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Check out this collection of fan-made posters for Game of Thrones Season 7

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We have several months to wait before the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7. In the meantime, fans have kept busy, imagining what the eventual posters will look like. On this Black Friday, we invite you to gaze upon them, and wonder.

Weirdly enough, several of these posters involve SPOILERS, but I’ll tell you which ones beforehand.

Last we left our Dragon Queen, she was finally setting out for Westeros. War is coming indeed.

I like the little gold medallion on her shoulder.

Daenerys’ opponent: Queen Cersei, of the House Lannister, Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and Protecter of the Realm. See? She has titles, too.

This poster takes a dim view of Cersei’s potential as a ruler, which…seems pretty fair.

Tyrion on a dragon. Wishful thinking, or a sign of things to come?

There’s a long-standing fan theory that holds that Bran Stark, upon encountering Daenerys’ dragons, may warg into one of them. Will it come to pass?

I confess I don’t completely get this one. Is this supposed to be a specific character, or just a symbolic way of saying that the Faith is none too pleased with Cersei’s pyromaniacal policy decisions as queen?

Of course, we’ve been waiting for the White Walkers to invade Westeros for six seasons now, so several of the posters focus on them. Will Season 7 be their year?

Okay, from here on out, the posters involve SPOILERS, so click elsewhere if you don’t want to know more.


A while back, someone who claimed to have access to the new Game of Thrones scripts posted an outline of all the major events to come in Season 7. One of those events involved the Night King killing Dany’s dragon Viserion and turning him into an undead mount. It would kind of be like when we saw White Walkers riding undead horses in the Season 2 finale, only a lot more dangerous.

Will it come to pass? There’s no independent confirmation, but several of the people who made Season 7 posters took the idea and ran with it.

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Another bit from the leak has our heroes encountering an undead polar bear (book-readers will remember that such a creature attacked the Fist of the First Men in A Storm of Swords), hence this image:

Kudos to all the creativity and know-how on display here.

This last one isn’t a Season 7 poster specifically, but it is neat:

And this one’s just for fun.

[NO SPOILERS] A sweet GTA rendition of Game of Thrones from gameofthrones

Happy Black Friday!