Cersei Lannister Daenerys Targaryen Featured Filming Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7 filming: See Daenerys Targaryen’s new throne

Well, this is exciting. A couple of photos have leaked from inside Titanic Studios in Belfast, the place where Game of Thrones shoots a lot of its interiors. There are pics of two sets: an old one that’s been reworked, and one that’s brand spanking new.

Let’s look at the reworked set first. Feast your eyes on the Red Keep throne room as it will look in Game of Thrones Season 7.

You’ll notice that the Seven-Pointed Star that previously hung over the throne has been replaced with a Lannister lion. After Cersei’s experiences with the Sparrows, it’s only to be expected that she would get rid of some of their iconography.

Okay, now for the really interesting one. A word of warning: looking at this picture is tantamount to reading a SPOILER.


We’ve known for a while that, when she arrives in Westeros, Daenerys will take up residence on Dragonstone, an island fortress previously occupied by her ancestors. To shoot Dragonstone, the production visited Itzurun Beach in Zumaia, which featured distinctive flysch rock formations, as seen below.

You can see some of those formations mimicked in the second picture: a shot of the throne Daenerys will be occupying during her stay on the island.

This is Daenerys' throne at Dragonstone 🔥🐲 . {source: WatchersOnTheWall.com}

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Two queens. Two thrones. One winner. Things are getting very interesting.


  • if she must defeat Cersei, i would like to see Daenerys in a shimmering golden Chinese silk regalia draped with Lannister gold… just once.

    but a stunning Cersei victory would be my first choice. oh well, i never get what i want anyway, woes me. boo whoo whoo.

  • Team Daenerys:
    Daenerys + 40,000 Dothraki + 8,000 Unsullied + 3 Dragons
    + Houses Martel (army of 1,000 men including Houses Allyrion, Blackmont, Dalt, Dayne, Gargale, Jordayne, Qorgyle, Manwoody, Santagar, Uller and Yronwood),
    + House Tyrell (army of 100,000 men including Houses of Tarly, Hightower, Florent, Fossoway, Redwyne & Oakheart)
    + House Greyjoy (100 Ships & those who sided with Yara and Theon).
    + Gendry Baratheon
    + House Stark (800 men Stark forces including Houses Glover, Hornwood, Mazin, Mormont, Reed, Tallhart, Cerwyn, Dustin, Ryswell & Manderly)
    + Wildlings (who will undoubtedly side with Jon Snow still after making a pact with Daenerys).
    + House Tully (400 men army including Houses Bracken, Mallister, Whent, Blackwood, Mooton, Smallwood & Darry)
    + 20,000 Nights / Soldiers of The Vale under the command of Sansa Stark and (possibly Robin Arryn).

    40,000 Dothraki + 20,000 Nights of The Vale + 8,000 Unsullied + 3 Dragons + 1,000 Martel Forces + 100,000 Tyrell Forces + 800 Stark Army men + 400 Tully Forces = 170,203 + 1000 Greyjoy fleet = 171,203 Give or Take in addition with the Wildlings, probably be about 172,203

    Team Cersei:
    House Fray (approx. – 4,000 men army), + House Lannister (including Jamie) Forces (60,000 men army loyal in the Westerlands) + Euron Greyjoy (100 ship fleet of 1,000 men)

    I’d say the odds are on the favor of Daenerys! Numbers don’t lie!

      • Thanks. If you mathematically look at it, the forces will more than likely be split up, but Daenerys out numbers Cersei’s army, 10-1. I started thinking about it and realized, since the Lannisters have made everyone in Westeros angry and everyone in Westeros are virtually against the Lannisters, except those still loyal to the Lannisters or *cough” Cersei, Cersei has no idea what’s headed her way!!

        Valar Dohaeris

    • I don’t think House Lannister has 60k men. They didn’t even have that many prior to engaging in battles with the Young Wolf. Nonetheless, good comment.

