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Filming updates from Italica and Belfast, cast members sound off on social media

Game of Thrones

It’s a social media fest from the cast of Game of Thrones. First up, Sophie Turner (Sansa) posted a picture of herself with costar Alfie Allen (Theon) on Instagram, adding fuel to the speculation fire that started on Friday. Does this mean that Sansa and Theon will film material together, or or the two actors just reuniting to engage, per the subtitle, in some “stupid shots?”

Stupid shots 🎱

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From one member of Dany’s new team to another, it looks like all of Dany’s supporters are leaving her for other regions. Either that, or Missandei just finished filming her scenes in Northern Ireland for the moment and needed to jet off to her next place of employ. We report, you decide!

But before she left, she hung out with Allen, too. He is everywhere.

Still, not everything is quiet in Belfast Studios. There’s still some activity happening around Titanic Studios:

Fire engines, wind machines, and horse wagons…just a normal day on the Game of Thrones set.

Elsewhere, filming at Winterfell plods along.

So with her followers elsewhere, where is the Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Wearer of Wigs? She’s…in London, actually. I guess everyone gets a break, even conquerors.

Perhaps this break is because they’ll all be heading down to Spain in a few days time for the next round of filming? Well, some of them will be, most likely Emilia Clarke, if not her followers. As we reported yesterday, the ruins of Italica will be closed to tourists today so the production can get busy. However, that didn’t stop a news outlet or two from hurrying down to the now barricaded location to take a few snaps.

According to Andalucia Informacion, the Seville city council is reminding residents that the benefits of allowing Game of Thrones to film in the area will far outweighs any inconvenience caused by the closures. Roughly translated:

It has also defined the shooting as opening a “window to the world”, as evidenced by the places where it has become the series’ have had a greater influx of tourists immediately after the premiere.”

Let’s hope we get a shot or two of what’s happening on the other side of those barricades in the next month.


  • I wonder if anyone will attempt to fly a drone fitted with a camera over the amphitheatre during filming? We may be treated to slightly blurred photos of Brienne and Davos performing with a tennis ball on a stick and looks of awe on their faces!

    Seriously though, it will be interesting to see which cast members other than the actors playing Brienne, Davos and Daenerys are spotted at local airports (Valencia I assume?). This may provide stronger clues about the movement of characters around Westeros in S7.

    • If anyone does spend the money on a drone and camera, I hope they are rewarded with a broken drone, camera, Jail time and a fine…