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Sophie Turner goes blonde, Nathalie Emmanuel up for playing Iron Man, and more

It’s time for another Game of Thrones celebrity roundup. What are the cast members getting up to in the off-season?

To start, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) has gone full Daenerys Targaryen, by which I mean she’s dyed her hair pale blonde. Behold:

I did a thing….. 💆🏼

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We don’t know when exactly Turner will start shooting scenes for Season 7, but odds are it’ll be after the blonde has faded from her hair. Either that, or Sansa will have a bold new look in for the new year. Or, you know, a wig. Maybe she and Daenerys could bond over their shared hair color when the Dragon Queen finally makes her way north.

Speaking of Daenerys, the actors who’ve played her confidants have been keeping busy. For example, according to Games Radar, when Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) was asked at the recent San Diego Comic-Con what gender non-specific character she’d like to play, she gave this crowd-pleasing response:

I quite like the Iron Man films. There seems to be this issue of women in technology and science films and things like that, and I think the idea of playing some sort of science whiz that also kicks butt like Iron Man could be fun.

Marvel recently announced that, in the comics, the role of Iron Man will be taken up by a teenage science whiz named Riri Williams, pictured here:

Emmanuel may not be a teenager, but the resemblance is there, and who’s to say Marvel Studios couldn’t age the character up for a movie? Make this happen, fate.

Nathalie Emmanuel

Meanwhile, Emmanuel’s onscreen love interest Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) recently stopped by a college in Plymouth, England to talk to teenagers in the National Citizen Service, a social development program for 15-17-year-olds. “Being an Ambassador for NCS is truly an honour and I was so pleased to have the chance to get involved with the programme and see for myself what the teenagers get up to during the course,” he said. “My youth was hard at times but I had people that believed in and supported me, so this is my chance to give back.”

The world is a tough place for the younger generation at the moment, which means we need to do what we can to encourage an attitude where they can hold their head high, stay resilient and achieve something meaningful and gratifying.

Moving down the list of Daenerys devotees, Entertainment Tonight has a new trailer for Harley and the Davidsons, starring Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis) as one of the founders of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. Vroom vroom and so forth.

Huisman plays Walter Davidson, who founded the company with his brother Arthur in 1903. They worked together with their friend Bill Harley, who will be played, funnily enough, by Game of Thrones’ Robert Aramayo (Young Ned Stark). Game of Thrones cast members unite!

Finally, Kit Harington appears in a commercial for Nissan’s new Infiniti Q60 luxury vehicle. Like all the best car commercials, it is very self-serious. Enjoy:

That’s William Blake’s “Tyger, Tyger” he’s reciting, by the way. What it has to do with sports cars, I’m not sure.

h/t Digital Spy, The Plymouth HeraldExpress


  • Ugh… Why do Redheads always feel like they have to go blonde at some point?

    Sophie is georgeous just the way she is. Obviously, it can’t stay that way for too long, but look forward to her being back to her regular Redhead self.

    • I am super unqualified to say what young women are thinking when they change their hair color, but it looks like she’s just having a lark. I remember that Maisie Williams dyed her hair blue not too long ago…I’m sure it’ll be back before long.

      • Do’h! You are right sir. She is a natural blonde.

        You’d think after I found out that Emma Stone wasn’t a Redhead and was a natural blonde, I would be more cautious of these undercover Redheads.

        Where have all the real Redheads gone these days?

  • Sophie isn’t a ginger, y’all. She’s a natural blonde. Plus, she only dyed her hair for an indie movie she’s filming this month. Have some chill, ffs…