Daenerys Targaryen Drogon Featured Filming Game of Thrones Jon Snow Season 7

More on-set pics from Zumaia: Dragons, confrontations, and much goofing around

Pics from Itzurun Beach in Zumaia, a busy filming location for Game of Thrones Season 7, are leaking out at an alarming speed. A new batch shows the cast members having a good time, and playing with some familiar-looking props. There are SPOILERS on the other side of the video below, so beware.


Without further ado, I give you: Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) playing with giant plaster dragon heads.

Jon with yes A Dragon!! #kitharington #gameofthrones

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Kit and Emilia with dragons 😂😂 #kitharington #emiliaclarke #gameofthrones #juegodetronos

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Do you think they’re wielding them like puppets and making them talk to each other? That’s what I’d do.

Anyway, it’s not a shock to see dragon props on Itzurun Beach. This location is standing in for Dragonstone, which is where Daenerys settles after arriving in Westeros. And where Daenerys goes, so go her dragons. I’m guessin the bigger one is a Drogon and analogue while the smaller one is for Rhaegal or Viserion.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to the dragons than props of their heads. For the most part, they are CGI creations added in after the fact. It’s possible that these props will be used to give the actors an idea of where the dragons are in space, a job previously taken on by a green ball on a stick.

Daenerys touches Drogon prop

“I feel silly.”

There was more fun to be had on set. Here’s Clarke sharing a laugh with Harington…

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke on set today. #kitharington #emiliaclarke #gameofthrones #juegodetronos

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…and here she is doing a little dance. Or curtsying, or something.

This photo costars Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister).

So it’s smiles all around. But once the cameras started to roll, things got serious between Daenerys and Jon Snow.

Jon and Dany on set today #emiliaclarke #kitharington #gameofthrones #juegodetronos

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No more playing with props. The Mother of Dragons and the King in the North have business.

Here’s the full gallery:

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We’ll bring you more pics from the set as they come in. We’ve just gotta take this call first.

Emilia on set. Zumaia, Spain. #emiliaclarke #daenerystargaryen #gameofthrones

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  • What about that Entertainment Weekly story about we should take all the leaks with a grain of salt because producers could be messing around with us, just like they did last year with all the Sibel Kekili (Shae) presence while production were filming in spain, may something of all the material leaked be a charade?

    • I think it was D&D trying to cover their butts! They are worrried about it! I’m sure they had EW put out that article! They should have just let it go and not said anything! Now makes it seeem more plausible! I don’t know for sure it was them, just a guess! Makes it more credible that the leaks are true, to me anyway!

    • I would personally be happy if that’s the case,but I doubt it,as days passes more things are becoming true from the leak.The filming this days definitely sustained some things mentioned in the leak.This images too,as Jon is supposed to “pet” Drogon,clearly they are prepearing to interact with dragons in this scene.

    • Yes, they would waste millions of dollars to “pretend” to film in Spain for a whole week with the principal actors. It makes a lot of sense.

  • Jon isn’t afraid of Drogon and pets him on Dany’s return from the battle, which Drogon allows. This surprises Dany. Jorah doesn’t care for Jon initially, but they warm to each other. Jon offers Longclaw back to Jorah, who refuses it.
    The above statement was part of the original Reddit leak. When Heat Street first released the outline they had many more details related to the Hound and the Brotherhood, and Aryas first scenes at the Freys. They edited some details out, but this site didn’t:


    Those pictures above show Jon isn’t afraid of dragons, except the heads are a little small for their current size. But why would they spend so much time and effort just to fake out the fans?
    It would be more economical for HBO to have people go to all the fan sites denying the spoilers and claiming its all a sham by them.

    • Thanks for that google link, those spoilers are bit different than the garbage I saw on Reddit Free Folk that sounded like a love struck teenager had written them. These sound a bit more comprehensive and plausible. Still not crazy about romance between Jon and Dany but I’m hopeful she’s not going to survive the series so there is that to look forward to in season eight.

  • :-) on the image where Kit and Emilia are in character and have a conversation sir Davos is like a chaperone

  • You can tell Game of Thrones isn’t a network show. Every year I look forward to new character dynamics and I’m never disappointed. Just the fact Davos is part of Team Stark now is something worth crying tears of joy over.

    Now, it looks like Jon is gonna meet Jorah, Dothraki, Theon. Since diverging from the books, the show is the gift that keeps giving.

  • I read an article, by someone fairly reliable, that the smaller and painted dragon head is usually used by the VFX team as a future reference, to understand how a particular dragon’s colors should look in a given environment. The larger, paint-free head is for the actors to work with. I’m sure that Production could also just be messing with everyone, but who knows.

  • I would die if Jon pets a dragon and it closes its eyes and gives a toothy smile as he scratches it behind the ear.