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Anne Rice is making a Vampire Chronicles show, and she’s taking cues from Game of Thrones

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “New show to be the next Game of Thrones!” It seems everyone wants to imitate HBO’s megahit nowadays. However, as we’ve seen with shows like FX’s The Bastard Executioner, which was canceled after just one season, imitation isn’t always a formula for success. Still, that hasn’t stopped networks from trying.

Let’s start with a project near and dear to my heart. Author Anne Rice recently announced on her Facebook page that the theatrical rights to her Vampire Chronicles novels are once again in her hands, and she intends to adapt them as a television show. “[T]elevision is where the vampires belong,” she writes. And she’s using Game of Thrones as a guide.

Over the years you all have told me how much you want to see a “Game of Thrones” style faithful rendering of this material, and how much you want for the series to remain in my control. Well, I have heard you. I have always heard you. What you want is what I want.

Rice and her son Christopher are working together on a pilot script and detailed outline for an “open-ended series” about the brat prince himself: Lestat, a major character from her books. If you aren’t familiar with The Vampire Chronicles, they’re a series of over a dozen books that mostly follow vampire Lestat de Lioncourt as he lives through the ages, meeting other vampires and interesting humans alike. Lestat was appeared onscreen a couple of times, but was most memorably played by Tom Cruise in 1994’s Interview with a Vampire (1994) costarring Brad Pitt as Louis, his ever-morose companion.

If the right network options this series, it most certainly could be done as a “Game of Thrones style faithful rendering.” The Vamipre Chronicles feature a plethora of sexually explicit scenes and fountains of blood and gore. There no way to faithfully tell Lestat’s story without those elements.

Next, Syfy is getting the word out about the second season of The Magicians, which airs in January of next year. Here’s the trailer:

As you can see, The Magicians Season 2 has political maneuvering, fantasy magic, and numerous kings and queens. Then there’s that line from Margo to Elliot: “Get over yourself, Ned Stark.” The Game of Thrones comparisons suggest themselves.

However, let’s not start calling this show “the next Game of Thrones,” or a “modern Game of Thrones with magic.” Having read the books (The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman), the best way to describe the series is “Harry Potter for adults.” For the television adaptation, SyFy rarely followed the books, but still produced a very good show.

Out these two shows, The Vampire Chronicles stands the best chance of becoming “the next Game of Thrones,” partly on account of its detail and complexity. That’ll be particularly true if a premium cable network like HBO, Starz, or Showtime picks up the show and devotes to it the resources it needs.

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  • This made my evening! I am a huge fan of the VC and have always thought thoughts mini series or TV platform would be much better than trying to condense them into movies. With Anne Rice at the helm, it could be amazing.

    • I feel like it could only happen now. Back when the Vampire Chronicles was the cool new thing, long-form bloody serialized television just didn’t happen. But now, after The Sopranos and Outlander and Game of Thrones and everything else, it’s possible. This could be interesting indeed.

  • Won’t be bad at all a decent vampire TV show,I used to watch The Originals bc TVD had too much teen drama honestly,but next seasons of TVD were good comparing to the first,then Nina Dobrev decided she can’t work with her ex anymore and all the plot line went to south without the main character Elena,then TO came around and I loved the idea of a main character villain(Klaus).
    But like I said I wouldn’t mind a high standard vampire TV show and VC would sure make a quality television,bc let’s be honest since GoT happen who does movies anymore?Movies are so lame nowadays omg,the cinema industry needs a wake up call.

    • I have loved Vampire fiction for many years, but I am so tired of all the Tween Vamp shows/movies. I never really liked True Blood, the CGI fangs killed me.

      But something smart and we’ll written like the VC or the Anita Blake serious could be just what the genre needs for a quickening.

      • I tried to watch True Blood and I did,then I gave up in season 3,the CGI was indeed a mess,and then watched some scenes on YouTube of season finale and thanks God I didn’t put my time on it,I still can’t figure out what they were thinking with that CGI.
        I love vampire fiction as well and just like you RedLady I feel like the world can give us more then TVD,TO and TB.

  • I’d certainly like to see Lestat played by someone who is nothing remotely like Tom Cruise!

    As for the next TV series comparable to GoT, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that American Gods will be as good as Neil Gaiman’s material deserves.

    • Firannion,

      Indeed Neil Gaiman’s source material is always top notch.

      I hope a VC series would utilize unknown actors much as Outlander and GOT did in the early seasons.

      Not that Lena Headley and Sean Bean were unknowns, but the cast was not filled with well known actors like Westworld. I think it is easier for an unknown actor to make a popular character their own than someone who has an established image in the media.

  • There are many rich and sprawling book series that could get the GoT TV treatment. The problem is there will be no ‘next GoT’. Just as Days of Thunder wasn’t “the next Top Gun” (like how I inserted Tom Cruise there lol).

    I always think it’s a lazy tag to put on things “the next…” when something is proved successful everyone wants to copy and tweak the formula. However they rarely, if ever hit the mark. Can you remember the last time something was labelled “the next…” ever stood up to the title?

    How many bands have been labelled “The Next Beatles”?

    What made Thrones so interesting was it was different from everything else out there. It did fantasy without being too camp (as with pretty much any fantasy film or show). It did political intrigue without being too close to reality (House of Cards, Homeland). It is a very special genre-busting production (I’m not usually a big fantasy fan).

    Many ‘historical dramas’ are trying to cash in with varying degrees of success. Vikings is among the best of these but it’s not got the same scope as GoT.

    Ultimately though when it comes to a TV adaption of Rice’s world. Aren’t we all just a little ‘vamped out’?

  • I guess AR never heard of the show Penny Dreadful, lol. Only a cable network could produce and finance this show. Mainstream tv companies would only water it down and television censors would monitor each episode. It’s cost HBO six million dollars per episode for GOT. That would be a huge amount for any beginning series.

    • I loved Penny Dreadful. I miss it. It was really sad how rushed they were with the final season. But other than that it was a great show.

      • I loved Penny Dreadful as well. But the producers decided to that three seasons were enough. I wanted Ethan/Vanessa to hook up, but in the end I think he knew that he was the one that was going to kill Vanessa.

  • This is wonderful news. I would love to see the Vampire Chronicles, but only if it could be done on an HBO or Stars or Showtime. Stars did Spartacus and it was full of blood and gore and sex. This is exciting news. I hope they get started soon.

  • I am not excited, no one has been able to make screen vampire tales work. The only good thing about True Blood was Denis O’Hare.