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Season 7 filming: Villains parade through the streets in Cáceres (Huge SPOILERS)

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The Game of Thrones production is currently filming scenes in the city of Cáceres, among other places. Hoy has published a collection of new photographs from the set, and it looks like things are going to get intense. Big fat SPOILERS follow.


The production is in Cáceres today and tomorrow. At the moment, it’s filming mainly around the Arco de la Estrella, shooting a big parade scene through the streets of King’s Landing. Until now, we weren’t sure of the nature of this parade. Now we know. Check out some of these images.

New pic of Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbaek) on set, in Caceres, Spain

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New pic of Euron and Yara Greyjoy on set in Cáceres, Spain

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That would be Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk), riding through the streets of King’s Landing on a black horse decked out in an extremely cool-looking Greyjoy faceplate. I mean, he’s terrible, but the squid design is fantastic.

You may notice another familiar character on the left side of the second photograph. If you can’t quite make her out, here’s a clearer shot.

It’s Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan), who we haven’t seen much this filming season. And it looks like she’s in dire straights, as these photos show:

That’s Euron, on his horse, leading Yara through the streets in chains. Months ago, spoilers suggested that Euron would capture either Theon or Yara at some point in Season 7. It’s pretty clear that Yara’s the unlucky party.

And she’s not alone. Also being marched through the streets: Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) and her daughter Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers):

Those same spoilers had it that Euron would kill at least one of the Sand Snakes. Is that why Obara and Nymeria aren’t here?

When in the season does all this occur? It looks like director Mark Mylod is on set, which places this in Episode 2 or 3.

Gemma Whelan and Pilou Asbaek on set, in Cáceres, Spain #yaragreyjoy #eurongreyjoy

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Okay then! Here’s what it looks like is happening: early in Season 7, Euron Greyjoy gets the better of both his niece and the Sand Snakes. Then he brings them to King’s Landing (we know he’s teaming up with Cersei next year) to parade his captives through the streets, sort of like what Roman legions did after a successful military campaign. Only bleaker.

Coincidentally, it was raining today in Cáceres. Seems appropriate.

In other news, John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) just showed up in in Spain.

New : John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) has just arrived in Spain for Season 7! . 📸 @leah.m__

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Will he show up in Cáceres for filming tomorrow? If he does, the production will likely use Cáceres to stand in for both King’s Landing and Oldtown. Stay tuned!


  • I may be wrong but to me the sand snakes aren’t necessarily captives. They look more like spies there, they aren’t hurt like Yara and their clothes also are clean. And there still are just two of them, would make sense.

  • Oh my…Cersei will give them to Qyburn, Iam afraid.
    I hope Dany does not forget them in the dungeons like Edmure Tully.

  • Sandsnakes, i’d like to introduce you to Gregor. he is a quiet fella. now all they need to do is find that Melisandre cunt for good measure. what a glorious BBQ that would be, with Gregor as the torch-bearer.

    Oh God! I Can Taste It!

  • Anyone notice that Euron’s horse has a slightly different Greyjoy sigil on the armor? Silver kraken instead of gold worth a single red eye. Crows Eye!

  • Considering Euron had to take time out to go on a ship-building spree, I find it hard to believe he had to time to sail to Kings Landing and make an alliance with Cercei, before she got her head handed to her on a platter by Dany and the vast forces she built up. That combined with the fact that Jaime and the Lannister army manage to defeat a huge and rested army at Highgarden? I’m calling BS on this whole season. We should have had a quick, satisfactory ass kicking from our heroes, so we can concentrate on the icy menace from the north before the series ends the following season. Especially since we’re getting significantly shorter seasons.

    • Not BS but perfect sense. Leaks and production photos show Randyll and Dickon Tarly betray House Tyrell. Since Randyll is a great soldier and for years the Tyrell’s most formidable banneman, he would know enough military secrets about the Tyrell forces and Highgarden’s defenses to give Jaime the intelligence he needs to take Highgarden, probably with little bloodshed. And there’s no point to whinging about inconsistent durations in Westeros. Months have probably passed since Euron’s shipbuilding declaration. Even the books, though more careful, have time glitches. The show jumps from snippet to snippet in episode after episode, and logic in each story strand simply doesn’t apply in every case, much less against other story strands.

