Daniel Portman Featured Game of Thrones Interview Podrick Payne

Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne) predicts how Game of Thrones will end

There are as many theories about how Game of Thrones will end as there are stars in the sky. With just two seasons of the show and two as-yet unpublished books in the future, it’s anyone’s guess. And fans aren’t the only ones with ideas. Cast members think about it, too.

Take Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne), for example. The actor is currently in Australia for the Oz Comic-Con, where he spoke to Austrailian website News.com.au. Among other things, Portman discusses his personal theory about how Game of Thrones will end.

Brienne, Podrick, and the Blackfish Official

I don’t think there’s going to be a throne. I think the smartest thing to do is get rid of that and everybody runs their own little part, and Daenerys is the prime minister.

That’s an interesting take, and similar to something our own Corey Smith suggested during a recent Take the Black episode. In the end, Portman hopes Westeros gets a system of government that can be used as “a model for a potential socialist utopia.”

Maybe people could look at Game of Thrones and go ‘no dragons, but maybe we’ll melt down all these thrones and get rid of the monarchy and start doing real work.’

Portman was very ready to talk European politics—he was wearing a safety pin on his jacket, symbolizing that he stood against racist attacks in the UK. Portman says that after Britain’s exit from the European Union, violence in the country escalated. “We ended up, for a couple of weeks, it ended up like Nazi Germany.”

People who were different were getting the s*** kicked out of them and I’m not a fan of it so this (the saftey pin) is a sign that people who aren’t a fan of that to stand up to it and if you saw it happening, it was your responsibility to stop it happening.


Going back to Game of Thrones, Portman heaped praise on the various strong female characters in the show.

Brienne is in control of herself, Cersei is in control of almost everything, Daenerys, Arya, the coolest most badass characters are women and I think there needs to be a lot more of that in television because that’s how it is in life.

Finally, when asked how he’d like Podrick Payne to die, Portman had the perfect answer. “In a brothel …. from sexual exhaustion.” Says it all.

Podrick Payne in a whorehouse

If you live in Australia, Portman will be at Oz Comic-Con in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday at the Exhibition Center at Glebe Island. Then he’ll be in Brisbane on September 17 and 18 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


  • Good on you for wearing the safety pin. I hope people reading this follow your lead in wearing it and actively support victims of racism. Sit next to them on the bus, talk to them to distract them from the abuse, make sure they can get home ok.

      • I really hate it when politics infects this site. There are plenty of other forums for that. This is a TV show. A place where people on the right and left can come together and express their thoughts on Game of Thrones. You know it gets nasty with this kind of shit gets injected

        • ‘Infects’? Politics are an important part of life. Our political philosophies are essential components of who we are, our worldview, the way we experience life and interpret the arts. I for one find it refreshing when someone who makes his or her living in the entertainment world exhibits a degree of social and civic awareness, rather than just living in a money bubble. You don’t have to agree with the guy, but he’s entitled to his take on things. It doesn’t have to get nasty if people don’t bring the nastiness.

          • This is not a political Forum it’s a fan site. It’s nice to have a place to go and comment about things that we have in common instead of constantly be reminded of the things that divide us. There are plenty of sites to choose from to discuss your political views. Everyone seems to love the show, whatever side of the political aisle your on. I have never inserted my political views on this site, I simply asked people not to do it.

        • supporting non-violence is NOT politics; it is being humane

          so what you said is that ‘injecting humanity into this site makes this place nasty’


        • I really hate it when politics infects this site.

          Nothing political about what he said or did. He was wearing a pin that showed he was against the violence. He was being a good human being. You should be applauding the fact that a young actor cares enough about his fellow man, to support anti-violence causes.

          • Maybe we should all wear safety pins! And then next time there’s a terrorist attack like Paris, like Nice France, like San Bernardino, like Orlando, like 9:11. Maybe the Islamic terrorists will see our safety pins and decide not to kill us.

    • i completely agree. i respect him a lot for using his platform to speak on such a vital issue.