      • Hey JMP

        If you go by what information the game of thrones wikia page claims of the military strength is for each house, house loyalties of the major houses such as the one’s I described with houses martel, tyrell and stark, the math included trounces Cersei’s forces, in the combined numbers that are backing Daenerys. It’s a bit hard to conceive how they’d do that on the show, but if you remember from Rob Stark’s battle against the Lannister’s, Rob was conceivably able to defeat the Lannister’s multiple times, even going as far as capturing Jaime until his mother let him go, in order to trade for Sansa & Arya. So technically, with the displayed force armada shown in the final episode of Season 6, with the fleet of Targaryen, Martel, Tyrell, and Greyjoy ships, the combined numbers with the Dothraki and Unsullied behind her, and her 3 dragons, you add Stark forces with that, verses what forces the Lannisters are able to gather for their side and it still won’t be enough to defeat Daenerys’ forces. Military strategy wise on the other hand, it will be up to how they decide on how to go about taking out the rest of the Lannister forces, before moving on to the army of the dead and the White Walkers, but nonetheless, we’ll have to see what happens come the new season. Have a beautiful day JMP. =)

    • all of those numbers are irrelevant when you consider that we do not know the location, or loyalty of the 20 good men that crippled a 5,000+ strong army.

    • Maybe it’s not a new throne. It could be the original pre-conquest Targaryen high seat as used by Aegon and his ancestors.

      • I agree, I think this throne is on Dragonstone, her ancestral seat as it were. I believe this is where Dany will hold court with the houses she has called to Dragonstone and has nothing to do with Kings Landing.

        • I’m with you on that Snow Lady. If/when Dany captures Kings Landing she will want to sit on the original Iron Thone. The only differences in the throne room will be Targeryen banners on the walls and possibly the old dragon skulls brought back up from the cellar.

  • I just want to declare my love for the KiTN! It’s the only character I truly care about the fate of in the long run. Besides Jamie and Brienne hooking up. I want to see that happen.

  • Will Dany ‘break the wheel’ as she had promised in S05E08 or make an alliance with marriage as she had contemplated in S06E10?

  • Dany throne looks like dragon scales. House Tully army is controlled by the Lannisters. Katelyn brother, Edmure is sitting in jail as stated by Jamie. The only ambush I could see if the Tully sided with the House of Stark.

  • Wow, the design of Dany’s throne is brilliant, encompassing both pre-historic and modern. I’ve seen churches with similar architectural touches. The surprise is that there are no overt dragon symbols.

    Natalie, Edmure can ally the Tully forces with the Starks only if No One prevents the Freys from keeping him in their dungeon. How can A Person counter the hundreds of Frey kin at the Twins? Stay tuned.

    • I thought the same thing. That throne is definitely unique, but I’m surprised there’s no sign of anything “dragon” worked in. Maybe it’s not finished yet?

    • Looks more like obsidian to me.

      Remember, we know Dragonstone has a large amount of obsidian, and we also know (book readers, anyway) that obsidian isnt always that shiny black color; indeed Stannis describes it as though it could basically be any color, depending on particular spots.

  • If the Winds of Winter comes out before season 7, will the “spoilers” from the book even be relevant? I am pretty sure Dan and Dave are so far from that material that it will be mostly inconsequential. Season 8 may even be past that books “spoilers”, too.

    • i can’t beat this into the forum or producers of this show anymore.

      i’ve said it time & again, GoT needs to have a presentation on the BIG-BOLLYWOOD screen theaters. now, it has been known for awhile that each episode was to be lengthened in duration to approximately 90 minutes, if not more. hopefully… the genius has set-in to GoT producers to make the big-screen option viable.

      the thinking would be, who wants to trip down to the theater for an hour show, that would suck, right? but, a big-screen for 90-120 minutes is a fair endeavor, providing the show is not normal bollywood junk.

      with any luck, this will be the outcome. big-balled executives/bosses are usually shit start2finish though. but hey, its their crap they are peddling, so you know how that goes. all they have done is kicked Martin in the teeth from the show’s inception, but it is their product.

      *all you can do is keep your fingers crossed & hope for a decent show season.

  • I thought they had referenced House Martel as having a formidable army that had not been used for a while. I know they have remained out of conflicts, but I can’t believe they have not been invaded with only 1,000 soldiers. As we’ve seen on this website something happens down south. I am wondering if Cersei attacks and takes house Tyrell and her 100,000 soldiers while Ollenna is down in Dorn? I feel something has to tip the scales to make it more even.