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Cast member sightings, plus a casting rumor about a long-anticipated character

As filming continues on Game of Thrones Season 7, more cast members are spotted around town…and elsewhere. For example, here’s Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) with Belfast-based Aaron Dillon, who describes himself as “occasional background furniture in GoT” (he has pictures with several cast members on his Instagram).

Speaking of Emmanuel, here she is on the set of Season 5 drinking from tea from a cup with a rubber ducky in it. Just because.

Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) seen around town:

Miguel Sapochnik directed both “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter,” two of the show’s best episodes. He received an Emmy for directing the former, and humbly geeked out about it on Twitter.

Sapochnik isn’t directing anything for Season 7, but I very much hope he comes back. As he says elsewhere on his Twitter: “Season 7 will be EPIC. You are in good hands. Wish I could be there this year but there’s always a next time…”

Also, here’s what actor Kristian Nairn’s (Hodor) mother uses as a doorstop.

… Really, Mum??? Et tu, Brute? Hahahaha 😍

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That’s pretty damn funny.

Okay, now we enter crazy rumor territory. Please turn back if you wish to avoid potential SPOILERS.


Although it’s far from certain, a gentleman named Devin Oliver—known mainly as the frontman for the rock group* I See Stars—teased that he “may or may not” be in Game of Thrones Season 7. That by itself isn’t too exciting, but then people got a look at him…

I may or may not have made an appearance in Game Of Thrones season 7 🙊 📷 @leaborama

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Basically, the internet saw this photo and asked the obvious question: is this platinum blonde musician playing Rhaegar Targaryen?

That one time I was on mars but really it's just Detroit

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Rhaegar, you may recall, was a musician and singer himself, so that would fit.


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Note that Oliver’s shirt above is emblazoned with the White Tree of Gondor from the The Lord of the Rings. That marks him as someone in to fantasy fiction, which you can interpret how you like.

So is this guy just having fun with fans or did he actually score a role on the show? I’m guessing it’s the former. For one thing, he’s from Detroit, whereas Game of Thrones hires the great majority of its ensemble from the UK and the surrounding countries. Also, if he does have a role on the show—to say nothing of a role as important as Rhaegar Targaryen—he’s committed a capital offense by teasing it online. HBO takes its nondisclosure agreements seriously.

But still, assuming Rhaegar turns up in Season 7 at all, Oliver has the hair for it, and good acting is 3/4 coiffure. What do you guys think?

*Wikipedia notes that I See Stars is actually an “electronicore” group, whatever in the world that is.

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  • This dude is the lead singer of I See Stars. Running with scissors is the name of a song. Saw them this summer for the first time… not bad actually.

  • When I read the headline I was hoping for Howland Reed. The guy doesn’t give me Rhaegar vibes at all , that’s just me.

  • As far as the look goes he’d be perfect for the role but like you said it’s highly unlikely they’d let Rhaegar’s actor to spill the beans like this. So it can’t be him.

  • Doubtful although he does look the part to a T. They’re an independent band and don’t make big money but their label owner has some hook ups so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility so either way I wouldn’t be shocked

  • I’m also somewhat skeptical but still hoping rhaegar makes a proper appearance. i guess the musician thing does kinda make sense. I suppose just saying he may or may not be on the show is fairly mundane …so, maybe?

  • If they had crowdsurfing at the Tourney of Harrenhal, I guess they’ve found their guy. I just hope they wash the greasy ‘product’ out of his hair before they shoot his scenes.

  • He could also play a different Targaryen and just have a minor walk on role. Could be in a brief flashback or vision.

    • Too late for that. They didn’t use any Blackfyre hint for that line. Yes. He is just a Blackfyre. Go watch Alt Shift X’s Varys video. That’s the whole truth.

      • Idk about all that Blackfyre stuff w Aegon? Why have a Kevan Lannister inner thought and also a Ned Stark inner thought, at different parts in the books, of how Rhaegar’s daughter’s body was easily identifiable as her but baby Aegon was so crushed and mangled, u couldn’t even look, let alone identify him. I always felt like those two recollections supported him actually being the real Aegon. I mean, why put those in there, both focusing on how unrecognizable baby Aegon was after the Mountain allegedly killed him, if Aegon is really fAegon? I like the Blackfyre twist and it still could be plausible but personally, I don’t think so. Clearly Aegon dies or something and doesn’t come into play in the endgame so the show cut him. Tons of stuff has to be cut as is and trying to explain the whole back story, while including him on Tyrion’s journey and then his invasion would have been way too much.

  • Sounds like the guy’s begging to be handed the role. Why not?
    Can he do a convincing and uncontrived accent? He’d have to be close to how Viserys sounds.
    Is he capable of carrying such a key role?
    On the strength of what’s presented, is it wishful thinking on his part? I’m inclined to think so.
    Is he pulling the wool, on both music and show fans? Again, I think so.

    Still, if Rhaegar is coming (which I hope, bringing more out in Jon), and if the role is still open for casting……? You never know.
    No one wins anything sitting on their backsides!

  • In season 7 we find out that the darkly troubled and reluctant to be King prince Rhaegar never actually died, he faked his death and makes a return.

    • I was thinking the same thing Shane. That maybe Rhaegar has been in hiding and maybe Hightower and the other kingsguard at the tower of joy knew that and that’s why they didn’t abandon their post because they knew their prince was alive. How insane would it be if he was living in poverty all these years hiding at the tower of joy. OR if the High Sparrow survived the blown up sept of Baelor because he is a Targaryen and immune to the flames. I know the high sparrow may be a little old to be Rhaegar but they’ve pulled stranger things on the show. It would be amazing to find out he was alive and somehow slowly orchestrating the downfall of the Lannisters and Baratheons and influencing Jon Snows life and making sure he fulfilled his destiny as the prince who was promised and all the High Sparrow stuff was just a distraction. Lastly little finger is actually not little finger but Rhaegar with a faceless man face ! Hahahaa to dream

  • Sir Baristan told dany how Rhaegar loved to sing. It’s plausible they chose to cast someone who could sing in the part.