    • Arya and Gendry ❤️

      I always thought, what if Gendry is that ‘black haired beauty’ Cersei said died from a fever? What if he didn’t die but she had him taken away? Because how did the Night Watch have money to buy him like the smith told the gold cloaks that he sold him to them? And it happened just in the nick of time before they gold cloaks got there to kill him. All Gendry knows is that his mother had blonde hair 😉

      • I thought it was established or at the minimum, strongly hinted at, that Vary’s paid Gendry’s freight to get him out of KL before Cersei could get to him.

  • Sometimes I wonder if the major players are part of the new age of heroes….idk, I’m still hungover from season 6 ending lol.

  • Daenerys as minister?
    The person who’s ONLY solution in her entire leading career was “KILL EVERYONE WHO DISAGREE!”?

    I’m sure this will go on flawlessly and there won’t be wars ever again.

    • she doesn’t kill everyone who disagrees

      she kills people who killed others; for shame. are you in usa where we still have the death penalty? I bet you are.

      slavers kill and kill and kill

      the elite in the story were all of a class who killed for profit

      if one of them spoke against it, he really a. didn’t prevail b. didn’t say: I leave this city/elite now

      so, the decision was problematic at one level. on another, completely understandable. she was appalled and angry after passing 256 tortured to death CHILDREN. and remember her brother sold her at 13

      sexism is rampant among got fans. I rarely even bother to comment on it; however, when we get to this dany hate, which mixes sexism with racism, I get madder than hell

      • “slavers kill and kill and kill”
        And Daenerys kill and kill and kill.
        Since the minute she’s got the unsullied army she’s done nothing but riding around everywhere and killing everything.

        She killed the Khals, which you will justify with “They are murderers and rapists! They deserved to die anyway!”

        But when a healer ‘killed’ killed Khal Drogo (because he was a murderer and rapists and SHE was raped 3 times by his horde ), and Daenerys killed her, you’ll justify that as well!

        It’s OK to kill the khals when it’s Dany, but when it’s someone else she’s killed and you’re OK with this? Either MIrri Maz Duur was right, or Dany was wrong. You can’T have it both ways.

        Khal Drogo didn’t get to be Khal of a hundred thousand because he was a friendly person and good at advanced mathematic you know. He was a monster. But he was nice to Daenerys so people without judgment like you like him anyway and think his death was sad. Khal Drogo was just as bad as those Khals dany killed, probably even worse. Yet you hate the person who killed him and think Dany was right to kill her back. Double standards all the way.

        And now she’ll go to Westeros, and kill, kill, kill again!
        You think she will kill Cersei in a 1v1 duel? No, she’ll fight against Westerosi armies, which means, peasants. Peasants forced to go to war by their lords. People who are barely even better than slaves. Yet she’ll kill them anyway.

        And when it’s done, she’ll enslave them again (wait, they’ll be “serfs”, not slaves, even tho it’s more or less the same thing, they have to obey their lords without questions and work the fields 14 hours a day just to survive).

        And that last bit of your post, about racism and sexism, you’re fucking retarded.
        Literally nothing of my initial post (or this one) has anything to do with race or sex.

        Daenerys is just a horrible person who happens to be a girl, that has nothing to do with sexism.

        Horrible people come with both genders. Everyone knows that, beside (actual) sexist like you.

  • Oh dear. Let’s not spend too much time on this actors predictions.
    He said something about BREXIT and looked as silly as Pod on a horse.

    • that’s because you know nothing

      most of Europe is socialist and the USA has several huge and popular socialist programs. the most popular being social security.

      Europeans take nationalize health care to be a right; no right wing politician would even dream of trying to take it away.

      Read something besides Martin and stay away from msm for awhile.

      You might start with Ursula K LeGuin if you want to stay within SF.

      Also, try the great American historian, Howard Zinn “A People’s History of the United States”

  • I haven’t heard a thing about these safety pins here in the UK.

    Also we haven’t left the EU, yet….it was just a vote. The government is yet to act on it.

    Also I hope he isn’t anti-monarchist? Queenie’s lovely!

  • I think Portman’s is essentially correct. Dany and Jon are going to break the wheel. The throne is going to be melted down. Imagine Drogon melting it? Now that would be a scene!!!

