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Pics: Sophie Turner on Season 7 set wearing a red Sansa Stark wig

Thanks to intrepid photographer PAP4U, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, is once more sporting her character’s signature red hair.

Turner turned heads (pun intended) this off-season when she reverted back to her natural blonde hair for a role in Huntsville, where she’ll play an American teenager. Some fans saw this and started to worry that Sansa would have limited screentime during Season 7. Happily, she’s reverted to form.

Here’re all of the new images PAP4U posted. They also include shots of Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont).

Of note: Turner usually dyes her hair for filming, but this year she’s wearing a wig. Turner has yet to wear a full wig, though she has occasionally worn hair pieces, most notably the top braids in this shot from Season 1.


Previously, PAP4U posted photographs of folks like Kit Harington, Daniel Portman, Aidan Gillen, and others on the set at Linen Mills Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. All of those photographs were allegedly taken on the same day: September 23rd. Odds are that the pics of Turner are also from that day. It looks like the the whole Winterfell crew was together.

As you may recall, PAP4U also captured a few images that qualify as SPOILERS. Turn back now if you don’t want to know more.


PAP4U snapped photos of both Isaac Hempstead Wright and Maisie Williams on the same set on the same day, suggesting that Arya and Bran will return to Winterfell at some point during Season 7. Now, we’ve seen Sophie Turner there, too. Is a Stark family reunion imminent?

Beyond that, PAP4U snapped a few more photos of Turner on set. Here she is bonding with Bella Ramsey…

…and here she is leaving the set after a long day of wearing that wig.


  • With Bran doing the whole greenseeing Three-eyed Raven thing anything is Possible. Maybe reunion? Maybe just Greenseeing?

  • Well if it’s a wig instead of dye, maybe it really is limited screen time. A wig makes sense for a smaller amount of work right? If she betrays Jon I hope she dies.

    • Well if it’s a wig instead of dye, maybe it really is limited screen time. A wig makes sense for a smaller amount of work right? If she betrays Jon I hope she dies.

      No. Lena and Emilia both wear wigs. It’s expensive and if she had limited screen time wouldn’t make sense to get a wig of that quality.

      Natalie Dormer wore a wig for not much work. But the wig was terrible and obvious. The one Sophie’s wearing is expensive and mimics her real hair. Meaning they put a lot of money into buying it. Meaning she is on screen so much it matters that the wig perfectly matches the color and style of last season.

      • When I visited the “Harry Potter Studios”, I learned that actors often wear wigs: aging/growing up, hormonal changes (stress-related, sport-related, health-related, whatever), wrong products, other jobs requesting a different look can often change somebody’s hair completely, whereas a wig stays exactly as you want it to be – provided you take a little care of it. It does not surprise me at all that they decided to use a wig with Sophie as well.

    • at some point throughout all she has been through, Sansa seems to really understand the worth of her family after thinking she wanted to be on her own in supposed fairytale KL. I really, really, REALLY hope she doesn’t even consider betraying Jon. That would actually turn me off to the show and imo, feel it would be whack writing. Just my feelings though!

      • i agree. ultimately, i don’t think sansa will betray jon. there will surely be tension between them in season 7: arguments, jealousy, secrets, rivalry, etc. littlefinger will definitely continue to instigate trouble and attempt to sway sansa against jon. i don’t think this will last long, however: jon and sansa need each other. she won’t betray her brother–not after what their family has been through.

        instead, i predict sansa will turn on littefinger. somehow, she will learn about his role in ned’s death. this will seal her to jon’s cause and provoke her to permanently sever ties with littlefinger–perhaps even kill him. (this is heavily foreshadowed in the books; it seems like a likely end for him in the show as well.)

    • Really enjoyed her in season 6. It was nice to see the fire that was underneath come to the surface.

  • Maybe it is secretly Melisandre and that is a bunch of old witches white hair sneaking out from her charm spell.

  • Im looking forward to seeing if Melisandre returns season seven, and if she has scenes with the Hound, Gendry or Arya!

  • I don’t think she will survive this season. While on the show, Sohpie T. is not allowed to change her hair. Every movie she has done she has always kept her hair. Now she chopped it off and went back to being blonde. It makes me think that her time on GOT is over. Also Maisie and Sophie both got tattoos of that dates they were first cast in their GOT roles. That seems to me something to do when you know your time on a show is over.

  • Kit was wearing a blue shirt in the pictures leaving the set with the mysterious redhead (Megan Parkinson?) and in the ones with Sophie here he’s wearing grey with a link undershirt. Perhaps the pics that have leaked are from more than one day? Or perhaps Kit likes to change outfits a lot…

  • I was wondering about the dates on the Sophie pics where she is leaving her trailer with Blonde hair. Could it have been during the read throughs?

    On her instagram posts with Alfie Allen her hair looks much darker, like she has dyed it red again. Also if she is going to play Jean Grey again, I’d think she would keep her hair red.

    Alot of people speculate about how dying your hair damages it, typically darkening hair is not a problem. It’s when bleaching is involved that it damages the hair.

    • then again in her posts with alfie, she usually uses a black and white filter, which makes it look darker. Also her roots are really dark but the ends are much brighter.

      And she’s also been dyeing her hair since 2011 (nearly 6 years now) so I bet her hair is kinda damaged by now

  • People say she’s going “back to blonde”, but her true blonde hair is not this color, she confirmed this in an interview. She dyed her hair blonde for her Huntsville film coming out soon, she even got temporary tattoos. Also, she told a fan that she IS planning to dye her hair red again, however she has to wait till her hair is less damaged from all the constant dyeing (she had to keep dyeing it red for GoT for like, 6 years). I’m pretty sure the producers of the show would much rather have a wig that looks like healthy hair than constantly damage hair that is already very damaged.