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Ellie Kendrick just won’t let this Meera Reed fan theory die

Game of Thrones theories are a fun way to pass the time, but as the series starts to wrap up, the mysteries we once debated ad nauseam are growing fewer and fewer. Season 6 was especially big as far as theory-squashing goes, as we learned who Jon Snow’s mother was, found out what happened to the Hound and discovered the origins of the White Walkers. One fan theory that wasn’t conclusively disproven: the far-flung idea that Meera Reed, Bran Stark’s loyal protector, is actually Jon Snow’s twin.



Now before you scream tin foil at your computer, here’s the evidence in support of this theory, such as it is:

  • Howland Reed, Meera’s alleged father, was at the Tower of Joy when Ned Stark sat by his dying sister’s bedside and promised to look after the son she had with Rhaegar Targaryen. Ned raised that son as Jon Snow.
  • Jon and Meera are the same age.
  • Kendrick and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) kinda look alike.

Jon Snow and Meera Reed

The idea is that, like Luke and Leia Skywalker before them, Jon and Meera were split up to better ensure their security. As the last surviving Targaryens in Westeros, Robert Baratheon wouldn’t suffer them to live.

Now, it seems like we got closure on this particular theory after seeing the immediate aftermath of Jon’s birth in the Season 6 finale, since there was only one, y’know, baby. Also, Kendrick herself cast doubt on the twin idea in an interview she gave before Season 6 started. But when The Huffington Post asked her about it at a recent fan event, she wasn’t entirely sure. “Game of Thrones always surprises us,” she said. “I’m always surprised! I never have any idea of what’s going to happen next. I never rule anything out.”

It seems quite conclusive in terms of Jon’s parentage. I don’t know. We’ve still never really seen where Jojen and Meera [Reed] have come from. We know a little tiny bit about her father. We don’t know anything about her mother, really. So yeah, I’m excited to find out who her parents are and what the situation is.

Now that she mentions it, we don’t know much, if anything, about Meera’s mother. Is this enough to revive the theory? We have months to go before Season 7, so sure—let’s have at it.


  • Oh come on now, let’s not loose our heads here with wild, unsubstantiated claims, about some crazy long lost twin theory, even D&D aren’t that bad that they’d throw such a theory in the show just cause it sounds fun.

    And forget George, he’s too creatively intelligent to do a rip off of star wars.

    Let this theory die people…let it die.

  • I like the theory that Meera is Ned and Ashara’s daughter the most. Ned loved Ashara but because his brother was killed by the Mad King his duty was to marry Caitlyn. He returned to Starfall to “return Dawn” but was really wanting Ashara to raise Jon, is my guess.
    The other take is that Ashara was pretending to be pregnant so she could raise Jon as a Dayne, to inherit Dawn and become the Prince that was promised. The man who raised Meera just happened to accompany Ned to make the first theory more plausible to me.

    • A counter theory is that they also used returning Dawn as an excuse, but Howland went with Ned to Starfall to elope with Ashara, and she is still alive. Remember she jumped and they never found the body. She would be the mother of both Meera and Jojen Reed.

      • Meera being Ned’s and Ashara’s is my favourite theory too. It taps into something George said once in an interview about drawing inspiration from the War of the Roses, even down to babies switched at birth to protect them. I’d like to think that the scenario with Mance’s son and Gilly’s son is setting the stage for Jon and Meera a la Thoros and Beric for Jon’s resurrection.

          • Ned and Ashara were acquainted before duty required him to marry Catelyn. It all happened in such a short time that Ned could have been with Ashara before his brother was killed.

        • I pictured Ned holding the baby Jon with one hand and Dawn with the other, looking at Howland for advice. He says that since Jon will not be safe from Robert, Ashara, the godmother, would raise him at Starfall. Instead, upon hearing Ned killed Arthur, they all decided to stage her death. On the night she “jumped”, she clandestinely leaves on a boat with the “heroic” (infatuated) Howland and Ned’s daughter Meera to raise. Ned trusts his best friend and decides his bigger duty is to honor his recent marriage to the pregnant Catelyn. (I think Jon is close enough in age to really be slightly older than Rob, but fake younger).
          They used Ned ceremoniously returning Dawn at night to the other Dayne’s as the distraction allowing Ashara’s escape to a new life and identity.
          Meera was much more comfortable in the colder climates than Jojen when they both traveled further north with Bran, too. The Stark “kings of Winter” blood could be strong in her.
          A wet nurse could have kept Jon until he was ready to join his uncle at Winterfell.

