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Speculation: Who will kill Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones Season 7?

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Queen Cersei Lannister Official

Cersei Lannister is one of the principal villains on Game of Thrones. She’s back-stabbed her fair share of our favorite characters, blew up half of King’s Landing, and probably doesn’t doesn’t tip well, either. She’s taken to the villain role with relish, climbing over a mountain of bodies to reach the top.

Cersei was a bad apple right from the start, when we met her in “Winter is Coming.” We’ve been rooting for her downfall ever since. But not only has she survived, she’s risen in the world to the point where, at the end of Season 6, she’s sitting on the Iron Throne.

But her reign may be short-lived. Daenerys Targaryen, intent on claiming the throne for herself, is brining her army to Westeros. Arya Stark is back in town, and Cersei’s name is on her list. In short, Cersei has a lot of enemies, and one of them may finally take her down in Season 7. But which one?

Here are, so to speak, our final four: the most likely candidates to topple the new queen. We’ve ranked them in order of who’s most likely to do the deed and finally bring a cathartic sigh of relief to Thrones fans everywhere.


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      • I’m pretty sure that once she’s dead, they aren’t going to waste time with flashbacks. There isn’t much in her history that needs answering. She will die in season 8.

    • That means nothing. Even if Cersei is scheduled to die in Season 7, the show needs to sign Lena Headey through Season 8 or else that would give away the fate of her character.

    • Lena and all main cast signed for season 7 so far…nobody is confirmed yet for season 8, so what you are saying it’s pretty false.

    • Besides, the contracts mean the actors are under obligation to be available for the show. They would still get paid but it doesn’t typically require that they be used much or at all. It would seem like a waste of money on HBO’s part, even if they are raking it in, but they may just look at it as a bulk total for the series with an actress such as Lena.

      They could always make her a wight in season 8. ;)

      • Contracts for the main players- 500 thousand PER episode, with an OPTION for season 8.
        Now, I understood that, for example, if they kill Cersei like in episode 3, which would be fair, then Lena Headay would get 1.500.000.

    • I think a couple of people have touched on it here, but I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it directly, so… The showrunners have said before that when a character is slated to die in a particular season, they will also sign that actor for the season following their death, even though it means they still have to pay the actor full price for both seasons, though they may not be in any episodes from the season following their death. They do this for a couple of reasons: 1. to make sure that actor is available for certain scenes that might be necessary in the second season; i.e. scenes where they’re dead with stones over their eyes, etc; and 2. to throw the scent off spoilers of that character’s death *winky, wink*.

    • And didn’t we just find out through Siddig that HBO trolls and messes with us.

      You wanna know the brilliance of releasing the first 4 episodes of season 5 the way they did. Episode 4 had Selmy’s death at the end. All the people are spoiled it and watched the 4 episodes early had to sit there for a month waiting and waiting and waiting to see the outcome.

      besides where has it been said that Lena was on for season 8?

  • Siddig signed for more episodes than he appeared. Not saying Cersei will die in season 7 but I wouldn’t bet money on it that she won’t either.

      • I would hope that after all these books of political maneuvering that Cersai doesn’t just get eaten by a white walker. I would hope that we are in for even more political maneuvering.

        Which would mean that Cersai would team up with Dany to get closer, and look for her time to wrestle control from Dany. In other words I hope that we get to see a power struggle after the White Walkers are defeated.

        • Jaime is going to kill Cersei. I know that’s obvious but the show has been doing the obvious recently (which I don’t have a problem with, btw.) I just hope it doesn’t happen until the very end so we can keep Cersei around as long as possible.

    • She’s not exactly my favorite character, but you’re right about the whole quality villains thing. Not only that, but I hope we get at least a few episodes to interact with her before they axe her. I want to see what her mindset is now that she’s gone full-on Dark Side. That way, when they finally do stick it to her, it will at least make her death that much more satisfying and complex. If they take her out right away, she becomes a much more one-dimensional villain.

      • Agreed. The whole teaming up with Euron theory seems promising. I just hope they make Euron more interesting if that’s what they’re gonna do. He was kinda blah last season.