      • I agree DarkStark, it annoys me that i have managed to figure out that all the various plotlines are not obviously going on at the same time and there is clearly an implied time gap that the viewer has to figure out for themselves. No-one wants to watch Tyrions year long journey to Mereen or Varys walking to Dorne or even the wights trudging across the snow.

        We know you cant build 1000 ships in a day, you also cant march a horde, refit some boats and sail across the see in a day either. You also cant have a quick, satisfactory ass kicking as it would end up like Stannis, rubbish.

        All these plot-lines need to be resolved or at least all the major ones, if there was 13 episodes of White-walkers not talking and just sacking places it would be rubbish too, the show-runners have done a decent job of converting some massive books and throughout 6 seasons the points people have brought up are ridiculous.

      • I was one of those people who WASN’T whining about time issues last season and I still stand by my criticism. There’s no way Euron could acquire the wood for hundreds of ships, had them built, then sailed them to Kings Landing in time make an alliance with Cersei before Dany gets there. I suppose if most of Highgarden’s army has been sent to fight for Dany, that would leave Highgarden exposed, but then that would leave Kings Landing with reduced defenses while they were off doing Cersei’s bidding. We’ll see. If the writers can get me to turn a blind eye to time logic (remember “Gladiator”?) I suppose it’ll be fine. But I’m truly getting impatient.

    • Within my circle of GOT fans we have had a long debate on how many ships Yara and Theon actually took. One theory is they only sailed out with a small portion. That Yara and Theon only had a small contingency of supporters left. If you go back and look at the shot with Euron over looking the bay, many of the ships don’t have masts up. Only those on the outer fringe. So, one could assume Euron immediately started chasing them with the remaining fleet (even though Yara might have taken some of the better ships). There has also been postings on this site that Dany might split her forces to try to accomplish two tasks and that Euron only battles a small portion of Dany’s fleet that he captures off-guard. Dany and most of her forces go to Dragonstone. I am not sure of the second mission (maybe an over confident Yara seeks a preemptive strike against the ships being built on the Iron Islands? I’m guessing here). So, if those leaks or theories are true then I can see how this might play out. Euron’s victory is only over a small portion of Dany’s forces.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Euron call for 1,000 ships to be built? Sounds like pretty much an entire fleet to me. It can buy that Dany would send a small force, with the main contingent to pound KL afterward.

  • I guess King Grey joy has a personal transporter. He needed more ships to follow Yara/Theon, now he went from the Iron islands to Dorne to KL in one episode? So the Dorne army abandoned Ellia and her brood.

    • No transporter required just time that you don’t see on screen, also there were a number of ships left once Yara/Theon left only the fastest ones were taken if i remember so he probably only needed 6 or 7 hundred building using the whole population of the Iron Islands.

      Why did he go to Dorne? They were probably on a boat that he attacked at the same time he captures Yara so no need for anyone to abandon anyone else, he is a sea warrior whereas they are not.

      Simple really if you just think about it.

      • No theon and Yara took all the ships and set sail for Meereen. Now King Grey joy goes from the Iron islands, Meereen, to Dorne and captures Yara/the Queen of Dorne is one episode?

        • No.
          They don’t take all the ships.
          They specifically mention the fastest ones plus they don’t have enough supporters to man the full fleet.

        • Wow, did you just choose to ignore the statement “they have taken our fastest ships” or the fact they said they have brought daeneries 100 ships? We can even go back to season 2 when the theon tells robb that balon has 200 ships, meaning that yara and the theon took half the existing ships max…

  • First, how did Euron obtain that many ships, to win a battle? Second, I really hope, they don’t kill off Yara. I hope Dany and her troops arrive in time to save her.

    Are they planning on killing off the Queen of Thornes too? This really sucks.

