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Jon! Arya! Sansa! HBO debuts first pics from Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones

We’ve been getting grainy shots of actors on the sets of Game of Thrones Season 7 for a while, but this is something different. HBO ran a trailer for its 2017 offerings after tonight’s new episode of Westworld, and it included a few new shots of the year to come in Game of Thrones. HBO hasn’t posted the video online yet, but fans took some screenshots. Behold:

Here’s Sansa standing in what looks like the Winterfell godswood.

Jon Snow stands in what looks like the battlements of Winterfell. He’s still dressed for cold, at any rate.

Finally, Arya sits on a horse. I think this is the most interesting of the new shots. Where did she get the horse? Where did she get the outfit? It looks like a minature version of something Jon Snow might wear. Also note that Needle is tucked away at her side.

Also, where is she going? She also looks bundled up for cold. Ride on, Arya.

We’ll look for official video. Until then, what do you think of these pics?

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  • Omg…HBO is teasing us big…they never released footage so early before…
    So excited,can’t wait to see the video,I trust that the talented WiC staff will find it soon.

  • Those 3 shots were all that were shown. HBO featured footage from all upcoming seasons in 2017 last night before they featured Batman V Superman. Last season it was a shot of Ramsay Bolton riding up on his horse. They were literally just flash frames. I don’t think we will see anything good until Feb-March of 2017.

    To be honest, I think the spoilers nailed it pretty close this time so there isn’t much to be excited about in terms of whats going to happen. I just hope the showrunners re-write some of the story if the spoilers nailed every detail.

  • Great to see Arya on the move! Hope she’s going to Winterfell and not KL, list or no list. The Starks belong in the North and the North belongs to the Starks! After all she’s been through it would be great to see a reunion with Jon and Sansa. I’m sure that her skills will come in handy in the precarious times to come.

    • Totally agree, though I assume you mean Jon and Arya and reference her skills with weapons…and faces. The leaks did apparently give away a lot, but they scanted the North. And while Jon and Sansa (who I think looks almost evil in that photo) have been amply photographed, Arya has not. What a BAMF pic of her it is, too. It reminds me of when Maisie did a stagecoach robber scene in Dr Who. Stand and deliver! She did.

  • Honestly Sansa still look the same with the wig, I can’t see the difference.
    Also *screams into sleeves* because Jon, Arya and Sansa!!! Stark kids looking healthy and alive and in the North

  • “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell–and I’m going home.” That’s a northern landscape. I think Arya is in sight of Winterfell,

  • I wished you would make another fan site and call it Westworld is Coming. They turned it up to 11 last night.

    • It’s so good. When I go to HBO Now five minutes early and wait for the episode to appear, that’s it. I’m hooked.

      • Westworld blends role playing games with the dystopian science fiction genre almost as well as Game of Thrones blends fantasy with medieval dynastic power struggles. I hope they continue surprising me season 2! HBO is on the right track.

  • Arya said she was going home. So we don’t know if she reunites with Jon/Sansa while they are at Winterfell? or at seperate times?
    Where is Bran picture?
    In all fairness, both Jon Sansa picture look like the ones from Season 6. Arya looks more season 7 and she dressing like how Lyanna was when she was younger and Lady Mormont.

    • Fus Ro Dah yourself. Ugly is subjective. Perhaps she’s as pretty as a naturally pretty woman with good features will look in the context of being several thousand years, miles or worlds away from the nearest $400.00 per treatment beauty salon world we live in.

      She looks realistic (for a medieval equivalent fantasy world). She’s not in the cesspool of iniquity and Rodeo Drive-esque beauty salon heavy city of Kings Landing anymore which produces the looks of the new, spotless, perfectly trimmed and coiffed Cersei the First.

      If anything, I would argue that the way Sansa is presented is far more in keeping with the style of the books and Martins concepts. As the series has progressed I think the show makers have dropped the ball regarding the styling and “realism” of the show. Of recent seasons, there are episodes that you could easily transplant the Bold and the Beautiful sets in and the one series would have been true to the other.

      • She is a traitor and always will be. She is definitely UGLY and will most likely be killed off this season

    • I’m sure you’re everyones dream partner… or more likely a fat overweight loser slob living in momma’s basement.

  • I’d like to think these stills are of Sansa and Arya first setting eyes on each other after years of separation. One can hope!