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Funnies: George R.R. Martin meets Murder She Wrote, Thoros of Myr’s weird gig, and more

Months after Season 6 is over, Game of Thrones parodies and spoofs still rule the internet. Here are a bunch of them.

We being our journey at College Humor, and a video called Why Summer is Women’s Winter. It’s all a play on the Stark words, Winter is Coming. It’s a little, well, college humorous, but points for effort.

I can’t say I’m familiar with the idea of women freezing in the summer months while men enjoy the air conditioning. Is this really a thing?

Next, we have a hilarious GIF from El Pinko at Giphycat, a spoof Murder She Wrote. Only instead of Angela Lansbury as amateur detective Jessica Fletcher, we have George R.R. Martin as himself. I give you: Murder He Never Finished.

Note that George R.R. Martin is writing about Clegaebowl, a long-held fan theory about brothers Sandor and Gregor Clegane. “Clegane-Bowl was not the jolly day it had been marketed as…” If the show is any indication, Cleganebowl might never happen, so we may have to make due with this. There’s also the added bonus of George R.R. Martin’s head bobbing happily along on Angela Lansbury’ body.

Thoros of Myr

Here’s an odd tidbit: Did you know that the actor who portrays Thoros of Myr on Game of Thrones, Paul Kaye, had a gig back in the 90s where he trolled Hollywood stars on the red carpet? Kaye would dye his hair red, wear thick glasses, and crash celebrity events in character as celebrity interviewer Dennis Pennis. Once the stars were lulled by his false credentials and seemingly ambiguous questions, he would turn the interview on a dime and ask something mean-spirited…or funny, depending on how you look at it. Here’s that:

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way that’s Paul Kaye!” Well, by way of proof, Kaye recorded a video much later in life reminiscing about his time as Pennis.

See? I told you it was him. And now Kaye has a role as a powerful Red Priest on the most popular television series on the world. Based on when we saw him last, it looks like he’ll be returning for Game of Thrones Season 7. Life is weird.

Finally, since we’re in the midst of the 2016 Summer Olympics, it seems only fitting that we re-purpose this 2014 video of former Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance giving a pep-talk to Rugby fans before the Rugby World Cup. Watch and be inspired.

“There will be pain. And there will be blood.” It’s hard to watch this and not hear Tywin Lannister.


  • Razor,
    That’s what I’m talking about, nice article. A nice collage of things all tied together with humor. No one needed to die of a heroin overdose!

  • Yes, it’s a thing. Keeping an ‘office sweater’ is definitely a dual-purpose thing. Many women suspect that our male officemates deliberately turn the AC way too high in order to ogle our, ahem, ‘high-beams.’ In businesses where men have to wear suits and ties all day all year round, it may have more to do with them just being overdressed for summer.

    To be fair, sometimes a menopausal female boss afflicted with frequent hot flashes can be the thermostat culprit.

  • Yes, many women freeze during the summer months. Even while watching the video, I was thinking that it was too bad she didn’t have a sweater at her desk.

    In my experience, roughly 1/3 of women keep a portable heater under their desk – which is used only during the winter months. And it’s not unheard of to see a woman working while wearing a pair of knit gloves.

  • Yep, AC is a thing. Reason? Dress code. During summer we could wear light blouses with a skirt or dress pants, or alternately a smart dress, while men had to appear in a whitecollar longsleeve polo with tie. If we’d be in conference they’d need a prim and proper suit jacket also and those look very warm, while again for us a thin blazer sufficed, not even required if you’d wear a dress. All day long they’d loosen that tie of theirs running a finger through it and they’d ramp the AC up to 11, while we’d freeze.