  • Well, IF they had included the Valonqar part of Maggie the frogs’ prophecy in the flashback a few seasons ago, then we would know it was a toss-up between Jamie and Tyrion but since they didn’t, it could be anyone.

    • I believe they purposely left that part of the prophecy out of the show as to not give the non book readers any more information on the subject.

    • That’s right a57se, I always wondered why the show didn’t included the Valanqar prophecy in the flashback… D&D are very calculated so I don’t think that was a mistake,I think that’s an intentional move …but also again the show did a fan service with Arya and Frey pie,and they never hinted at that before …so anything could happen imo.

  • Cersei will survive to season 8. I believe Jaime will kill Cersei. Jaime earned the moniker “Kingslayer” preventing Aeron from doing what Cersei did. Although Cerseis plan was a surgical strike and Aerons plan was an extinction level event for everyone in KL himself included in his irredeemable madness. The Mad Queen was well and truly crowned at the end of season 6. I think she has reached the edge of the slippery slope and is just about to tip over the edge. Season 7 will show her insanity growing and season 8 will be the end of her at Jaimes hand. Left hand that is.

  • One thing about ARya, she knows how to get into Kings Landing discreetly…remember her cat chasing trek that ended with her outside the Mud gate?

    • This website posted this casting call a month ago – a City Guard, in his 30s. This guy will intercept “a suspicious-looking person on his nightly patrol.” Maybe Arya in disguise trying to sneak into Kings Landing initially gets caught and then has to free herself from the dungeons before making it to Cersei.

  • I like the idea of Brienne having to kill Jaime (maybe a dual death? dunno) then Arya using his face to kill Cersei. It fulfills the prophecy and the list.

    • The only Faceless Men we’ve seen switch gender, and that only briefly, was Jaqen. I suspect it’s an ability only very advanced FM can use. I doubt Arya can. Besides, it’s unlikely she would kill Jaime, which is the prerequisite for having his face. He is neither on her little List nor an object of her vendetta. She might make the attempt on Cersei and fail, in which case I only hope she survives intact. Perhaps she could somehow manage to off the Mountain, which would clear away a MAJOR obstacle for someone else to succeed in killing Cersei.

      So who? I’ve always thought her killer will be Jaime. In addition to bookending his murder of Aerys as many posters mentioned, there are three additional reasons: 1) GRRM knows his history and literature. There are lots of royal sibling killings in history. 2) The scene would be worthy of Shakespearean tragedy. Jaime killing his lifelong beloved, perhaps as much from kindness and love as necessity…that is sexy and Tragic. 3) It would be Valonqar fan service, but also further redeem and complicate Jaime.

  • I personally would love to see Olenna Tyrell to give Cersei the same sweet death that she handed to Joffrey.

  • A devilish Queen killed by a hero (Daenerys) is so “Disney”-ish . If you think Cersei’s death will happen like this you have been doing GoT wrong all along , better stick to “lala” land Disney stories. GRRM and the D&D are not stupid to pander to the audiences’ whims and fancies to give them the satisfying tropes.

  • Jaime killing Cersei and sitting on the Iron Throne. Tyrion walking in and Jaime looks at him and saying ‘hello little brother, we meet again’

    It won’t happen ofcourse, Jaime wants Tyrion death. But it would be nice tv.

    • I quite like that idea simply because I really want to see a Lannister reunion (Jaime has said that he would kill Tyrion if he met him, but would he really or did he just say it? Plus, would he still hold the same views after killing his own sister?). I’ve always thought it would have to be Jaime for the literal act of cutting him loose from Cersei, the poetic repetition of history – Kingslayer and Queenslayer, and the irony of Cersei being killed by the one person she didn’t suspect. It would be a great arc to come from ‘kill the whole bloody lot of them until you and I are the only people left in this world’ to that. A huge deal though, psychologically, for Jaime, even if it is justified and the right thing to do.

  • Tyrion will be killing Daenerys, so he will be a Kingslayer too.

    Why?? Because Daenerys will prove more and more she is like the Mad King.

