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Speculation: What do the spoilers about Daenerys mean for Season 7?

Last week, we received our first major filming spoiler for Game of Thrones Season 7, and it was a good one. What does it bode for the coming year? We hit it from a few angles.

Please turn back now if you don’t want to read SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 7. You have been warned.


Fansite Watchers on the Wall reported last week that Daenerys Targaryen will visit the Dragonpit in King’s Landing at some point during Season 7. We recently took a close look at the Dragonpit and its history, but the short of it is that the Dragonpit was built by the Targaryens to house their dragons. Basically, it’s a dragon stable. The Dragonpit is one of the largest structures in King’s Landing, along with the Red Keep the (now destroyed) Sept of Baelor. The building was severely damaged during a riot in King’s Landing roughly 150 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and has sat largely unused since. So what might Daenerys be doing there in Season 7?

Image: Fantasy Flight Games

The Dragonpit. Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Most obviously, this means that Dany will arrive in King’s Landing during Season 7. What does that mean for King’s Landing’s current rulers, Queen Cersei and House Lannister? One possibility: there is a fight, and Dany wins handily. After all, other than the Lannister soldiers and the City Guard, Cersei has few allies, whereas Daenerys seems to be bringing half of Essos, three dragons, Dorne, Highgarden, and a couple Grejoys to the battle. Even if Cersei allies with Euron Greyjoy and his thousand ships, it likely won’t be enough to stop Daenerys’ onslaught.

Furthermore, Cersei seems unwilling to willingly hand over King’s Landing to Dany’s invading army. Knowing her temperament, she seems more likely to try and burn it down like the Mad King before her. Maybe Jaime will do her in like he did in the Mad King years ago. Maybe Arya will sneak into the Red Keep and cross her name off her list. Or it could be something else entirely, but we don’t see Cersei surviving Season 7.

After she’s dead and Daenerys has taken up residence in the capitol, it would make sense for her to visit the Dragonpit. Maybe she’s looking for a new home for Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, or maybe she sees it as part of a King’s Landing sight-seeing tour. Remember: Dany has never been to King’s Landing—her mother Rhaella fled the city during Robert’s Rebellion and gave birth to Daenerys on Dragonstone. It’ll all be new to her.


Beyond finding a place to store her dragons, might she be looking for somewhere they could breed? The sex of her dragons has never been firmly established, so there’s nothing to stop them from reproducing. If the White Walkers begin their invasion of the Seven Kingdoms, more dragons would come in handy down the road. Sure, they would take years to mature, as Dany’s trio did, but no one knows how long the war with the White Walkers will last. The last time the White Walkers invaded, the conflict lasted a generation. Which is not to say this go round will, but we don’t know how long it will take. Leaving behind an egg or two as insurance would be a good idea.

Now that we’ve run through what seems to be the most likely scenario for Dany’s visit to the Dragonpit, is everyone ready for a deep dive into the crazy pool? What if Dany is at the Dragonpit as a captive and not a conqueror?

As we mentioned before, Dany’s army looks pretty unstoppable. Is there a way she could be defeated? It’s unlikely but not impossible, and it may have something to do with Euron Greyjoy.

Euron Greyjoy

How could Euron have any hope of stopping Dany? Well, in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Euron possesses a horn called Dragonbinder. He picked it up while visiting Valyria, and if he can believed, it has the power to control dragons. If he has it on the show, it’s obvious what kind of damage he could do. Imagine the dragons fighting amongst each other, or burning Daenerys’ own fleet. Theoretically, Dragonbinder can make that happen.

In the books, Euron introduces the horn at the Kingsmoot, which was loosely adapted in Season 6’s “The Door.” One of Euron’s henchmen blows it. (He later dies, burned out from the inside.) On the show, Euron doesn’t bring up the horn. Has it been cut, or are Euron and the producers trying to keep his secret weapon a secret? You don’t want to broadcast that you have a magical horn that can control dragons too early, do you?


If Dragonbinder has indeed been cut, Euron could still get the better of Daenerys, either by defeating her at sea with his thousand ships (the dragons, being too big to sleep on ships, may not be able to accompany the fleet over deep water) or kidnapping her covertly. From there, he could deliver her to Cersei. Imprisoning Dany in a building constructed by her ancestors is the kind of cruel irony that would appeal to her. And by neutralizing Daenerys, Euron and Cersei would effectively neutralize her dragons, as well. They may not act out against their mother’s captors for fear of endangering their mother.

