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Speculation: Where will Daenerys’ fleet land in Game of Thrones Season 7?

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Six seasons. It took Daenerys six seasons to set sail for Westeros, but it finally happened at the end of the Season 6 finale. Now the question becomes: where will Daenerys’ fleet first land in Season 7? Does she go straight for King’s Landing and the Iron Throne? Or does she land somewhere more friendly to her cause, such as Dorne or the Reach? Does she hang out on Essos? Head for her family’s ancestral home of Dragonstone? Get waylaid by a hurricane and die at sea? There are uncertainties everywhere.

Spoilers for Season 7 give us clues about what Daenerys will do once she reaches the mainland, but we’re still not sure where she’ll touch down. Happily, we have carefully considered every option for you. So strap in, and let’s all take a tour of the world of Ice and Fire. Somewhere along the way we’ll find Dany’s first landing spot, right?

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  • If you remember last time we were at Dragonstone, there is no food there.
    Stannis was at dinner and mentioned how the meat had already started to turn…

    • And if the concern with Dorne is that it couldn’t feed an army as big as Daenerys’s, then Dragonstone is even worse.

    • Yes, but she has the Tyrells at her back, and all the resources of the Reach, which is a great boon. I’m betting that this won’t be a problem for her as it was for Stannis.

  • A direct amphibious assault on a coastal city like King’s Landing seems too risky, as the real-life Dieppe Raid has shown in history. Any invading force would have to face the nightmare of fighting bloody urban battles within the streets and alleys of King’s Landing.

    A less risky and more gradual strategy would be to:
    1) First, invade the Stormlands and set up a base of operations there;

    2) Second, (IMPORTANT!) eliminate Euron Greyjoy and his ships to prevent them from intervening;

    3) Third, capture Dragonstone to cut off King’s Landing from the sea;

    4) Fourth, advance on and surround King’s Landing by land and sea and place it under siege;

    5) Finally, after gaining enough resources and strength, storm and take King’s Landing.

    • Remember in the book Stanis attacked Kings Landing from both the land and sea, unlike the TV show. And, he was close to succeeding if the Tyrells and Lanisters had not attacked from behind. So, a land and sea siege should work, especially with Tyrion knowing secret entrances.

    • I agree with you. I had mentioned this awhile back and people kept saying that she has to attack KL first or have a battle at sea with Euron. I don’t think he could’ve made that many ships in that span of time to be able to defeat her at sea. Plus, Cersei knows about the wildfire and Tyrion would’ve told Dany about it also. Strategically, what you mentioned appears to be the best route for Dany.

    • We have 7 episodes. This isn’t real life it’s a chick riding a dragon. She goes to Dragonstone and hangs out for whatever reason then moves from there, tv.

  • The Reach might have diverted supplies intended for kings landing to dragonstone and have the island secured with the armed forces previously in KL. There could also be an operation in place for the residents of flea bottom and such to flee the city with all the supplies the can smuggle out. Leaving the city as empty as possible with no resources and simply starve cerci out