Alfie Allen Game of Thrones Interview Season 7 Theon Greyjoy

Video: Alfie Allen teases Game of Thrones Season 7 and discusses Theon’s journey

Game of Thrones

Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) recently stopped by the Malta India Fan Con in Puerto Rico. He was interviewed on stage and said what he could say about what’s coming for Theon and others in Game of Thrones Season 7, as well as discussing his character’s journey more generally. Check out the video here, or head below for highlights.

Obviously, Allen isn’t going to spill any big secrets here. (When someone asks him if he can talk about the possibility of a relationship between Daenerys and Jon Snow in the final two seasons, he simply says “No” and moves on.) He does give us a few things, though. For example, one fan asks how Theon will feel when he reunites with Jon Snow and Sansa. His response: “You mean IF that happens. Gotta stop looking at the internet, guys.”

I would say he’d feel horrible. He’d feel awful. He’d see it as a chance to redeem himself.

He also teases the final two seasons of the show more generally, albeit playfully. According to him, Seasons 7 and 8 will have “more of the same, but better. More torture! More dragons!” Good to know.


Speaking of torture, Allen discussed what it was to play all those gruesome scenes with Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton). “I looked a lot in to Stockholm Syndrome,” he said. “I researched that, because there’s definitely a bit of that between Ramsay and Theon…Reek! Sorry, Reek…There’s kind of a love-hate relationship going on there.”

We’d imagine the hate goes a bit deeper than the love, especially now that Theon is out from under Ramsay’s thumb. And we may not be done sorting through the fallout of Theon’s lengthy servitude under Ramsay, not if some of Allen’s other comments are any indication.

The writers make my job a hell of a lot easier…I kind of tried to change the voice of the character and…his body language. And…to always be overly aware of his surroundings…And just to be quite skittish and to be full of fear, basically, and then that can kind of, I guess, evolve into rage, which you might see. Who knows?

Theon’s fear might evolve into rage, huh? Against who, I wonder.

Theon and Yara Greyjoy

Here are some other tidbits from the interview:

  • The interviewer spends a lot of time talking about Allen’s fitness routine. “Can we see that six pack, though?” she asks. Allen: “It’s not there anymore! I’ve got one in the fridge.”
  • Allen talked briefly about George R.R. Martin’s role on the show: “He comes on set from time to time, not so much anymore. But when he does, it’s definitely an event.”
  • Allen’s “favorite bit” from the show is the scene from Season 2’s “Valar Morghulis” where Theon gives a rousing speech and is then promptly knocked out by one of his own men.
  • Allen doesn’t think Theon would make a good king: “For one, he can’t reproduce an heir. But then at the same time, that would be good, because then he gets to choose [his own heir]…He’s been humbled so much now as a man, he’s quite wise to the ways of the world.”
  • If Allen could play any other character on the show, he would play Ramsay. Maybe that Stockholm Syndrome goes deeper than we think.



  • All the torture Reek has experienced has at least led to one thing: He can endure pain better than anyone else he has to fight! I am hoping for a trial by combat season 7 with someone who grossly underestimates him!

    • I agree. Everyone is grossly underestimating Theon (including Theon.) Personally, I’m hoping for some uncle bashing and it would thrill me if Euron died with a look of shocked surprise in his eyes.

      • If he is Yaras champion, saving her from death would earn him a spot back into the Greyjoy family! I’m still not so certain the Starks should forgive him until he proves himself against the Others. In hindsight, he may have saved Bran and Rickon by killing the farmers boys, but they were still children!

        • In my opinion, he’s longs since redeemed himself as far as the Starks are concerned. He saved Sansa, and he’s regretted all of his actions, and wrong choices since season 2. He feels guilt which is something we rarely if ever see in other characters. Him letting Dagmer Cleftjaw kill the two farm boys has nothing to do with the Starks whatsoever but it is still a crime and Theon thinks it is just as bad as killing Bran and Rickon would have been. This guilt is something he mentions again and again (to Sansa, Tyrion, Dany and to his sister.) While those murders have nothing to do with the Starks, that actual crime by proxy is the one that burdens Theon the most and for which he cannot forgive himself, nor does he want forgiveness.

          Turning his back on Robb in favor of his own family was technically not a crime (Theon was the Starks’ hostage and as such, he owed them nothing.) But in Theon’s eyes it was, and it weighs heavily on him (even though he would most likely have lost his life had he turned against his father back then as that would have been actual treason.)

          To me, anyone who truly regrets what he/she has done and who will forever suffer from guilt because of that, has a clean slate and has earned a right to live and try to do good from then on. If Jon/the show lets Melisandre get away with burning a child alive, then surely Jon will also see reason and forgive Theon. Sansa already has. Bran who can go back in time should also know that at heart, Theon is a good man and now more than ever.

          As for Yara, I cannot see her survive this season. The only Greyjoy of importance in Game of Thrones is and has always been Theon.

          • You have changed my mind, singedbylife. The show would be hypocritical for forgiving Jaime but not Theon. If people see Jaime losing the hand that pushed Bran out the window with as more redeeming than Theons pathway, it would be horribly wrong in many ways. Jaime is still the enemy. Theon has Ned’s inspiration to follow.

    • Not much of a chance him having more in the future! Maybe there are more older little Theon Snows out there.

    • The books and the show are two different things. On the show, there is nothing that suggests that those two orphans were Theon’s bastards in any way. Show Theon is not his book counterpart. The two characters and the two story lines really shouldn’t be compared.