Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Season 7

WiC Weekly: October 16-22

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones Season 7 filming SPOILERS have been coming in hot and heavy all week, and our weekly recap of the news will reflect that. However, we also have a fine ranking of the Game of Thrones Season 6 episodes, you know, to break up the monotony of all this exciting Game of Thrones Season 7 filming news. So without further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we?

We start with Season 7 SPOILERS, and a long-absent character turning up in a very surprising location.

Moving on, footage from Game of Thrones Season 7 filming locations, seem to confirm new alliances are in the works.

Next up, we learn what Jon Snow and Bran Stark get up to in Season 7.

Moving from one SPOILER to another, a major player arrived in Spain for Game of Thrones Season 7.

Here we rank the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Sophie Turner was seen on the Season 7 set wearing a red Sansa Stark wig.

Another character returned for Game of Thrones Season 7.

Peter Dinklage and other Game of Thrones actors arrived at Spanish filming locations.

We received details on an action sequence between three characters. SPOILERS, of course.

And finally, in Game of Thrones Season 7 filming news, Spoiler and Spoiler filmed scenes together!

How will all this SPOILER filled action play out in Game of Thrones Season 7? Will we continue to see loads of filming leaks and spoilery news role in, next week? Only time will tell, but it does sound as if security in Spain is beginning to tighten up a bit, so enjoy these spoilers while you can…if you are so inclined.


  • Are you guys going to say something about the major reddit leak?
    I need somebody to think about it for me, I have no idea how I feel about it.

    • Zombie Viserion sounds too outlandish even for this show. And yet..
      I can see Jaime persuading Olenna to poison herself after admitting to killing Joffrey. I can also see Arya wearing Walders face to poison the rest of his sons.
      The closing scenes being Daenerys and Jon having sex, and the wall falling seem like tinfoil. Just don’t know why the show would go there. The reactions of the actors after reading the scripts does indicate something wild this season, though.

      • Why not just think outside the box concerning the leaks? Dan and Dave are writing fan fiction at this point, anyway, with minimal GRRM influences. There is always some jackass who claims it sounds too juvenile for A Song of Ice and Fire, but aside from an outline it’s in the hands of men who already started heading that direction last season. Men who have read more of our tinfoil than Martins after a Dance With Dragons. How angry will fans be if the leaks are real? What parts made them the most angry, and why?

  • In the books Jon did have dead people in the ice cells so i cud see his next step having to caputre a wight. If there is a parlay that involes Cersie i dont see why or how she cud give the mountain thee order to kill the wight. If anything, let Qyburn have a go it first,Right? The leak doesnt seem too far fetched. Leak or not you still need the visual hbo adds. Cant wait to see Jon and Dany meet. Him being all chivalrous not knowing Dany is feeling him. Shes gonna be like that old saying” A Man” this is what westerosi men look like. I almost fell for Jorah. Gendry swinging that hammer around is a bit of alright too. Our’s Is The Fury.

  • My thoughts :
    1- Theon leaving Yara for dead in the hands of Euron- I am not sure, it sound weird to me because Theon was trying to make amends and protect those he loved. The whole thing with Ellaria being tortured and the sandsnakes killed- I can see the point, but at least one should survive to come back to Dorne and realize Doran and Oberyn were actually right in avoiding war. Also bothers me that no mention of rescue mission is made. Dany and Theon should at leat try, right?
    2- Lannisters- Except for Cersei, the arcs of Jaime and Tyrion sounds legit. For a while now I have been saying Jaime would be played by Cersei in leading her Army, but he would leave her by the end. Tyrion telling Dany the best strategy is to take hold of all Westeros and leave KL for now, as a dragon attack would explode the city, sounds legit. The ambush , I predicted also that would be the turning point for Dany- she does defeat Jaime. But Cersei surviving season 7 sounds unfinished businness. I suppose they want Dany and Jon fighting in the North and Cersei naturally being outed from the Iron Throne. I also had the feeling Qyburn would invent some weapon to bring dragons down, of course it fails because ..
    3- The only way an Ice Dragon would make an appearence is as a wight. I posted that on reddit a while ago, but people basically said GRRM is adamant about no ice dragons on ASOIAF. I think the notion of a giant dragon sleeping under the wall being true is ridiculous. A wight dragon makes sense in the world of TV series. Bran could warg into this ice dragon and defeat the Night King himself by season 8, which would fit the prophecy that he would fly.
    4-I also like that the relationship between Dany and Jon evolves during the season. It is understanding to fall for the person who is fighting alongside you. It would be stupid to have love at first side. It is also good that they fall before knowing the truth…
    5- what it does not work: the whole movements of JN- south-north-south-north. Makes no sense! Dany ” transporting” everyone on dragon back, except for Jon(!) who is left to fight wights by himself with Benjen. Arya forgetting to cross Cersei´s name on her list is also strange, but understandable. Lady Olenna commiting suicide is a letdown too, I wish she would die after Cersei is killed off.

    • You have made the best analysis by far. I agree with the majority of your statements, and like your observations and reasoning behind the leaks validity.
      #4 those actions makes next season more interesting trying to figure out who tells them their relationship first!

    • I don’t see Jorah visiting Daenerys again unless he is cured. Meeting Samwell along the way means Jorah went to the Citadel to learn more and just bumps into him?
      Arya meeting her Dire Wolf is more plausible.
      The Hound joining team Jon sounds better the more I think about it. He had a great friendship with his sister, and knowledge of the Starks.

  • It made me happy to think Sandor will play such a role in the big war. He alawys belonged with the Starks.
    ps : Thank you. If this leak is the real deal, the cronology will be the element that will either make the series sound like fan fiction or, if done correctly, make us go even crazier for season 8.

    • There is no mention of Melisandre in the leak, and no mention of the actress on set. She could be anyone in disguise thruout the season, and that wouldn’t require the actress. She will not give up on Azor Ahai or Lightbringer, and no mention of those, either. It is possible this all will be a bigger part of season 8, or the entire prophecy was a sham. No mention at all is still suspect.

      • Melisandre actress has shown up! She could conveniently be waiting at Dragonstone for Daenerys. I knew she wouldn’t give up!