Also, defeating Daenerys would give Euron a meaningful purpose within the show’s narrative. Right now, it looks likely that Euron is simply going to lead a suicidal charge right at Daenerys’ fleet. He wouldn’t make much impact. But if he stopped Dany and her dragons? That’s a different story.

If Daenerys and her dragons are held captive in King’s Landing, it would remove them as a weapon against the White Walkers. This could provide a lot of tension during the show’s final two seasons. Were they free, many fans would likely ask why Dany doesn’t just fly straight for the Night King and turn him and his army to ash. But if the dragons are neutralized, the White Walkers could rampage through the Seven Kingdoms unchecked. And who wouldn’t want to see that?

Tyrion and Daenerys Official

While it still seems likely that Dany will simply steamroll over Cersei and her dwindling list of minions, it’s not beyond the producers to throw us one last curve ball before the series bows out. So what say you? Is Daenerys looking out over the Dragonpit as a conqueror or as a captive in Game of Thrones Season 7?


  • Euoron doesn’t have dragon horn Victorian took dragon horn and he is already in meereen.
    even if Euron has 1000 ship how he gonna fight dragons? and how he gonna fill his ships with men? 1ship = 1 men ?
    if not Daenerys with her massive army and dragons then who gonna stop WW? Jon Snow with his 5k man? or crazy Cersei?

    • I was going to say something similar; if Euron’s carpenters are able to build 1000 ships, where are ALL the men needed to man them going to come from??? It sure looked liked the majority of the Iron Islanders fled with Theon & Asha, whereas Euron was left with a small group of followers. Even if some more come out of the woodworks or some of the more remote islands, Euron would need, what, say 20,000 men, AT A MINIMUM (20/ship) to simply man the 1000 ships???
      Somehow I don’t think that’s even remotely possible, unless the show includes it despite its lack of believability.

      • If more men left with Theon and Yara wouldn’t that mean Yara won the kingsmoot, making fleeing kind of pointless?

      • The show never payed much attention to numbers, Euron could easily get his 1000 ships with nobody saying a word about where the sailors came from.
        Anyway, though, those fleeing with Asha and Theon were a minority, the show clearly stated that, and if Euron married Cersei instead of Dany he could’ve men from every territory still loyal to the crown (which is only the Westerlands and the Crownlands, I know, but still it could be enough)

  • Hmmm, interesting.

    Hope things don’t all go ‘Quo Vadis’ for her just as she’s getting into her conqueror-goddess groove ….

  • I dunno – it seems like a plot like that would take up at least 4-5 episodes to unfold and we are running out of time… Not entirely unlikely though. Euronext does seem like a bit of a loose end at the moment….

    • I know. I keep teeter-tottering: On the one hand, it seems like Dany’s conquering of KL is in the bag. What a boring story. And a quick one. On the other hand, her running into trouble could take a long time and we would need some huge curve-ball. The dragon horn is a good option. I really don’t think it is that big of a stretch. Take those dragons out of the equation (maybe it simply “disables” them) and it is a much more even fight since it is easier to defend than to invade.

  • Whatever it is im sure Dany will make it out safe and sound.who knows maybe a couple braziers will be around for her to push over to deal with her troubles.

  • I doubt Danaerys will be a captive. As noted, Cersei has few allies. The Tyrells switched sides, the Freys are headless, the Martells still hate her. She might have Euron’s pirates but I wonder how effective they would really be against trained soldiers.
    Most likely Cersei is gone…whether dead or fled.
    Also, why would Dany be brought to the Dragonpit? Going on her own could be a sentimental move. That means she is free.
    I think Season 7 is where we lose Cersei, giving us six episodes for Jon and Dany to stop the white walkers. Actually five since I would bet the last episode would be mostly epilogue for those surviving characters.

  • It’s much more likely Cersei will flee Kings Landing when she finds out Danaerys and the dragons are real and are knocking on her door( plus everyone there will hate her even more after burning down the Sept with people in it ) Euron will probably be her rescuer and help her flee to Casterly Rock ( the one location we have yet to see and the prophecy did say that a younger prettier queen will take everything she holds dear from her )….Danearys is probably just sightseeing in Kings Landing wondering what the fuss is since it was pretty much a cesspool BEFORE the war and must smell even worse now…

  • That last one is waay too far out there. Euron doesn’t seem at all interesting enough to spend much time on, sort like Dorne on the series. I am surely terrified of him in the books however, but on the show he doesn’t even have an eye patch, although he has googly eyes but that’s not the same. I am suspecting this is a scene we will see Dany look at her dragons she imprisoned, and see the ruined dragonpit as Tyrion explains how it led to the end of the dragons. Dany will proclaim dragons to never again to have a roof over their heads most like. Since the episodes are now 2 hours long (I hope this is true) I suspect Mad Queen Cersei will cover 2 episodes.

