Davos Seaworth Game of Thrones Interview Liam Cunningham

Liam Cunningham on how Game of Thrones has changed his career

When Irish-born actor Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) first read the scripts for HBO’s Game of Thrones, he recognized that the show would be a hit, but wasn’t prepared for the fame that it would bring him. Recently, Cunningham spoke with Today FM presenter Danny O’Reilly on A Different Side. He chatted about his newfound stardom and the unexpected cultural impact Thrones has had worldwide.

I knew it was going to be good but I’d no idea it was going to be so huge, but I don’t believe anybody knew. When I read the first episode I knew this was gold. It was such a magnificent, mad anarchic story. When you compress my career down it looks like not many years, but I was an overnight success after 27 years.

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Before signing on to Game of Thrones, Cunningham had already been working in film and TV for almost 20 years, appearing in everything from big budget summer blockbusters to small indie productions. (Check him out in The Guard or Dog Soldiers, trust us.) “[W]e won the Palme d’Or with Wind That Shakes The Barley,” he said, reminiscing. “I’ve worked with Spielberg and all sorts of people, but I can still disappear off the radar for a while, and people forget about me, and I kind of like that.”

But Game of Thrones has changed that because now everyone knows who I am; I’ve been outed so to speak. My ego is too big anyway, I don’t need to be famous because I know how wonderful I am!

We seriously doubt Cunningham has much of an ego, although if he did, it would be hard to blame him. Cunningham’s portrayal of Ser Davos stands out even among this show’s wonderful cast. Seeing him rail at Melisandre for killing Shireen, and the wounded expression on his face when she revealed that Stannis allowed it to happen, was one of the highlights of the season. We only hope and pray that Ser Davos survives the series and quietly retire to some corner of Westeros.

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    • An amazing scene. I love how his anger turns to hurt when Mel throws it back that Stannis let it happen.

  • seems obvious to me. all HBO needs to do is sac the director and get some of these characters going. this show should ride for another ten years… easily. jesus, from what i can tell, the books are far more fantasy-based and the show began missing content from season 1. whats up with that?

    seriously though, and i hate to say it because the show builds drama by killing prominent characters. all they have to do is put a circle around Liam’s name, give him a larger part in the story, sit back and watch him start to glow.

    Headey is doing a fine job for Westeros and she needs to be there! but, if it was not her on the throne, Liam would be an outstanding King! assuming he could stay alive,lol.

    Liam is centered for his roll. Alfie is centered. but many characters need some help. less i mention Sansa, either she is the hell hath no furry goddess-of-coolness or the director is just not getting it.

    HBO is just turning a great story into some Mcdonalds fast-food lunch, unbelievable. well, thats fantasy for you.

  • I didn’t realize Liam was the same bad guy in dog soldiers. I hated his character in dog soldiers, but thought he was such a kind dude in got, I thought oh he must be a nice dude in real life like Davos, then I rematches dog soldiers and was like wow he is just a great actor

  • Can anyone think of a better cast series in the history of television? The Monty Python, original Saturday Night Live, the Andy Grifith and Cheers cast were great, but didn’t quite have the number of perfect fit characters.

  • I love Davos. When I saw that GOT was heading to the finish and with less episodes per season, I was really disappointed. I am a tortured viewer who enjoys both the action scenes and the tediousness of the back stories and the so called political/backroom maneuvering. I read in an article that D&D said part of the reason for less episodes were the stories are winding down and some key characters will die leaving less to tell. I just don’t buy it. I’d love to see more stories, including back stories on Davos, the Hound, Greyworm, Melisandre, Littlefinger, Brienne, Varys, Bronn, Jorah, Missandei, Sam & Gilley, and Meera. How can there not be enough filler for 6-7 more episodes? I’d rather D&D just say they are tired of GOT and ready to move on. Or, at least say, we are getting the same budget for a 10 episode season, now spread over six episodes, because of all the battle sequences and the computer needs for soldiers, ships, white walkers, dragons, and dire wolves.

  • Liam my man, I’ve thought you were a dynamite actor since War of the Buttons. Game of thrones were lucky to get you.

  • One thing Liam should be congratulated for – something that Americans might not pick up on – is his pitch-perfect Geordie accent in the show.

    His natural accent is a beautiful Irish brogue. But, since Sean Bean told David and Dan right at the start that he couldn’t do an English RP (Received Pronunciation) accent and that they’d have to stick with his Yorkshire accent – it was established that all other actors playing characters from the North would have to have northern English accents. Most follow Sean Bean and do a generic Yorkshire accent, but Liam decided to go a bit further north to the area around Newcastle on Tyne where they speak a very distinct accent known as Geordie.

    Odd really that no-one in the show has tried to do a Scouse accent (Liverpool)

    • I’m broad Yorkshire and quite often wince at the Yorkshire accent attempts. Thankfully it doesn’t spoil the show for me.

      And now I have a mental image of some curly haired guys during a battle scene running around shouting ‘ey ey.. Calm down Calm down’ haha.

  • “I was an overnight success after 27 years.”

    Cunningham has a great sense of humor. But more importantly, he is a great actor. I don’t recall seeing him in any other role, but, I hope gets an award for his work on GoT.

    • He really does have a great sense of humour. Whenever he appears at Comic-Con or at GoT premieres, he is consistently the funniest member of the cast in interviews. And his humour is so natural. And he always leaves you with the feeling that he’s one of the nicest, most genuine blokes on earth.

      All hail Ser Davos!

    • Hrs been in some big budget deals too. He was a companion to Perseus in the Clash of the Titans remake. Haha I only noticed it a few months ago after rewatching after 5 or 6 years.

  • He’s also a remarkably bright and politically engaged guy. His Twitter feed is at least as much about global affairs as it is about showbiz. Of all the GoT cast, Liam’s the one I’d most like to knock back a few pints and schmooze with (though he’d likely call it craic rather than schmoozing).

      • *All humans. He is an advocate for victims outside mainstream journalism. Really engaged against the suffering of children. He is a wonderful person.

  • Yes! The Guard is an excellent film. Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t seen it since GoT began, so it will be on my viewing list during this long wait.