Drogon Filming Season 7 Speculation

Speculation: What’s happening in this explosive video from behind the scenes of Season 7?

Last week, a behind-the-scenes video from Season 7 surfaced online. Let’s talk about what it means. (From this point forward, SPOILERS and speculation walk hand in hand like Joffrey and Sansa along the banks of the Ruby Ford.)


In the newly leaked video, we have a tall man engulfed in a large ball of flame. He flails about after being hit before finally coming to rest on the ground. Take a look:

But what does it all mean? Who in the Seven Kingdoms was burned by what we assume is one of Daenerys’ dragons? Let’s take a look at the clues.

  • The man appears to be tall.
  • He’s wearing a cloak.
  • After the fireball goes off, he yells “Khaleesi!” along with something that sounds like, “What sort of witchcraft is this?”
  • The scene is filmed on what appears to be sand, with some rocks and brush. It’s part of the ongoing shoot near Malpartida in Spain.

These clues can be taken many ways. For instance, the scene being filmed on sand could imply it’s set on the beach at Dragonstone, a place we know Daenerys will be visiting in Season 7. Or it could mean the production wanted to film on a surface that doesn’t catch fire easily.

The man being burned looks tall, but then again, he’s probably a stuntman whom the production could make look taller or shorter with camera angels as needed. There might not have been a long line of people willing to be set on fire.

The dialogue is the most interesting thing here. If the victim yells out “Khaleesi,” odds are he’s familiar with Daenerys. Her Dothraki soldiers are the ones most likely to call her by that name. But the Dothraki don’t generally wear cloaks—mostly they go topless. However, we don’t know when during Season 7 this happens, or how far south winter has come. Everyone could be dressing in cloaks by this point.

Also, the use of the term “Khaleesi” theoretically eliminates characters like Jaime Lannister or members of the Tarly clan, who may join up with the Lannisters, as none of them would think to use it. But then again, maybe one of them uses it in a moment of fear and pain, or as a last-ditch attempt to earn her mercy.

There’s also a long-running theory that dragonfire might somehow cure Jorah Mormont’s Greyscale. Jorah would certainly call Dany “Khaleesi,” but that guy doesn’t sound like someone who submitted to this process willingly. The cure may be worse than the disease in this case.

Jorah Mormont

The “witchcraft” line is perhaps the most baffling. Surely anyone close enough to refer to Daenerys as ‘Khaleesi’ would recognize dragonfire when they see it?

The word “khaleesi” implies a familiarity with Daenerys and her dragons, and the word “witchcraft” implies an unfamiliarity. What if there are actually two different people speaking, and the one who yells the “witchcraft” line isn’t the one set aflame? It’s hard to speak intelligently when being burned alive, after all. Alternately, someone other than the person being burned might say both lines. In either case, this scenario suggests two captives. But who fits the bill?

Randyll Tarly Official

I think it’ll be Randyll and Dickon Tarly. If the Tarlys do in fact betray the Tyrells and join up with the Lannisters, Dany is not likely to be merciful. This could easily be the moment Randyll is burned for his betrayal, with Dickon looking on in horror. One of Daenerys’ advisors, fearful of her gaining the same reputation as her father, may yell out “Khaleesi.” Meanwhile, Dickon Tarly, having never seen a dragon before, may spit out the “witchcraft” line while watching his father burn. Or Dickon could say both lines. And scene.

All of this is speculation, but seems to fall in line with what we know about Season 7. Feel free to let us know what you think below!


  • I don’t think it’s dragonfire, that’s an explosion. Dragon fire is more flame thrower style. Check out the behind the scenes video from dance with dragons. I think there shouting khaleesi for help.

    • We’ve seen it be a burst before, and remember the flame will likely be added later with CGI. The point of the scene was to have the man lit of fire, not to have the perfect fire burst.

  • The man seems holding a torch ??
    Looks like a fireball like the ones used by the children of the forest, so it may be a gift from Bran

    • This makes more sense to me. If you have supernatural forces coming from the east (dragons) it makes sense they’ll clash with the supernatural forces of the west (the Children).

    • That was Priscila idea in a previous article,COTF selling fireballs to Lannisters 😂
      Cheers to Priscila and her imagination,her comments always make me laugh.

