Featured Game of Thrones Interview Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel wants more romance and action for Missandei

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is several weeks gone by this point, but MovieFone has just posted an interview it did there with Nathalie Emmanuel, known to all and sundry as Missandei, Daenerys Targaryen’s right-hand woman on Game of Thrones.

It ends up that being Daenerys’ right-hand woman is a pretty nice gig, particularly when you get to spend so much time with Emilia Clarke. “Emilia is such a doll,” she said. “We get along so well.”

I guess in our storyline, it’s mostly guys, and then it’s just us two. And it’s really, really nice to have that female companion and just like friend, and we can take time off set to sort of do girl time and go life download or whatever. So that’s really, really amazing to have.

Incidentally, the thing they must have most in common is a shared love of both love of both “Beyoncé and a good cup of tea.” That’s no better foundation for a friendship than that. I hope they have more time to go “life download” in the future.


And what’s in store for Missandei’s future? Emmanuel didn’t reveal anything specific, but did say that she’s up for doing action scenes and diving further into Missandei’s romance with Grey Worm. “I mean, playing some action would be really fun, just because it’s something outside of Missandei’s realm of what she’s done before,” she said. “War is coming, so maybe she’ll have to.”

But the romantic side is just such a sweet thing and I love it. Their storyline is so, so, so endearing, and I always enjoy working with Jacob [Anderson] (Grey Worm). He’s just wonderful. So to maybe explore that some more would be really fun. It’s so nice to watch. Whenever I see our scenes together, or our little moments together, I’m always like, “yay.” It makes me really happy.

As for Conic-Con experiences that stood out to her, Emmanuel picked the moment when she appeared on a panel (Women Who Kick Ass) with Lucy Lawless, of Xena: Warrior Princess fame, and whom Emmanuel watched growing up. And then there was a selfie:

As for her legacy on the show, Emmanuel is happy to be both representing women and people of color with her role. “It’s a real interesting time we’re living in right now,” she said. “There’s definitely a movement, especially for women and with the most recent unrest with racial unrest and tensions. It’s really, I feel so proud to represent both of those demographics like in “Game of Thrones.””


  • I love Nathalie, she’s beautiful! Likely the most beautiful woman on the show, but I want less of the Greyworm-Missandei story. It’s not in the books and it doesn’t matter to the story! Stick to the good stuff Mr. Cogman! Thanks!

  • I am indifferent. However, with the announcement of the final two shorten seasons, some of the comments I read by D&D were the story was winding down and there wasn’t enough material for two full seasons. I find that statement ridiculous. The early season’s were full of slower side stories and by example the Missandei and Greyworm story would be an excellent example of material they could use to fill 6-7 more episodes.

  • Kill her off, there’s not enough screen time left for that meaningless drivel. Sub-par character at best.

  • Crap character crap storyline with the crappiest of crap Greyworm. The character would have been more interesting if she was ten like the books.

  • sadly, all the girl-actors i really enjoyed are DEAD NOW! but, saving the fact that all the female roles are filled with girls that are easy on the eyes.

    i thought Doreah was going to introduce me to a new understanding of life, NOW SHE IS DEAD!. thanks alot!

    and Margaery Tyrell… i’ve never seen a relatively normal featured face, spark into such an incredible, inviting, enchanting, and electric smile. certainly one of the best smiles i have seen come from another human being. i have not entirely figured-out why, but i think some of it has to do with those fantastic bubbly cheeks when she turns-on those pearly whites. what a great smile.

    even Daenerys’s petite stature is H/W proportional and noice, for being such a shorty. just teasing D, calm those dragons.

    but yeah, get some babies going and long live the GoT story. by saying that, i am not saying the red-wedding… but actual baby-rearing and NOT being feed to dogs.

  • Well Dany is barron and after Joffrey and Ramsay probably turned Sansa lesbian. So I wouldn’t be counting on that.

  • Have her become part of Daenerys’ family. She should marry Jon and help create more beautiful Targaryens.

    • Natalie is like many actors and actresses, completely unaware of how story structure, pacing, and tone work. Sophie Turner is another one who is a big fan of saying stupid things that make no sense in the world of Planetos. D&D are the worst of all.

  • I just love the outspoken romance between Missandei & Grey Worm as well as the unspoken romance between Jaime & Brienne. There are such a few ongoing couples a throughout the seasons in Game of Thrones, I can’t help but root for them.

  • Yeah, I think Missandei deserves that, but it looks like that ship has maybe sailed because they never touched the romance between Missandei and grey worm after like one or two episodes. Nothing in season 6. But you never know, they are going overseas together 👌

    • I’d say their romance is going strong. Grey Worm and Missandei are as solid as Sam and Gilly, they just don’t get romantic scenes together.

  • To think that they kill the character of Barristan in a really cheap way to give more highlights to Missandei and Grey Worm meaningless relationship, and make them look awkward besides Tyrion for a season. Shame!

    • Barristan died serving with honor, all he ever wanted was to serve a monarch that wasn’t mad or a drunk. To serve for life. Around comrades he respected. He earned that much.