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UPDATED: Details on an upcoming action sequence between three characters

My god, the SPOILERS just aren’t stopping this week. The latest involves a small-scale action scene between three characters, and comes to us via Spanish-language fansite Los Siete Reinos.

First, the usual warning: do not read further if you don’t want to know what happens in Game of Thrones Season 7.


Okay, before we get into the new stuff, let’s establish some things we already know. A week ago, Watchers on the Wall revealed information about a very interesting scene that will happen at some point next year: Davos, Brienne, and Daenerys will all meet at some point in the Dragonpit in King’s Landing. Ignoring all the wild implications of that meet-up for now, let’s extract one pertinent piece of information for the purposes of this post: Davos goes to King’s Landing in Season 7. There are any number of reasons why he might do this. Does Jon send him to investigate what Cersei’s up to? Is he there to suss out what this Dragon Queen lady is all about? Whatever the reason, it looks like he’s going south.

Then, video footage emerged showing Liam Cunningham (Davos) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) shooting a scene together on Muriola Beach in the town of Barrika. And not only that, but reports all but confirm that Muriola Beach—along with a couple of other beachfront locations—will all stand in for the same place: Dragonstone.

Putting all that together, Season 7 will feature a scene that involves Davos and Tyrion on Dragonstone. See them above with a boat. And then, if that wasn’t enough, LSR reported reported that Joe Dempsie (Gendry) was part of the shoot on Muriola Beach, as well. Davos, Tyrion, and Gendry, together first time…

Now that we’ve established all that, let’s tackle the new info. According to LSR, Muriola Beach will stand in for more than Dragonstone. It’ll also double for a beach on Blackwater Bay, in King’s Landing. We’ve seen characters from King’s Landing head down to the city’s beaches a couple of times, although we’re not sure if they’re all the same beach.


Cersei waits for Myrcella to arrive on a stony beach in King’s Landing. Image: Game of Thrones/Screengrab.

Per LSR, a few things will happen in this location:

  • Davos will run into some gold cloaks (two, as it ends up) who ask him a series of questions.
  • Apparently, Davos’ answers are not satisfactory, because there’s a disagreement.
  • The gold cloaks take Davos prisoner.
  • But before they get much further, another character comes along and saves Davos from the gold cloaks. LSR think this person is Gendry.
  • Also, Tyrion is there, although we’re sure why.
  • The three of them escape in a boat, which could be what they’re arriving on Dragonstone on in the shot above.

There’s no photographic evidence of this as yet, but it’s exciting stuff. We’ll bring you more as it breaks.

UPDATE: And now there’s photographic evidence of this. Check out this video. Who know how long it’ll be up?

So Gendry takes both of the gold cloaks down with a hammer. He means business. Or is that Gendry at all? It kind of looks like Podrick. Discuss.


  • Very interesting. Besides bringing Gendry back, just for fun, I was trying to think of his possible purpose. As Tyrion considers himself a thinking man he might encourage Dany to attack Cersei both at the armed forces level and the political level. Tyrion could assert Cersei has no rightful claim to the crown (except those who have the power, stay in power). But, if Gendry was brought forward as the one and remaining Baratheon heir, he could officially relinquish the crown to Dany or even marry her, this solidifying their political claim. But, I think I’d much rather have Gendry connect back with Arya. Interesting information through.

  • Hmmm. What I can’t place is Tyrion’s purpose in KL, if Cersei is still in power. Why would he and Davos be there, sans an army, wandering the streets?

    • He killed Ned?!?! Seriously, Rhaegar may be Jon’s biological father, but his real, spiritual, philosophical, and proper father was Ned. It will be interesting to see Jon’s feelings on that. But in any real sense, the word ‘dad’ is so familiar, it can only apply to Ned.

      • You’re right! I couldn’t remember how to spell Rhaegar.
        The hammer may be part of his forging tools, but the deal that was made about Roberts warhammer makes a definite connection. The Warhammer was always painted a bit larger than what Gendry swung, but that would weigh too much to swing efficiently by someone smaller.

