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Game of Thrones Season 7 Filming: [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] Film Scenes Together

Game of Thrones

Oh boy, the Game of Thrones Season 7 filming leaks have just reached peak hype. Today, courtesy of the Freefolk subreddit, we have two photos of two characters filming scenes together, and I promise you, these are the photos you’re looking for. But, before we continue, this is your obligatory SPOILER warning. If you wish to remain as pure as the driven snow, in regards to Game of Thrones Season 7, then please read something else, like “Ranking the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6,” by our fearless leader, Dan.

Turn back, all ye Unsullied who enter here. There be SPOILERS below!


Still with me? Excellent! Okay, today, thanks to the aforementioned subreddit, Freefolk, we’ve got two photos of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow filming scenes together, on the Dragonstone set. They both are very blurry, but as you will see, the hype train is rolling along at full steam! Choo-Choo OOo OOO!

This first photo was taken by Instagram user nerea_v, but was soon removed…thank the Seven for other Instagram users who reposted the shot. The internet is forever, never forget. And here we have another shot, posted in the same thread, by Redditor keine_fragen, and reposted on got_updates on Instagram, featuring Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington moving slightly, with Dany looking over her shoulder at Jon.

More pictures of Kit and Emilia on set of Season 7 in Spain!

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As you can see, Jon’s signature man-bun is clearly evident in this photo, where it wasn’t in the first. There’s one more photo to share, today, but Dany doesn’t seem to appear in it. This one is of Jon and Davos hitting the deck, lying flat on their stomachs, as Tyrion looks skyward.

You can see the photo on Spanish website Deia, who took the photo (Special thanks to Redditor maureencreates who shared it on the Freefolk subreddit). Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but this appears to be Jon and Davos reacting to a possible dragon flyover. Tyrion wouldn’t be scared, nor would Missandei, as they both are used to Dany’s dragons by now. However, if Jon and Davos are seeing living, flying dragons for the first time, then this would be the proper reaction.

What do you think of these new Game of Thrones Season 7 filming photos? Are you hyped for Jon and Dany’s first confirmed scenes together? Let’s discuss in the comments.


  • Beyond hyped I would say!!! Finally!! Hope we get more pics of them filming together! And if I saw a dragon flying over, I would hit the deck too, so agree with Razor, that is probably what is happening! Soooo exciting!

  • Dany and Jon will will marry as family members of House Tag do. To rule over the remnants of Westeros that remain after the WW are defeated.

  • Dany rides in on Drogon as a show of force and Jon and Davis are in shock and awe. But then Drogon is like “hey mom, this guy is really cool.”
    Then Dany and John have a chat about why her dragons like him so much and Jon is like “I have no idea why the dragons like me, I’m just a bastard from the north.”
    Fade out…

  • Theory:
    She looks to be pondering something looking out to the ocean:
    Perhaps she is having to choose between going for the Throne or coming to the aid of Jon. That is, if Euron depletes her forces enough that she is forced to delay at Dragonstone.

    • Jon probably knows a bit about Daenerys from Samwell reading raven messages to Maester Aemon. He would know that she has a huge army. I think you’re right, that he’s trying to convince Dany to turn her forces North in that scene.

  • When the Mad Queen Dany starts acting like daddy, Jon Snow will stab her and create lightbringer. I know people hate taking the Nissa Nissa being killed thing literal, but all the talk about lightbringer, (“The sword is wrong, she has to know that … light without heat … an empty glamour … the sword is wrong, and the false light can only lead us deeper into darkness” -Aemon), there has to be some merit to the argument. Bittersweet, as GRRM stated.

    • Dany is not going mad not in the show nor in the books. I know a lot of fanboys are desperate for the powerful Queen to have her power taken from her but it ain’t gonna happen.

      • either Kahl Drogo and Dany were Nissa Nissa and Lightbringer is Drogon, or Melissandre, who has the fiery heart as sigil, will be sacrificed.

        Never for a second believe Lightbringer will come back as a sword. it makes no sense to take it literally. Nobody thinks that Bran will grow some wings and fly, fir instance!

        • I agree and not saying I think this is how it is going to play out but just bc Dany and Jon were to get together, I don’t think it dimjnjshes the story or makes it cheesy by any means. There aren’t many worthy women left for the KitN to marry firstly. Secondly, there’s the entire mystery behind Jon and his journey, plus Dany’s lengthy journey, both of which have made this story unique, and not predictable. Some things that may seem just that are bound to happen, but if they do occur, it doesn’t cheapen anything for me. I personally have never read any book of the 200 or so I’ve read that has had so much mystery, twists and foreshadowing as this, so if Dany & Jon get it on, if they are literally Ice & Fire in one of the story’s definitions, so be it. I firmly believe that if ASoIaF was not so epic, so lengthy and there wasn’t so much time inbetween each of the novels, people would not have had years upon years x 20 to pick apart the story and devise theory after theory after theory x 100000000.