    I am not buying the theory of the Mad Queen Dany. What would be the point of writing the book. TV is less likely to do so. Besides, Aerys never started out as a loving king, he was charming. Tyrion will broker her marriage to the King in the North at some point as well, it was too big of a nugget given in episode 610. I see that coming as Aegon intends to marry Dany in the books. If the Gods are good Martin will have the books out by years end. :)

    Euron will cause some calamity for Dany though on her way to Westeros, being either Grey Worm or Messandei. I am curious as to the plotlines for Arya and Sansa. Does Arya take on the Lady Stoneheart story line and take up with the Brotherhood since she is obviously in the Riverlands?

    Melisandre, I think she runs into Arya as mentioned in season 3. I think she is killed by a dragon or a white walker in the end. I still find it to have been cruel of Jon Snow to send a woman off alone on a horse in the start of winter along the Kingsroad after she brought him back to life. I mean she made a point that his mother AND father burned the girl alive.

  • Has anyone stopped to think about this mystical, magical dragon-taming horn? Euron claims he came by it in Valyria, right? Valyria is a city in ruins, and has been for ages (since The Doom). The only known inhabitants are The Stone Men, and how would they communicate with Euron, let alone come to some agreement over this horn?

    People who chase down anything legendary and mythical, and return empty-handed always have more fantastic stories to tell of their adventures. Who is going to doubt them? People do love hearing rich, graphic, poetic, epics. It keeps the teller in meals & ale for as long as possible. (They just disappear for more adventures every so often to keep the stories coming.

    So, Euron has this big-ass horn that tears lungs apart when any attempt to blow it. So what? So, it’s got mystical, magical inscriptions on it. So what? So, Euron’s told a tale big enough for Victarion to take possession of it. So what? Euron’s crew have all had their tongues cut out, so who’s to back up Euron’s tall-tale?
    The Doom was such a catastrophic event that nothing survived. The poem even states “The city of a thousand years, and all that men had learned, The Doom consumed it all alike”, which reads to me like confirmation of nothing surviving.
    Euron’s tale doesn’t hold water.

  • oh please please let Jamie do Cercei like he did the Mad King. That would be so game of thrones, taking his story line full circle.
    I guess the other option would be to have them die together in dragon fire. They came into the world together they will go out together.

  • Maybe as they are sailing along, killing time, Tyrion begins to tell her about Kings Landing and what she will find there. He mentioned he is a historian of dragons. So, it could be Danny’s dream of returning to Kings Landing after Tyrion describes some of these historical sites that were important to her ancestors. I know my idea is not as exciting as the others posted here.

  • I am still going way outside the box with the story that Littlefinger convinces Jon and the North to rally to Cersei’s aid. Now you are saying WHAT! Remember, no one in Westeros knows much about Dany, except she has dragons and she is the daughter of the MAD KING. Plus, there will be rumors of her bringing the Dothraki hord of rapers and pillagers with her. Cersei obviously needs troops. She may have to offer to give the North and the Iron Islands their own freedom of rule. I don’t think it is too far off to think no one in Westeros wants to go back under Tygarien rule. And, no one wants a hundred thousand Dothraki burning up the countryside. Westeros, including the North lost a lot of their relatives defeating the Targaryen dynasty. Think of it. Cersei versus Tyrion. Jon versus Dany. Theon against Uncle Euron. That would be exciting. And, maybe in the middle of the siege, after both sides get in key blows, Bran gets word to Jon that Dany is his long lost relative and the White Walkers have breached the Wall. After, some double-back stabbing ending in Cersei’s death. Maybe, Jon would convince the rest to call a truce. Jon and Dany unite. Then, they all join forces and move North to take the White Walkers.

    • I agree. There will be a raging battle between several factions and it will only be concluded by the White Walkers breach of The Wall, which will require all parties to unite against a common villain. There will already have been a large loss of lives from the battles of Cersei, Dany, Euron, etc. Their only hope will be to band together.

      • Jon will keep his eye on the prize: defeating the WW

        If Cersei or others survive this raging battle, Jon would sooner take her head and appropriate her troops.

        What if Littlefinger ‘flees’ to Cersei to tell her of the King in the North and she turns what she has left on them? But what does she have left.

        More likely, Dany attacks King’s Landing and overwhelms Cersei who sets of some of the wildfire but is unable to set it all off. This is why the throne room is in ruins in Dany’s dream. Dany will never see the throne room intact.