    The Hound will kill Cersei on the show. Because of Sansa

    • I also think the Hound will kill Cersei. He is a little brother. We’ll see more of the Flashback early in the season that covers the ‘little brother’ part and probably doesn’t say anything about Valanquor. Would be cool if he is named Hand upon his return to King’s Landing (Cersei knows and trusts him since he was Joffrey’s buddy) and uses the golden Hand chain ala Shae to do the deed.

  • I would make it more complex. Cersei starts with the wildfire, Jaime kills her.
    He then surrenders the city to Dany. Tyrion, who owes him a life, argues he should be allowed to go north and decide if he wants to be on the wall or just stay somewhere else.

    Jaime goes north, meets up with Brienne, and decides fighting for Jon Snow is the honorable thing to do. He and Brienne become a couple and eventually die heroically in the final battle together.

    • I like the idea of Jamie fighting the White Walkers with Brienne. Not sure if Bronn would want to join in that battle, unless he was looking after Pod or Tyrion as well. Bronn evolves a conscience, discuss…..

    • I like the idea of Jaime being sent north. However it pans out, he stick around in Daenerys’s camp, because her coalition includes Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, who hate Lannisters so much that it makes me wonder why they’re putting up with Tyrion. Even then, banishment might not be enough to placate them, and they could split off from the rest and form a new independent Dorne. Daenerys would have real trouble bringing them back, since Dorne has historically been very good at fighting Targaryens, even Targaryens with dragons. In fact, they might split off whatever Daenerys does, since once Cersei falls, Daenerys’s side will be the only one with Lannisters on it.

  • I used to want it to be Jamie, for reasons of symmetry with the assassination of the Mad King, but now I just want him to GTFO of KL and away from her for his own reasons of wanting to find some meager bit of dignity before hopefully reuniting with Brienne. I think it would be great if Euron, who is not on your list, is the one who does it, because if Cersei is trying to ally with him, it’s because she thinks she can outwit him. It would be great if it ended up she died from ‘not being as clever as she thinks she is’ tm Tywin and Tyrion.

    • That’s what I thought too – mad dog Euron won’t settle for being near the throne – he wants it all to himself.

      • In which case he would try to marry Cersei, not kill her. It would give him legitimacy, and given that he was planning the same thing with Daenerys, I think he’s well aware of that fact. Kill Cersei, and he just killed the queen and wants to take her place. We’ve seen the damage that even the appearance of such intentions did to Jaime’s reputation. But marry her, and anyone who accepts her claim must now accept his. Of course, she wouldn’t particularly appreciate this marriage proposal, and might respond by offing him. Which would be a mistake, since he would be the only ally left to her.

    • Yeah, I too think Euron is mistakenly left off this list. When I read that spoiler a few weeks ago my first thought was, “How safe is THAT for Cersei?!”. I think a plausible plot is that they get married and then Euron tries to kill her shortly after. If he’s got all his ironborn cronies in KL he could take over the security and kill anyone still aligned with her.

  • Ever since I read the prophesy in the books I felt that Jamie would be the one to kill her. A form of poetic justice after all he is the slayer of a former ruler. The books show a much more redemptive arc for Jamie than we see in the show. In the show I’m not sure who will kill her since we don’t get the entire prophesy. It could actually be two different people one book and one show. The reason I say this is the departures of the two. The show has folded characters and plot lines into each other. It maybe more expedient to have another character in the show kill her.

  • I have always thought it will be Jaime who kills Cersei and there will be another scene in the throne room where he is sitting the throne like he was after slaying Aerys and that’s where Ned Stark found him.
    I think Jaime has a bigger part to play in the end.

  • Jamie is the most logical candidate, especially after ‘that’ look in ‘The Winds of Winter’ during Cersei’s coronation. A long shot is that Jamie dies taking on The Mountain, leaving someone else, (Arya?) to finish off Cersei.

    • Not sure which season it will happen, but I have a feeling that Jaime commits suicide after killing Cersei, maybe while sitting on the Iron Throne. Don’t think he will be around long after killing her.

