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British TV parodies Game of Thrones, nature produces a Drogon lookalike, and more funnies

Funnies, funnies, funnies, we have the Game of Thrones funnies.

First up, we have a real-life doppelganger for Daenerys’ favorite child, Drogon the dragon.

Pictured is a satanic leaf-tailed gecko, a native of the island of Madagascar. Obviously, the dragon wings have been added, but the rest is all natural. It looks way too much like Drogon in the first coupld of seasons for my comfort. No one say the ‘D’ word around it.

Next up, popular British soap opera EastEnders has parodied the marketing push for Game of Thrones Season 6—you’ll recall it had a Hall of Faces theme. EastEnders talks place in a fictional London borough called Walford. Hence…

Creepy or funny?

It seems the British are enthralled with Game of Thrones. British comedian Miranda Hart recreated some of 2016’s most iconic television moments during an appearance on Alan Carr’s 12 Stars of Christmas. Among them? Jon Snow’s resurrection.

The black bath mat was a nice touch. Halloween costume idea?

And in the “too much time on your hands/pure awesome” category, Mr. Jonas Kramm has recreated some of the iconic castles from the Game of Thrones opening sequence in LEGO form. This miniature castles are stunningly detailed, and even have moving parts just like their television counterparts. Check them out in action in this quick video.

GoT - Clockwork Functions

Bravo, Mr. Kramm!

Also, we break for Hodor.

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And finally, the coolest sandwich place in the world.

[NO SPOILERS] It was my turn to do the board at work… from gameofthrones

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