    Dany will find some way to wield influence without being Queen. She is a Queen whatever she does anyway.

  • This is a rough estimation of a possible outcome to the series:
    Vareys riddle will play a part in the final moments of a Song of Ice and Fire. The series ends under the crypts of Winterfell with Jon being able to chose between the Lord of Light (fire) and the Great Other (ice), who was imprisoned there for 7000 years as the Night Queen. After she reveals the characters were all part of a greater plan, played against her, and it would have taken the Lord of Light seven key people to defeat her, she takes the form of Lyanna Stark. She also misled Melisandre to execute Shireen, so Davos would drive her away, removing a key piece. Her opponent, the Lord of Light, was the 3 Eyed Raven and future Bran. She was able to resurrect Jon, because at that moment, no Stark were present at Winterfell to block her power traveling thru the ice, and also awaking her was all Neds fault for doing the taboo by burying Lyanna in the crypts with Dawn. It allowed her to signal the Night King that she was alive and to create an army to rescue her. What’s 14 years after 7000?
    She offers him a complete life with Ygritte (ice) to spare her. Bran can save Deanerys (fire) if he executes her.

      • Some adjustments are definitely needed to match GRRMs tone. We would all like to hear your version of how it will all end.

        • That run on paragraph was a poor choice to present the ideas, but these elements are the ones I feel are true:
          1. There is more to Winterfell, literally and figuratively. It was built by the same man who built the wall, who imbued it with magic, and there is a lot more underneath the ground than above it. The much older, many leveled crypts are so important, that one likely use for them was as a prison for a very powerful, defeated foe from when the place was built. And forgotten.
          2. Seven is very important to GRRM. It seems each deity will parallel with people and kingdoms of Westeros needed to prevent the coming Long Night.
          3. Ned broke thousands of years of tradition by burying a female and his brother in the crypts. In a world of magic, breaking traditions never ends well.
          4. Vareys riddle works for many reasons. Since Jon seems central, he could to be the one to finally solve “which person truly holds the power”, and Daenerys will play a major part in that decision.
          5. The Night King is on a rescue mission. (There was only one female Smurf, and they all did that frequently, too.)
          6. It’s the Great Other vs. the Lord of Light (not certain who they are, just making a guess as to them being Bran and the Night Queen).
          7. The Starks are Wardens of the North and prison wardens. “There must always be a Stark at Winterfell” has more meaning, maybe magical.
          8. The only artifact as old as the wall and Winterfell is Dawn. It is important.
          9. Magic vs science or magic working with science is important moving forward because of Samwell being at the Citadel. Valyrian steel and Dragon Glass are elements.
          10. Aryas storyline is all about fighting for and against Death.

          • The word “fell” in old English means Evil. So “winter fell” would mean “winter evil”, suggesting the purpose of the place is related to that.
            Daenerys had a dream about a heart alive and beating trapped in a room. Is this all that’s left of the Night Queen?

          • The final scene will be the Night Queen taking Aryas body to return to the land of the living. It fails and the Night Queen dies because Arya has no Stark blood. She is the Waif.

            BITTER. SWEET.

          • Or:
            The final scene will be the Night Queen in Lyannas dead Stark body wanting Aryas living Stark body to return to the land of the living. It fails and the Night Queen dies because Arya had already died from the Waifs stabs, when Lady Crane turned her into the living dead.

            BITTER. SWEET.

  • I fear the death of the dragons/remaining dire wolves, along with all magic…a la LoTR. The dominion of humans. (And I still wince over Jon’s sidekick as chunky, good-hearted Samwise, oops Samwell.)

  • Portman says that after Britain’s exit from the European Union, violence in the country escalated. “We ended up, for a couple of weeks, it ended up like Nazi Germany.”

    WOW that is some comparison, amazing how no one else mentioned that. Fairly certain in that time no-one was killed for their Race although the behaviour of a minority was appalling. Nothing quite like today’s youth for keeping it real.

    I voted out and never had the inclination to beat up anyone who was not British or even call them names never mind raise an army and conquer half of Europe killing millions.