  • Games of Thrones needs to get back to the story that kept us guessing. Season 6 was way too damn predictable, and season 5 was a little as well. They need to shake things up again. Have Cersei beat Dany, and send Dany to Dorne or Dragonstone. And definitely kill one of the dragons. An even bigger twist would be Ellaria or Daario betraying Dany, and she has to split her forces. Either way, it really seems like villain vs villain next season, because no matter what, Dany is a freaking villain.

  • I thought “Valonquar” was gender neutral, and that anyone who was a younger sibling could be it. If the mad king took Joanna on Tywins wedding night, that makes Daenerys Cerseis’ little sister. Joanna could have also been enticing to Aerys II and “rightfully his” because she is also the secret Targaryan we have all been speculating.
    Roberts obsession with killing Targaryans would be even more ironic since he had three of them under his nose the entire time, plus all his kids!
    Tyrion would then be suited for the dragons from his mothers side, and Daenerys cousin.

  • Almost all the oldest siblings of prominent houses in the whole show have already died except for Cersei lol. So yeah, the Valonquar could be pretty much anyone who is left.

  • Jaime will die in the arm of the woman he loves. It’s confirmed with a clear foreshadow. And there was too much ”we don’t chose who we love” quote by Jaime. He will die before Cersei. In Cersei’s arms.

  • I want the unexpected. I think very early in the season Meera escapes a snowstorm by making it to the wall, telling Delores that Bran is unconscious in the woods. Delores rescues Jons brother, but doing so brings his cursed arm thru the wall, destroying its magic against the Walkers. News travels to Kings Landing, and by the time Daenerys reaches it, Cersei loses her “loyal” forces because they will be looking north, wanting Daenerys to join them.
    This puts Cersei in a simular situation Stannis was in. Her defeat comes from losing the loyalty of her men, and even she cannot fight without an army.
    After dispatching Qyburn and the Mountain with a dragon, Daenerys and Tyrion could just walk into Kings landing and take it. Either could wrap their hands around her neck at this point.
    When the north is overrun by walkers, where does Jon go? He retreats with his family into the crypts of Winterfell, where with Brans help he finds Lightbringer.
    Bonus #2:
    Remember the last thing Jon said to Delores Ed.

      • As I read your comment, I could only think Who tf is Delores? There are no more women at the Wall. Ah, then you wrote Delores Edd. You mean Dolorous Edd. Dolorous means “tending to express great sorrow or grief.” I guess in the books, Edd was always moaning and expressing uncertainty. I hope he doesn’t get killed. I would like at least one of the original NightsWatch to survive.

        No way Tyrion is killing Dany, as someone wrote. She has always talked to him as a worthy man, and shown her appreciation and admiration for him by naming him Hand of the Queen. He is a logical, fair person and would never kill or hurt someone who always treated him well. And I don’t think Jaime will be choking Cersei, either. As someone wrote, the prophecy is that the little brother will wrap his HANDS around her throat. Having only one hand, he is disqualified. He wouldn’t hurt her, anyway. He may be angry at her for the Wildfire, but considering how angry he was at the High Sparrow for breaking up their family, he would applaud the revenge.

  • “There are no men like me, only me”, Jaime.

    And the best would be three dragons ridden by three Lanisters (Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion – all possibly Targs). Doubt that will happen but would be a wonderful twist.

  • Cersei: Will the king and I have children?
    Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

    Doesn’t that eliminate Jaime?

  • Cersei: When will I wed the prince?
    Maggy: Never. You will wed the king.
    Cersei: I will be queen, though?
    Maggy: Aye. Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.

    Daenerys fits that description pretty well. But was it already Margaery?

  • Surely it’s pretty obvious that Jamie will kill Cersei AND himself at the same time. He will kill her to save King’s Landing, and because she has become a monster in his eyes. He will kill himself because he can’t live without her and/or because he can only kill her by killing both of them.

    I can see him doing it in a calculated way (both die by same poison, same sword, same wildfire etc) or by an impulsive act (grabbing her and jumping out of a window, in front of an arrow, into the sea etc)

    Either way, Cersei dies by his hand, and he dies too. No other way it could happen in my mind. Jamie has nothing to live for, he loves Cersei so much he would kill or die for her. This way he will do both.