  • I always thought that maybe Gendry could be illegitimate son of Robert and cersei, and cersei sent him away due to having black hair, hence why cersei never goes to visit him in the crypts.
    Robert was always hunting when cersei was giving birth, she always said that. Which would mean he has a big claim to the throne.
    It would be a threat to cersei if she knew he knew the truth. Just me speculating

    • I agree with I’ve always felt the same,Cersi comments about the babys black hair and Gendry talks about his mother having golden hair wouldn’t that be an awesome twist!!!!

      • Naaaa, I’ve personally always thought this was fans simply creating another, one-too-many, theory. We’ve all seen Cersei’s love for her children and even she readily admitted that early on she was enamored by Robert and his big, black, beard, etc…so I highly doubt she would have discarded her natural-born first son.

        Enough ppl, there is not a theory behind every little detail of ASoIaF. If there was, how could you ever imagine GRRM could finish this series, let alone even have completed the first 5 novels??? Having a theory behind nearly every little detail would seriously impede one book’s production, let alone 5, or 7. The facts remain that this is such a detailed and lengthy story, spread out over so many books and years, that during the wait, fans cannot help themselves but to create theory after theory after theory. I have always been absolutely amazed at these novels and GRRM’s insane talent in creating them and this world of his, but to imagine that behind these details and this world, there is a secret, hidden theory about everything…is just ludicrous.

    • Ummm, No! None of them want to recruit Cersei! Have you been watching and reading the same story as all of us???? The only person in Westeros who actually likes Cersei is Qyburn (as far as we can tell); it is doubtful Jamie even likes/loves her anymore. Tyrion wants her dead. In the books he would probably like to rape her first, but regardless, he definitely wants to see her fall and fall, far. Jon & Davos likely do not want her as an ally either, considering she is a Lannister, played a role in Ned, Robb & Catelyn’s deaths, and wants Sansa dead as well.

      So, yea, I still cannot come up with a logical reason for Davos & Tyrion to be in KL, prior to Cersei’s demise. Wtf!?!?!!

      • I think maybe Cersei had reached out to the North. Yes, the North does not like Cersei at all. But, you have to remember, none of them have ever met Dany. There families went to war to throw out the Targaryens, I don’t think the North would readily like to see Dany back in power either. If Cersei promised the North independence they might at least send an envoy to discuss it. But, I could also see Tyrion secretly setting up a meeting to pitch the North to join them.

  • I am still torn on whether that is Podrick or Gendry. Why the hell Podrick, Tyrion and Davos would travel to Kings Landing is beyond me…
    Gendry is more understandable as it would Tyrion went with Davos to retrieve him ( he would trust Davos). Also it appears Tyrion was hiding in the boat- probably on the suggestion of Davos as the gold cloaks would recognize him, the scene we saw the photo of yesterday may of been that being shot.
    Team Jon wants forces to fight the others.
    Team Daenarys wants alliances to put her, relatively smoothly and peacefully as possible, on the Iron Throne.
    Marrying Gendry, if he were legitimate, would tie up two competing claims to the throne…not to mention she would wear the pants- she would like this. Or, he ascends the throne to her and she gives him a nice little castle where he can bang on steel in peace- he would like that.

    But, I think it might also just be Pod and Davos collecting something Tyrion left behind….

  • I think it’s more like podrik with tyrion’s hammer (but i don’t know it seems a bit different) could be gendy too but I choose Pod Fooking Payne

    and Pod killed two member of the city watch. Must be in King Landing.

  • Is that Robert Baratheon’s war hammer? If so, that would be an awesome inclusion to Gendry’s character. Also, the use of a war hammer similar to what Robert had should dispel the theories that it is Pod in the video instead of Gendry.

  • Just watched the video and it kind of actually looks more like Pod to me based on the body type but would Pod be without Brienne and wielding a hammer…doubt it. The warhammer has to be a nod to RB, and therefore, this has to be Gendry, like some of you have mentioned above.

  • If the Gold Cloaks are there where is the Mountain? If this is Kings Landing I’m afraid Gendry will have to test that hammer again.

    • The Mountain is part of the Kings Guard.. Queens Guard now I would suggest as Cercie has claimed the Iron Throne. The Mountain is her creature and wouldn’t be about KL with common Gold Cloaks. The last we witnessed, he was doing Cercie’s bidding with the unfortunate Septa.