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Speculation: Game of Thrones Season 7 and a potential Stark family reunion

Family reunions are, on paper at least, beautiful experiences, where far-flung family members who haven’t seen each other in decades get to spend time together eating, drinking, dancing, reminiscing about the old days, and marveling at how much the children have grown. So it was when Sansa met Jon for the first time in six seasons last year.

This season, spoilers suggest that we might be in for the same experience, but writ far larger. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we had a plethora of Starks and their supporters—including Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Maisie Williams (Arya), Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger), Liam Cunningham (Davos), Bella Ramsay (Lyanna Mormont), and Kristofer Hivju (Tormund)—all spotted on the same set on the same day. Could Jon Snow and Sansa Stark be welcoming Bran and Arya home for the final battle?

As much as we are hoping for such an event, there are signs it could be derailed.

Let’s take Arya’s outfit in the above shots. These are Northern leathers, but they’re not in Stark colors. They’re the plainer brown color we saw Bran wear last season during his lucid visions of the past.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven 2

Given what we know of Arya’s history, dressing in masculine outfit is in keeping with her character. It’s also the sort of thing she might wear as a Faceless Man disguise, for whatever reason.

Also, just because Williams and Wright are on the same set at the same time doesn’t mean that Arya and Bran are together. We know Bran can see through time and space, and this could be another “Stark family members pass like ships in the night” moment, with Arya walking or riding by a Bran she can’t see.


Not that any of us want this. We want Jon and Arya to see each other again. We want Bran to go home and explain to Jon that he’s a magical tree wizard now, and that Jon’s dad is actually a Targaryen and it’s really kinda complicated, but he’s the product of the now-failed Revolution of 282 AC in King’s Landing.

But there are concerns. For example, one person we don’t have an image of is Sophie Turner (Sansa). (Although we have a different red head who many suspect is a new character.) Could Arya arrive at Winterfell only hours after Sansa has left somewhere with Littlefinger? Could Bran only be there via one of his visions?

And even IF we get the great big hugfest we all want, that still leaves the biggest problem of all: family reunions aren’t all potato salad and ice tea on the porch at sundown. There’s that family member Jeff who you know you can’t talk about with Uncle Steve, because Steve doesn’t know and won’t approve of Jeff’s husband. There’s that great uncle in the corner in the Make America Great Again hat who won’t stop talking about the election. There’s those triplets by your third cousin once removed who are actively hitting and screaming and spitting on relatives while mom coos at them to be a little nicer please.

In short, family reunions can be hell, especially if the experiences of the far-flung relations have taken them all down different paths. How will her brothers and sisters feel about Arya committing vicious murders? How does Bran explain his scary new powers? And how do they all react when they learn that Jon Snow is actually Jon Targaryen?

To be fair, this sort of family reunion makes for snarky fun watching, just like those weddings down in King’s Landing. Just be glad that they’re not your relations.


  • What does a Tree Wizard do when having to make small talk with the newly converted Faith Militant with the shaved head?


  • it’s also the sort of thing she might wear as a Faceless Man disguise.

    Not true at all. If it is a faceless man disguise, then a different actor would be acting it and Arya wont have to wear these clothes in the first place . Maybe while she is removing the face and only then she would need wear it. Though why would a FM disguise herself as a northerner in unfriendly territory?

    It could be worn while travelling. But while travelling openly and not in hiding. As no one wants to be a Northerner in unfriendly terriotory. Maybe she is doing it as she may have Tully escorts after liberating Riverrun. Or she is finally in the North

  • If they are in the same scene it could be Bran using his new wizarding abilities to try and track down his missing family members.

    They share a scene, but don’t interact. Maybe Bran witnesses her crossing a name of her list?

  • i get Bran as the Yoda of GoT. so i can see why his survival is paramount.

    Arya is good to go the distance. Arya actually…could have blown the roof off of hollywood, kinda surprised it never happened.

    and i could understand Theon going the distance in some heroic event… proving he has the ballz to finish the job. VERY nice performances from him

    all the rest of the stark legion needs to die, yes, Jon included. the only character worse than Jon, is the Imp. they both should have gone permanently long ago. the Imp’s head should have been decorating a spike @the Vale.

