Bran Stark Featured Game of Thrones Interview Season 7

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) on filming Season 7 late and the end of Game of Thrones

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) appeared alongside Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi at Monday’s concert event, where it was announced that Djawadi would be touring the country and playing music from the show. While there, IGN caught up with Wright and asked him about the much-discussed end of Game of Thrones, which is scheduled to happen at the end of Season 8.

It’s kind of like, you don’t really want it to end. We really are like a family. For many of us, it’s been seven years of our lives that we’ve been doing this. Every year it’s become like clockwork and a regular part of our existences, so to think that it’s all going to end I think there will be many an existential crisis for most of us.


Wright spent some time away from the set during filming for Season 5, but returned with relish for Season 6 and had what was arguably Bran Stark’s best year to date. The show may be coming to an end soon, but hopefully Bran’s story continues to be compelling going into the endgame.

Speaking of which, Wright touched on filming for Season 7, which won’t be happening until later in the year, so the producers can shoot in colder, snowier conditions more befitting a Westerosi winter.

It feels weird, starting so much later, because usually by now we’ve been in Belfast for a couple of weeks [filming] and we’re ready to come home, but what’s slightly terrifying is the prospect that we’re filming over winter now. It’s going to be even colder.

It’ll be colder, but suffering for your art is the best thing for it, right?

Bran Stark

Wright says he hasn’t received any scripts yet, so he’s as in the dark as we are concerning what Bran will be up to in 2017. The last we left him, he’d been dropped off on the north side of the Wall. Time to cross.