  • Good possibility, interested in what other flash back Bran has because he hasn’t seen them all. If the theory is right and confirmed, then what key role would she play or have to play. Can’t wait for season 7!

  • Intriguing theory. If Lyanna gave birth to twins, it would be more likely to have killed her than a normal, singleton birth. After all, she was tall, strong and athletic.

    • It is very difficult to birth a Targaryan and there are many cases of women dying giving birth to a Targaryan baby (including Dani’s mother).
      It is known.

      • Frankly, in Westeros, it’s difficult to birth ANY baby and live. If you look at all the characters whose mothers died birthing them, or their siblings. Maternal mortality was like this in feudal times. For everybody – high born nearly as much as “smallfolk.”

  • Sorry, this story belonged to Star Wars. It Ser Selmy who had feelings for Ms. Dayne, not Ned. Katelyn was supposed to marry Ben Jen, not Ned.
    The prophecy said one child, not two.
    I just want to know where Meera got dragon class to kill the Whitewalker.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, the dragonglass came from Samwell Tarly when they met at the Nightfort. Sam was on his way back to Castle Black with Gilly, and Bran and co were still heading north. Sam had recently used it to kill the whitewalker so he thought they’d have more need of it going beyond the Wall.

      • The dragonglass came from the Children; they were the ones who gave it to the Night’s Watch back in the Age of Heroes so the cache Sam et al found originally came from the children; basically, all the children’s bladed weapons are made from dragonglass

    • Bed did have feelings d Ashara they danced together at the tourney of harrenhall and it was Brandon not been who was supposed to marry Catelyn

  • Go back and watch “the door” notice one of the children of the Forrest throw the spear… Maybe dragons glass… But it bounced off the white Walker like it was nothing … When Mera throws it … Poof magic he gone! She had a strange reaction after, just a thought..

  • don’t think the show will ever explain who Meera’s parents are.

  • IMO she’s so unimportant that the show (and books, IIRC) barely touched on her character. Most importantly, with only 13 action-packed episodes left there’s no time to develop this. She’s not Ned’s daughter or Lyanna’s–Bran would know even if she doesn’t and how could he not react? They don’t even seem to have much of a relationship. Take her literally–she’s the guardian of Jojen–Bran’s interim guide–and then Bran himself. Maybe she’ll somehow participate in the Battle for the Dawn, but probably she’ll return to Greywater Watch and stay there while Bran becomes a/the hero. Besides, with the clear exception of Daenerys and a bit of an exception in Arya, the show especially has stripped it’s key female characters of any magic they even had in the books. Melisandre’s is from religion, which is slightly different.

  • Season 6 was especially big as far as theory-squashing goes, as we learned who Jon Snow’s mother was, found out what happened to the Hound and discovered the origins of the White Walkers.

    Readers of the books on which the show is based already know that Jon is the illegitimate son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The show’s tale of the Hound is a very distorted version of what happens in the books. In the books, if the Hound stills lives (doubtful), he’s living in obscurity on a remote island in a community of the Faith and will never be able to fight again due to a permanent physical disability. The show’s “origins” of the Others (what you call White Walkers) is melodramatic nonsense.

  • Never seen someone milk the f*** out of such a minor supporting character. Even worse, Meera’s fans on tumblr seem to be mentally ill fangirls who are under the genuine impression she’s the most important character in both the books and the show.

  • In the books she is described differently and would never pass as a twin for Jon. She is described as Green hued skinned almost and Moss green eyes, she is a feminine version of her brother, Jojen. It is almost hinted they have ‘Children’ ancestry. Casting does not prove everything. Let’s hope for a great story for her character but really why can Jon not be a good enough character to stand alone without a twin? And if he was a twin I prefer the theory that ‘Young Griff’ is Jon’s Twin split at birth named for his dead half brother ‘Aegon’. We will find out eventually and we will all probably be wrong and blown away.

  • I’m not here to chime in on the theory – which seems pretty far fetched – but rather to say I have kind of a crush on Ellie. I know everyone is mostly gaga over Emilia, which I totally get, but I’ve always favored Ellie for whatever reason <3