Arya Stark Featured Filming Game of Thrones Maisie Williams Season 7

Pics: Maisie Williams on the Season 7 set, wearing a VERY interesting costume

The Winds of Winter

Last we saw Arya Stark, she had gone undercover as a serving girl at the Twins, getting closer and closer to Walder Frey before finally slitting the old villain’s throat. Fresh from her time with the Faceless Men, Arya is now a master of disguise.

It looks like she’ll continue to make use of her newfound talents next year. The Daily Mail has published new photos of actress Maisie Williams, who’s played Arya for six years, on the set of Game of Thrones Season 7. She’s wearing an extremely interesting costume that could give details about what she’ll up to come the summer of 2017.



Okay, let’s take a look.

First of all, the composition and background of these photos recall ones previously taken of actors like Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont) at Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. When we saw those pics, we assumed they were all filming interior scenes at Winterfell—after all, that was the right combination of characters. Was Williams part of that? And if she’s filming scenes at Winterfell, does that mean that Arya heads north and reunites with her family in Season 7?

Maybe. The space at Linen Mill is expansive, and there’s no reason it has to be limited to one interior set. The production can and has shot other things in the area. (The nearby Riverrun set is still up, for example.) Also, just because Williams’ trailer looks similar to the ones in other shots doesn’t mean it’s the same. We could be looking at two different trailers in two separate locations.

But then there’s the matter of that costume. It definitely has a Northern feel to it, what with it covering Williams’ body all over—gotta protect yourself from the cold up north. It’s reminiscent of what Bella Ramsey was wearing when she was recently photographed.

It also looks similar to what Bran wore in his visions last season.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven 2


There’s a bit of Ned Stark in there, too.


Basically, the outfit rings a lot of bells, and they’re mostly Northern bells.


But then again, winter has come, so there could be good reason for Arya to bundle up if she’s in the Riverlands or even King’s Landing. However, this outfit would look out of place in either of those locales, and Arya wouldn’t want to call attention to herself. That’s bad Faceless Man technique.

Another question: is this part of some disguise? That is Arya’s modus operandi nowadays. Could she be sneaking round the North for some reason? Or maybe she’s just come home.

What do you guys think?


    • Happily, whenever Arya is up to no good, she’s actually up to good on behalf of her friends and family. Fingers, toes, and available appendages crossed–we may FINALLY get a real, full Stark hopefully happy family reunion. Hallelujah.

      • This is actually a very big opportunity for the books and the show to diverge significantly. In the books – if Arya remains loyal longer to the faceless men – as I suspect she will, she can get a contract assignment to go kill a Stark (probably John.) That puts her up North – and faced with a real quandary about who she is – and she of course decides she’s Arya before icing John (or Sansa). That’s out of the mix in the show already. Probably fine – and ultimately the same outcome in the books (STARK REVENGE)

        • I doubt this very much. There’s a passage in the books where the Faceless Men discuss who must give the gift to a target, and it falls to the one who doesn’t know him:

          The girl understood the words, mostly, but they spoke in soft voices, and she could not always hear. “I know this man,” she did hear a priest with the face of a plague victim say. “I know this man,” the fat fellow echoed, as she was pouring for him. But the handsome man said, “I will give this man the gift, I know him not.” Later the squinter said the same thing, of someone else.

  • Oh wow, she doesn’t have her hair in a Northern style but maybe they aren’t done.

    I think Arya kills Sansa myself.

    • Yes, I don’t think they were quite done with her hair yet. It seems like they braid or tie up the female characters’ hair when they are shooting an action scene. However, I do like the way her hair looks.

    • Why would she do that; kill Sansa?

      She’s not taking kill orders from the FM anymore, despite using their tactics, but is instead killing who she wants, namely people who have wronger her family. After all that has happened to her and her family, she’s going to kill her only sister?

      As for Arya’s hair, it could be done. Arya isn’t like the other girls/women and likely wouldn’t have her hair done up AND if she is still wandering alone, she probably doesn’t even know how to braid her own hair as she never cared about that before.

      • Actually she’s a certified stylist. Disguise is an important part of the FM training, and hair is an important part of the disguise. Just think of that terrible Braavosi hair style with the two buns on the sides…maybe the main reason I’m happy she’s finally out of this place, no matter how dull her training has become for us viewers.

        Regarding the pic – we don’t know if this is the final version or there’s still more make up to be done. We’ll see when the movie hits the screen.

  • Those are a northern ladies travelling & fighting clothes. There is nothing about them that says Arya is trying to blend in or hide. I think that she will be back at Winterfell in S7.

    The intriguing thing for me is does she travel north from The Riverlands with anyone? Now, I’m not saying that we will see the Westeros dirty dozen heading north together, but Arya could bump into one or more of the following as she heads north:

    The BwB and The Hound? Quite possibly after Beric & Thoros’ talk about who the real enemy is.

    Melisandre? Well, maybe; Arya could encounter the red woman on the Kings Road. Melisandre said that they’d meet again.

    Brienne & Pod? Quite possibly. Briennes mission to the Blackfish is over and she’s got nowhere else to go except back to Winterfell to guard Sansa while glaring at Littlefinger.

    Gendry, because he’s not only a big teenage crush shaped gap in Arya’s plot arc, but may also have a part to play in the war against the White Walkers as well as resurrecting House Baratheon. If Gendry shows up in S7 then I think it’ll be with the BwB.

    Any or all of these will bring with them a lot of unresolved plot lines, including Littlefingers part in Ned Stark’s demise (The Hound) as well as Melisandre vs Davos part 2, unless she has a new reason to be useful (anti White Walker secret weapons type stuff)

  • I doubt she would be killing Lyanna Mormont or Sansa. She goes after bad guys, at least by her standards. I can’t see her killing her sister and what would be the point of killing a young girl who avidly supports her brother?