    Why can’t they just kill Cersei and Jamie and be done with it?

    • you know how i deal with each new season of the GoT? let me tell you.

      i simply treat it as a new election, for a new president. every new season i tell myself, “it can’t get any worse”. “there will be better candidates this time around”. and you know what, every time it gets worse. it is just something i have learned to except in my years. now i think nothing of it. go to your election polling precinct(TV&couch) with a 1/5 of your chosen liquor, a blindfold, a push-pin W/donkey-tail, and a donkey picture. sounds like fun now, right? of course it does, don’t forget to spin yourself around three times.

      it is not just thrones though. almost all of T.V. is unbearable. thrones just happens to make my list for an hour a week. which is fine, i can’t take much more torture than that, so it may as-well be GoT. :)

      happy holiday(s) everyone! please don’t drink drive. practice random acts of kindness & happy new-year! i’m out.

  • What wotl posts will never die, cause wic will post it again, harder and staler. You guys really need to get your own way of getting a scoop.

  • Bronn will work behind Lannisters back ad release Bad Pussy from her cell and arrange Tyrions meeting with Jaime- Bronn will make sure both sides will think he is loyal. Maybe he will marry Tyene and be Prince of Dornem since Cersei took Lolly out of the table.

  • To all people concern how Euron could capture Yara and Dornish women and made Alliance with Cercei in very short of time, don’t you think it is a bit childish to still wondering that when knew exactly how many episodes the show still have left and what more stories they could tell beside make sense to you about those time line?
    I think Euron and Cercei would make pact via ravens, and Yara may went to battle with Euron with the help of Dorne. And might meet Euron half way and there you go the naval battle begins.
    Randyl Tarly is an ass, the idea to be rule by queen of thorns would surely despite by him, so if Jaime made offer for him to rule the Reach I think he would gladly betrayed House Tyrrell.
    I don’t mind all of these minor things as long as they give good season like last year. And I think it’s going to… because they already brought Gendry back. Even some part of me think they might kill him off, but still happy to see him back.

    • oh bullshit!

      season 6 ended on a court-battle of laws that did NOT even exist when the religious court was brought into session. that cost the entire Tyrell house because of bullshit story writers.

      if they wanted to kill that many characters fine, but at least, write the damn story correctly.

      • Oh you so clever how would you write it better? Please, I’d love to hear your version of how you solve Kling’s Landing problem last season.

        I had my fair share of anger with last season too, like how they killed of Hodor, Osha, Rickon and how Northerners treated Jon and Sansa but for the last episode I didn’t find anything bullshit.

        • Oh you so clever how would you write it better?

          what is important to understand here, is the chronology of the events unfolding. this is solved within the writing process by outlining the story plot points so the order-of-events is visibly seen on paper.

          Loras Tyrell was being charged with crimes by a court that was not established when the alleged crimes took place. when Loras was engaged in these acts, the presiding court was the king himself & NOT the religious faction.

          I’d love to hear your version of how you solve Kling’s Landing problem last season.

          the rest of the story against the Tyrells is fine. Cersei employs the ancient waring proverb “the enemy, of my enemy, is my friend”. and she manufactured it almost perfectly, lol, but she settled the matter in the end.

          I had my fair share of anger with last season too, like how they killed of Hodor, Osha, Rickon and how Northerners treated Jon and Sansa but for the last episode I didn’t find anything bullshit.

          i’ve been through the Stark storyline many times now, and don’t want to revisit it again. Arya is just beyond words, whereas Cat & Robb are critical failures. in allot of ways, the Starks were their own worst enemies.

  • So all spoilers are true then I should believe too that Jemmy will be the one who kills the queen of thorns

  • I pose an idea here that I’ve not seen anywhere. ELLIANIA…Now a supposed captive must survive until the truth about Jon can be related. I believe that she was an eyewitness to Jon’s birth and will make the connection. I believe she was one of the two women in the tower. This is why Dorne is still a major part of the story line. She can confirm what Bran knows and maybe what Sam may discover.