        The only other possible scenario is that the WW make it to King’s Landing in some sort of jump over everything between move. I doubt this though.

        Much more likely Dany takes King’s Landing and then learns of WW somehow. But there won’t be an easy alliance with Jon because huge distrust. There will have to be some way Dany proves her intentions are good. Theon comes into play at this point. He might tell Dany he is willing to give himself to Jon with the belief Jon will execute him. His sister will fight this in some way, wanting him to live.

        Jon might see Theon for what he has become because: Sansa. Then Theon returns to King’s Landing with news of WWs. Dany moves North just in time to see Wall.

        Someone in Night’s Watch makes final mistake, maybe involving Jon’s uncle and the Wall falls. WWs stream in. I believe the many betrayals in NW have weakened the magic of the Wall.

  • To everyone who thinks Dany is going to have any easy time taking control of Kings Landing without suffering some big losses you have not been paying attention to GOT.

  • We actually don’t know how much of Daeny’s forces will survive the sea crossing. I am guessing a battle with Uncle Yuron will occur before they get to King’s Landing will take out many of her Dothraki.

  • Let’s not forget about Daario. I suspect he and his Second Sons are going to side with Euron against Dany. Somehow, I think they’ll prevail against her, otherwise what was the point in introducing Euron? Thoughts?

  • Daenerys being captured would be an interesting twist, but… she just came back from captivity. If this should happen again and so soon, would be kinda dull. And will undermine her claim – who wants a ruler that can’t provide security even for themselves? Varys should be the first to turn against her, after all, he’s all about stability ;)

    I prefer the idea of her losing at least half the fleet at sea, one way or another. Makes things more interesting, and any dothraki ( except khal Moro ) gone is good news for me. Always found them extremely boring.

  • Cersi has to have an additional ally to make things interesting. She killed her Measter, so having the Citadel join her seems unlikely. But the Citadel is anti magic, and would destroy the dragons if given the opportunity. Qyburn is a bit of a wildcard, in that he may have some anti dragons connections.

  • In the books, Euron is definitely the major threat to the dragons in Westeros SPOILERS TWOW with his Horn, sure, but the fact he turned up with a Valyrian Armor in Arbor is a clear example of the power he gained in Valyria, the dragons may look at him as their master as much as Dany is but in the show he either does something really new or he’s nit going to be a major player.
    Anyway, I hope we’ll see the Queen’s Landing in KL at the end of the season, because Cersei doesn’t stand a chance against Dany’s army, so I hope Dany finds something else to do before fighting her, because that fight will be horribly boring

  • If the dragons die, I am out! LOL. Bran will warg into the dragons and save the world – or what’s left of it.

  • Couple things.
    1. Who cares?
    2. Only 13 eps left. They are filming all 13 this year…thus this scene u describe may be from season 8, not 7.
    3. Euron is done. No time left to develop him at all. His only purpose in the show was to get Theon and Yara to Dany. He will remain in his castle with his thumb up his ass or appear at the battle for KL and get immediately eaten by Drogon. Est remaining screen time in series 1 min :).

    They have no more time to develop any new/minor characters. Think of it in simple terms as this. 13 episodes. 13 main characters. If we give each one 1 hour of remaining screen time in the series in fairness. That means each gets 4.6 min per episode.

    They literally have no time left for anything other than hurtling toward the end game. Yes in the final shot as the show ends and the camera pulls back, you will see Gendry rowing in his boat way in the distance, Gilly standing around waiting for Sam holding her baby, Lady Mormont giving someone her wtf face in the North, etc. Or the show will simply kill them all off as time goes by to give more time to Dany/Jon/Tyrion.

    • I agree with the time left part.

      The battle between Euron and Dany will need to be soon if it is at sea as she will need to get to Kings Landing. Time is running out and there isn’t enough to have 2 filler episodes like Season 6 so we will see Euron fight, look like winning and then lose and at some point the WW will get through the wall which leaves Cersie either as the big death at the end of Season 7 or she makes it to season 8 and gets whacked then.

      By the end of Season 7 I expect Jon Snow to be up to his armpits in White Walkers and this will leave Season 8 for Dany to bring what’s left North and help finish them off or push them back. As someone else said the last episode will be the epic conclusion and then everyone who is left going their separate ways.

      But in true GOT style this could all be wrong and the White Walkers may just kill everyone.

  • The show reduce the magical elements to certain key characters, and Euron doesn’t seem like one, so I think they will cut Dragonbinder from the show, just my opinion.