Daario Naharis Featured Game of Thrones Interview Season 7

Michiel Huisman on whether Daario Naharis will return for Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones

The last time we saw Daario Naharis, Daenerys was leaving him behind in Meereen while she sailed across the Narrow Sea. It wasn’t the outcome Daario wanted. Sure, the dragon queen gave him an important responsibility, but he’d have preferred to stay at her side (and in her bed) during her invasion of Westeros. But hey, at least he lived. That’s more than many Game of Thrones characters can say.

Michiel Huisman has played Daario since Season 4, when he took over the role from Ed Skrein). He seems to know that his longevity is something of an aberration. “Being part of Game of Thrones, you’re always expecting your character to die,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “You’re not mentally preparing yourself for a very long haul.”


And technically, that haul isn’t over. When Daenerys let Daario down easy in “The Winds of Winter,” I assumed it was the last we’d see of him. But that doesn’t have to be the case. ET came right out and asked him whether the character might return. Huisman’s response was maddeningly ambiguous.

Yes I do, and I’m not supposed to spoil that.

So someone from the show told Huisman whether he was coming back, and cautioned him not to spoil it. Would a producer bother adding the caveat about spoilers if there wasn’t anything to spoil? Put another way, why would the production bother telling Huisman about his future on the show if he didn’t have one?

You could read Huisman’s comment in a number of ways, but I think it implies that we haven’t seen the last of Daario Naharis. We’ll keep our eyes peeled to see if Huisman pops up on set during filming season.

Beyond Game of Thrones, Huisman is a busy man. For example, he plays Harley-Davidson founder Walter Davidson in the Discovery Channel’s upcoming miniseries about the iconic motorcycle company. The first episode this Monday, September 5.

Going forward, the actor would like to try his hand at comedy. “I’ve read a couple of good scripts. There’s one that we’re going after right now,” Huisman said. “That is something that, yeah, I think I would love doing that. I don’t know if I’m good at it. And I think I would probably enjoy it. I would probably have a good time doing it.” Ride on.


  • As I recall from the last episode, Daario will rule Meereen until it’s people choose their own leader. I think he will eventually come to Westeros in season 7.

  • i have to preface this post. because any girl that can ride a flying dragon, bareback, while wearing high-heels, is ok in my book.


    this show started-off ok. in the later seasons… i am just not getting enough bitch-slapping happiness! did Daario deserve to get bitch-slapped by Daenerys? i think so. i don’t expect Daenerys to die but, leaving behind a committed lover is probably a bad idea. then… a little half-ling runt… running all over Westeros shooting his mouth off, gets the cuff-links, go figure.

  • Darn. I like Huisman, but with only seven episodes for next season, I had hoped we were done with Daario (and by extension Meereen).

    • I hope too. From my point of view he is maybe the worst acted from the main characters (meaning the one, which do have more lines in serie). The former actor was excellent, Husmain is maybe good in romantic comedies, but not as Dario

      • Ed Skrein was a better Daario….He was more mysterious and dangerous. I really enjoyed how he teamed to fight with Jorah and GreyWorm in Yunkai and I think the romance with Daenerys would have had more passion….To me, Daario would have been a far more dynamic and interesting character in the series had they stuck with Ed.

      • I agree that Skrein was more mysterious and better in that aspect of Daario. But, I really liked the IDGAF attitude that Huisman had. Cocky, badass, sarcastic… It really fit for me. If they were going to stray from the book so far I liked where they strayed with Huisman.

  • I will miss Daario and Huisman next season. He brought some humor and warmth to Dany’s stiff character. It made it easier to endure her plodding plot line. I hope he returns in the last season. It feels odd when characters just stop appearing… As for Ed, I could not have endured his one-faced cringeworthy appearances. IMHO

  • I really prefer huisman to Daario more depth in acting, the other guy was a little one dimension pony trip. I believe in Daario as a character when huisman plays him.
    That’s my thoughts.

    • I agree 100%. I always thought the first guy (skrein?) was mismatched for that role, one-dimensional and looked like a douche. Maybe without the long flowing locks he could have worked.

      • Thing is, in the books, Daarhio has long hair and its died blue or some color, same with his beard. And he dresses real flamboyant too. So the long hair of Skrein making the character look like a douche actually fits the original character much better than Huismann.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of Huismann as Daarhio, but can’t give an honest opinion on Skrein bc I didn’t see enough of him, but what I did see, the killing and fighting, I liked.

  • Maybe now he can return for Orphan Black’s final season. He wasn’t in season 4 at all and Keira misses her daddy.

  • Huismans Daario was one of my least favourite characters, way too much of a pretty boy to be the leader of a free company let alone a former pit fighter, I don’t think he brought enough danger or gumption to the role that being said Skrein wasn’t much better but at least he was no where near as bland or seemed to silently scream in every scene I’m a temporary romance character filler arc.

  • More Daario please. While Huisman may have given a sometimes wooden performance, he was easy on the eyes. I wish the hasn’t watered down his character from the book, he was much more interesting and book Dany was in love with him as opposed to in lust with him like her TV counterpart.

  • I find the character utterly dispensible and was never impressed with Huisman’s performance. Will not miss him at all.

  • Wistful thinking aside, I took his comment to mean NO he is not coming back. If he were coming back I don’t think he would reveal it. He also became a most annoying character in the books and the show. The answer seemed a bit tongue in cheek.

    The breakup was extremely anti-climatic only to let us know Dany never really loved Daario he was rebound guy and new guy “King in the North whose name is STARK”. Daario was extremely annoying and appeared to smell. It’s like when your bff is dating a creep and you’re trying your best to be supportive but he won’t stop picking his nose. I am hoping he is one of the corpses flung from the trebuchet in ADWD. The whole “a queen can’t have a foreign boytoy” is true in the novels as well.

  • I want to believe it’s not for lack of trying, but he puts me to f*cking sleep. Skrein was SO much more worth watching. Whether he looked the part or not, he sold it. Huisman has NO chemistry with Clarke, none (and looks even LESS the part). He is right behind the Sand Snakes for me on the ugh-o-meter. Seriously, he hits the screen, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • He was worse than the worst sand snake. No chemistry with Daenerys, no personality, nothing. Plus his face is weird.

    I want Gendry back.