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Here’s who Conor McGregor is playing in Game of Thrones Season 7

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A few days ago, we reported that UFC star Conor McGregor may be appearing on one of the final two seasons of Game of Thrones. UFC boss Dana White seemed to confirm that during an interview with FOX Sports Live.

So McGregor, the UFC’s current Lightweight Champion and arguably the most popular mixed martial artist on the planet, will have a cameo appearance on Game of Thrones. But who might he play?


According to a source at Watchers on the Wall, McGregor has been cast as a crew member on Euron Greyjoy’s ship, the Silence. Why is the ship called the Silence? Because Euron has cut the tongues out of everyone crewing it, as he and Balon discussed in Season 6. No word on how the famously verbose McGregor will adapt to not being allowed to speak.

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are known to be UFC fans, and even broke the news about Season 7 being shorter than usual during a visit to the UFC Unfiltered podcast. With McGregor currently on a break from fighting, he should have time (or already had time) to film a cameo. His Irish heritage should also help him blend in with the mostly European Thrones cast, although again, he won’t have any lines anyway.


The news that we’ll see the Silence at all is interesting. It looks like Euron will play a bigger part part in Season 7 than he did in Season 6, and seeing his merry band of mutes fits with that. And with McGregor on board, he might have some competition for who can be the bigger wild man.


  • On one hand, how could you possibly involve McGregor and not have him speak? Seems foolish. On the other hand, he does have a very Irish accent and highly doubt he’ll be able to do a Northern accent or received pronunciation, so it could be a good idea to put him on a ship where no one speaks

  • As an Irish person, he has a very common Dublin city tongue, which doesn’t always translate well on screen and wouldn’t fit into the Game of Thrones world. If he had a more middle class accent, it would be better. I never liked him, his arrogance is beyond being funny anymore. Like someone said, he is not an actor, and doubt he could subdue that attitude or accent, as he isn’t trained. I’m also a little disappointed their bringing all these celebrities, it feels less like well trained actors portraying well-beloved characters, and more wanting to make it a big spectacle. I do hope season 7 will be good like previous seasons.

    • That being said, Liam Cunningham is from Artane (five minutes from where I grew up) and you wouldn’t know it to see him play Davos. If McGregor is playing a crewman from the Silence, he won’t need to speak anyway.

      And I have to disagree with Dan, he is an actor. His UFC persona attests to that.

      • I think there’s a difference between being entertaining and being an actor. McGregor has charisma. He has an outsized public persona. He’s good at commanding people’s attention. But that’s not the same as being an actor of the kind hired on Game of Thrones, where they train with dialect and movement and expression for years.

        I don’t mind them hiring him for what looks like a fun little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. If they were actually giving him a role, there might be cause for alarm. But this just looks like a lark.

  • I hope he gets an action scene and a cool costume. GOT is hit or miss when it comes to costumes. I hate the kingsguard costumes, Ironborn are pretty cool. Everything looks so basic usually tho. Idk, hopefully he’s onscreen for more than a brief moment. I’m a huge Conor fan.

  • They could just get someone else to do voiceover.
    Just like they did with danish Frank Hvam… when he had to talk with Samwell at the citadel.

  • Book fans can pretend to ourselves that he’s playing Victarion. The same way that the guy who cut Tyrion’s chains, in ep 5.07, was definitely Strong Belwas ;)

  • Well, will “the Silence” actually be silent? Will the showrunners carry over that part of the book? Not necessarily.

    • Balon mentions it when he meets Euron on the bridge in “Home,” so I think it’s show-canon.

  • Could they cut his tongue out for real? Just kidding. As a big fan of the show AND Conner it is disappointing to see him on the show. The show is great because NOT having famous people on it makes it more believable. Throw Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck on and I will discontinue watching it, as I’m sure would many others. It will be hard for him to keep his mouth shut for 5 minutes : )

  • You know a “cameo” means he would be playing himself right? So maybe don’t call his appearance a cameo and/or get yourself a new job with less publication. lolz :)