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Game Of Thrones Fan-Art Walks us Down Memory Lane

The holidays are a time for friends and family, and so via Reddit, we bring you a walk down memory lane with your Game of Thrones family. How many are alive and how many are dead? How many are mostly dead? Which we all know is slightly alive. Let’s dive in.

Oh, the memories. We have 65 characters pictured, and it appears the artist — Raymond Waskita — left off lesser characters like Rodrik Cassel and Old Nan. Those we can understand, but where are Jon Snow’s brothers in the Night’s Watch? Lord Commander Mormont, Alliser Thorne, and Dolourous Edd are all noticeably absent. Also strangely unseen, are Qyburn and Meera Reed. Surely they count as important? Either way, let’s get to the numbers.

First, the good news. We have 36 characters still alive! Six seasons of bloody mayhem and we still have over half our beloved characters still alive and breathing. (Some of them aren’t so loved, but still.) Additionally, we have two more characters that are mostly dead. The Mountain is still ripping people’s heads off, and Uncle Benjen is still riding around north of the Wall (on that horse he should have given to Bran). So we’ll count them as alive.

GoT 610 85 benjen leaves

Now for the bad news. We have 27 characters that have perished after six seasons. This is perhaps less than one would initially think, right off the bat. Many and more of the Starks are up there, as are all of House Baratheon (minus half Baratheon Gendry). House Lannister hasn’t fared so well over the past six seasons, and House Tyrell lost most of its house in one explosive episode.

As we sit and enjoy our presents and family, let’s all take a moment and remember those we have lost. Is there a character here that you miss more than others? Or, is your favorite still alive? The spoiled version follows below.



That’s a lot of red.


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