    Rob would have been an interesting character, had he dealt with the Freys when they made the deal & their gates opened. but instead he offs the Cal-Starks. just a bunch of backwards crap in the story.

    if Season 6 was representative of the Battle-of-the-Bastards, i could see season 7 as the Battle-of-the-bitches. Maisie says season 7 will better 6. i don’t know how that can be done… there is just no depth. and now that GoT just wants to wrap-it-up, the show will be handled in the same fast-food manner that is representative of an americuck mind.

    can’t ever get anything interesting on TV anyway, nothing new.

    • You sir, are in the minority, as in a minority of 1, that being you. Your wishes, if they ever came true, would ruin the story, for everyone. I’ve never heard this perspective before and am blown away by it. Kill Tyrion, kill Jon, umm actually they should have been killed a long time ago boohahahahha SUREEE!

      • Fantasy is good, it is ok. but the followers/fans need some grains of truth, ideas to keep them acclimated to the period… & storyline.

        so tell me, a smart-azzed midget running around shooting his mouth off in the time of swords and shields, nah, i don’t think so.

        and Rob would have been a better surprise as an unknown bastard targaryen, while he had always been believed to be a true-born.

        yeah ok, Jon gets resurrected and hangs around, thats nice, my bad, whatev. so we need a 5’2″ lord commander, ok. but my brothers killed me… waaaaaaaaa hu hu hu. i’m a pussy now i am going south. i mean give it break, really?

        • Your argument is so… pathetic. I call it argument because I don’t even know what else to call it. A highly intelligent, if a midget, man who is a very good diplomat and is also part of a very wealthy and powerful family in Westeros. I mean, come on Tywin went to war to recover this midget he even hated. Nowadays he’s alive because other players have protected him. Varys, Jorah, Daenerys…

          I also don’t understand what Jon Snow’s or rather Kit’s height have to do with anything. I’m missing too why he’s “a pussy” too when he fought in the dirtiest bloodiest fight we’ve ever seen in the series and lived and then proceeded to beat the shit out of his enemy with his bare hands when he could’ve ordered the archers to do some target practice on Ramsay.

          Last but not least, I have absolutely no idea of how Rob could be a secret Targaryen heir/bastard if he was pushed out of Catelyn’s womb.

          I don’t want to say yours is the worst argument I’ve seen in this website’s history because I want to believe there’s someone worse but I have trouble thinking that.

          • WAR is what happens when diplomacy fails. so that makes your little bro-mance irrelevant. and now a wealthy high-born running around blue-collar criminals at the wall, you really are lost in this world, aren’t you? furthermore, he was believed to have a roll in Jon Arryn’s death & tried to assassinate a stark child. if you want to make an argument for intelligence, the imp should have been a maester… yes, that would have been a more fitting roll. sorry… the runt should have been dead, considering the company he was in.

            for Jon, he said it himself, he was toast if the knights from the vale had not arrived. so i’ve already explained the castle black abandonment. the character is simply disproportionate to the roll assumed. a sword hand is a powerful individual, if you ever troubled yourself to pick-up a sword, you would understand that. swords are not meant for scrawny humans, and never will be.

            all i am saying is, Rob would have made the better surprise 1/2 blood Targaryen… call it a birthing-mix-up, whatever, hell those still happen to this day in the real world.

            & yes, there was not a soul watching that did not enjoy ramsay’s demise.

          • there is really only one character left i enjoy, and he is not getting much screen time. i suspect the special effects are the only thing left to save this show in its wanning hours. i’ll see how that goes. probably be the last season for me. will see if the writers can save it. i doubt anyone thinks much on it anymore.

          • VeryDullEvent,

            I am not sure how you’ve managed to crawl out from your own asshole and have it infect your brain, but you should really get that taken care of!

            “In the stare of The Night King”
            TO: VeryDullEvent
            COME AT ME PUSSY!!!😛

        • Oh why dont u just write a bloody book then if you think you could do better those books are the best and if any of your ideas happend the whole epic seireis wold be shit

  • The redhead girl can perhaps be a young Catelyn Stark, in a vision of Bran.
    It can be a vision of Ned’s return at Winterfell, with a baby Jon in his arms. And then we might see the reaction of Cat.
    Or it can be another vision with a young Catelyn, maybe in her childhood, with Baelish ?