          If I were Jon, upon seeing Dany, I would not be able to resist in the slightest and considering how much he thoroughly enjoyed “experimenting” with Ygritte, with no NW oath serving as a chastity belt any longer, a marriage union to solidify a pact of Ice & Fire sounds just about right for all parties involved, especially Jon.

          One last note, based on personalities and experience leading and uniting ppl, who better is out there in Westeros to rule should the story not end in Armageddeon than Jon & Dany??? Nobody!

          • P.S. My pre-order of “Game of Thrones” 20th Anniversary Illustrated Edition arrived yesterday and based on my first glance, it looks very nice and a million times better than my insanely overused paperback edition.

            Now, I have a decision to make while I am waiting on book two of Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy Stormlight Archives to arrive (btw, imo, it’s not nearly on ASoIaF’s level, but so far it’s a nice piece of epic fantasy. There are 2 written at this point in time, with supposedly 8 more to come. Until I gave ASoIaF a shot, I was predominantly a nonfiction reader, having never read any fantasy. True crime and nonfiction novels that read as if they are fiction are my cups of tea, but I really do enjoy this epic fantasy genre that GRRM introduced me to. Anyways, I definitely recommend the Stormlight Archives for anyone looking for something to read in general, or more specifically, in the epic fantasy genre).

            So, back to my decision after that long as* sentence; do I read A GoT for the 4th time to enjoy these illustrations as they naturally appear 1/chapter, or do I simply skim the book and take a look??? Hmmmmmm. I do know that if I decide on the former, I will subsequently have to read the remaining 4 novels, again, for the 4th time.

            MAYBE, just maybe, upon conclusion of my 4th read of the series, Mr. GRRM will be finished with TWoW!?!?!? Now that would be nice, to say the least.

    • GRRM has even stated that the ‘Ice and Fire’ is actually Dany vs. the WW with her dragons. Surely that means she will be making a charge to the endgame. Now, don’t argue semantics with me on this statement of his, because I don’t know if that means this is the ONLY way ‘Ice and Fire’ might be interpreted in the story (I still hold fast to the theory that Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire), or even necessarily that she will meet the WW, as she is simply Fire, and they are simply Ice, and in existing in the same world brings them together, as it were. Perhaps she will send her dragons to the Wall in some other capacity, I don’t know. I’ve already admitted in other threads that I’m a rubbish theoriser. However, the main point of this comment that has gone on way too long is that I believe GRRM’s statement supports the fact that Dany will not become a stand-in for Nissa Nissa at any point. But, shit, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. I saw the show before I read the books, and I was just as shocked and horrified as all the other unsullied when they chopped Ned Stark’s head off in Baelor…

  • I suppose we’ll get to see these scenes only in the later half of the season. Now the twist is up for debate; has dany known about the fact that she’s talking to her nephew?

  • Jon telling her he was dead 2 days would be a good ice breaker.
    I know she is his aunt but they sure look good together!

  • Anyone else read the entire season was leaked yesterday? The Missandai actress confirmed its truthfulness.
    Several extremely shocking revelations, but the biggest is Viserion is killed and turned into an Ice Dragon.
    I’m reading it again to debate its validity.

    • A few things feel wrong, like Jon including in his expedition the members of the Brotherhood Without Banners (with the Hound) to bring back evidence of Wights from the North. And Jon sleeps with Daenerys immediately after she rescues him from a Wight attack (He doesn’t know his parents yet, though). Arya executing Littlefinger seems wrong, and Jorah being quickly cured, too.

      • If Viserion becomes an Ice Dragon then that will be the one Jon eventually recaptures, and makes his. The statement that Jon isn’t afraid of Drogon and pets him sounds valid, since he has already died and has a different view of death.

        • This article does make the efforts to link the original leaked information with filming locations and actor sightings. Doesn’t seem valid but it is interesting enough to read. Part of what was written does feel genuine, and the original author did have some thought provoking scenes, some I hope happens! I didn’t write it or state the article was genuine like the rocket scientist below (Bryan’s built-in White Walker GPS) thinks, just sharing it. The rest of us are intelligent enough to arrive at our own conclusions, and don’t need his help, right?

