, so there’s going to be a huge battle and they’re going to die. I can’t wait.” So giant battles no matter how to slice it, then.

Daenerys, Tyrion, and Missandei Official

Finally, John Bradley (Sam Tarly) is hoping that his character makes the most of his time in Oldtown. “I hope he does what he promises he’s going to do,” he said.

I want him to go to the Citadel and do something that’s going to have an effect on the greater good. He’s not there for a holiday or easy life. I want him to discover something.

With all those books, surely there’s something that will help in the war effort. Do you think there’s anything to these predictions? Have at it.


  • This is what I’m thinking…..from the books, they don’t want to bring the ‘horn’s’ in……… they are going to bring the wall down with Bran. I would prefer the horns, because as of now, we have on the show Sansa and Arya going down a bad path, and then Bran will be the cause of the wall coming down……….that only leaves Jon doing something good. I really don’t care for it.

  • If Bran cuts his arm off but the wall falls anyway before he gets to it, it would be tragic. Jaime lost the hand that pushed him out the window, so I see the symmetry. I’m watching episode 1 season one again soon for clues as to what led bran to climb the wall in the first place.
    I hope Sam quickly learns details on the Azor Ahai prophecy and where Lightbringer could be hidden. With only 14-15 episodes left it’s a little urgent. We forget that he also has Crasters 100th baby offering to the Others with him, and a person who has the right genetics to still be turned by the Nights King.
    Maybe Melisandre couldn’t make any more smoke babies because she used her last egg, being 2000 years old and all. Was the newly introduced Meereen Red Priestess with Deanerys fleet? She should have Smoke Baby skills, too.
    I like Sophie as an actress and don’t see much merit in a lot of the complaints. Sansa is super spoiled early in the books and the actress fits that character. The contrast to Aryas more likable feistiness is where a lot of people see her faults, but we forget that the downside is Arya will eventually become Dexter.
    I think one of the main cast members is a faceless man or Red Priestess in disguise. The prime suspect in Deanerys team would be Mesandai. I have multiple suspicions for the Westeros gang.
    If I had a question for the cast at SDCC it would be: “do you ever go on fan sites and make comments about your character incognito?”.

  • Doesn’t Sam have The Horn that can bring down the wall? And isn’t crazyass Euron on his way to Oldtown for some reason? It’s been years since I read the books but if that’s right, hopefully Sam reads up on it quickly and finds a safe place for it. Of course, if Bran passes the wall it’s all for naught.

  • He must go through the Wall if he likes it or not. Otherwise the Night King will catch him, go through the Wall with him and then kill him. Its simple like that….

  • I recall that in the episode when Bran & Meera are saved from the Wights by Benjen, there was a discussion by the campfire about the White Walkers. Benjen told Bran something to the effect that “when the time comes, you will know what to do”.

    • Bran and Jon may develop a way to use the Night King’s mark on Bran to their advantage. Along the lines of letting the NK think that Bran is south of the Wall, when in reality he is hidden north of it somewhere. The NK shows up, shoots magic missiles at the Wall to no avail, powers down the wight army so he has enough juju for one more stab at it, still no go. Then Bran rides up, tall in a Tyrion saddle: “oh, my bad, was I supposed to be on the other side of the Wall? Would your magic have worked then?” Cue the VS and obsidian arrowheads raining down on the whole WW/wight army. Except for the NK himself. Can’t just kill him, he’s also a Stark.

  • Some of the predictions really don’t work.

    Cersei and Dany are NOT going to become BFFs! Cersei is Queen and Dany has crossed the Narrow Sea with an army to become Queen. Something has to give. Also, there’s a nasty backstory between the families. Tywin was the Mad King’s Hand and then broke with him. That’s why Jamie was forced to become a Kingsguard. He could not inherit Casterly. Tyrion, who Tywin hated and how might have been a Targaryan, would take over there. Neither woman has much trouble killing people who get in their way.

    The sea battle is an interesting idea but it would almost all be computer graphics. Remember that wonderful last shot of Dany’s fleet? The only live action really was the whole group of actors on deck. All the rest was added in. To do a sea battle, they’d need a lot of CGI and probably would have to do it Blackwater fashion: a lot of quick films interspersed within the graphics. I would bet that would be done early in the season. Note that there’s a long filming time in Iceland in dead of winter. A few quick scenes could be done with CGI. For a long scene, it’s better to be there. I expect a big battle in the North near the end of the season. And probably that would involve the White Walkers.
    It makes more sense to get these battles out of the way: the destruction of Euron and Cersei moving away from King’s Landing or dead in Season Seven. That way in Season 8, which is only six episodes there is time for Jon Snow and Dany to work out some way of fighting the White Walkers, perhaps greatly assisted by Sam. And wouldn’t it be a kick to find Gendry working as a smith, creating weapons that worked?

  • If a mere touch from the Night’s King can breach the magic of the Wall if Bran passes through it, then why can’t the Night’s King simply breach the Wall himself? Even if your theory requires that the Night’s King put a mark on someone human, why has the Night’s King been trapped behind the Wall all this time? The Night’s King has had centuries to put marks on the arms of men from the Night’s Watch and wildlings. Both men of the Watch and wildings breach the Wall. For centuries, wildlings have either gone around the Wall or climbed over it to raid villages just south of the Wall. And the Wall doesn’t extend infinitely; it’s 100 leagues (300 miles) long.

