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Here’s what the children of Game of Thrones’ famous couples could look like

Have you ever wondered what the children of some of Game of Thrones’ most famous couples would look like? Well, now you can put your mind at ease. Using animated GIFs and a lot of imagination, the folks at Vouchercloud have mashed together seven different pairs of characters and rendered their unique-looking offspring. Let’s get into it.

First up, we have the child of the couple that many Game of Thrones fans have been dreaming of for years: Jon and Daenerys.


I’ve got to say, Jon and Dany’s child looks rather pretty. I particularly like the baby dragon on her shoulder, and the white direwolf pup tugging on her skirt. She’s awash in animal friends. Also notice the blonde highlights in her black hair.

Staying with Jon Snow, here’s what a child of his and Ygritte’s might look like:


It looks like Jon Jr. will keep that whole “Kissed by fire” look that his mother wore so well.

Next up, we have a bit of an icky pairing: Jorah and Daenerys. It’s never gonna happen, but let’s let our imaginations wander..


So it looks like Ser Friendzone’s Westerosi eczema will transfer to his daughter. Who knew greyscale was hereditary? Also, why does Jorah’s kid get greyscale and an old sword, when Dany’s daughter by a different baby-daddy gets a dragon? We see which daughter Daenerys favors.

Moving along, here’s the offspring of everyone’s favorite Season 5 couple: Tormund and Brienne.


Okay so, baby Briennemund is probably my favorite of all the children on display. Look, she get’s mother’s sword, Oathkeeper, and daddy’s fiery red hair…what could go wrong?

Staying with Brienne, it appears as if, just like Dany, she has a couple of kids on this list.


This is the oddest child here. Why would the offspring of a very tall mother and a tall father end up looking like an angry dwarf from The Lord of the Rings?

Here’s what the child of Tyrion and Shae would look like if he hadn’t choked her to death with a golden chain.


So Shaerion will inherit her mother’s long legs and good looks, and her father’s propensity for drinking and knowing things.

Finally, we have an impossible child: the daughter of Grey Worm and Missandei. Yeah, we know it can’t happen. Just go with it.


I totally dig the entirely hypothetical child of Grey Worm and Missandei. It looks like baby Wormdei will go into the family business and become a soldier in Queen Daenerys’ army.

To read more about what the designers were going for, head to Vouchercloud. What do you think of the new kids on the block? What would you name them? Let us know in the comments.