    Her closest sibling was Jon. Why do damage to his cause?

    • But if Arya is the Waif in disguise because Arya is in fact dead already, then maybe the Waif would kill Sansa!!!

    • What if she uncovers a plot (by Sansa and LF) against Jon? She’s always had a close relationship with Jon and considering their bickering in their younger days it would be a nice way for the plot arc

    • Very true ! I will be one of them lol:) even more emotional than the Jon/Sansa one
      And it would/will be accompanied with the heartbreaking Stark theme of course!

      I suspect though that unfortunately one of the Stark sisters will die this upcoming season

      • So do I. I also think it’s possible that Arya heading north, along with the brotherhood, and Sophie’s platinum blonde hair, may all converge into a Sansa Stoneheart storyline. Fingers crossed. Not because I’m a Stoneheart fan (I haven’t read AFFC yet) but it will make Sansa’s death easier to accept. Exciting even. It would have way more impact on the narrative than Arya dying, especially if LF does it on behalf of Cersei. I just want to see her reconnect with Tyrion first, so she can tell him he was the best husband she ever had.

  • If you look at the 2 photos the items in the doorway and window are exactly the same in the same place so it’s the same trailer Bella and Maisie are coming out of!

  • From a source article a read a few weeks back… I heard that Jon Snow, Arya, Dany, Tyrion and Bran were 5 characters that were going to be in the final season… No mention of Sansa… Therefore could we see potentially Sansa death this year… In my mind I always think that nothing ever good happens to the starks… I would love it to be a perfect reunion but something is telling me that potentially we could see Arya returning to winterfell and potentially seeing Sansa siding with little finger out of a jealousy of the ‘king in the north’ perhaps plotting another betrayal… leading to Arya killing her sister and little finger? Or maybe… Little finger is the one who kills Sansa where Arya kills Little Finger out of revenge.

    What ever happens, it will be an epic season.

  • Killing Sansa would be tricky. First off, it’s not the waif. She would have returned to headquarters with Arya’s face, not the other way around. It was her face put in storage. If she were alive, she would need it.

    But plotwise there could be problems with an early Sansa demise. It would end Littlefinger machinations. I think those will be finished in Season 8. Also, Dany is supposed to be barren. That means that Jon will need a partner and Sansa might be it. More of a yucch factor with Arya.

    The blond hair of Sophie Turner is a)her natural color, b) used for a movie she’s working on, and c) she does wear wigs in the show. Her hair is shorter than Sansa’s, especially when wearing some of the fancy hairdos. So she can wear the wigs, etc. Also, she might not be in all that many scenes right now.

    I don’t think anyone was in every episode last season and some were in only a few. Sophie’s scenes might involve more with Littlefinger and Joh than with other people. We don’t know. But it is fun to speculate,

    And Maisie looks cute in the new outfits.

  • In the last season we kept hearing of Arya Stark and that she’s going home. Now that definitely looks like Arya Stark. With reminiscence of her aunt Lyanna.

    Arya going North is met with some suspicion – because ppl can’t figure out a certain goal for that trip. Obviously just coming back to home and family is not enough for some :)

    Arya to King’s landing… has an obvious goal – Cersei + a Mountain bonus. But story wise it would be damaging, as if they meet, somebody has to die, and a major or a relatively major character. Too early for that. Cersei is needed at least until around the end of season 7, to keep the story going. Just the ice zombies are not enough, we must have a hot blooded villain too.

    While in the North, there are disposable characters who’s death won’t hurt the story, on the contrary – will make it more dramatic – Little Finger and ( wishful thinking ) Sansa.

  • This is probably the “high stakes scene with leading cast members” we heard about in casting calls. It looks like Jon, Bran, Arya, Brienne, Littlefinger, Davos, Tormund, Podrick, Lyanna, Glover are all a part of it, and maybe more (like Sansa?) who’s pictures we haven’t scene.

    I really hope that Arya and Bran and Brienne and Pod make it to Winterfell very early in the season, and is this is where they are deciding what to do about the White Walkers. Bran, Jon, Tormund have experienced them firsthand. Do they go south? Send envoys to others in the Seven Kingdoms?

    I really hope they don’t get bogged down in political drama. Littlefinger’s schemes are pointless when death incarnate is descending from beyond the Wall.

  • The could be CGI a face over hers until she reveals herself. At first I wasn’t even sure those were “lady” clothes as they look exactly like the picture of Ned Stark’s outfit. The only thing that makes them look feminine is the shirt is tapered at the waste. So, I thought she could even have a face of a young man or boy. But, I think they are girl clothes.

  • My theory’s that after killing the Freys. Arya frees her uncle Edmure from the dungeons. Once the Tullys have retaken Riverrun once again, they all ride North to join up with Jon and Sansa at Winterfell.

    • Jeremy Podeswa is directing ep1 & 2 and he was spotted during the same week, on the same set with Kit, a picture posted by the same photographer who took all these bts pictures. << The photographer is using the pic as his background on twitter.

  • I think a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she is going home.
    I think the faceless men’s training was meant to make her realise who she is because her identity is important.

  • I haven’t enjoyed Arya’s storyline since Season 3, so I really hope she reunites with her family and joins up with the Northern plot.

    • Seems like she still needs to take care of her list before going to Winterfell for the last two seasons to make any sense.

    • What?!?!? Not her nomadic camaraderie with the Hound in S4, which included most of their adventures culminating with their not wanting to leave each other when Brienne showed up? Most fans loved all that.