    I can’t resist pointing out that in the books, there is no “Night’s King” running anything north of the Wall. As the author of the books points out, the Night’s King “is a legendary figure, akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have.”

    Have you even read the books?

  • In this I would like to revisit my prediction that Littlefinger is planning on making a move on King’s Landing with Sansa by his side, but to help him do this he needs a diversion. He will ally with Jon Snow with the intention of taking King’s Landing with some of his men and recognizing Jon as King in the North, Sansa will be their pact through marriage. I think Bran will think on his mark and it’s ability to unmake the Wall. One way or another, he will communicate to Jon his situation (because he needs to let Jon know of his parentage anyway), and what he thinks will happen if he goes through the wall, creating a passage for the white walkers. Whether through espionage or just simply being included on the council, Littlefinger will learn of this, and may seek to unleash the white walkers himself to keep not only Jon busy, but Dany’s invasion army. Dany, whether through a vision, prophecy (Melisandre appearance anyone?), or other means will recognize she needs to stop the undead army over the living one, and joins forces with Jon, while Littlefinger goes south to fulfill his dream of sitting the Iron Throne, choking the life out of Cersei for a second time (co-conspirator for poisoning Joffrey), only this time it will be with his bare hands, fulfilling his place in Cersei’s puzzle as the ‘valonqar’. If you’re making a face at that, it’s because I believe Cersei as the inattentive little brat she is, would easily hear one word from a dead language sound like another, and one would assume the Valyrian word for “little brother” would be close to the words for “little finger”.

    • Interesting. I would like to see GRRM give us a little more valyrian in this next book as a hint to your little finger idea. This would explain why D&D left out that part in the show.
      However I don’t think Cersie is going to live very long after Danny lands. But Little Finger can travel pretty fast…

  • Maybe Melisandre couldn’t make any more smoke babies because she used her last egg, being 2000 years old and all. Was the newly introduced Meereen Red Priestess with Deanerys fleet? She should have Smoke Baby skills, too.

  • This fan theory about the mark on Bran’s arm “bringing down the Wall” may be a popular idea, as promoted through the media, but it is so incredibly stupid and baseless for a number of reasons.

    The mark on Bran’s arm only needed to work one. And that was to bypass the magical wards inside the Cave. That’s it! It’s not a “tracking device” either, as the Night King, in the scene where he put it on Bran, has already demonstrated his own abilities as a ‘greenseer’!

    When talking about this idea, everyone has seemingly forgotten that Jon Snow had to kill the re-animated wight of Jafer Flowers after it had been brought into Castle Black, which is on the SOUTH side of the Wall. So, if there are magical wards in the Wall, then why didn’t they prevent that wight from re-animating?

    And I have to point out the obvious here; why build a 300 mile long, 700 feet high wall, and man it with an army (which was originally supposed to number in the thousands, and all nineteen forts) if MAGIC was the only thing protecting Westeros?

    The reason that the White Walkers have made no serious assault on the Wall, in all the six seasons of Game of Thrones, is because they have all the time they need. They must be aware just how understaffed the Night’s Watch are, so if they want to attack the Wall, all they have to do is scale up one of the isolated sections, and just stream into Castle Black, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and the Shadowtower (and possibly Greyguard as well) and slaughter the remnants of the Night’s Watch.

    If protective magic was an additional measure against the White Walkers, then it obviously ins’t working. And Bran didn’t learn all these magical skills, and learn all that knowledge, just to “sacrifice” himself outside the Wall. Just how dumb and anticlimatic could you get?!

    Bran is also the true King in the North and the rightful Lord of Winterfell. Jon is king under false pretences. What can he do to the Night King, when he failed to beat an amateur like Ramsay Bolton? The Knights of the Vale WON the Battle of the Bastards for the Northerners. And despite being a (possible) Targaryen, Jon is just a normal man. Bran is a greenseer who just happens to be the rightful heir to Winterfell, and is legally owed allegiance from the other Northern houses. It makes more sense for him to be the King in the North, so he can use his warging and greensight to co-ordinate the defence of the North.

    • Your last paragraph shows that you are a goose. HBO have confirmed Jon is a Targ. He is ice and fire and the prince that was promised. Also Jon was legitimised and named heir by Rob before he died.

  • In the past the nightfort had a black gate that the night’s king passed through the wall is this not an option now?

  • Not sure what episode in season 2 it was, But when Sam, Edd and Grenn were at the fist of the first men and found the dragon glass…there was a horn in the Nights Watch cloak. Sure that was the “Horn” and the show telling us that theory will NOT come together in the show.

    So there must be another way for the Nights King to make his way through without bringing the wall down.

  • I’m not so sure that Bran’s mark will allow the White Walkers passage into the seven kingdoms. The Night King was created by the Children and his mark enabled him to breach their magic in the cave. The wall, however, was not built by the Children so by that logic (as simple as it seems) I don’t think Bran’s mark would work twice. That being said, Bran himself may be paranoid that it might work even if it doesn’t and it would make for an interesting decision on his part whether to pass the wall to reconnect with Jon, or sacrifice himself so the White Walkers cannot pass (as temporary as that may be) as a stall tactic.

    • It’s just a silly fn theory that’s gotten popular, but collapses under the slightest scrutiny. And no, there’s too much invested in Bran’s character and storyline for him to sacrifice himself to delay an inevitable outcome. The White Walkers already had a wight brought south of the Wall in Season 1, so they don’t need Bran’s mark to help them through. They’re coming through no matter what!