    Bear in mind we are now in the home stretch, winter has come, meaning we are building to a finale and tying up loose ends and unnecessary plot lines. I predict their death wraps up the Lannister story in episode 9 of season 7, and maybe Tyrion finds out he’s not a real Lannister in episode 10. Thus concluding the Lannister saga, and indeed the Lannister dynasty, and making way for Dany, John and Tyrion vs the White Walkers for season 8 with fewer side stories to distract us.

    • Although possible, idk, seems a bit Romeo & Juliet for GRRM to do the exact same thing. Plus, maybe, and by that look he gives her its definitely plausible, Jamie has finally fallen out of love with Cersei and realizes he should be by Brienne’s side fulfilling his redemptive arc; so he kills Cersei and heads North.

  • Surely it’s pretty obvious that Jamie will kill Cersei AND himself at the same time. He will kill her to save King’s Landing, and because she has become a monster in his eyes. He will kill himself because he can’t live without her and/or because he can only kill her by killing both of them.

    I can see him doing it in a calculated way (both die by same poison, same sword, same wildfire etc) or by an impulsive act (grabbing her and jumping out of a window, in front of an arrow, into the sea etc)

    Either way, Cersei dies by his hand, and he dies too. No other way it could happen in my mind. Jamie has nothing to live for, he loves Cersei so much he would kill or die for her. This way he will do both.

    Bear in mind we are now in the home stretch, winter has come, meaning we are building to a finale and tying up loose ends and unnecessary plot lines. I predict their death wraps up the Lannister story in episode 9 of season 7, and maybe Tyrion finds out he’s not a real Lannister in episode 10. Thus concluding the Lannister saga, and indeed the Lannister dynasty, and making way for Dany, John and Tyrion vs the White Walkers for season 8 with fewer side stories to distract us.

    • Except, of course, it won’t be episodes 9 and 10 in these new short seasons – I forgot!

      Also, I wonder if Cersei is the one who knows Tyrion’s real lineage, and tells him in a fit of pique. For example, after a few episodes of fighting, she’s obviously going to lose. Tyrion, being one of the few decent characters, tries to reason with his sister to surrender. She rebukes him, knowing she’s got her crazy wildfire plan to go out in a blaze of glory, and tells him that he was never her brother anyway and that he should go away (albeit in stronger and nastier terms.)

      That seems perfectly plausible to me, any thoughts?

      • And by ‘never her brother,’ I mean ‘never a true Lannister,’ as he was another bastard son of Rhaegar.

        Cue the dragon riding.

  • I envision a different type of ending for Season 7 and Cersi’s death. Danny enters the throne room, with Tyrion at her side. Cersi sits the throne, with Jamie at her side, crazy as a bed bug and with her finger on the wild fire button. Danny steps up to the throne to confront Cersi. Cersi knows she is over and is about to give the command to set the wildfire off, when Jamie runs her through and turns on Danny, when out of the blue a crossbow arrow hits him squarely in the heart. Camera pans and shows Tyrion holding the crossbow.

  • She’ll die in season 7. Jaimie or Tyrion will kill her even though the full prophecy of Maggie the Frog was never introduced in the show.

    • Speculating that The Moutain, The Hound, and Arya will be involved at some point. Maybe Arya goes after Cersei, The Mountain tries to kill her, the Hound kills the Mountain, and maybe dies too. Not sure how the Hound gets to Kings Landing since it’s assumed he’s going North, but I think Arya will cross paths again with Gendry, The Brotherhood without Banners, maybe Brienne and even Hot Pie, as well as Melisandra, The Hound, The Mountain and Cersei – the last four having been on her list. Not sure if she still aims to kill The Hound but she will be very surprised to see him alive! She saved his life, so I think he will die saving hers.

  • If you were betting, it would be wise to consider a female doing the murder. Seems like females are most likely to get the important kills on the show. Ex: Frey, Stannis, Ramsey,Joff, Hound(temporarily), Wild Fire ambush….

