Game of Thrones Media Season 7

HBO finally uploads official footage from Game of Thrones Season 7

Last Sunday, HBO ran a special promo after a new episode of Westworld. It showed off new footage from its 2017 programming block, including quick new shots from Game of Thrones Season 7. Since then, we analyzed the new images pretty exhaustively.

However, all of these shots were taken from video taken by quick-thinking fans who snapped the new promo with their phones as it was happening. HBO hadn’t uploaded the video to it’s official YouTube page. Now it has.

Watch below. The Game of Thrones footage starts at 1:02.

Look, the new images don’t tell us much—we’ve got Jon turning his head, Sansa in the Winterfell godswood, and Arya on a horse. Obviously, HBO isn’t going to give away anything huge in its year-ender video. Still, getting new footage this far in advance (remember that Season 7 won’t air until the summer of 2017) is nice. Plus, this might be our last glimpse of official footage for half a year, so treasure it.


    • Emilia’s “wig game” is on point,if you hate the fact that her eyebrows are another color that’s another story,but Dany’s hair game is high enough,never saw that wig messed up.
      Unlike Sophie,Emilia has short hair,Sophie’s is pretty long,I myself have very long hair so I know the burden,long hair is harder to hide under a wig comparing to short hair,so if I was Sophie I wouldn’t had dye my hair blond,that was a bad call professionally but a good call for style,she looks stunning blonde.

  • I don’t mean glimpse of season 7 in pictures. I saw the trailer. Jon talking to Dany, Night King standing opposite Dany, and the last scene… Omg… ‘Someone’ seated on the iron throne… Don’t know if it was editing but looked like Dany and the person on the Iron throne were looking at each other… That I think is editing. But it was wow.

    Did no one see that possibly leaked teaser? (as it is no where to be found online now)