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[SPOILER] spotted near important Season 7 filming site near Belfast

Blood of My Blood

The Game of Thrones production has wrapped filming in Spain, but there’s still much to be done elsewhere. The crew is still hard at work in and around Belfast, where it’s been shooting a major action scene at the nearby Wolf Hill Quarry. Now, we have more information about what will go on there. Beware SPOILERS below.


The crew has constructed an icy, snowbound set at Wolf Hill Quarry, complete with a green screen and an island in a frozen lake.

According to spoiler reports, this scene will involve several major characters—among them Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, and Jorah Mormont—and 300 extras playing wights. Clearly, the guys get into some trouble beyond the Wall. Director Alan Taylor has also been spotted in the area, meaning that the action scene will take place in Episode 6 of Season 7. (And keep in mind that Season 7 will only have a total of seven episodes.)

Now, a new face has turned up. Check out this photo of the actions with fans in Belfast:

That’s Iain Glen (Jorah), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund), and…Joseph Mawle (Benjen Stark). Benjen was last seen dropping Bran and Meera off an unreasonably long distance from the Wall in “The Winds of Winter.” Now he’s dining with actors known to be filming at Wolf Hill Quarry. The odds that he’ll be part of that icy action scene are good.

Those who have paid attention to a massive Season 7 story leak probably won’t be surprised to learn this. We’ll look out for more details.

New pictures of Kit Harington (Jon) and Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) tonight in Belfast! . 📸 @colleenduffy4

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  • So basically Benjen is the Game of Thrones version of the lone ranger. Always arrives just in the nick of time to save the day.

  • Being surrounded by sexy women with smiles on the guys face… I’m going to actor school. To hell with my 9 to 5 job…

  • I never thought the leak was true. But it’s as true as it gets. I only read it once so hopefully I forget the details….Ya, right.

  • The Leak seems to be True as True can be. I’m still excited for season 7. It hasn’t spoiled a thing for me.


    Happy Christmas Everyone!🍭

  • I don’t think the leak bis true. Both Sam and Gilly encountered Bran&crew in season 2 or 3, and he failed to mention to Jon that he seen Bran. So it’s means Jon and his crew are going back to the wall to get Bran??
    If the show puts Dany/Jon together (I highly doubt it), then they are not related.

  • I really don’t care if the plot leaks are true! There still will be a lot of stuff happening we don’t know. And I’m sure that it’ll be another awesome season!! It will impossible to please everyone of course.
    But I’m certainly a die hard Thrones fan!!
    I’m going to be sad to see it all end. 👑❤️

    • I’m with you. The leaks have only peaked my interest in the coming season. Can’t wait to see it in its entirety 🐺🐲🦁🦑🐍❄️

  • So glad I didn’t read the leaked plot synopsis. From what everyone is saying it’s sounds like it’s spot on correct. Happy to follow spoiler photos but don’t want to know exactly what’s happening blow by blow.

  • this season looks as if its shaping up to be a great one. With that said my only worry is that the pacing will be too fast. Considering there seems to be so much story left and theyre saying only 13 episodes for the series? I feel like theyre rushing things….i hope not tho. Hopefully im wrong.

  • This actually makes me believe that the leaks are a decoy, if I remember correctly it’s said that Jon goes north of the wall to capture a wight to bring to KL to prove the existence of the WW’s? If that’s the case then how will he get that far in one episode without being one of the 3 heads of the dragon? and nowhere in the leak does it state that!!