      • Arya could kill LF, like in an effort to save Sansa from him forcing himself on her or trying to take WF from her when Jon, et al. are gone south. However, Dany isn’t saving Jon from wights down at Dragonstone so yea, that’s purely tinfoil. Bringing evidence of WWs down with him seems unlikely as well, but I think there may still be an undead or two in the ice cells.

    • I read that, too, Bandit77. It was like fire in my eyes and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop.

      • I wanted to know other people’s thoughts on the article. Even if parts of it are pure tinfoil, I can still be interested enough to find the parts that aren’t. Admittedly, I can’t tell all the wheat from the weeds, and how much, but appreciate hearing from people who can. Thanks!

  • Nothing was leaked, anybody with a brain would see that it is a fanfiction by some teenager who wants to see Jon and Daenerys banging.
    Jorah reuniting with Daenerys before being cured? He would never dare putting her into danger (he wanted to leave for good!), she would not let him go anywhere if not cured.
    An expedition, everybody on a dragon, yeah? Are you serious? Have you read something about dragon-riding?
    Jon and Dany just fuck on a boat for…reasons? What are you, sixteen going on seventeen?
    Nathalie Emmanuel refers to the people leaking VIDEOS AND PICTURES, helloooooo!

    • Another person posted some legit sounding leaks last night that make much more sense and if you took a geography course you can see his first cryptic spoiler is spot on. Also another character being the ‘key’ also makes sense if you think about who ‘she’ is and what ‘she’ has seen – wasn’t hard to figure out at all if you are capable of critical thinking.

      Unfortunately the 16 year old Harlequin romance crowd seems to be hanging onto the fanfiction incest story. The original poster of this fanfic deleted his account so they take that as verification – when it’s quite obvious he’s deleted it because he can’t back it up. He’s also created a new account under another name and seems to be defending himself posing as someone else.

      • I thank you wholeheartedly for bringing some reason into the comment section.
        (I am serious, no sarcasm here).
        Quoting every word.

        • They are currently filming Jorah with Daenerys. Nowhere in the leak does it say Jorah meets Daenerys before he is cured.

  • Jon is trying to impress Dany, saying he met her great uncle.
    It did not work with Lady Lyanna..

    Funny thing about the leak is that Cersei and Euron are still alive. And that Dany and Jon will have unprotected sex on a boat.

    I guess season 8 then Jon and Dany will marry, Bran will warg Viserion and stay there, Jaime will join the Night´s watch and the people in KL will overthrow Cersei all by themselves.

    • I am having a brainfart; who is Dany’s great uncle that Jon has met?

      DUHHH, Maester Aemon!

      Speaking of “maesters” while it’s on my mind, Dan Selcke, can you please begin to pronounce it correctly in your weekly video? Just something I pick up on everytime I hear it said and considering you’re an “expert” lol, it’s only proper.

  • Jon possibly meeting up with BWOB…..This is assuming the leak is true. Could it be that Jon joined by Jorah and Gendry go to the wall first on their journey to capture a wight. That would makes sense to check in with Edd and maybe take some experienced Night’s Watch guys. I always assumed that BWOB would arrive beginning of the season and maybe meet Bran too before he goes home. I think this will make the wall interesting. They are there to help in the fight. I do like the idea of Jon meeting someone who has always been dead. Anyway, Jon and crew go to the wall and the BOWB volunteer.

    Also in regards to Melisendre… I always thought they showed her being old for a reason. Could she not where her necklace all season (the actress just had a baby so perfect timing) and hang out at Winterfell as the old lady. Then possibly at some point in season 8 she reveals herself perhaps Jon is killed again or whatever and she comes into play.

    • Thanks for your insight! Melisandre could be anyone. She will not give up on Azor Ahai or Lightbringer.

  • is this means that sansa is dead and the north taking by the white walkers, and jon has to join forces with dany !for the great war for the dawn….

  • Is it wrong to want to see Ghost meet Drogon? Two loyal animals saving their masters again and again!

  • I truely don’t understand why pple are so against Jon &’ Dany. (Calling it ‘Too Disney’ or ‘Pure Fanfiction’.). I mean obviously the whole incest problem, but seriously guys? First off, it’s not Georges fault yous find it too cliche. Whats wrong with the obvious? But anyway, yous should all kno, GOTs is loosely based off of actual history. War of the Roses in particular. Incest was NOT uncommon back then. It was a practice used by the Royals to keep the ‘Blood Pure’. Gross but still, not uncommon. Not to mention, the Targaryens are known for ‘Keeping the blood pure’. Thats why they’re known for their madness. Now Jon &’ Dany might want to put an end to that, but you shouldn’t be surprised if they end up together.