Alfie Allen Featured Filming Game of Thrones Season 7 Theon Greyjoy

Game of Thrones Season 7 wraps in Zumaia, preps for Malpartida

Good morning! Game of Thrones has wrapped up its final day of shooting on Itzurun Beach in Zumaia. For those in Spain who can get down there, today is the day that tourists can visit the set close up, once the crew clears out. We’re looking forward to those pictures!

As usual, The Daily Mail was on the scene during the shoot! You know what that means: Sunday morning spoilers, coming down.

On a Sunday morning sidewalk,
I’m wishing, Lord, that I was spoiled.
‘Cause there’s something in a Sunday
That makes a fangirl feel alone.
And there’s nothing short a’ dying
That’s half as lonesome as the sound
Of the sleeping city sidewalk
And Sunday morning spoilers coming down.


Are you sure you want to see? Ok, grab your coffee and bagel and let’s get to it. Here’s what’s happening on Itzurun Beach, which is standing in primarily for Dragonstone, Daenerys’ new home base in Westeros.

These pictures actually look to be from a couple of days back, the serious takes after Emilia Clarke and company stopped fooling around and dancing on the set.

Moving on, someone is having a bad day. Like, Daniel Powter oughta write a song about it level bad day.

Yep, that’s the sight of Ironborn beating the crap out of Theon Greyjoy, not unlike what happened in Season 2.

Of course, we know how that turned out for the Ironborn who thought handing him over to Ramsay Snow would get them a ticket home. For the sake of those following Dany, let’s hope this beating Theon is taking doesn’t bring similar results for the Ironborn involved.

So why is Theon taking a beating? And why isn’t Yara there to protect him? Well, the rumor is that Euron will take either Theon or Yara prisoner. If Euron is the lucky party and Theon abandons her or is somehow responsible for it, the Ironborn may be none too pleased.

Also note director Jeremy Podeswa on the left of the show above. This is very interesting, as it is heavily rumored that Podeswa is directing the first and last episodes of Season 7. I would have assumed this to be a mid-season scene. Might Yara be captured this early on in the year?

Of course, the Ironborn could be beating up Theon for some other reason.

Meanwhile, as the October ends, the production will next head to the ruins of Italica (through November 12), followed by a two-day stint filming what’s rumored to be a battle scene at Malpartida de Caceres (November 14 and 15). Los Siete Reinos has a picture from the set up for that potential battle (or ambush) scene.

And lest we forget! While all this excitement is happening in Spain, filming is still grinding away up in Northern Ireland!

Moneyglass, as we know, has stood in for Winterfell for season after season. And that looks very Winterfell-ish if you ask us….


    • Despite Theons past actions,I still wish for something good to happen to him. He’s done some really bad things but he has also paid for them dearly. He is aware of what he’s done and is trying to make it right.

      Alfie Allen’s superb acting of this Charachter,has made me care for Theon. Theon is the ultimate guy you want to hate but you just can’t.

      I honestly hope Theon kicks the crap out of whoever is beating him!

      ALFIE You Are Awesome!

      • I <3 LemonCakes, I agree. Theon is maybe my favorite character on GoT because he is the definition of the internal struggle of good and evil. I so badly want a happy ending for him! Alfie Allen is an amazing actor and completely under rated in my opinion. I'm rooting for Theon!

        • It takes a bit of talent to portray the range of emotion Theon’s character shows. Not many actors either don’t have the talent or their characters don’t call for it. Alfie is a pleasure to watch.

  • Agreed. Moreover, faced with impossible odds, she may have told or even ordered him to leave.

    In that context, his redemption arc wouldn’t necessarily be derailed.

    • I am guessing Euron is holding her hostage and threatening to kill her if Theon doesn’t give Dany his ultimatum which could be anything from marriage, to dragons to gold.

  • Theon….Yara….the Ironborn … they enrage me with their dishonor and ‘paying the iron price’ as a rationale for their criminal behavior … The amount of antipathy I feel for Theon equates with how I felt about Janos Slynt, and he should meet a similar cowering end…… Yara is a true Ironborn and it would be a matter of time before she would betray Daenerys…… Throughout the saga of GoT I have felt this way and I would be delighted if all Ironborn, and the Sand Snakes, should meet horrific ends…All Ironborn must Die ! …..

    Excellent job writers and directors ! ….

    Thing is, the Ironborn might be the ones with the best chance to survive the White Walkers as the Walkers and the wights have no way to advancing to the open water….unless they can freeze an ocean or that theory is true about the rebirth of a zombie Viserion.

    • White walkersbring extreme cold so yes the can freeze the water. The wrights can walk through the water because they can’t drown they are already dead.

  • Hmmmm, I’d have to place this as E1 rather than E7. We were left with images of Dany’s army at sea, so a naval battle with Euron could definitely occur in E1. Why Theon would disgrace himself again actually makes sense since he’s beyond broken and maybe now the writers are realizing that a little pep talk by Yara and the chugging of a beer is not the secret remedy to rebuild Theon.

    I will say, the stunt double looks just like Alfie Allen; good job there!

    • Or it could be episode 4, The Big Tree. Remember the call sheet from a few weeks back? Podeswa directing and it really does look like 704 for the ep number

  • Looks like the ambush could be taking out a food supply to King’s Landing possibly. I see lots of baskets and not a lot of armor.

  • That’s Euron fighting Theon, like Ramsey challenged Jon at the end of last season, instead of killing more soldiers. If Theon has learned anything as Reek, it’s how to take a punch. His pain tolerance allows him to wear Euron down and beat the crap out of him for the iron islands. Reek! King of the Iron Islands! Muhammad Ali did the same to George Foreman.
    Yara is probably watching nearby and admits Theon deserves the honor of being the head of the Greyjoys, or share it equally.

    • Another similar scenario:
      Euron will threaten to execute Yara in front of the Iron Born for treason and puts her on trial. Theon challenges him to a trial by combat, instead. Euron laughs because he outweighs the crippled Theon by 80 pounds! He jokingly accepts and starts beating him to a pulp. Reek just continues getting up over and over again. This lasts long enough that uncle Euron is exhausted and Theon turns the tables. He Kills his uncle in front of his men! Reek is dead, long live Theon Greyjoy!

      • According to a gossip site, the guy is in fact Pilou Asbaek. I can accept your theroy, Bandit77, it odes fit the narrative better than simply an “Iron Born day in the Sun”

        • I did not read this theory on other sites first, but I am happy they came to the same conclusion!
          Spoiler Alert:
          The last photo shows Theon victorious over Euron!

  • I dunno, Theon just seems like the invincible cockroach. Ramsay broke his body and spirit, yet he endured on. If anyone were to die, I’d have to say it would be Yara since she appears to be the stronger character. I can see, from a writer’s perspective, them making Theon’s redemption being that much more of a struggle having lost that much more. I don’t think a beating will abruptly end his arc.