Cersei Lannister Editorial Featured Lena Headey Season 6 Small Council

And the best actress from Game of Thrones Season 6 is…

…Lena Headey for her depiction of Cersei Lannister, who had quite the explosive year.

Headey was front and center throughout much of Season 6—she received just over 30% of the vote, establishing a comfortable margin of victory over the next closest candidate, Emilia Clarke. Commenter JMP* perhaps said it best:

Lena kills it as Cersei for me and always has. One of the best character portrayals by any actor in any series.

LFC2005 was also all in.

Has to be Lena. Best of all the cast this season. Lena, then Natalie and Sophie

And Tim Stark brought it home.

Lena Headey hands down. She has been the best actress on this show since day one.
I love the Starks girls, buts let’s be honest…Cersei is the Queen.

Lena Heady Game of Thrones

Plenty of you also put your weight behind Headey, as did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as she was the only Game of Thrones cast member to be nominated for a 2016 Golden Globe.

Natalie Dormer, who played Cersei’s rival Margaery Tyrell, was also a popular choice. DarkStark dug into the why of it.

She was blessed with Margaery at her most subtle and most precarious, always one step ahead of everyone but her Nan, until a desperate Cersei jumped the shark and took down her enemies in one fell swoop….I’ll miss Margaery; it would have been interesting to have her not go to the sept and survive as Tommen’s widow. But alas, we’re running out of episodes so she had to go.

The Stark sisters each had strong showings in the polls, with Sophie Turner (Sansa) having a slight edge over Maisie Williams (Arya). Naturally, commenter TeamSansa was all for Turner.

#teamsansa all the way!! Turner is amazing!!! She is the ice queen to Danny’s queen of fire 🔥

Sansa Stark Official

Carice van Hounten (Melisandre) got some love, too. Because I like when people agree with me, here’re Gal’s thoughts on the matter:

Carice van Houten’s performance was genius, and she has the hardest role on the show to play.

Davos 4 King didn’t vote for van Houten, but gave her points for channeling the books so well.

Honorable mention to Carise if there’s been one character from the show that is a near perfect interpretation from books to show its Melisandre for me both in appearance and action. So she definitely deserves much praise for that.

And Monz reflected on what a good job van Houten has done taking us on her journey.

Carice is my choice hands down. She went from playing a character to be hated for her despicable and incomprehensible actions to someone who could almost be forgiven and sympathized with for making the wrong decision. A MAJOR wrong decision, but I could feel that she felt truly sorry for what she did, but at the same time sticking to her guns as to why she did it. She’s got the onion acting spot on!

Melisandre and Davos

Congratulations to everybody on the poll, and to Lena Headey in particular. We’re pulling for you at the Golden Globes!

Incidentally, the title of Best Supporting Actress went to Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont, because duh.


  • All the actresses mentioned really did a great job this season. The Best Supporting Actress category for Drama at the Emmys this year was seriously the toughest I had seen since last year, all six actresses that were nominated were exceptional and I wish all of them could have won. I was thrilled for Maise, she killed it this year! Natalie, Carice and Sophie were robbed though, as was the ever fabulous Diana Rigg as Lady Olenna!

  • i agree with the above comment: all the actresses delivered some seriously incredible performances this season. maise and sophie, in particular, really stepped up their game for season 6. i can recall feeling legitimate goosebumps when maise delivered the line, “no one,” after being asked, “who are you?” by jaqen h’ghar. her emmy nomination was 100% well-deserved.

    if i had to pick the single performance of the season, however, i would definitely align with the results of this poll and go with lena heady. she is the peter dinklage equivalent to the actresses of the show–which explains why some of my favorite scenes of the entire series include dialogue between tyrion and cersei. here’s to hoping season 7 features a reunion (of sorts) between the two.

  • i wouldn’t dare… try to lessen the performance or storyline of Lena/Cersei. although i believe Natalie’s performance was not to be second bested, and at the very least, Lena & Natalie should have shared the award.

    Margaery was a terrific loss to the GoT story. she represented the last hope for any kind of civility within the story setting.

    season 7 should now mirror season 5, as we will need a build-up to the grand finale.

    it is just all beyond me, as to why they would bring this tale to an end.

  • Lena can say so much with just her facial expressions let alone you add dialog. Casting chose the perfect actress to play the role of Cersei. She touches our soul with such tremendous emotion, the true sign of a magnificent performer. Let’s hope she receives the accolades this year. Here’s to you Lena:👏👏👏👏👊👊👊👊💞💞💞💞

  • Lena, Emilia, Maisie and Sophie inevitably did best, they had the most material and always had.

    But Carice is rightly noted here. She did best with the little she had. Her performance had been forgotten as the season progressed. Portraying one of the most misunderstood and captivating characters, she made Melisandre almost sympathetic.

    And of course Natalie Dormer got the mention she deserved. Her Margaery was an important part of the mix that made the King’s Landing story so watchable and memorable, especially in Season’s 3 & 4. Totally agree with the comments. She was the heart of the trial scene in Episode 10.

  • Sophie had her best season, but she still doesn’t hold a candle to Lena, Maisie, Natalie, or Carice. By the way, I’m curious. Who’s won this award (and best actor for that matter) in previous seasons? Lena, most probably. Throughout she’s been the best actress, though it doesn’t hurt that she’s had the best female role and second longest to Emilia’s, presumably.

  • It’s absolutely shocking that nearly 70℅ voted for someone other than Lena. She was head and shoulders above everyone else this year

  • They are all lucky Bella Ramsey is not in the list :). And yes, overall the acting in GoT is exceptional