    • The fire that lights the man on fire is unimportant I think. If it’s dragonflame it will likely be added later. I think they just wanted to have the guy lit on fire in whatever way was safest for him.

  • I would exclude totally Jorah being burned by Dany&Drogon,we have the leak as a fact which proved very very legit,and wouldn’t make sense for Dany to kill Jorah.
    Probably the best option is the one in this article,someone yelled at Dany “Khaleesi” while she was burning nasty daddy Tarly.

  • I’m not so sure about the “Khaleesi” part, to me it sounds rather like “Oh, mercy!” or “Don’t hurt me!”. But, more importantly, it does not look at all like someone getting burned by a dragon – neither the type of fiery explosion (like Jon said in the post above), nor the action we see before the explosion.

    The man in the cape gets a torch handed, then slowly lowers the torch onto some kind of box as if he wants to examine something closer, then the box explodes. Combine this with the “witchcraft” exclamation and I’m very sure this scene (if it’s at all from GoT ;-)) has nothing to do with the dragons…

  • Or..
    They’re not saying “no khaleesi” …maybe “have mercy” or something that sounds similar. Definitely heard “what foul wichcraft is this”

  • Also, I don’t think dragon fire would be called “witchcraft” in the show…more like “savagery”
    It’s probably a different element all together. Possibly a trick qyburn has up his sleeve for an enemy?

    • Yes Gia, I thought the same thing when reading this article. Witchcraft wouldn’t be a descriptive word for dragonflame. The Targs of old used to burn their enemies and burn their dead, and I don’t think it was ever viewed as witchcraft. Now, if a spell was involved, or potions and things of that nature, then witchcraft would be used.

      Or, we could be wrong and someone witnessing someone burning alive calls dragonflame just that.

      At debate is the first remark in the video, the one that sounds like “No Khaleesi!” But could it be something different?!?

  • I think the flames are a result of something rigged up to simulate dragon fire. Qyburn could have rigged something up that appeared to be witchcraft.

  • it does not look like a cut-scene from a dragon-fire occurrence.

    definitely looks like a sorcery related event. perhaps Daenerys has finally aquired a fire-magic skill-set. that would be my guess.

    it might be John Snow getting fired by daenerys, resulting in proof of John’s blood-ties to the Targaryens. just impossible to speculate on who is getting torched,lol.

  • I don’t hear him scream, “khaleesi.” I hear, “Have mercy! What foul witchcraft is this?” Fireballs or spontaneous combustion is my guess. It feels more like Bran/CotF or Mel/R’hllor fire magic in the North or in the Riverlands. They can always superimpose snow later. That’s a man who looks dressed for winter.

  • Witchcraft? If this indeed is dragon fire, could the stone dragons of Dragonstone have come to life?

  • Probably stunt team and technical director coordinating a scene for the show. The only person that calls Dany, khalessi is Mormont.He has witness dragon fire when Drago rescued Dany.

    • I agree, if you close your eyes and just listen to the audio it’s “have mercy” without a doubt

  • I’m going with one of the Tarly’s. I can easily see the Tarly’s joining forces with the Lannisters to take down the Tyrells in this case – their house is broken and new strong leadership can easily be taken when all the forces of the Tyrells are in Dragonstone or wherever.

    It’s kind of a rip off of the Boltons and Freys but could be a clear example that the dragons are an exceptional force to political gaming – just as was true when the Targaryens first came to Westeros and dominated the continent – minus the Dornish.

  • That’s “Have mercy! What foul witchcraft is this?!” It’s very clear.
    As such, it could be any of the story lines.

  • It’s not a dragon. If someone we’re lit up by a dragon the last thing they’d say is “what sort of witchcraft is this?” They’d say “AAAAGGGHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssss s s s……” Its most likely CoTF magic or wildfire (to be colored green in editing).

  • It sounds to me like he says “run Khaleesi”? Maybe it’s someone escorting Daenerys somewhere in the late of night but they come under some sort of attack from a rogue dragon, a jar of wildfire, a trick from a red priest etc.. Maybe he’s a traitor and Daenerys doesn’t know, he gets attacked by Drogon who’s high in the shadows, he screams about witchcraft confused meanwhile Daenerys looks on slightly surprised while Drogon looks down on them.