  • I have more hatred for Cersi in the books. I mean, I watched season 6 and the finale was a little hasty. Things move too fast in the show, and some of it is illogical too… Like, the Yara and Theon reaching Dany so quickly…etc. As for Cersi, as long as Jon Snow doesn’t decide to march South and Cersi doesn’t bother the north, I don’t really care much for her… Though, if Arya kills her, I will be very satisfied!!!

  • I could see Jamie killing her as a mercy killing. Dany’s. army taking Kings landing, the small folk marching on the red keep with torches and pitchforks. Cersei drinking and thinking up impossible plans for revenge. Jamie kisses her and strangles her and starts to kill himself maybe Tyrion stops him.
    Or she could ally with Euron , even agree to marry him. After all she’s killed one husband with only Lancels help. Now she has Qyburn and Frankenmountain how could she be defeated? She will of course underestimate him. Euron is Balon’s younger brother and so could be a valonquar.

  • There’s no actual need for any speculation here. ” Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”
    Jaime will kill her, 100%, the only question might be if it’ll be s7 or s8.

  • You left out Brienne. Who, no, is not a younger sibling (unless there’s something about her that hasn’t been discussed/foreshadowed at all), so probably not. But she has a double motivation (jealousy, because of her own love for Jaime–and it would not be surprising if she were to hold Cersei responsible for corrupting Jaime; and revenge/her own honor, avenging Sansa and thereby making some amends for her [Brienne’s] failure to protect Sansa and Arya according to her oath to Catelyn.

    Maybe Brienne and Jaime working together in some way?

    That said, I’m rooting for Arya to be the assassin.

    • That paragraph was unclear, and it won’t let me edit. Try again: Brienne has a double motivation to kill Cersei:
      1. Love/jealousy. Brienne loves Jaime, and he might have returned her love had he not been enthralled by Cersei; also, she could blame Cersei for corrupting Jaime (not logical, but very much the way the human mind works);
      2. Honor. Brienne swore fealty to Catelyn, with an oath to protect Catelyn’s daughters. She failed to keep that oath, and Cersei is a major cause of the failure. In the world of Westeros, the way to cleanse her honor may include assassinating Cersei as revenge and to remove further threats from that direction.

      Love and honor are absolutely Brienne’s core motivations, and she is being disregarded in this discussion–which IMO makes her a very likely candidate under the rules of the show.

  • Euron is technically a valonqar to Balon. Might be an unexpected twist if he has to endear himself to Daenerys in a pinch

  • don’t think Jaime will kill Cersei over Kings Landing wildfire plans
    more likely he will b conflicted because he swore to return the Stark girls safely
    if Cersei finds Arya and the Mountain who is no longer mortal doesn’t succumb to Arya’s assassin skills… that little girl and Brienne will b in trouble … that conflict is more likely than following the path of the Mad King’s history

    • That would be poetic justice, :-).
      One of Cersei’s biggest limitations has been her focus on immediate “threats” and “solutions” while she ignores the big picture. She has fallen into the common trap with prophesies in that she has misidentified at least one foretold threat (Margeary instead of Danaerys). She has spent years trying to eliminate Tyrion as the other foretold threat, but I believe he’s another red herring.
      My prediction is that Cersei will be killed by Jaime (his left hand can force her neck into the permanent grip of the gold hand and do the job). Whether Jaime dies at the same time, dies in his sleep in a couple decades while in the arms of a loving spouse (Brienne?), or if he and Brienne are killed together while battling the White Walkers remains a question.

  • Cersei is a masterpiece of directing, writing, & acting (still-alive) to grace the game of thrones series. she almost single-handedly kissed-off a bunch of delusional religious FREAKS! i think she is smart-enough to know, she can’t win an open-field battle with the in-coming dragon force. she has witnessed, 1st-hand, the aftermath & destruction of her genealogy.

    everyone is going to bend-the-knee to Daenerys, as demonstrated by the Iron-born. which means closed-door conspirators are afoot. hopefully we don’t get some cheesy, death-quiche.

    i’ve said it b4, they really are kissing-away a great show, that had the makings to last a couple decades. very sad…

    i see Daenerys’s unconscious body being carried-off by drogon after a feudal effort against the dead. and if anyone is going to find a way to survive… Cersei would have to be the one. although i think it is going to be a needed collective, in order to escape the nightwalkers.

    if anyone has the guile to kill Cersei, it is either Arya or Daenerys. if Jamie finds cause to do it, that just makes no sense. but it is bollywood, so…

    Sansa will probably get assassinated by Cersei’s lynch-mob, once she hears about the Vale/Winterhell event. i don’t see Sansa getting within a stones-throw of Cersei. but Arya, thats a red-harring altogether.

