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Another Game of Thrones cast member turns up in Belfast

Game of Thrones

Last week, Game of Thrones cast members started to turn up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, long the filming capital for the show. There was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister)…

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and fan

…Stark sisters Maisie Williams (Arya) and Sophie Turner (Sansa)…

…and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark).

Also, Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) was spotted on a plane heading into the city. As filming for Game of Thrones Season 7 gets up and running, we’ll likely see more cast members stream into Basfast. Yesterday, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane) posted a photo of himself enjoying a steak dinner, accompanied by the hashtags #BelfastCity and #GameofThrones. It appears that The Mountain That Rides is back and ready for action.

Steak for dinner tonight 🙏 #BelfastCity #ThorsPower #GameOfThrones

A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

Compared to what I expected, the Mountain had a pretty low-key role in Season 6. Sure, he caved in a couple of skulls, but mostly he served as Cersei’s strong, silent protector. His part in Cersei’s plan to blow up the Sept of Baelor amounted to guarding Tommen’s door so the young king would remain safe, and that was no help in the end.

Still, I don’t think the producers would go to the trouble of showing us Gregor Clegane’s death and reanimation if he didn’t have a bigger role going forward. If Cersei is going to try and fight Daenerys, he’ll be more important to her than ever. Can the Mountain take down a dragon? It seems unlikely, but it’s better than nothing.


We’ll be on the lookout for most cast arrivals as production on Game of Thrones Season 7 gets underway.


  • “Can the Mountain take down a dragon?”

    What is interesting, Hafthor was interviewed last Friday by Polish site westeros.pl in Katowice, Poland and he said, and I quote “I would like to die fighting two dragons. One I would kill, the other would kill me” =)

    • He was called the Mountain that RIDES, not the Mountain that FLIES…wouldn’t stand a chance against a Dragon.

  • Well, now I want a steak. More specifically, that steak. But I would share it. That’s a lot of steak for me. Like, “finish this without puking and it’s free” size. He of course looks like it will fuel him just enough to yawn.

  • “Can the Mountain take down a dragon?”

    HELL YEA! .. if he fights with that armor on from S6 , i think he can take down one of the smaller ones , maybe both , but for sure get toasted by drogon.. or at least take a smaller one down and get jumped by the others.
    either way he can take a dragon.. he’s THE MOUNTAIN!

  • Oh no! Not more victims of D & D saving on their CGI bill! Please-we’ve already lost too many direwolves!

  • As a Los Angeleno , I’ll trade Belfast all of the Kardashians for Arya… or Sansa… or Jaime… or any GoT cast member. Grey Worm? Thoros of Myr? Beric Dondarrion? We’ll even take Walder Frey.

    … What’s that you say? Not a chance? Didn’t think so. Can’t blame you.

  • No more dead Starks! No more dead direwolves! No dead dragons! I would accept one dead Mountain, especially at the hands of one living Hound and traveling companion.

  • I’d like to see all three Sand Snakes take him on at the same time. He kills all three, but one (possibly Obara) lands a killing blow before she dies.

  • It would be ironic if Ser Gregor met his end not with dragon’s fire, but is set ablaze by the Hound somehow. He’ll press his face to the fire like a nice, juicy mutton chop.

    Fire seems like the only way to kill the Mountain methinks.

  • Know what is weak about Got is that producers only keep war, death and character locking about the story.