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Humor: Mindy Kaling goes on Game of Thrones Twitter rant, Kaitlin Olson throws shade, and more

Game of Thrones

2016 can’t seem to come to a close fast enough, with more of our heroes and icons passing away each and every day, so perhaps a bit of Game of Thrones humor is just the thing we all need. Yes? Good. First up we have the always hilarious Mindy Kaling. Kaling recently went on a bit of Twitter spree talking all things Game of Thrones, and as one would expect, the results were downright hilarious. Thanks to Bustle, we give you Kaling’s deeply emotional reaction to the death of Rickon Stark.

Sadly, this was the reaction of many of fan, many of whom we assume have never visited WiCnet (we’re all a bit obsessed around here). But if she doesn’t know Rickon Stark from Jojen Reed, who does she know and love?

RIP Shireen. We all loved you and your obsession with books. Too bad your father didn’t send you to Valyria with the rest of the stone men. You’d still be alive. Kaling also is not above using her celebrity status to learn secrets of the show.

We aren’t sure we buy HBO co-show runner David Benioff spilling Game of Thrones secrets on a “secret email chain.” He’d use texts for sure. And last but not least, Kaling compares Casey Affleck’s role in Manchester by the Sea to Cersei Lannister (which we assume is a bad thing).

Next up, we have the musings of one Hunter Boyle, an unpublished author who recorded her initial reactions to all of your favorite Game of Thrones moments. As you would expect, her reaction to the Red Wedding is particularly noteworthy.

And to go out on a high note, actress Kaitlin Olson was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly for her upcoming show The Mick. The actress, best known for her role on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was asked which show she would most like to guest-star on, and what her line would be if cast. We’ll just leave her answer here for you. “Game of Thrones. And I would say, ‘Winter is never coming, is it?'”