  • My money’s on Euron Greyjoy being the one who kills Cersei Lannister and seizes the throne as the Second Mad King.

    Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister will unsuccessfully try to restrain Cersei’s self-destructive actions for a while before he gives up and leaves King’s Landing in disgust.

    But after Jaime attempts to leave, he will then get roped into joining Daenerys Targaryen and his brother Tyrion Lannister and, after learning of Cersei’s murder by Euron’s hands, work with them to unseat Euron from the Iron Throne.

  • Dany will die in season 8 by falling off her dragon as soon her battle with Cersei begins. Tyrion will meet his demise immediately after Dany lands on him.

    The Mountain will croak when Arya stabs his neck from behind in the shadows when he is momentarily caught off guard from seeing Dany fall from the sky and squashing Tyrion. He will return as a wight and battle with Clegane. Clegane will have his vengeance as he shoves his undead brother’s head with his foot into a bush that is burning from wildfire.

    Lady Mormont will battle with Jon Snow before the burning Iron Throne and slay him with King Roberts war hammer after an extensive no-holds-bar brawl spanning 20 minutes that makes Brienne and Cleganes fight seem like a pushing contest between two pre-school kids. Hence, becoming the youngest person ever to grace the Iron Thrones (10.5 years old).

    Sansa will take the throne into her own hands after killing Lady Mormont by slapping her off a balcony.

    The End

  • I honestly think Jamie will be forced to choose between cersi and Tyrion!! Everything is leading up to that… love or honor due to Tyrion having good intentions about keeping people and cities safe… Cersi not giving a damn about the people and going mad

    • that up-coming love triangle has been lingering in the back of my mind too. and you know what, Tyrion is the psycho-bitch when comparing Jamie, Daenerys, and Tyrion, lol. somehow i think Jamie & Brienne are going to tap-the-booty with the lannister children dead now.

      i fear season 7 should have been 20, 90 minute episodes, rather than 6/7 episodes. oh well, coulda, shoulda, woulda. i think they are wrapping it up.

  • TV show- Arya will kill Cersei and end the war. She and Gendry discussed this back on season 2 I guess.
    She needs to end the war to have Winterfel secured so that she can go back home.

    and Cersei is rather..errr…drunk and stupid now.

    4 scenes explain how Cersei has no idea on how to rule- and she will not let Quyburn do much, cause she does not listen

  • I think it would only be Cersei, jaime and Tyrion at THE pivotal throne room scene. After a heated exchange between Cersei and Tyrion (usually Jaime is quiet when these 3 get together), Cersei would try to kill Tyrion but Jaime will shield Tyrion and …. double kill. Came into the world together, leave it together. The “most famous dwarf in the world” sits alone…..

    Where is Dany? Probably off to the (not too far) north to help Jon and Sansa fight the White Walkers.

    The thing is, we have no idea if season 7 will be about the Dany vs Cersei war or North vs Walkers.

  • Plot twist: Cersei will kill G.R.R. Martin and come out on top in Westeros. Holds Jon Snow and Daenerys as slaves in the black cells, Sparrow-style.

  • The best non Jaime/Tyrion theory I’ve heard is Edmure. He is Catelyns “little brother” after all. Maybe Cersei will flee back to Casterly Rock somehow, and Edmure will be moved there as a prisoner, escape from his sell and strangle her to death at the end of season 7/start of season 8. Would be kinda cool, actually. What’s the point of Edmure otherwise?

    I guess I am wrong though. But it’s an interesting twist.

  • Jaime is the one who has to kill Cersei.
    It’s his fate. He is the valonqar, Kingslayer and also the ex-lover of Cersei.