  • I’m no expert on this, but I am right in thinking that Jon isn’t Jon Targaryen? His parents are a Targaryen and a Stark, but they weren’t married (unless there’s something that we don’t know yet), so even though both of his parents were highborn, he’s still a bastard no matter what. Right?

    And to the guy above who thinks that Jon and Tyrion are bad characters, that’s definitely a minority opinion. They are two of my favorites.

    • There are many things we don’t know. They could have married, Rhaegar could have left a testament in case he didn’t return, there’s just too much missing information.

      Nowadays, though, he could be proclaimed and take the Targaryen name just as he was proclaimed King in the North by his peers. This, of course, given that he has some sort of evidence of his alledged origin and that’s where the internet goes crazy with the Crypts theories and the Citadel theories.

    • if i am correct, Rhaegar snatched the Stark girl as a concubine and knocked her up while he was still married, according to the books anyway. you might double check that though. the TV show is standing on its own in some regards. for whatever that is worth.

      • No, you are not correct. It is not stated explicitly anywhere in the books what EXACTLY went down between Lyanna and Rhaegar after the Tourney at Harrenhal. Robert’s supporters follow Robert’s version of the events – that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and raped her later on, and that Ned found her at the Tower of Joy after the rebellion. That became the official story because Robert won the war, and history is written by the winners. The few characters we meet in the books that actually knew Rhaegar don’t give us any alternative to Robert’s story regarding what happened after the Tourney at Harrenhal, but their accounts of Rhaegar have led many people to think that Robert’s version of the story doesn’t match up with Rhaegar’s character traits and that Lyanna wasn’t kidnapped at all – that she willingly ran off with Rhaegar out of love. I think most would agree that Bran’s visions involving Lyanna and Young Ned in Season 6 lend support to that version of the story, not Robert’s.

        We won’t know for sure what happened until The Winds of Winter (probably), but I can definitely say that no where in anything I’ve read that is set in Westeros is there mention of Rhaegar kidnapping Lyanna to make her his “concubine.”

        • Kings tend to collect things, which rather smears the whole love paradigm, for me anyway. concubine was my own derivation, sorry for that, to Martin and other beloved parties. i guess it will be interesting if the series ever completes itself.

          on a side note, books tend to be written by the people with gold, which may or may not be the winners.

          honestly though, i don’t think any of it can be washed-out without a scribal account. for all we know polygamy might be acceptable valyian/targaryen lore. seems incest was right at the top, so why the hell not,lol.

  • I’m wondering if the real Sansa dies early-ish to be replaced by the new redheaded actress as a Faceless Men Sansa? They seem to be quite similar.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and not that I ‘want’ this to happen at all nor in any way, but I think that Sansa may fall into the hands of the White Walkers and may even become one of their elites.

    I honestly can’t think of a shocker more upsetting for me and what better way to reinforce fans’ contempt for the white walkers before the final shebang…

    • That’s not how the White Walkers operate. They kill. They seem to only be able to turn infants into new White Walkers.

      • Uh did you miss Hardhome where the Night’s King resurrected everyone who had just fallen fighting them in battle?

        • Actually, those resurrected at Hardhome are different and go by a different name i believe (Though I can’t remember what that name is at the moment). “White Walkers” refer to the thing that Jon fought and killed with his Valyrian steel sword at Hardhome, and also what Sam killed with Dragonglass when he saved his gf and step-son Lil-Sam in the woods beyond the wall. The difference being that the resurrected are more like your average zombies from any horror flick, but the “White Walkers” look like evil Ice Demons.

          I could be wrong though.

  • I fear for Sansa. She doesn’t seem to be around in the possible reunion pics. Maybe she has been betrayed by Littlefinger and captured by Cersei. Afterall, last we saw Cersei and Littlefinger, Cersei wanted Sansa’s head. Fans got reunions and revenge last season; I don’t think this season will be so indulgent. I do like the theory that the new red head is Catelyn Stark in a new vision from Bran.

  • The quite a few discrepancies I have with Jon’s parents. His father was already married to Oberon sister and that why he tried to kill the Mountain. The Mountain admitted he killed her and her children. Jon’s mother running off with a married man, makes no sense to me. Even if they had children, all were going to be bastards.
    Still need additional info about Jon being related to Dany, because he has no light eye color like all family members.