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Pics and SPOILERS: Peter Dinklage and others arrive at Spanish filming locations

The Game of Thrones production is gearing up to film material in Spain, specifically on several beaches in the Basque country, and the actors are starting to roll in. First, Peter Dinklage was seen arriving in an area…

…and then El Correo posted a picture of him on Muriola Beach in the town of Barrika—one of those beach locations—talking to crew members.

According to rumor (and common sense, really), the beach locations will involve Daenerys and her entourage, so it makes sense that Dinklage would be around. However, El Correo has some other news that’s more surprising. Let’s talk about it beneath this SPOILER WARNING.


According to El Correo, Dinklage wasn’t just chatting with random crew members. He was also talking with Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth).

While it’s possible that Dinklage and Cunninham are filming different scenes in the same area, it’s unlikely. There are only so many things you can use a beach for. More likely, the two will meet in Season 7. This lines up with recent reports that members from Team Jon Snow may visit members of Team Daenerys at her new home base on Dragonstone.

I wonder what Tyrion and Davos will make of each other. They’re both reasonable men who work best in an advisory capacity, but we shouldn’t forget that Tyrion did decimate Stannis’ fleet during the Battle of the Blackwater, stranding Davos on a lonely island in Blackwater Bay and killing his son. You don’t live through this…

Wildfire blackwater gif

…and just forget it.

It looks like the production will use drones during filming at Muriola Beach. Shooting is scheduled for October 26 and 27.

We’ll be watching the beaches at Zumaia, Barrika, and Bermeo closely over the next couple of weeks. There should be plenty going on.


    • Honestly I find both “couples” at the same level of disgusting.
      Hypothetical situations:
      1.Jonsa raised as brothers all their life,turns up they are cousins then marry.Ew.Nobody in their serious mind would marry his/her cousin,specially if they been raised together like sibilings.
      It’s just like when you find out you are adopted and marry your brother/sister that is not your brother/sister theoretically,but all your life you thought so.
      So I don’t know why people should be shipping Jonsa lol.
      2. Jonaerys,they never see each other,but they are related,so if they will be together without knowing,they didn’t do nothing wrong,but then if they find out it’s shocking.Ewww again.
      Both situations are bad lol.

    • I am already praying to the Old Gods And The New so they will have mercy and spare us from this Twilight level trope.

    • I think there will be a moment or 2 where the show makes us believe its possible, but before anything serious happens one of them will die. And it won’t be sappy, but just how it is.

  • Lol I walk by that hotel everyday on my way to the kids’ bus stop, nothing unusual going on today. I´ll keep you posted ;)

  • PJ, do you happen to know the receptionist, or someone who might know who was staying at the hotel?

  • Im sure those pics are of the beach infront of the mud gate in KL which Tyrion will hit as Stannis did. This time Tyrion will do what Stannis couldnt knowing Big Sis will try what Tyrion did with the wildfire. Remember, He drinks and knows things. Thats why Davos and Brienne are there. It cant be Dragonstone. Its too damn far. If they know the Dragon Queen has landed let her come north and see for herself whats going on. Jon will never leave the North knowing whats headed for them and he cant risk losing WF again. I think ser Davos,Brienne and the rest of the litter,Sansa, LittleFanger all went to KL with the Nights of the Vale and Littlefinger will turn on them and pledge to Cersie cause his dream is lost in the North. In doing that Dany will arrive,put it down and find Ser Davos and Brienne were being held captive. Sansa back with her cousin or in casterly rock or even dead. Littlefinger is not gonna just let her go. He’ll kill her before doing so or bairgain her off to be warden of the North.

  • KitN gonna be one lucky ass dude if it happens and I think it has to on some level or another. Shit, the’re related

  • In that pic with peter dinklage on the beach, is there a dude to the far right with black hoodie and black hat with a snake around his shoulders?????

  • I think it makes much more sense for this location to be a landing at Dragonstone, rather than KL.

    Jon and Co, have a reason to go to DS, to find dragon glass to fight the WW. We all know what happened the last time the KITN marched on KL and there are no more Stark hostages to rescue there as a motivation.

    It is possible that the Greyjoys are enrout to KL and they run amiss of Euron and Cersei. Or that could also occur at DS.

  • If people accept same sex dating and sex and different races. Why not incest? If its consensual. Sure i see how it would be nasty to some. But gay people are no better and far more abnormal than incest. Like it or not its truth