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Speculation: What do the recent spoilers mean for Daenerys in Season 7?

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Game of Thrones Season 7 filming is underway, and spoilers are leaking out the sides of the production. A couple of big ones about shooting at Spanish locations broke yesterday. As always, we have you covered with both the facts and what we think they imply. Be warned: heavy SPOILERS follow, so flee now if you wish to remain Unsullied.


Our favorite Spanish-language news site Los Siete Reinos unveiled these tidbits. Here are the highlights:

  • The production will film for a month on a private estate in an area called Las Breñas. That’s the same amount of time the production spent on the Battle of the Bastards.
  • In this area, a supply train, including wagons, will be ambushed by as-yet unidentified troops.
  • Filming will involve 500 extras and 100 horses.
  • The production will also shoot material in a waterfront area called the Barrueco de Arriba.
  • In this location, a main character will fall in the water and need to be rescued.
  • The scene will involve a dragon.
  • At least one Lannister will be part of these scenes.

So what does all this mean? First, let’s examine where production will be filming. Take a look at Las Breñas:


Las Breñas. Image: Los Siete Reinos.

It looks pretty arid right now, but when the production shoots here from mid-November through mid-December, it will reportedly be more lush and green. So don’t go thinking this is some desert in Dorne. It could be anywhere, but our guess is that it’s near King’s Landing. Through her alliance, Daenerys controls both the Reach and Dorne, so there would be little reason to spend much time in either location.


According to the spoilers, an army loaded up with supplies from a nearby castle (inserted into the background with CGI) will be ambushed. But what parties are we talking about here? The need for horses points toward the Dothraki, while the casting calls for extras in this area suggest that Unsullied soldiers will be present. So Daenerys’ band is likely part of this?

But are they raiding or being raided? The Dothraki are certainly known for raiding, and it’s easy to imagine them ambushing some Lannister troops en route to King’s Landing. Perhaps the CGI castle inserted in the background is actually the city skyline?

Ambushing Lannister supply lines would make a lot of sense for Dany’s forces as they march on King’s Landing. Meanwhile, there’s the matter of “at least one Lannister” being on the scene. As Dany’s new Hand of the Queen, Tyrion is the most likely candidate, but we shouldn’t rule out the idea that Jaime, for whatever reason, is at the head of the supply chain. When Jaime talked to Bronn about his little brother in Season 5, he said he’d kill Tyrion if he ever saw him again. That’s pretty much business as usual for this family, but it could still make for an intense encounter.


Let’s move on to the juiciest bit of info: the main character falling into the water and needing to be rescued. With a dragon involved in the scene, we think the character will fall from dragonback. Sure, it’s possible someone could fall off a ship, but that’s not as dramatic, is it?

But what could make someone fall off a dragon? None of the answers are good. One option: the dragon comes under attack, and is either startled enough to buck its rider or is killed in midair, in which case the rider is out of luck. If the producers want a big moment for Season 7, the death of a dragon would definitely qualify. But we imagine whoever takes the plunge will be quickly rescued. Death by drowning seems rather mundane for Game of Thrones.

GoT 609 12 three dragons

The next question is: who is thrown in the water? Many are assuming that Daenerys will take the plunge, which makes sense. After all, she’s the only dragonrider we’ve seen up to this point. But it may not always be that way?

Dany rides Drogon. That’s established. But there’s a long-running fan theory that suggests she needs to find two other people to ride Rhaegal and Viserion. As her closest advisor, Tyrion could be one of those people. After all, the other two dragons took a bit of a liking to Tyrion in Season 6 when he unchained them. Is it a stretch to think that Tyrion might be the one knocked from dragonback?

Tyrion and a dragon official

Regardless of who the rider and dragon are, it looks like Dany’s invasion hits at least one hitch en route to King’s Landing. But if the Lannister supply lines are being ravaged elsewhere, who’s harassing Dany on the waterfront? Perhaps Euron Greyjoy added a thousand ballistas to those thousands ships he was building? It would require some major firepower to take down a dragon, but Euron may well have a trick up his sleeve.

(Either that, or the scene at the Barrueco de Arriba is a funny moment where Tyrion is trying to learn to ride a dragon and falls off. Good times are had by all.)

So what say you? Do we have it backwards? Are those Dany’s forces being ambushed? What of the mysterious main character who takes a plunge? Let us know what you think!


  • There is no way a small ambush would kill Drogon,if they gotta kill a dragon in season 7 I don’t think would be Drogon,prolly one of the other 2, or some spear could touch Drogon while Dany is riding him and she falls into the water…but I don’t see Drogon going for now.
    Remember in season 5 show runners told Drogon was wounded by the spears bc he was a “teenager” dragon,not fully grown, well now he is pretty damn big and fully grown,so doesn’t make sense he be killed by spears or balistas,as his scales are unpenetrable now.
    So if it’s Dany and Drogon,she could fall into the water but imo Drogon would survive the attack.
    If it’s Tyrion and one of the other 2 dragons,he might fall into the water too and there is more chances one of the smaller dragons couldn’t survive the attack…if they are planning to kill off a dragon …better be epic, not in a rading ambush for resources LOL.

    • I also thought that in no way they are going ti kill the main character by that time, Edward Stark….well, I was proofed quite wrongly….don’t forget, it’s Game of Thrones, no one is safe, not even the Dragons….

  • I think it’s more likely that Tyrion falls off of the ship and one of the smaller dragons swoops down to pluck him out of the water. Kind of a “Thanks for taking that pesky chain off my neck.”

    It wouldn’t be the first time he blundered through a battle, remember season 1 when he tripped on a rock and hit his head and missed a battle entirely?

  • Tinfoil-y theory: This battle is the usual Episode 9 long battle. Cersei and Euron ambush Daenerys and crew, which would explain more than one Lannister in this scene. Euron blows Dragonbinder, and Drogon bucks Dany off. Season 7 will leave off on Dany with no dragons. Bonus: When Euron and Cersei win, Euron kills Cersei. Effectively becoming the King of Westeros with 1-3 dragons, depending on Dragonbinders’ effect.

    • …except that season 7 will keep only seven episodes. But I liked your theory. It could explain the late introduction of Euron in the show

  • It could also be possible that the wagons that Dany and co think are loaded with supllies are actually filled with wildfire. A large explosion could knock someone right off of their dragon. Wildfire is the only weapon that Cersei has at her disposal that could even the playing field.

  • Remember GRRM said that there are 3 big surprises in the series. One was Shireens death, another was Hodors sacrifice. I don’t think this will happen, but Daenerys drowning would definitely be one of those WTF moments. That would leave Tyrion as the person in charge of the dragons and the invasion. Daenerys adventure as the way to bring the dragons into the equation seems a little anti climatic, mostly because I foresaw her eventually going fully mad villain like her father.

  • No dragons will die in season 7. Alternate scenario: Two dragons are out, feeding or, more likely, fighting. Being in Westros, Dany always has one dragon close by. Her troops may be engaged in battle with Eurons ships or are too far from her to hear as she falls into the water (possibly the result of an attack on her ship) except Tyrion and the rest guard dragon, now alert, the dragon looks at Tyrion and lowers a wing, waiting for him to respond, he climbs on board – not even thinking about it – and goes to her rescue. Tyrions first dragon ride saves Dany.